Sunday 1 November 2015


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Rideau Hall grounds open to public for Justin Trudeau�s swearing-in Nov. 4
Megan Leslie: I didn�t expect to lose


Here�s something new: Rempel and Lebel want to be co-leaders of the Tories
        Trick or Trudeau: incoming PM�s family dresses up for Halloween Saturday
Trudeau cabinet hopefuls must pass extensive background check
        Liberals first at ballot box but third in fundraising sweepstakes
Edmonton�s Mike Lake pitches for interim Tory leadership with sharp critique of election failure
        Former NDP MP Ryan Cleary seeking nomination as provincial Tory candidate

At Issue | Challenges ahead for Trudeau
        Alberta MP Rona Ambrose to run for Conservative interim leadership
Toronto poised to be powerhouse in Trudeau cabinet
        Putting the PMO in its place
Trudeau�s Liberals must beware sore winner syndrome
        Progressives Can be Proud of the Alberta Budget
Will Trudeau�s �Delivery Units� further centralize the PMO?
        Someone needs to hold Trudeau to account � Mulcair might be the best man for the job
Election vote in Quebec should cause renewed worry in sovereigntist ranks
        Where Harper�s crime agenda failed � and what Trudeau should do about it

Want to be a world player, Canada? Get ready to spend
        Aboriginal Canadians bought Trudeau�s message. Now, they want something back.
Kill first-past-the-post so it never rises again

Trudeau taps into McGuinty leftovers
        Trudeau and his team actually seem like they have a plan, so don�t freak out
CBC president and board must go: Unions
        Statistics Canada says the economy grew by 0.1 per cent in August
Envoy asks Trudeau to recognize Palestinian sovereignty
        The Harper legacy: Canadians praise cuts to GST, balanced budgets, condemn environmental record
Netanyahu-Trudeau hold �warm� phone, affirming Israel-Canada bond
        Margaret Trudeau on Justin, Pierre � and that hair
Globe And Mail Decision To Hold Bombshell Ontario Liberals Story �Offensive,� Says MPP
        Prime Minister Stephen Harper�s drummer cops to sex crimes with girl student, 13

How 24 Sussex Drive can become the greenest official residence it can be
        RCMP Spied On NDP, Tried To Block U.N. Appointment
United Nations finds �new era� of global ambition on climate change
        �No plans� to update Parliament with projected F-35 costs, says Public Works
Quebec to Seek Canada Match on $1 Billion CSeries Jet Bailout
        Quebec Puts Pressure on Ottawa to Help Fund Bombardier
Joining UN arms treaty will take more than Justin Trudeau�s signature
        Trudeau government promises to end ban on gay men donating blood
Everything is political (and personal) when it comes to Rob Ford and Patrick Brazeau�s reputations
        Tim Hortons, Starbucks recycling claims may be garbage

Top senators to propose creation of arm�s-length spending oversight body
        RCMP investigating VICE reporter�s interview with Islamic State militant
24 Sussex should be torn down, says acclaimed architect Brian MacKay-Lyons
        Ottawa posts $2.3 billion deficit of August, according to monthly fiscal monitor
Coalition bombing linked to 50 allegations of civilian casualties in Iraq, Syria
        Canada Said to Consult Obama Before Opening Fighter-Jet Bidding
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ontario�s newest watchdog says his trust in government already broken after inaugural report leaked to media - Ashley Csanady, National Post
        Aboriginal affairs among biggest outstanding policy issues: Jody Wilson-Raybould - Kristy Kirkup, Ottawa Citizen
New Brunswick mulls scrapping tax hike on 1 per cent after Trudeau win - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        Twenty years after Quebec referendum, country still standing � but so is sovereignty - Giuseppe Valiante & Pierre St-Arnaud, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Most Canadians rate Harper as an average or better prime minister after nine years of Conservative rule: poll - Aileen Donnelly, National Post
        Someone needs to hold Trudeau to account � Mulcair might be the best man for the job - Chris Selley, National Post
Envoy asks Trudeau to recognize Palestinian sovereignty - Lee Berthiaume, Ottawa Citizen
        Trudeau taps into McGuinty leftovers - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Harper family leaving Ottawa with cats, chinchilla - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Notley says AB committed to cost-cutting, but faces fast-rising health bills - James Wood, Calgary Herald

A Eulogy for Prime Minister Stephen Harper - Justin Ling, Vice
        Alberta job woes deepen in largest loss for province since global economic crisis - Rachelle Younglai, The Globe & Mail
Mounting debt, tax increases, an industry in crisis � but hey, no PST in AB! - Calgary Sun
        The art of the (broken) campaign promise - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
�No plans� to update Parliament with projected F-35 costs, says Public Works - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
        Hydro One sale to cost hundreds of millions, watchdog warns - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
Joining UN arms treaty will take more than Justin Trudeau�s signature - Allison Crawford, CBC News
        Canadian airstrikes linked to 2nd allegation of civilian casualties in Iraq, CBC has learned - Timothy Sawa, CBC News
Energy East pipeline project has a �strong ally� in New Brunswick - Matt Dykstra, Calgary Sun
        Canada Post CEO says switch to community mailboxes couldn�t be stopped immediately - Ben Spurr, Toronto Star

Ontario government agrees to sale of one-seventh of Hydro One - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        Bombardier chief undaunted despite $4.9-billion loss, Quebec bailout- Bertrand Marotte, The Globe & Mail
CMHC warns that Canadian housing market is overvalued in most major cities- Gary Marr, Financial Post
        Suncor�s $4.3B bid for Canadian Oil Sands good enough given low crude prices, CEO says- The Canadian Press, CBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Hill Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Liberal government should reassert soft power in foreign policy, especially in Iran
        Why the Conservative ethnic outreach strategy fell apart
Choosing right interim leader a critical first step for Conservatives

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Denis Lebel cochef du Parti conservateur?Plus
        `Bris d'aqueduc: l'avis d'�bullition d'eau maintenant lev�Plus
Afghanistan: au moins 54 soldats et v�t�rans se sont suicid�sPlus
        Qu�bec: un homme en crise force l'intervention des policiersPlus
Un avion s'�crase en �gypte, 224 morts, l'EI revendiquePlus
        La s�natice Pamela Wallin retournera au S�nat bient�tPlus
ONU: la Catalogne ne peut invoquer le droit � l'autod�terminationPlus
        Kerry en visite dans une Asie centrale inqui�tePlus
Incendie en Roumanie: la r�glementation pas respect�ePlus
        La Maison-Blanche f�te l'HalloweenPlus
La Couronne veut une peine plus s�v�re pour Lise ThibaultPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Not Ready for Prime Time Bush - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
        Paul Ryan Won the Right to Do Nothing - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
The Power of Ben Carson�s Humility - Alex Castellanos, CNN
        Republican Identity Crisis Eases the Path for Clinton - Joe Klein, Time
Hillary Clinton�s Subversive Lucky Streak - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
        US to send special forces into Syria- BBC News
Fatigued refugees trapped in Slovenia and Greece- Al Jazeera
        Turkish media denounce �biggest crackdown on press in republic�s history�- Kareem Shaheen and afak Timur, The Guardian
North Korea digging tunnel at nuclear test site, possibly for future test: Report- Reuters, The Times of India
        UN says climate curbs will slow, but not reverse, temperature rise- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Israel denies role in Palestinian baby death
        US pledges nearly $100 million to support Syrian opposition
Syrian MP: US decision to send troops is an aggression
        Campaigning wraps up for critical Turkey vote
Special forces in Syria don't mean USA entering civil war: Kerry
        US's Kerry on mission to reassure nervous Central Asia
Chinese premier arrives in Seoul for three-way summit
        Challenging China�s claim on the South China Sea
Russia worried by IMF reforms to help Kiev
        Weak U.S. data clouds rate hike possibility

Oil producers curb megaprojects
        Month into Russia�s Syria strikes, what has changed?
U.N. climate chief: Emissions pledges not enough yet
        Beijing says minor incident could spark war
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Censored Reality Of The Refugee Crisis
        The Global African: Canadian Elections & Protests in Baltimore
Iran Agrees to Political Transition Where Assad is Not the Main Focus
        What's at Stake for Iran in Syria?
Will University of California's New Anti-Semitism Policy Target Hate Speech or Criticism of Israel?
        Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (3/5)
Hedges & Wolin (1/8): Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?
        Iran to Join Syria Talks
Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (2/5)
        Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (1/5)

$15 minimum Wage Without Job Loss
        Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: Electing The President Of An Empire

From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>
Cc: "Coyne, Andrew \(
Subject: Only a political solution can help contain ISIL

The Editor
National Post

Copy to: Mr. Andrew Coyne, Comment editor, National Post: You miss the real picture when you say: "Pulling out of the ISIL mission, likewise, strikes me as the triumph of ideology over reason." Canada's bombing mission against ISIL has failed to stop the extremists from ransacking Mosul, Ramadi and other parts of Iraq and Syria. Only a well-armed ground force can do the job.

Only a political solution can help contain ISIL

Re "Liberals step forward ambitiously," by Andrew Coyne and "Amid the bloodshed, signs of hope," by Kelly McParland, Oct. 29.

Andrew Coyne might have missed the real picture when he says: "Pulling out of the ISIL mission, likewise, strikes me as the triumph of ideology over reason." He seems not to realize that Canada's bombing mission in Iraq has failed to stop ISIL from overruning Mosul, Ramadi and other parts of Iraq and Syria.

In an earlier letter published in National Post ("Political solution needed," July 11, 2015), I wrote: "If Canada bombs the Assad regime, it will end up helping ISIS. If it bombs ISIL, it will end up helping the Assad regime. All Canada and the United States can -- and should -- do is to help the moderates on both sides with financial aid and training, and bring about a political solution. Outside military intervention will only add to the conflict ." The peace talks in Vienna to end the civil war in Syria are truly a ray of hope to bring an end to the bloody conflict in the region.

Kelly McParland is right when he says: "Canada's new Liberal government has pledged to pull our few fighter jets from the anti-ISIl coalition, reducing our involvement in the region to huanitarian activites." This is the way to go. Only by bringing together all factions, brutal ISIL can be contained. Canada can play a far more effective role by returning to its traditional peacekeeping role once all sides agree to ceasefire.


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