Saturday 1 July 2017


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From Borden to Pearson to Trudeau: How Canada Day has defined a nation

Revellers pack Parliament Hill for Canada 150 bash
        Trudeau unveils Canada�s newest astronauts: Jen Sidey and Josh Kutryk
Justin Trudeau: The Canada Day interview
        Justin Trudeau fails to mention Alberta in Canada Day 150 speech

Trump wishes Canada and his �friend� Trudeau a happy Canada Day
        Prime Minister Justin Trudeau�s statement on Canada Day, Canada 150
Canada 150 statement from former prime minister Stephen Harper
        150 years of cultural genocide: Today, like all days, is an insult
Canada�s 150th birthday is a weekend for celebration
        Canada is undergoing a fundamental identity crisis
On Canada Day let us remind ourselves we have done well, even as we strive to do better
        Here�s a dozen flashes of my finest Canada
World needs more Canada? More like the other way around
In our placid national way, Canadians continue to form and reach for our country�s ideals
        What can you say about Canada? Sometimes not much

Canada�s Dominion Carillonneur becomes a citizen on Canada Day
        150 celebrations highlight Quebec�s complicated relationship with Canada
More than just bromance: Trudeau-Macron tandem driven by shifting geopolitics
        B.C.�s Liberal legacy
Celebrating 150 years of Canada�s extraordinary vision
        Peter Mansbridge anchors his final edition of CBC�s newscast �The National�
The idea of �Canada� is in even bigger trouble now than in 1967
        Horgan�s next challenge begins now

Celebrate the tepee protest. Demonstration improves social justice
        Conservative leader Andrew Scheer wants to reconnect with party members
B.C.�s premier-designate talks with Trudeau, plans Ottawa summer visit
        Higher interest rates will increase Ottawa�s budget deficits, report warns
Maple syrup and the beaver picked as most Canadian in poll
        Liberals downplay military role in Canada 150 celebrations, some historians say
RCMP�s Bob Paulson sounds alarm on organized crime in exit interview
        Kenney has no fear of disgruntled liberal Tories in Alberta Party
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Federal health-care deal �dangerous, reckless and risky�: Brian Pallister - The Globe and Mail
        Executive director of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls inquiry resigns - Tanya Talaga, Toronto Star
B.C. NDP won�t wait for legislature to start moving on promises - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
        Celebrating �diversity� will only divide us, but celebrating Canada�s unity keeps us strong - Rex Murphy, National Post
Canada must get serious about income inequality. But how? - Kevin Carmichael, Macleans
        For Notley�s NDP government, there�s little joy in B.C. victory- Don Braid, Calgary Herald
Trump vs Trudeau: Canada lures Silicon Valley with promise of skilled labour, funding and diversity- Natalie Wong, Financial Post
        Who will win and lose if the central bank raises interest rates?- CTV News


Le premier ministre Trudeau pr�sente les prochains astronautes canadiensPlus
        L'un des plus importants ca�d d'Am�rique du Sud, Luiz Carlos da Rocha, arr�t� apr�s une cavale de 30 ansPlus
Tensions � la fronti�re entre pro et anti-immigration � Saint-Bernard-de-LacollePlus
        Russie: Vladimir Poutine signe une loi controvers�e sur un plan de relogement massifPlus
Philippines: 400 000 personnes ont fui Marawi, occup�e par des islamistesPlus
        Des milliers de personnes d�filent � Londres contre le gouvernement MayPlus
Le pr�sident Trump insulte de nouveau une animatrice de MSNBC sur TwitterPlus
        Manifestation de la CLAC � Montr�alPlus
Fusillade dans un bar de l'Arkansas, 17 bless�sPlus
        Le c�l�bre meurtrier multir�cidiviste �Johnny le Gitan� s'est �vad� de prison en ItaliePlus

Rare collision entre un tanker et un cargo au large de la Grande-Bretagne Plus
        F�te du Canada � Ottawa: le mauvais temps au rendez-vous


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Sessions denounces �unacceptable� levels of violence in Chicago - John Bowden, The Hill
        Don�t Be Surprised When Republicans Repeal Obamacare - Peter Roff, US News & World Report
Who Cares What Trump Tweets to Some Media Pinhead? - Monica Showalter, American Thinker
        CNN�s Latest Retraction Just Tip of Fake News Iceberg - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Trump Is Killing His Party�s Health Bill, One Tweet at a Time - Julian Zelizer, CNN
        Trump Blasts North Korea as Admin Looks to China - Ali Vitali, NBC News
�Morning Joe� hosts respond to Trump�s barrage of tweets - David Nakamura, Washington Post
        China slams US for �wrongful� sanctions on Chinese bank- Saibal Dasgupta, The Times Of India
Did Merkel trip on gay marriage vote, or was this more canny politics?- Kate Connolly, The Guardian
        France�s Marine Le Pen charged over funding scandal- BBC News

Scores feared dead after boat sinks off Libya coast- Al Jazeera
        UN ends its peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Israeli Army unit crosses Blue Line on Lebanon�s south east border
        Pope pushes out German hardliner, choses new doctrine chief
UN boss strikes upbeat note as Cyprus talks continue
        Ukraine points finger at Russian security services in recent cyber attack
India launches new single nationwide tax amid confusion
        Measure would require new war authorization from Congress
British princes William and Harry re-dedicate grave of mother Princess Diana
        American Muslims decry Trump travel ban
Israeli army raids Palestinian city to remove memorial to attacker
        New conflicts threaten Syria after Daesh defeat

Russia�s oligarchs-in-waiting
        The changing geopolitics of European emotion
Is war between rising China and dominant America inevitable?
        Trump, Putin face high-stakes meet
U.S. threatens to stop financial cooperation
        German MPs vote to fine social media over hate speech
U.K. opposition leader sacks lawmakers over Brexit rebellion
        Darwin�s �strangest animal ever� finds a family
From Prague to Mongolia, wild horses return to the steppes
        Iraqi zoo gives rare glimpse of white lion
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: One hundred fifty years since confederation

I won�t be celebrating �Canada Day� tomorrow as the �celebration� is meaningless. Canada is much more than 150 years old � in the order of three times that old. 

I will celebrate Dominion Day � the anniversary of the day that Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined to form the Dominion of Canada. That was a significant milestone in our history. We almost became an independent nation.

Confederation was a disappointment. The Fathers of Confederation get much undeserved credit. They did not bring Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland into confederation, nor could they agree on an amending formula for the British North America Act, so we had to refer constitutional questions and changes to the British Parliament in London until 1982.

Very few people know why the provinces joined a federation.

First, the Province of Canada consisting of Canada West (formerly Upper Canada and later Ontario) and Canada East (formerly Lower Canada and later Quebec) was unmanageable. Its legislature was comprised of an equal number of representatives from East and West Canada, but no politician could muster enough support to govern with a majority. From 1841 to 1863, the Province of Canada held 8 elections and 167 by-elections!!

Second, the US civil war had ended in 1865 and the Union still had a formidable army. Our provinces feared a possible invasion by US forces and a need to unite in defence.
Those who turned July 1st from Dominion Day to Canada Day changed nothing. Celebrating July 1st, 2017 as Canada�s 150th birthday shows no understanding of our nation and her history. Canada has been used as a formal place name in the area around what is now the St. Lawrence River since 1547.

I love and am proud of the people who built Canada. Real estate does not make a nation � people do. We have a rich history of saints and sinners, explorers and adventurers, the charitable and crooks, bankrupts and entrepreneurs, tycoons and thespians, priests and the penitent, conventions, churches and circuses.

For two hundred years, politicians have tried to convince us of their wisdom and leadership abilities but the majority have let us down. Dithering for 115 years from confederation to agreeing on an amending formula and taking control of our nation is nothing to take pride in.

I will celebrate our survival as a nation for another year, often despite political leadership devoid of common sense, ethics and practical know-how. Politics, like our weather, is something we learn to endure. We celebrate quietly each summer while parliament and the legislatures are not in session plotting more silly regulations and taxes. No one�s life, liberty or property are safe when they reconvene in the fall.

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

If anyone would like to be added to my mailing list, send an e-mail to With a subject line:  Conservative Friends List


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