Tuesday, 29 December 2015


CAPP president refuses to endorse Alberta NDP�s emissions limits

After string of defeats, will 2016 be start of Conservative comeback?
        Spelling error on bronze plaque unveiled by Queen cost taxpayers $4K to fix
RCMP chief�s comments about racism fuel tense relations with officers
        Winter storm dumps snow in Maritimes for second time in three days

Video game companies are collecting massive amounts of data about you
        Trudeau strong on preferred PM tracking over holiday season in Nanos tracking
Assisted suicide debate should fuel changes to end-of-life care, say advocates
        Mulroney warns Tories they must regain Canadians� trust
Liberals� electoral plan reveals early-onset arrogance
        The Liberals� electoral reform quagmire
A tale of two Canadas
        Time to get behind pipeline creation
Time for a reality check on Canada�s generosity toward refugees
        We�ve invited them as more than guests

Release your economic �animal spirits� in 2016
        2015 The year the NDP demolished the Alberta Advantage
Let�s give people a guaranteed income

Legal warriors: Profiles of 5 indigenous lawyers
        Ten big challenges facing Trudeau�s fledgling government in new year
Five challenges that lie ahead for the Conservative party in 2016
        Climate change forcing Ontario�s wild turkeys further north
Kingston�s cows are closer to coming home to prison
        More at the core: How the federal government centralized under the Tories
More than $1 million in federal government property is missing or stolen
        Top 5: Political newsmakers of 2015
Trudeau must clarify �unwritten� PS rules: expert panel
        Military support unit not properly equipped to help soldiers: review

Meet Justin Trudeau�s foreign policy whiz-kid
        Can Fort Mac survive plunging oil prices? Alberta�s oilsands capital hoping to tough it out
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The Liberals� electoral reform quagmire - Colby Cosh, National Post
        Electoral reform must go to a referendum - Scott Reid, Ottawa Citizen
A 2016 prediction: Conflicts between Ottawa and the premiers will get nasty - Konrad Yakabuski, The Globe & Mail
        Canada�s Trudeau says he has nothing but condemnation for Trump - The Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun
From laptops to mysterious military equipment, $1.1 million in government property lost or stolen last year - Lee Berthiaume, National Post
        Cashless future underway as Canadian consumers have more credit, debit and app options than ever- Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press, CBC News
TV fans seek savings from pick-and-pay in 2016 as broadcasters plan for the worst- Cassandra Szklarski, The Globe & Mail


Nez rouge suspend son service � plusieurs endroitsPlus
        Un combattant de l'EI li� aux attentats de Paris tu� en SyriePlus
Incendie dans un immeuble � logements de Montr�alPlus
        L'ex-PM isra�lien Olmert en prison pour corruptionPlus
Un premier test pour le d�neigement � Montr�alPlus
        L'Iran applique l'accord nucl�aire, et critique les �tats-UnisPlus
Chine: une assistante avoue avoir tu� 8 personnes �g�esPlus
        France: des voleurs rendent des colis � des policiersPlus
Tha�lande: le d�c�s du chien du roi en une des journauxPlus
        En fuite avec sa m�re, �affluenza teen� arr�t�Plus
Turquie: les Kurdes parlent d'ind�pendance, Erdogan r�pliquePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
2016 Forecast: The Experts Will Be Wrong - Scott Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics
        The Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip - Trygstad, Drusch, Roarty & Kraushaar, National Journal
Money Rolls In, Yet Future Dim for Carson Campaign - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Time to Call Trump Out on Degrading Views - Donna Brazile, CNN
Hillary Clinton and the Year in Political Scandals - Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast
        Saudi Arabia posts $98B deficit amid oil�s plunge, hikes petrol prices by 50%- Abdullah Al-Shihri And Aya Batrawy, Toronto Star
How an emerging labour movement in China�s Wal-Mart stores threatens expansion ambitions of all Western retailers- Linda van der Horst, Financial Post
        We�re going to be OK next year�here�s why: Bob Doll- Fred Imbert, CNBC
Japan and South Korea agree to settle wartime sex slaves row- Justin McCurry, The Guardian
        Israel warns Brazil to accept its settler ambassador- Al Jazeera

Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from Islamic State- BBC News
        Uranium leaves Iran for Russia in line with nuclear deal, says US- France 24
80 killed as Boko Haram attacks northeast Nigerian city- The Associated Press, The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
US says 'troubled' by civilian deaths in Russia's Syria campaign
        Saudi Arabia, Turkey to set up "strategic cooperation council:" Saudi FM
Journalism group calls on Turkey to protect Syrian reporters
        Israel says new eastern W.Bank settlement plans invalid
Russia names Boris Nemtsov murder mastermind, allies see cover-up
        French back plan to strip dual citizens' nationality in 'terrorism' cases: poll
Season's first major snow storm hits eastern Canada
        South Africa lion to get second vasectomy after lioness gives birth
Austria turns away hundreds of migrants for lying about nationality
        ISIS ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves

WHO announces Ebola milestone as Guinea outbreak ends
        German states to spend around 17B euros on refugees in 2016: Die Welt
Danish ferry company reports Sweden to EU over ID checks
        Gambia criminalizes female genital mutilation
Iran says days away from nuclear deal implementation
        US-led coalition stages 31 strikes against ISIS: statement
Norway proposes stricter asylum rules
        Erdogan blasts autonomy call by Kurdish party as 'treason'
Tens of millions of California trees threatened by drought
        Iran ships uranium to Russia under nuclear deal: U.S.

Goals met for Russia in Syria so far, U.S. sees
        A look at Daesh gains and losses in Iraq and Syria
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From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <letters@nationalpost.com>
Cc: <joe.hueglin@bellnet.ca>,   <ccolby@nationalpost.com>
Subject: Simple way to reform electoral system

The  Editor
National Post

Simple way to reform electoral system

Re �Liberals� electoral quagmire,� by Colby Cosh, Dec.28.

There is a simple way to reform the electoral system --  to hold a runoff election in constituencies  where candidates have failed to win 50+ votes, after eliminating candidates who have failed to win 25 per cent of votes. This will allow candidates with 50+ votes to emerge. This will allow a party with double majorities � majority of seats and majority of votes � to form a majority government. This will not need any referendum. Only wide public consultation will do.


From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Comment Re:  Release your economic 'animal spirits' in 2016: Don Pittis, Dec 29, 2015

Keynes's 'spontaneous urge to action' could create a comeback for Canadian exports


The problem with advocating an export-led recovery is that not all countries can be net exporters at the same time.  Furthermore, while many countries patiently wait for others to buy their goods, their own domestic policies of austerity actually reduce the amount of imports and so render the efforts of others futile.

Keynes did not recommend that a country depend on the whims of foreign purchasers, but that national governments take action when necessary.  Though he counseled wise spending, he even suggested that better than nothing would be for government to bury money in bottles and let the private sector spring into action to dig up the buried treasure.

Keynes did not believe that exhortation to investors' "animal spirits" was the solution.  During times of depression, he recognized that government must inject the right amount of money directly into the economy. 


1. Quote from John Maynard Keynes
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (London: Macmillan, 1936), p 129
"If the Treasury were to fill old bottles with bank-notes, bury them at suitable depths in disused coal-mines which are then filled up to the surface with town rubbish, and leave it to private enterprise on well-tried principles of laissez-faire to dig the notes up again (the right to do so being obtained, of course, by tendering for leases of the note-bearing territory), there need be no more unemployment and, with the help of repercussions, the real income of the community, and its capital wealth, would probably become a good deal greater than it actually is."

2. Budget Deficits and Net Private Saving

.... not all countries can export their way out of trouble. One county�s exports is another�s imports. At the global level, net exports cancel out to zero. Not every country can have a trade surplus.

3. Export-led growth strategies will fail

So countries that think they can undermine the wages and conditions of their most valuable asset � their workforces � and ship low cost-low productivity items to other countries and, in doing so, deprive their own citizens of the use of those resources and products � and still prosper � should think again.

They are unlikely to prosper and resolve their chronic unemployment problems.


Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Trade war with U.S. likely averted: American bill would repeal meat labels
        Justin Trudeau to seek formal apology from Pope for church�s role in residential schools
Liberal lobbyists boast close connections to Trudeau government

Trudeau slams politics of fear as ignorant, irresponsible
        Mike Duffy bristles at Crown questions about meetings with Harper
Trudeau says he can�t compel Pope to apologize for church�s residential schools
        RCMP spending almost $82,000 on women�s high-heeled shoes
Duffy�s testimony comes under prosecution microscope
        Indigenous voter turnout was up � and Liberals may have benefited most
Politicians, activists differ on where to deal legalized pot
        Foreign ministry name change topped $121,000, docs suggest
Trudeau�s Finance Minister the first rookie in nearly 100 years
        Justin Trudeau meets with leaders of 5 national aboriginal groups

�Colossal effort� underway to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by year�s end
        Oil slide resumes as supplies unexpectedly grow
Trudeau expresses �tremendous concern� over Toronto pastor jailed in North Korea
        Baloney Meter: Did the government restore health benefits to Syrian refugees?
Liberals still quite strong on Nanos Index but incrementally slide
        North Korean court sentences Canadian pastor to life for anti-state activities
Don�t be surprised if marijuana legalization gets shoved to the back burner
        The emotionally charged details of doctor-assisted dying
Morneau�s in a tight corner at Finance. What would Flaherty do?
        The Paris agreement versus the Canadian passion for cheap gas

Duffy trial tool for Harper haters
        Caroline Mulroney says politics isn�t her priority
Conservative union in Alberta is harder than it looks
        Teach residential school scandal in history classes
Why Paris climate summit was a useful fraud
        Dear Prime Minister Trudeau

Duffy says he faced threats from Harper�s team over expenses
        Ontario�s civil service managers getting $58M in raises to ease wage freeze
Wildrose leader Brian Jean thinks one united conservative party could face off against Notley NDP in next election
        Shell, WWF heads join call for Trudeau to green the economy
Blue Jays, federal election top Google Canada searches in 2015
        Isolated reserve without clean water to get all-weather road: Minister
Long-delayed military search planes set to land on Liberal agenda in 2016
        American sunbelt feeling chill from low loonie and weakened Canadian economy
Pierre Trudeau action hero?
        Consensus on medically assisted dying reachable, Liberals say

This year�s highs and lows
        China wouldn�t push market status in trade talks, says embassy
Mike Duffy falsely told Nigel Wright he was broke, court hears
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada feels �no pressure� to agree to U.S. request on ISIS mission - CBC News
        Exhibit 104, a powerful pose, and Mike Duffy�s performance of a lifetime - Nicholas K�hler, Macleans
CPP talks high on finance ministers� agenda - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        CRA hits back at anonymous report of widespread audit flaws - Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
B.C. Auditor general faults province for lax computer security - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
        PMO�s payback expense scheme benefited Stephen Harper, not Mike Duffy, senator says - Mark Gollom, CBC News
Protests continue against Alberta�s farm safety bill, the NDP and carbon tax - Jodie Sinnema, Edmonton Journal
        8 things you should know about buying beer in Ontario supermarkets- Vito Pilieci, Financial Post
Buying a drone for Christmas? Check your insurance- Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        Poloz says economic recovery on track despite falling manufacturing sales- David Parkinson, The Globe & Mail


Lorraine Pag� quitte le parti Vrai changement pour Montr�alPlus
        L'arriv�e de r�fugi�s syriens va s'acc�l�rerPlus
Marine Le Pen sous enqu�te pour �diffusion d'images violentes�Plus
        Des drogues mal filtr�es dans l'eauPlus
Autochtones: Trudeau veut des excuses du pape Plus
        Justin Trudeau se d�fend de faire la vedettePlus
Proc�s Duffy: une inspiration pour les autres enqu�tesPlus
        Affaire Freddie Gray: le proc�s du policier Porter annul� Plus
C�drika: les recherches continuent malgr� la neigePlus
        Sept fr�res accus�s d'agressions sexuelles Plus

Il saute du deuxi�me �tage pour �viter son arrestationPlus
        Un pasteur canadien condamn� aux travaux forc�s Plus
La femme de Raif Badawi re�oit le prix SakharovPlus
        Coiteux convoque les chefs syndicaux cet apr�s-midiPlus
Stationnement: Coderre veut une politique uniquePlus
        Salah Abdeslam: une perquisition retard�e par une loiPlus
CPE: des manifestants protestent pr�s du pont Jacques-CartierPlus
        Trafic de stup�fiants: 12 suspects arr�t�s � VictoriavillePlus
Attentats de Paris: deux personnes arr�t�es en Autriche Plus
        Nucl�aire: Rohani annonce la fin des sanctions d'ici mi-janvierPlus

R�fugi�s syriens: des offres de dons parfois surr�alistesPlus
        Un s�isme caus� par la fracturation hydrauliquePlus


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Donald Trump Is About to Get Fired - John Hart, Opportunity Lives
        President Obama�s Awful Year - Jim Geraghty, National Review
Why Young Voters May Choose Marco Rubio Over Clinton - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
        Climate Change Issue Needs a Churchill - Froma Harrop, Real Clear Politics
Is It Ted Cruz�s Party � or Marco Rubio�s? - Emma Roller, New York Times
        The Great Greek Bank Robbery- Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate
Saudi Arabia forms Muslim �anti-terrorism� coalition- Al Jazeera
        13 militants killed in Pakistan- The Times of India
Revealed: Prince Charles has received confidential cabinet papers for decades- Robert Booth, The Guardian
        Authority of new EU force to supercede that of member states- France 24
Syria conflict: Kerry seeks to narrow divisions with Russia- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Scientists find six new species of African clawed frog
        Iraq urds say repelled major ISIS offensive
UN chief says agreement to reunify Cyprus 'is within reach'
        Kerry to chair UN Security Council meeting on Syria Friday: State Department
France reports new bird flu strain as outbreak spreads
        UN chief: Assad's fate must not block solution to Syria war
NATO aid for Turkey also meant to prevent Russia clash: sources
        Russia may cut or cancel import duty on food from Iran
Two Palestinians killed during Israeli arrest raid in West Bank
        Obama administration sets $1.83 billion arms sale to Taiwan

US military says pulls 12 fighter jets from base in Turkey
        Germany ready to help "natural ally" Britain with EU reform bid
Russian general says new weapons will 'neutralize' US shield
        Russia's Putin orders suspension of free trade zone with Ukraine
Russian strikes against Syrian opposition are helping ISIS: UK's Hammond
        4,000 'slave' child workers removed from cocoa plantations
Merkel says aiming to resolve Syria conflict without Assad
        US, allies launch 11 strikes in Iraq, six in Syria: US military
Ukraine to suspend trade with Crimea in 30 days: PM Yatseniuk
        Lithuania, Poland warn EU over closer trade ties with Russia

Oil extends gains from six-year low as U.S. may lift export ban
        EU plans rapid-reaction border force to stem migration
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST December 15, 2015.

Liberals seek to explain stance on whether to hike GST as revenue booster
        Duffy says he faced threats from Harper’s team over expenses

Rona Ambrose proud to promote women critics, and ‘not because it’s 2015’        Long-delayed military search planes set to land on Liberal agenda in 2016Ben Carson calls for U.S. troops on Canadian border        No room for Trump’s politics in Conservative party, Rona Ambrose says

Trudeau says Canada must accept “failings” on aboriginal residential schools        Final report on residential schools survivors signals time for government to actAboriginal children at residential schools often buried in unmarked graves, report reveals        Trudeau cuts taxes for six-figure members of the ‘middle class’Not So Fast, Trudeau: We Need a Referendum on Electoral Reform        COP21: Triumph and tragedy in ParisFirst Nations spending promises could worsen fiscal crunch        Resettlement of Syrian refugees also pays political dividendsHas the tenor of Canada ever turned this quickly?        Who asked for this kind of Senate reform?
Trudeau’s plan to borrow our way to wealth is looking crazier all the time        Liberals’ deficit plan to test Canadians’ rediscovered tolerance for debtMurray Sinclair, Policy-Maker of the Year: The path to reconciliation

Canadian culture gets ‘progressive’ under Liberals        Liberals won’t go on ‘spending spree?’ Prove it!Warm welcome for refugees marks end of era of meanness        Albertans waking up to NDP nightmare
More Featured Ink
        Mike Duffy says he pleaded with ‘born-again Christians’ in PMO not to force him to admit errorOilpatch not terribly anxious about Paris Agreement        Canada’s oilpatch adjusts to the ‘new normal’ after a year of painSuppliers for Syrian refugee welcome kits kept secret for security reasons        Trudeau says provinces, cities will decide on infrastructure spending
Final report on residential schools survivors signals time for government to act        COP21: 5 ways Canadians can help reduce climate changeHow will Liberals keep COP21 commitments?        Duffy tells court PMO orchestrated response to residency controversy without his knowledgeWe’ve been terrorized, that’s why they call it terrorism        ‘We need a vision for reconciliation’: TRC set to release its final reportSome Ontario grocery stores can start selling six-packs of beer starting today        Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report points to ‘growing crisis’ for indigenous youthResidential school history mirrored in modern policies that still harm indigenous people: report        Oil price drop hasn’t translated at pumps, BMO research says
Highlights from the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report        Liquor stores not the place to sell pot, says Rona AmbroseGovernment hotel bill for Syrian refugees expected to near $80 million by March        A year of tough choices ahead in defence for Justin Trudeau’s LiberalsTrudeau remains strong as preferred choice for PM in Nanos tracking, many Canadians unsure about Ambrose
        More News                                               More News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Time to lift the burden of residential schools, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - Joanna Smith, Toronto Star
        ‘Despicable’ behaviour by Stephen Harper, aides pushed me to repay expenses, Mike Duffy tells trial - David Reevely, National Post
Wynne makes history buying beer at Loblaws - The Canadian Press, Toronto Sun
        A year of tough choices ahead in defence for Liberals - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Dalton McGuinty’s memoir all talk, no tell - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        Feds won’t jeopardize goal of balancing books by 2019 - The Canadian Press, Macleans
Ontario taxpayers should pay for physician-aided deaths, experts say - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        B.C. commits $3 million to improve safety along Highway of Tears - Geordon Omand , The Canadian Press, CTV News
The flaw with Duffy’s victim defence ­ he is clearly another serpent in a nest of vipers - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        The Paris climate deal is flawed – but an improvement on Kyoto - Editorial, The Globe & Mail
Mike Duffy says he resisted PMO plan for housing expense repayment ‘at every opportunity’ - Mark Gollom, CBC News
        Federal privacy czar seeks middle ground in right to online info - Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press , Macleans
Warm weather, surplus inventory send natural-gas prices plunging- Jeffrey Jones, The Globe & Mail
        Bombardier’s biggest gamble: How everything went so wrong with the CSeries dream- Kristine Owram, Financial Post
Debt-to-income ratio rose to 163.7% in third quarter, Statistics Canada says- CBC News


Ben Carson veut des soldats à la frontière canado-américainePlus        Les cols bleus manifestent devant l'hôtel de ville de MontréalPlusCommission vérité et réconciliation: Trudeau accepte le rapportPlus        Le grand-père maternel de Cédrika témoignePlusAllocations: Harper a obligé Duffy à rembourserPlus        Il braque une bijouterie à la hache... sans succèsPlusEntente de principe: la FSE évoque des gains de 60 M $Plus        La météo cause un casse-tête sur les routes PlusFormation d'une coalition islamique anti-terroristePlus        Importante quantité de drogue saisie dans une garderie Plus
Syrie: John Kerry s'entretient avec Vladimir Poutine Plus        Trump au plus haut dans les sondages avant le cinquième débatPlusDemers pas surpris par les manœuvres de Vaillancourt Plus        Thaïlande: emprisonné pour avoir insulté le chien du roi PlusUn troisième vol de réfugiés se posera mardi à TorontoPlus        Cédrika: les ossements peuvent en dire longPlusUn homme interpellé en lien avec les attentats de ParisPlus        Épidémie de fraudes ciblant les aînésPlusL'arme livrée par drone dans une prison est toujours introuvablePlus


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Why I Caved on Guns When I Ran for Governor - Wendy Davis, Politico
        Scalia Was Right About Race Preferences - Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal
New Hampshire Will Weed the Republican Field - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg
        Why Trump Will Win - Roger Stone, Breitbart
Did Clinton Mislead Congress on Bowe Bergdahl Swap? - Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times
        Pepsi to fight vending machines’ junk-food image ­ with hummus- Bloomberg, Toronto Star
How ‘Star Wars’ could become Disney’s next cash cow- Daniel Miller, Los Angeles Times
        Shiite, Sunni militants fuel chaos in Yemen- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
After regional vote, focus turns to French presidential race- France 24
        Egypt Sinai crash probe finds ‘no evidence of terrorism’- BBC News
New mass grave discovered in Srebrenica- Al Jazeera
        Angela Merkel wants to ‘drastically reduce’ refugee arrivals in Germany- Reuters, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Saudi-led anti-militant coalition in line with U.S. views: State Department        Canada PM vows Aboriginal reconciliation after school abuse reportUS, Cuba near deal on restoring direct commercial flights        EU mulls age limit for social media useRussia's Lavrov says Syria meeting in New York on Friday is on        Kosovo hits out at EU for not relaxing visa requirementKerry says US ready to work with Russia to destroy ISIS        EU executive proposes voluntary resettlement for Syrian refugees in TurkeyRussia names Syrian rebel groups it says it is supporting with airstrikes        Arctic air temps highest since 1900: global report
Russia has flown more than 4,000 sorties in Syria since Sept. 30: agencies        Afghan security deteriorates, casualties spike in 2015: PentagonEU launches controversial new border force plan        Russia, US military chiefs discuss Syria cooperation: agenciesEU expected to agree on extending Russian sanctions Friday        Kerry meets veteran Russian activist ahead of Putin talksTurkish daily holds editorial meeting outside prison to back jailed editors        US, allies stage eight air strikes in Iraq, six in Syria: US militaryBelgium restarts nuclear reactor, angers Germany        Burundi heading towards 'outright civil war:' UN rights chief
Israel says still not enough evidence to try killers of Palestinian family        UN decries Palestinian attacks, 'excessive' force in Israeli responseUN closes the books on decade-long nuclear probe of Iran        Iraq demands 'complete withdrawal' of Turkish forcesIsraeli universities urge American group to drop boycott        Russia doubles power supplies to Crimea with second line launchGermany says overestimated migrants with fake Syrian passports        Tensions test US-Thai relations as strategic talks resumeIsrael MPs snub Netanyahu plan to tap gas field        Turkey works to retain influence in Iraq
Why U.S. ignored torture by Iraqi militias        Living standards of 2B people have improved: U.N.Are slaves, migrants peeling my shrimp?        Merkel rallies her party with pledge to stem refugee inflow
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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Economic strategy needed for low-income families, Tom Parkin, December 13, 2015

Re:  Economic strategy needed for low-income families, Tom Parkin, December 13, 2015
There is a straightforward way to help an estimated two-thirds of low-income families, and that is to offer a permanent job even if near minimum wage to any person who wants one. This could be accomplished by the Job Guarantee, a program whereby the federal government provides funding to non-profits, community groups and lower levels of government who administer projects in areas such as education, arts, caring for seniors and environmental stewardship.

A federal government that can bail out big corporations and banks as was done following the 2008 financial crisis has the fiscal capacity to help all those in need including those willing and able to contribute to society. The only thing missing is political will. 


1.  L. Randall Wray, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City
Well it’s very easy to reduce the inequality that results from low income, from poverty, from low wages; all you have to do is offer jobs. Minsky did a calculation [in] 1974 and Professor Kelton and I did one around 2000. We showed that if you just give a job to anyone who wants to work you will eliminate two thirds of all poverty, even if you pay only the minimum wage. We would like to see the job pay more than that, but even at a minimum wage you eliminate two-thirds of all poverty. So most poverty is due to joblessness. People who cannot get jobs or maybe they get jobs that last a few months and then they are unemployed again. We need permanent jobs that pay a decent wage and you’ll eliminate most poverty. You’ll still need some kinds of anti-poverty programs but the jobs are the best anti-poverty programs there are, then you need something else to fill the gaps.
2. What is a Job Guarantee?
" .....the Job Guarantee is actually a macroeconomic policy framework designed to ensure full employment and price stability is maintained over the private sector business cycle.

The Job Guarantee jobs would ‘hire off the bottom’, in the sense that minimum wages are not in competition with the market-sector wage structure.

 By not competing with the private market, the Job Guarantee would avoid the inflationary tendencies of old-fashioned Keynesianism, which attempted to maintain full capacity utilisation by ‘hiring off the top’ (i.e. making purchases at market prices and competing for resources with all other demand elements).

Job Guarantee workers would enjoy stable incomes, and their increased spending would boost confidence throughout the economy and underpin a private-spending recovery."
Subject: Letter to Editor re: EDITORIAL, Liberals must show fiscal restraint, December 14, 2015
Re:  EDITORIAL, Liberals must show fiscal restraint,  December 14, 2015
Your editorial asks government to set an example. But if the government sector runs a surplus, the non-government sector must be running a deficit.  Is the Sun expecting the impossible? Today Canada has a trade deficit which means more money leaving than entering the domestic economy. Households are highly indebted and must cut back spending while businesses will not invest when there is lack of demand. Only one remaining actor can pump funds into a stagnating economy. The federal government must run deficits, and according to former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge, "perhaps of a considerable magnitude".


1.  Former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge said provincial and federal governments should run budget deficits

Former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge said provincial and
federal governments should run budget deficits to fund infrastructure
projects, which would lift the economy and take pressure off the central
bank to keep interest rates low.


“The right thing to do is to run cash deficits and perhaps of a
considerable magnitude,” he said.
2. The New Populism Needs to Get This Straight

"..if a nation wants to run a trade deficit, and also wants to have private sector savings, then having a government surplus is not good news for people. It is bad news for them, because it means that the private sector as a whole, and disproportionately households, are losing net financial assets over the period in which the surplus is run."

Monday, 14 December 2015


LCBO should sell pot when legal, Wynne says
        Duffy says he resisted Harper PMO scenario for repaying expenses

Conservatives� misdeeds no excuse for pushing voting reform without a referendum: MP Reid
        Federal government to seek advice from abroad on how to fire up economic growth
Justin Trudeau�s approval ratings remain high, even among New Democrats
        We�re �working very hard� to welcome 10,000 refugees this year: McCallum
Mike Duffy says payments for photo services, cousin�s news clippings all legitimate

Duffy testifies he served as �guinea pig� for seniors fitness program
        Commission wants inquiry into missing indigenous women to be wide-ranging
�Everyone in authority� knew of poor conditions at residential schools: report
        MD-assisted dying should be listed as cause on death certificates: law professor
Physician-assisted dying should be publicly funded: Expert advisory group
        Some highlights of physician-assisted dying recommendations
Much Duffy fallout, no Senate fix
        Forget Mike Duffy � the scandal is the Senate
Economic strategy needed for low-income families
        Go ahead and cringe � but Justin Trudeau can�t be waved aside

Angry U.S. lumber lobby will cast pall over Trudeau�s �sunny ways�
        A woman�s right to sell her eggs
At last, a champion for Ontario patients
        That other war in the Middle East � the Russia-Turkey standoff

Canada Debt-to-Disposable Income Ratio Climbs to Fresh Record
        Canada faces tough realities to reach Paris climate change target
Liberal deficits could hit $25 billion and still honour their �fiscal anchor�
        Caribou still under threat despite changing political climate, report says
Preparing for a coming storm: Climate deal success hinges on buy-in from ordinary people
        Unpacking the Politics: Justin Trudeau and the value of �soft power�
Unpacking the Politics: Big challenges lie ahead for Liberals
        Canada Revenue Agency seeks back taxes from aboriginal employees
TRC to release final report on Canada�s residential school legacy
        Grieving families seek voice, hope in aboriginal women inquiry

Protesters gather at Trudeau�s riding office to denounce Islamophobia, immigration policy
        Cellphones barred from Liberal caucus meetings, Goodale says Grits don�t want any distractions
Parliamentary secretaries not voting won�t remove PMO �throat grip� on committees: NDP�s Christopherson
        Confusion prevails in Senate about government�s reform agenda
Union alleges coast guard vessels are unsafe
        RCAF needs to speed up delivery of Cyclones to avoid chopper shortage
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Mike Duffy seemed to need (paid) help with everything - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Ontario in �drastic need� of tackling sex trafficking, Wynne says - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Are Liberals ready to move out of congratulatory phase and into �tough decisions� phase? - Kelly McParland, National Post
        MPP Lisa MacLeod much quieter these days under leader Patrick Brown - Susan Sherring, Ottawa Sun
Being clean and green comes with a cost - Dalton McGuinty, The Globe & Mail
        Canada faces tough realities to reach Paris climate change target - Shawn McCarthy & Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
PM must reveal his carbon price - Editorial, Calgary Sun
        Ontario PC leader�s �reasonable� approach draws mixed reviews - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Infrastructure minister says new rules will speed up funding flows - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Alberta Premier Rachel Notley rallies the troops in Edmonton - Claire Theobald, Edmonton Sun

Public Servants �blow the whistle� on tax system shortfalls - Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
        Paris climate accord marks shift toward low-carbon economy- Shawn McCarthy & Eric Reguly, The Globe & Mail
The Legal Argument for Daily Fantasy Proves It�s a Racket- Sean Gregory, Time
        New down payment rules unlikely to cool GTA market- Susan Pigg, Toronto Star
Taxis likely hurting themselves, helping Uber with protests: experts- CBC News
        When �good� debt goes �bad�: Why it can be dangerous to categorize what you owe- Danielle Kubes, Financial Post

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How Industry Canada Blew $13.7 Billion In Corporate Welfare www.huffingtonpost.ca
        Corporate Canada is pumping money out of the country at a record rate business.financialpost.com
Canada's border agents armed with new information to screen visitors www.cbc.ca
        Omission of agriculture, TPP from throne speech raises questions ipolitics.ca
Canada's refugee program draws praise around the world www.theglobeandmail.com
        Discover the risks in your Christmas presents


L'arme livr�e par drone dans une prison est toujours introuvablePlus
        Obama: la lutte contre l'EI s'intensifie mais il faut aller plus vitePlus
�La p�riode la plus dure � vivre� pour le p�re de C�drikaPlus
        Une grue menace de s'effondrer sur un chantier � Qu�becPlus
La fille de Brian Mulroney dans la course conservatrice?Plus
        Incendie mortel � L'Isle-Verte: aucune poursuite criminellePlus
La m�t�o cause des coupures de courantPlus
        C�drika: plus de 200 policiers poursuivent les recherchesPlus
Bowe Bergdahl sera renvoy� devant une cour martiale Plus
        L'appel de Bernard �Rambo� Gauthier a �t� rejet�Plus

C�drika Provencher: soulagement � Trois-Rivi�res Plus
        Donald Trump publie son �excellent� bulletin de sant�Plus
Qu�bec s'entend avec la FSEPlus
        Sarah Palin compare Marion Mar�chal-Le Pen � Jeanne d'ArcPlus
Dalle de Postes Canada: Coderre ne sera pas accus�Plus
        Le typhon Melor traverse les Philippines, 700 000 �vacu�sPlus
France: le professeur �agress� par l'EI� a tout invent�Plus
        Suspension de 2400 cols bleus: vive r�action du SyndicatPlus
Accident d'autobus en Argentine: au moins 41 policiers mortsPlus
        France: 20 jihadistes pr�sum�s renvoy�s devant la justicePlus

�crasement en �gypte: toujours pas de preuve d'un attentatPlus
        Lachine: un conducteur fonce dans un lampadaire et dans un arbrePlus
Libye: l'EI commence � �p�n�trer vers l'int�rieur�Plus
        D�lit de fuite: un homme de 70 ans dans un �tat critiquePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Speaking With One Voice to Solve the Climate Crisis - Al Gore, Huffington Post
        Cruz Soars to Big Lead in Iowa Poll - Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register
Women Question Gender Factor in Clinton Bid for White House - Amy Chozick, New York Times
        How Obama�s Power Plays Set the Stage for Trump - Jonathan Turley, Washington Post
The Half-Hearted Case for Rubio - P.J. O'Rourke, The Daily Beast
        Dozens of Syrian civilians killed in air strikes- Al Jazeera
Syria in 2016 will be like the Balkans in 1914 as explosive violence breaks out on an international scale- Patrick Cockburn, The Times of India
        Burundi: 87 killed in worst violence since April coup attempt- Jessica Elgot, The Guardian
Russian destroyer �fires warning shots� at Turkish ship- France 24
        French far right National Front �routed� in key vote- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Kerry to explore Assad's future, Syria peace process in Kremlin talks
        EU parliament panel rejects car pollution rules as too lax
EU to offer Turkey no guarantee on taking in refugees: source
        White House says Kerry will press Russia on Turkey de-escalation
UN wants world leaders to sign climate deal on April 22
        Obama: faster progress needed against ISIS
EU refuses to back down over Israel label protest
        EU leaders set to extend Russia sanctions at summit
Russia says Kerry, Lavrov agree on preconditions for next international Syria meeting
        Turkey ex-general testifies over 'e-memorandum' warning to Erdogan

UK can get EU reform agreement in all target areas: Europe minister
        UN says 2 billion people have improved living standards
Kosovo opposition releases tear gas in parliament
        Russia does not supply Free Syrian Army with weapons: RIA cites Kremlin aide
Turkey could hold separate referenda on constitution, presidential system - PM
        Arrest warrant issued for Gadhafi's son over Sadr case
Aid agencies ready supplies and teams to respond to Philippines typhoon
        Main French parties have little to celebrate in far-right's defeat
Turkey to relaunch EU membership bid with economic talks
        Erdogan signals possible warming of ties with Israel

Now comes the tough part: The world�s carbon diet starts
        �Make in India� must not become the unmaking of India
Iran�s possible next supreme leader being examined: Rafsanjani
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        Paris Agreement Will Not Stop Climate Change, But People Power Can
A New World Beckons: The Future Belongs to Renewables
        Institute for Public Accuracy: Paris Climate Deal a 'Fraud'
Capitalism�s Cult of Human Sacrifice
        After the COP21 Paris Climate Accord, What We Need Is an International Climate Court


TPP a Gift to Plutocrats? Canada's Trade Minister Wrote the Book on Them

An absolutely "must read" for those concerned about our economic future.