Tuesday 29 December 2015


CAPP president refuses to endorse Alberta NDP�s emissions limits

After string of defeats, will 2016 be start of Conservative comeback?
        Spelling error on bronze plaque unveiled by Queen cost taxpayers $4K to fix
RCMP chief�s comments about racism fuel tense relations with officers
        Winter storm dumps snow in Maritimes for second time in three days

Video game companies are collecting massive amounts of data about you
        Trudeau strong on preferred PM tracking over holiday season in Nanos tracking
Assisted suicide debate should fuel changes to end-of-life care, say advocates
        Mulroney warns Tories they must regain Canadians� trust
Liberals� electoral plan reveals early-onset arrogance
        The Liberals� electoral reform quagmire
A tale of two Canadas
        Time to get behind pipeline creation
Time for a reality check on Canada�s generosity toward refugees
        We�ve invited them as more than guests

Release your economic �animal spirits� in 2016
        2015 The year the NDP demolished the Alberta Advantage
Let�s give people a guaranteed income

Legal warriors: Profiles of 5 indigenous lawyers
        Ten big challenges facing Trudeau�s fledgling government in new year
Five challenges that lie ahead for the Conservative party in 2016
        Climate change forcing Ontario�s wild turkeys further north
Kingston�s cows are closer to coming home to prison
        More at the core: How the federal government centralized under the Tories
More than $1 million in federal government property is missing or stolen
        Top 5: Political newsmakers of 2015
Trudeau must clarify �unwritten� PS rules: expert panel
        Military support unit not properly equipped to help soldiers: review

Meet Justin Trudeau�s foreign policy whiz-kid
        Can Fort Mac survive plunging oil prices? Alberta�s oilsands capital hoping to tough it out
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The Liberals� electoral reform quagmire - Colby Cosh, National Post
        Electoral reform must go to a referendum - Scott Reid, Ottawa Citizen
A 2016 prediction: Conflicts between Ottawa and the premiers will get nasty - Konrad Yakabuski, The Globe & Mail
        Canada�s Trudeau says he has nothing but condemnation for Trump - The Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun
From laptops to mysterious military equipment, $1.1 million in government property lost or stolen last year - Lee Berthiaume, National Post
        Cashless future underway as Canadian consumers have more credit, debit and app options than ever- Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press, CBC News
TV fans seek savings from pick-and-pay in 2016 as broadcasters plan for the worst- Cassandra Szklarski, The Globe & Mail


Nez rouge suspend son service � plusieurs endroitsPlus
        Un combattant de l'EI li� aux attentats de Paris tu� en SyriePlus
Incendie dans un immeuble � logements de Montr�alPlus
        L'ex-PM isra�lien Olmert en prison pour corruptionPlus
Un premier test pour le d�neigement � Montr�alPlus
        L'Iran applique l'accord nucl�aire, et critique les �tats-UnisPlus
Chine: une assistante avoue avoir tu� 8 personnes �g�esPlus
        France: des voleurs rendent des colis � des policiersPlus
Tha�lande: le d�c�s du chien du roi en une des journauxPlus
        En fuite avec sa m�re, �affluenza teen� arr�t�Plus
Turquie: les Kurdes parlent d'ind�pendance, Erdogan r�pliquePlus


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2016 Forecast: The Experts Will Be Wrong - Scott Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics
        The Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip - Trygstad, Drusch, Roarty & Kraushaar, National Journal
Money Rolls In, Yet Future Dim for Carson Campaign - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Time to Call Trump Out on Degrading Views - Donna Brazile, CNN
Hillary Clinton and the Year in Political Scandals - Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast
        Saudi Arabia posts $98B deficit amid oil�s plunge, hikes petrol prices by 50%- Abdullah Al-Shihri And Aya Batrawy, Toronto Star
How an emerging labour movement in China�s Wal-Mart stores threatens expansion ambitions of all Western retailers- Linda van der Horst, Financial Post
        We�re going to be OK next year�here�s why: Bob Doll- Fred Imbert, CNBC
Japan and South Korea agree to settle wartime sex slaves row- Justin McCurry, The Guardian
        Israel warns Brazil to accept its settler ambassador- Al Jazeera

Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from Islamic State- BBC News
        Uranium leaves Iran for Russia in line with nuclear deal, says US- France 24
80 killed as Boko Haram attacks northeast Nigerian city- The Associated Press, The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
US says 'troubled' by civilian deaths in Russia's Syria campaign
        Saudi Arabia, Turkey to set up "strategic cooperation council:" Saudi FM
Journalism group calls on Turkey to protect Syrian reporters
        Israel says new eastern W.Bank settlement plans invalid
Russia names Boris Nemtsov murder mastermind, allies see cover-up
        French back plan to strip dual citizens' nationality in 'terrorism' cases: poll
Season's first major snow storm hits eastern Canada
        South Africa lion to get second vasectomy after lioness gives birth
Austria turns away hundreds of migrants for lying about nationality
        ISIS ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves

WHO announces Ebola milestone as Guinea outbreak ends
        German states to spend around 17B euros on refugees in 2016: Die Welt
Danish ferry company reports Sweden to EU over ID checks
        Gambia criminalizes female genital mutilation
Iran says days away from nuclear deal implementation
        US-led coalition stages 31 strikes against ISIS: statement
Norway proposes stricter asylum rules
        Erdogan blasts autonomy call by Kurdish party as 'treason'
Tens of millions of California trees threatened by drought
        Iran ships uranium to Russia under nuclear deal: U.S.

Goals met for Russia in Syria so far, U.S. sees
        A look at Daesh gains and losses in Iraq and Syria
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From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <letters@nationalpost.com>
Cc: <joe.hueglin@bellnet.ca>,   <ccolby@nationalpost.com>
Subject: Simple way to reform electoral system

The  Editor
National Post

Simple way to reform electoral system

Re �Liberals� electoral quagmire,� by Colby Cosh, Dec.28.

There is a simple way to reform the electoral system --  to hold a runoff election in constituencies  where candidates have failed to win 50+ votes, after eliminating candidates who have failed to win 25 per cent of votes. This will allow candidates with 50+ votes to emerge. This will allow a party with double majorities � majority of seats and majority of votes � to form a majority government. This will not need any referendum. Only wide public consultation will do.


From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Comment Re:  Release your economic 'animal spirits' in 2016: Don Pittis, Dec 29, 2015

Keynes's 'spontaneous urge to action' could create a comeback for Canadian exports


The problem with advocating an export-led recovery is that not all countries can be net exporters at the same time.  Furthermore, while many countries patiently wait for others to buy their goods, their own domestic policies of austerity actually reduce the amount of imports and so render the efforts of others futile.

Keynes did not recommend that a country depend on the whims of foreign purchasers, but that national governments take action when necessary.  Though he counseled wise spending, he even suggested that better than nothing would be for government to bury money in bottles and let the private sector spring into action to dig up the buried treasure.

Keynes did not believe that exhortation to investors' "animal spirits" was the solution.  During times of depression, he recognized that government must inject the right amount of money directly into the economy. 


1. Quote from John Maynard Keynes
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (London: Macmillan, 1936), p 129
"If the Treasury were to fill old bottles with bank-notes, bury them at suitable depths in disused coal-mines which are then filled up to the surface with town rubbish, and leave it to private enterprise on well-tried principles of laissez-faire to dig the notes up again (the right to do so being obtained, of course, by tendering for leases of the note-bearing territory), there need be no more unemployment and, with the help of repercussions, the real income of the community, and its capital wealth, would probably become a good deal greater than it actually is."

2. Budget Deficits and Net Private Saving

.... not all countries can export their way out of trouble. One county�s exports is another�s imports. At the global level, net exports cancel out to zero. Not every country can have a trade surplus.

3. Export-led growth strategies will fail

So countries that think they can undermine the wages and conditions of their most valuable asset � their workforces � and ship low cost-low productivity items to other countries and, in doing so, deprive their own citizens of the use of those resources and products � and still prosper � should think again.

They are unlikely to prosper and resolve their chronic unemployment problems.


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