Friday 16 December 2016

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST December 16, 2016.

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Ottawa takes hard line with provinces on health transfers

Trudeau government renews contract of ethics watchdog as she questions his fundraising efforts
        Status of Women spent $1.1 million to create new office for minister: documents
Twelve cabinet ministers and PM Trudeau dipped into exclusive gift bank in Liberals� first year
        O�Leary says he will �step in� to Tory race once field has been narrowed down

O�Leary says he would have voted for Trump
        Tories, NDP try to damage the Liberals as they eagerly await new leaders in 2017
Trudeau Says He Told Italian PM: �Referendums Are Bad Things To Happen�
        Few signs Justin Trudeau has delivered on promises
At Issue | Cash for access
        In  fundraising, slam Liberals for their morals, not their methods
Delivering �more Canada� will require thinking outside the foreign policy box
        Rebuilding Ottawa: an overdue political metaphor or party planning?
Don Martin�s political predictions for 2017
        The distraction machine You see journalism in decline. Your government sees opportunity.

The NDP has a shot at revival � and Trudeau to thank for it
        Curious Commons report would return postal home delivery only to some
As Liberals stumble and Conservatives fracture, Mulcair has new spring in his step

Is the Honeymoon ending? Trudeau�s declining job approval in Ontario drives ten-point national slide
        The Canadian military�s new cyber defense plan is aimed at threats from outside, and within
Some executives directly involved in Phoenix pay mess to receive bonuses
        Pay up for missed votes, CPC candidate Peterson tells opponents
Liberal MP: For reconciliation to happen, department needs to go
        Trudeau and Couillard hopeful Ottawa will reach a deal with Bombardier
Lay off the lynch mob tactics, Ezra
        Topp spin: Alberta premier�s departing chief of staff gives his final report to media with an eye to history
Sordid encounters of the Liberal kind
        Trudeau�s cash-for-access problem has a lot of damage yet to do

Women have led the way in the Commons in 2016
        Top 10 winners and losers of 2016
Gunpoint diplomacy at the First Ministers table
        The one thing a Wildrose-PC merger would guarantee is an NDP loss
Premier Notley�s NDP government is full steam ahead and not looking back
        A word of advice for Mr. Wonderful
Canadian Foreign Policy: Developing our strategic map
        Trudeau invited Liberal donors to official dinner for Chinese Premier
Trudeau says current pot law stands until new legislation is ratified
        Women making up larger share of shrinking Parliamentary Press Gallery

Parliamentary poet pens ode to the Upper House
        Rachel Notley�s new chief of staff a former �troubleshooter� for B.C.�s NDP
Some baloney to Clark�s claim B.C. will pay twice as much for carbon as Ontario
        PM says looks forward to discussing fundraising controversy with ethics watchdog
Wildrose appears split over party merger with PCs
        Smoother military exit system for soldiers still years away, documents show
B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan open to shutting down Site C dam
        Indigenous leaders critical of government housing support after deadly fire
Manitoba NDP MLA Mohinder Saran suspended after sexual harassment allegations
        Last Obama holiday card photo was taken at Justin Trudeau�s request

Ottawa delegation calls for release of Canadian pastor imprisoned in North Korea
        Trudeau Plans Aerospace Support After Bombardier Request
Leitch channels Stockwell Day, pitches citizen-initiated referendums
        Justin Trudeau: �Globalisation isn�t working for ordinary people�
Super Bowl ads: Canadian MPs say CRTC made a bad call, needs to reverse it
        O Canada lyric change bill, C-210, approved by Senate committee


U.S. Army Returns Tanks to Europe as NATO Eyes Assertive Russia
        GOP on brink of new Cold War over whether to work with Russia
Russian hacking activity continues unabated
        US hacking claims: Russia says �indecent� without evidence
Obama vows action against Russia for hacks
        �We need to take action�: Obama says U.S. will respond after alleged Russian hacking
Trump chooses pro-settlement hardliner as Israel envoy
        Exxon shifted on climate change under Trump pick
Syria suspends Aleppo evacuations, blaming rebels
        Trump goes on a tear against the media

U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack
        Judge orders Trump sit for 7-hour deposition in early January
Trump wanted Romney to apologize in exchange for secretary of state nomination � he refused
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Trudeau Foundation caught in cash-for-access allegations

PM heads to Montreal as Parliament Hill prepares for a long(ish) winter�s nap - Ottawa Citizen
        Fact check: Clark�s claim B.C. will pay twice as much for carbon as Ont. - CTV News
Federal agencies should make data protection a law, MPs say - CTV News
        Few signs Justin Trudeau has delivered on promises - Paul Wells, Toronto Star
Justin Trudeau�s proposed Indigenous languages act will need teeth to succeed - Betty Harnum, CBC News
        As Liberals stumble and Conservatives fracture, Mulcair has new spring in his step - Michael Den Tandt, National Post
Bombardier says it�s close to hammering out a funding deal with Trudeau - Ross Marowits, Toronto Star
        Ottawa�s reigning political selfie junkie is not who you think - Macleans
Defence minister laments slow pace of improvements in supporting soldiers - CTV News
        Kathleen Wynne not ruling out LCBO having role in marijuana sales - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star

Justin Trudeau announces 3 steps to help enact Truth and Reconciliation calls to action - John Paul Tasker, CBC News
        Gender-neutral O Canada bill inches closer to approval - Janyce McGregor, CBC News
Trudeau supports proposal to set legal age for smoking pot at 18 or 19 - The Globe and Mail
        B.C. first-time homebuyers loan program sparks debate, concern - Rob Shaw & Jennifer Saltman, Vancouver Sun
Quebec, Saskatchewan finance ministers confident new health deal is close - Andy Blatchford, CBC News
        Why one Canadian is joining the Tories�in protest - Macleans
The Liberals are seeking a new mission for the Canadian Forces. How about helping Aleppo? - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Ontario political parties start new year with tighter fundraising rules - CTV News
Ontario to hire 239 more staff to help improve conditions in correction systems - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Ombudsman hopes Liberals act on promised reforms amid growing prison violence - CTV News

Derek Fildebrandt explains why he�s calling for a Wildrose-PC merger - James Wood, Edmonton Sun
        Chipotle�s sales plunge, but not because of food safety scares- Sarah Halzack - The Washington Post, Toronto Star
Canadian home sales see biggest monthly drop since 2012- The Globe and Mail
        BlackBerry licenses brand to Chinese phone maker TCL for future phones to be released globally- Gerrit De Vynck, Bloomberg News,
�It�s been a massive, massive rally�: Why investors have welcomed a Trump presidency- Mark Gollom, CBC News
        Reality of robots staffing fast food restaurants more complex than wage hikes- CTV News


Vir�e meurtri�re: l'accus� apte � faire face � la justicePlus
        Faut se parlerPlus
Cannabis ill�gal: le �prince du pot� pr�t � �tre arr�t�Plus
        Un bon Samaritain et deux suspects recherch�s � LavalPlus
�cole secondaire: l'�conomie au lieu des enjeux internationauxPlus
        Trudeau � Montr�al, des millions pour l'enseignement sup�rieurPlus
Le pr�sident philippin Duterte: �Au revoir l'Am�rique!�Plus
        Un attach� politique du maire Coderre film� avec du crystal methPlus
Froid extr�me sur la ville de Qu�becPlus
        Temp�te en Gasp�sie: la route 132 d�truite par les vaguesPlus

Saisie de 1,2 tonne de tabac de contrebande: 4 suspects arr�t�sPlus
        Obama promet une riposte face � MoscouPlus
Des enfants recherch�s en for�t retrouv�s dans leur appartementPlus
        Apr�s le froid polaire, le retour de la neigePlus
Saisie de coca�ne: une des filles plaide coupable, les autres nonPlus
        Cinq sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus
Nouvelle interruption des �vacuations � AlepPlus
        Piratage: les accusations am�ricaines sont �ind�centes�Plus
L'ex-�lectricien de Picasso condamn� pour recel d'oeuvresPlus
        Saisie de coca�ne: une des filles plaidera coupablePlus

Le procureur d�crit la �haine �crasante� de Dylann RoofPlus
        `Entente sur l'�nergie entre Qu�bec et l'OntarioPlus
Fortune disparue: une notaire et son conjoint arr�t�sPlus
        Le Canada interdira l'amiante d'ici 2018Plus
Un conducteur de VTT succombe � ses blessuresPlus
        Justice: plus facile d'aller aux petites cr�ancesPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How Will History Judge Barack Obama? - The Nation
        Trump calls Obama�s press secretary �foolish� and �so bad� during Pennsylvania rally - Washington Post
Claim: Clinton campaign emails came from �inside leaks,� not Russian hackers - Alex Pappas, Washington Examiner
        Iran sanctions bill goes into law without Obama�s signature - The Hill
Trump�s pick of a loyal Romney to chair RNC is a win for Priebus - Washington Post
        Transition Briefing: Donald Trump Considering a Spending Hard-Liner as Budget Director - New York Times
Trump�s unorthodox Cabinet - The Hill
        50,000 people still trapped in eastern Aleppo: UN envoy- AFP, The Times Of India
Obama vows action against Russia over election hacks- Al Jazeera
        Explosive traces found on victims of crashed EgyptAir flight- France 24
Greece�s anti-austerity measures incur creditors� wrath- Al Jazeera
        Vladimir Putin tops Forbes 2016 list of most influential people- The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama warns Trump against provoking 'very significant' China response over Taiwan
        Obama says made specific suggestions to Trump during 'cordial' conversations
Obama says Russian U.S. election tampering ended after warning to Putin
        Obama says he feels some responsibility for Syria carnage, but defends his 'right approach'
'Cut it out,' Obama told Putin on cyber attacks
        Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would destroy peace process: Palestinians
Philippines' Duterte tells US to prepare to leave the country
        China's Navy seizes American underwater drone in South China Sea
Catalan parliament speaker in court over secession debate
        UN chief urges Israeli lawmakers to reconsider settlement bill

Sweden tells regions to boost contingency planning for war
        Dutch government approves draft law to ratify Ukraine pact
Putin and Erdogan push for Syria talks without US or UN
        Turkey says no disagreement with Russia, Iran on need for Syria cease-fire
Putin's spokesman says US hacking accusations 'unseemly'
        Obama vows retaliation for suspected Russian hacking
Five eurozone banks face caps after falling short of requirements
        Iran sanctions renewal becomes law without Obama
Ancient human ancestor was one tall dude

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No Daily Digest tomorrow - shortbread making at Grandchildren's home.


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