Sunday 27 October 2019

Daily Digest October 27, 2019.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Scheer spoke to Harper after election loss, vows leadership review will proceed

The moment Andrew Scheer�s campaign knew the Conservatives had lost
        Could Liberals consider equalization changes for angry West? �Nothing is off the table�: Qualtrough
Calgary mayor, former Alberta premier willing to help PM bridge western divide
        The battle to keep this country together will be harder in some provinces than others

House of Commons offers defeated MPs up to $15K for career help, tuition
        Wexiteers are the new pawns for Canadian conservative leaders
EU, Germany welcome �continuity� on climate change with Liberal minority win
        Monsieur Blanchet�s Tour de Force
What�s in store for Chrystia Freeland?
        Minority government and fractured nation means Trudeau must learn to dance on egg shells
In this election, small campaigns earned only small victories
        What Joe Clark could tell Justin Trudeau NOT to do
Maybe it�s time to take emotion out of our politics
        Time to put Parliament on right path

Engaged youth deserve the right to vote
        Trudeau�s hot-air climate hypocrisy
Sorry Albertchewan, cabinet ministers are supposed to be elected, not selected

Business leaders warn of glaring campaign omission: lack of economic game plans
        Former Alberta premier says she�d support federal Liberals navigate Western division
Was the federal election a case of the right product but the wrong packaging for Conservatives?
        �Seek and destroy� contract came with strings, Kinsella reveals
�We need to really go to work�: Goodale calls for Liberal outreach in Western Canada
        Anti-choice group attacks Scheer for not defending social conservative values
Advice to Conservatives: Think twice
        Like father, like son: Can Justin Trudeau remake himself, as his father did?
Andrew Scheer�s resistance to the inevitable
        Western separatism is not a serious option

Election has left Conservatives in a bad place
        Prairie alienation is real
The canary that choked in the Prairie coal mine
        What the Canadian election results would have looked like with electoral reform
Jason Kenney slashed the budget�hey, Trudeau made him do it!
        A post-election glimmer of hope for cultural pluralism?
Life after losing: electoral defeat brings whole new set of challenges
        Election post-mortem, Part 3: Why Doug Ford had Toronto seeing red
The decline and fall of the NDP in Quebec
        �This isn�t just anger�: Seven prominent voices assess the post-election mood out West

Widespread support for Liberal-NDP co-operation in Parliament, poll says
        �Hold your nose and vote�: How undecided Canadian voters made up their minds
Goodale reflects on �political carpet-bombing� in election campaign
        Possible to hold socially conservative views and be prime minister: Scheer
The abuse Catherine McKenna receives on Twitter exploded the day the carbon tax started
        Nenshi comes out swinging against UCP budget
Female Conservatives expected to step up after Lisa Raitt�s defeat
        Singh hasn�t done his �research� on value of Trans Mountain to Canada, says Notley
Elizabeth May signals end of leadership: �I don�t think I will stay on as leader for four more years�
        Election post-mortem, Part 2: Why did the NDP get blown out? A war-room strategist explains
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
D�j� vu in Alberta with another Trudeau as PM - Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun
        �We need to really go to work�: Goodale calls for Liberal outreach in Western Canada - Elise von Scheel, CBC News
Ottawa ordered to pay $1.12M in legal fees for segregation class action - Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Former MPP Arthur Potts announces Liberal leadership candidacy on Twitter - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Life after losing: electoral defeat brings whole new set of challenges - Clara Pasieka, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Time to put Parliament on right path - Andre Marin, Toronto Sun
The election is over � what happens next? - CBC News
        Here�s what millennials say they want from a Liberal minority government - Alvin Yu, CBC News
North American stock markets inch closer to new highs after stronger week- Ross Marowits - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        GM strike ends after almost six weeks at cost of $2 billion- David Welch - Bloomberg, Financial Post

Microsoft wins Pentagon�s $10-billion cloud computing contract over Amazon- Reuters, The Globe & Mail
        Washington banning U.S. flights to all Cuban cities but Havana- CTV News
Why sneaker culture is becoming an investment on par with art- Zulekha Nathoo, CBC News


La Californie d�clare l'�tat d'urgence
        Des scientifiques russes fr�lent la ruine � cause d�aigles vagabonds
La mairesse Val�rie Plante se donne 7 sur 10
        Peines cons�cutives: une association d�avocats veut intervenir
Un vol �sacril�ge� de reliques � Qu�bec
        Manifestation contre le racisme au m�tro Parc
Un sinistr� forc� de camper devant chez lui � Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac
        Sit�t repav�, sit�t inond�
Qui sont les militaires responsables de la mort d�al-Baghdadi ?
        L'immobilier pour pr�parer sa retraite, pourquoi pas?

La mort de Baghdadi arrive au bon moment pour Trump
        Perc�e de l'extr�me droite en Allemagne
Legault lance un s�rieux avertissement aux d�l�gations du Qu�bec
        �Joker� reprend le contr�le du box-office nord-am�ricain
D�couvert chez une vieille dame, un rare tableau vendu 35 M$
        Andrew Scheer a parl� � Stephen Harper


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Democrats Face Their Fears in Wisconsin - Francis Wilkinson, Bloomberg
        Giuliani associates claimed to have sway with both foreign billionaires and Trump administration officials - Rosalind S. Helderman, Washington Post
Biden Throws His Campaign a Lifeline - Marc Caputo, Politico
        Kelly Says He Told Trump a �Yes Man� as His Successor Would Lead to Impeachment - Annie Karni, New York Times
Schiff says committees are making �rapid progress� in impeachment probe - Mike Lillis, The Hill
        How Warren Went From Wonky Blogger to Frontrunner - Sam Stein, The Daily Beast
Nearly 50 dead as Iraq protests take new violent turn- AFP, The Times Of India
        Catalan separatists stage mass rally in Barcelona- France 24
Uruguay election: Rising crime top concern for voters- BBC News
        Chile�s Pinera calls on ministers to resign amid protests- Al Jazeera
PM says Labour rejection of election could delay Brexit until next year- Michael Savage and Toby Helm, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Gantz meets Netanyahu for Israeli coalition talks
        Syria Kurds say pulling out from entire length of Turkey border
Hong Kong protesters in standoff with police after tear gas breaks up rally
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