Friday 9 December 2016

Canadian Daily Digest December 9, 2016.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

The Liberal Party goes on fundraising blitz in early anticipation of 2019 federal election

B.C.�s Clark makes about-face, signs on to Liberal climate framework
        Brad Wall calls on PM to release secret memo on carbon pricing
Ezra Levant won�t muzzle carbon tax protesters at Calgary rally
        �Ground zero� MP Terry Beech breaks silence on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

Asbestos ban to be announced by federal government next week
        New delay slows construction of navy supply ships, polar icebreaker
Blaney attacks Bernier, stands up for Leitch and Trump
        How not to hold an all-party committee on electoral reform
Canada�s Conservatives don�t need Kellie Leitch to be relevant
        What we�re missing in Ottawa coverage
Trudeau not overly eager to talk health care
        At Issue | Party leadership races
The Tory field needs a housecleaning. Alexander should go first.
        After �lock her up�: Are there any real leaders among Conservatives?

Wall right to be petulant on carbon price
        Are Canadians willing to pay cost of fighting climate change?
Trudeau must end cash-for-access fundraising, or face a crippling erosion of his brand

Joe Biden tells Trudeau, premiers to keep �eye on the ball� as Trump looms over climate talks
        John Tory is standing by Nick Kouvalis, architect of the Kellie Leitch campaign
Global efforts to turn back climate change irreversible, Biden tells premiers
        Biden Hails Trudeau and Merkel as Last Liberal Leaders Standing
Russia threatens retaliation over latest round of Canadian sanctions
        Ottawa may have to pay for carbon credits to meet climate targets
What is the point of political journalism?
        Joe Biden�s Ottawa visit a Seinfeldian trip about nothing
Lobbyists may love Liberal cash-for-access, but it doesn�t pass the smell test

Tory debate reveals language challenges faced by leadership hopefuls
        A party of big ideas, or small fears? Choice of direction open for Conservatives
Conservative Leadership race loosens as contenders stumble
        Changing our voting system a bad idea: Hepburn
�Lock her up� and the new abnormal in Canadian politics
        Alberta�s pipeline battle is just beginning to heat up
Have the Lessons of the Lac-M�gantic Rail Disaster been learned??
        Amidst pipeline fallout, a look at Trudeau�s other funding misstep: health care
Breaking that electoral reform promise is dangerous in an unstable world, Liberals
        Federal Conservative leadership candidate Scheer wants government out of CBC news business

Maryam Monsef Should Be Fired, Tory MP Tom Lukiwski Says
        Alberta PC leadership candidates square off in Fort McMurray
Japan ratifies Pacific trade pact despite Trump plans to dump
        Liberal Party can�t use emails collected on for fundraising, government says
Goodale keeps door open to CSIS use of metadata gathered from innocent people
Trudeau government says non-citizens should have say in electoral reform
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Witch Hunts of Oosterhoff, Leitch and Peterson

Trudeau not overly eager to talk health care - Paul Wells, Toronto Star
        Russia threatens retaliation over latest round of Canadian sanctions - Murray Brewster, CBC News
MPPs send symbolic message with vote against road tolls - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Ottawa may have to pay for carbon credits to meet climate targets - Shawn McCarthy & Robert Fife, The Globe & Mail
Slowly she turned: the strange trajectory of Kathleen Wynne - Rick Salutin, Toronto Star
        Trudeau faces a crippling erosion of his brand with pay-for-play fundraising - Michael Den Tandt, National Post
Ontario�s $28M-and-counting wind-farm fiasco laid bare in trade ruling - David Reevely, Ottawa Sun
        �Historic investments in infrastructure� core of Ottawa�s climate change plan: minister - Nathan Vanderklippe, The Globe & Mail
Ontario government cracks down on health care sex abuse - Jacques Gallant, Toronto Star
        National climate plan should come with a balance sheet - Editorial, Toronto Star

Liberal MP hopes private member�s bill will push Trudeau to ban asbestos - Tavia Grant, The Globe & Mail
        Indigenous leaders frustrated over PM climate change meetings - Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press, Macleans
How Ottawa ended up with a panel rigged to recommend a big fat pharmacare program - William Watson, Financial Post
        Irfan Sabir won�t resign, says he�s �absolutely� done a good job, launches child-death review panel - Emma Graney, Edmonton Sun
Arrested Development: How anti-pipeline activists have shifted the onus from the opposer to the opposed- Jesse Snyder, Financial Post
        Worst may be over for Alberta economy: Conference Board- The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
New Ontario booze tax saps craft distilleries� spirit- Lisa Wright, Toronto Star
        Hatchimals: this year�s Christmas blockbuster toy � and a Canadian innovation- Dianne Buckner, CBC News


Jacques Delisle: la d�fense compl�te sa plaidoiriePlus
        Bettez aurait visionn� des agressions sexuelles d'enfants Plus
Battue � coups de b�ton de hockey devant sa fille de neuf ansPlus
        Dylann Roof d�crit comme froid et imperturbablePlus
Biden se fait rassurant sur les changements climatiquesPlus
        La machine �lectorale de la CAQ pas assez fortPlus
Le cabinet Trump est � son image: blanc, riche et martialPlus
        Il d�couvre une souris dans son caf�Plus
Toute ressemblance avec des personnes existant...Plus
        Arr�tez de texter, vous �tes surveill�sPlus

Voici le mot le plus long de l'ann�e: Bundespr�sidenten...Plus
        Voici 5 sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus
Violents bombardements des quartiers rebelles � Alep malgr� la tr�vePlus
        Le co�t de la catastrophe de Fukushima grimpe � 250 milliards $Plus
Les d�put�s votent la destitution de la pr�sidente de Cor�e du SudPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump Democrats? 10 Senators Face Voters in 2018 in Red States - Steven T. Dennis, Bloomberg
        Anti-Trump, Working-Class Voters Having Second Thoughts - Salena Zito, New York Post
There�s Still No Trump Pivot - David Graham, The Atlantic
        The Collapse of the Political Left - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Donald Trump Warms Up - Gail Collins, New York Times
        Johnson says Saudi Arabia is a �puppeteer� in Middle East proxy wars- Patrick Wintour and Rowena Mason, The Guardian
Former French budget minister Cahuzac found guilty of tax fraud, money laundering- France 24
        Kerry warns Europe against �authoritarian populism�- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Aleppo battle: �Forgotten� civilians moved from Syria frontline- BBC News
        Arab Knesset members vow to �sue Netanyahu�- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

EU to impose more sanctions on Syria over Aleppo
        US, Russia, trade barbs at European security meeting
Syrian army declares truce around Damascus, parts of Idlib province
        WHO urges Trump to expand Obamacare, ensure healthcare for all
UN General Assembly demands truce in Syria, end to Aleppo siege
        Turkey court drops case against Israelis over ship storming
Turkey's purge unconstitutional, Council of Europe experts say
        Turkey eyes spring referendum on stronger presidency, election in 2019
South Korean parliament votes overwhelmingly to impeach President Park
        US defense chief reassures Afghans on Trump

European Central Bank adds $580B in stimulus
        Pirates preying on Venezuelan fishermen as industry unravels
A domino effect in Aleppo regime victory?
        Tigris lioness: Iraqi militiawoman fights for revenge against Daesh
Passport shopping: Lebanese invest in freedom of movement
        Palestinians offer alternative plan for wall
Russia-Taliban ties worry U.S., Afghanistan
        �Handcuff king� Houdini�s secrets unlocked in Hungary
Rat catchers deployed to tackle Paris rodent scourge
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