Wednesday 15 June 2016


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Dying MP present as House votes 225-74 to change �O Canada�

Senators� complaints delay Parliament Hill renovations, possibly adding millions to cost
        ISIS �kill list� includes names of 151 Canadians
Top bureaucrat says there�s a �buzz and excitement� in public service despite increased workload
        Charges imminent in RCMP fraud probe of former OPP union leaders, sources say

Bank of Canada�s Poloz delivers cautiously optimistic update on Canadian economy
        Ottawa owes veterans no �duty of care,� federal lawyers argue in case
MPs nix four-day Commons work week� for now.
        Behold the literal-minded citizens who triumphed in rewriting our national anthem
After campaigning off the backs of veterans, the Trudeau government turns its back to them
        A two-step approach for the Committee on Electoral Reform
Justin Trudeau, master of the soft sell
        Trump unleashes a blitzkrieg of bile in an attempt to exploit fear for votes
Canadians not so eager to weaken our country�s anti-terrorism legislation anymore
        Swords and sons: The politics of O Canada

The critical role of biopharmaceuticals in Canadian health and economic growth
        Trump�s conga line to Demagogue City rollicks on
Good people help heal Orlando�s wounds

U.S. political reaction to Orlando massacre shows Canadian complacency can�t last
        Angry Birds
A modern copyright regime requires regular attention
        Freedom to hate, freedom to kill
Alberta New Democrats stand firm on pipeline expansion
        NDP chugs along while Wildrose sputters
The reason there won�t be a referendum on electoral reform
        NDP renew call for inquiry into Afghan detainee abuse
CRTC announces new fund, minimum programming hours, for local TV news
        Bernard Lord tapped as new Medavie CEO

Brutality behind bars: Liberal caucus hears of inmate horrors
        Disappointing Trade Data Test Poloz�s Faith in Canada Rebound
Government to table national security committee legislation
        Great-great-grandson of O Canada composer criticizes proposed lyrics change
Dying MP�s bid to change O Canada lyrics likely to be delayed until fall: Tory senator
        Ontario premier sets bar for province�s approval of expanded Canada Pension Plan
OECD: Canada needs �big fat price� on carbon
        Saskatchewan�s Wall aims to woo Quebec on Energy East as opposition grows
Assembly of First Nations in Quebec, Labrador, formally opposes Energy East
        $85M grant for Chrysler not corporate welfare, Wynne says

As exemption requests grow, critics call for lobbying-ban changes
        Ottawa to re-examine Magnitsky-type law targeting corrupt Russian officials
L�ordre de �terroriser des d�tenus innocents� afghans d�nonc�
        Oilpatch showing signs of life after string of deals
CRA put liens on Conrad Black home fearing flight from tax debts
        F-35 consortium agreement never seen as commitment to buy: Sajjan
Physician-assisted dying bill set to be significantly altered by Senate
        New bill would allow border guards to collect biographic data on those leaving Canada
Ukraine envoy applauds NATO build-up, says Putin will wage broader war
        2015 federal election saw youth vote in unprecedented numbers

Liberals Outspent Tories In Last Election, Trudeau�s Adviser Gerald Butts Says
        Liberals vote down �free-the-beer� motion
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
NDP may forgo leadership convention for new approach - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Premiers Wall and Gallant discuss Energy East pipeline benefits - The Canadian Press, Macleans
Four Liberal MPs supported Tory motion calling ISIS atrocities �genocide� - Joanna Smith, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Canada now the second biggest arms exporter to Middle East, data show - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
Wynne government failing in transparency - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Right-to-die bill should be passed without Senate amendment - Editorial, The Globe & Mail
Senators remove controversial bargaining limits in RCMP union bill - Alison Crawford, CBC News
        20 just-arrived Syrian refugees unhappy with Canadian hospitality - Jennifer O'Brien, London Free Press
Queen�s Park to hire digital guru at cost of $200K annually - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Top Trudeau foreign policy adviser Roland Paris heading back to University of Ottawa - Kady O'Malley, Ottawa Citizen

Ontario minister blocks opposing MPP on Twitter. MPP uses parliamentary procedure to ask why - Brian Platt, National Post
        MPs debate Conservative motion to refer interprovincial trade to Supreme Court - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Hostage negotiations: There are no simple answers, just harsh dilemmas - Bob Rae, The Globe & Mail
        U.S. political reaction to Orlando massacre shows Canadian complacency can�t last - Michael Den Tandt, National Post
Bombardier Inc exec fires back at competitors trying to �cast doubt� on CSeries, says plane here to stay- Financial Post
        Canada�s household debt holds near record; growth moderates- David Parkinson, The Globe & Mail
Cable companies launch court battle against �free TV� Android box vendors- Sophia Harris, CBC News
        Microsoft, Sony unveil gaming console updates- Raju Mudhar, Toronto Star


Aide � mourir: le r�le du S�nat d�fenduPlus
        La carcasse de l'Airbus d'EgyptAir retrouv�ePlus
Le plan lib�ral fonctionne, assure Philippe CouillardPlus
        La police militaire accus�e d'avoir couvert des s�vicesPlus
Mirabel: assassin� par un tueur � v�loPlus
        Happ� � mort en allant s'acheter des cigarettesPlus
Tuerie d'Orlando: un ex-Marine devenu videur a sauv� des dizaines de viesPlus
        Obama re�oit le dala�-lama, � l'abri des cam�rasPlus
Bain aurait tent� de faire feu sur un policier qui le pourchassaitPlus
        Pitbulls: Qu�bec reconna�t qu'il y a �urgence d'agir�Plus

Un enfant � bord pendant une poursuite polici�rePlus
        CHSLD: non au bacon et aux raisins, oui aux patates en poudrePlus
Mort atroce � l'h�pital d'Arthabaska: une enqu�te r�clam�ePlus
        Il aime les adolescents et ne s'en cache pasPlus
Le maire de London couchait avec la vice-mairessePlus
        Le pr�sident philippin s'excuse aupr�s des CanadiensPlus
Voici 5 sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus
        Montr�al: important incendie dans un atelier municipalPlus
Clinton remporte la derni�re primaire d�mocratePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hillary Clinton Vows to Prioritize Stopping �Lone Wolf� Attackers - Julie Pace, The Associated Press
        �We Must Tell the Truth; Radical Islam is Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay, Anti-Jewish� - Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics
Gingrich: Terror Debate is Trump Versus the Democrat & Media Elites - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Obama Whiffs on National Security, Blames Guns - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Clinton, Warren, and the Vice Presidency - Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect
        French unions eye million-strong protest against labour reform- France 24
Indonesia planning mass executions after Ramadan- Agence France-Press, The Guardian
        Unaccompanied child asylum seeker numbers soar in EU- Al Jazeera
China warns US on visits by Dalai Lama, Taiwan president- Reuters, The Times Of India
        Russia �hacked Democrats data on Trump� says US- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US succumbing to Israeli terms on defense aid: official
        Sanders not ending campaign in Thursday's video speech: spokesman
Brexit would shake EU, require concerted response: German FM
        Exploitation, child labor found in Indonesia palm oil linked to PepsiCo: charities
Israel approves new settler homes in E.Jerusalem
        NATO allies to agree to fund Afghan forces until 2020
UK farmers narrowly favour remaining in EU: poll
        EU says Turkey still not doing enough for visa-free travel
Russia wants better Turkey ties, but onus is on Ankara: Kremlin
        US Third Fleet expands East Asia role as tensions rise with China

NATO demands Russia withdraw from Ukraine
        Britain has the opportunity to lead, not leave, the European Union
Isolated Turkey may soften stance on Assad exit
        Palestinians move into new city, part of statehood dream
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