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Daily Digest January 24, 2019


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China envoy McCallum walks back comments on Meng Wanzhou case

2 arrested in RCMP raids in Kingston related to national security probe        Liberals push for investigation into alleged expense misuse by UCP Leader Jason Kenney while MPSingh calls on Trudeau to part ways with U.S., Brazil on Venezuela crisis        Former NDP MP Svend Robinson worried about state of the party amid return to politics

‘Not cutting corners:’ Resources minister says no rushing Trans Mountain review        Saskatchewan government launches 16-month undercover sting to catch First Nations man illegally selling $90 worth of fishStoried Coast Guard ship can’t be fixed, shipyard says, highlighting yet again, Canada’s shipbuilding problem        Ambassador McCallum’s flip-flop on Meng’s extradition case ramps up the pressure on OttawaMcCallum has put Canada in an impossible situation with China        Sorry John McCallum, extradition doesn’t neatly divide the courts from the politiciansAmbassador John McCallum’s comments undermine Ottawa’s argument for rule of law        From within Islam and beyond, Muslims must fight for women’s rightsDonald Trump is the best president the left has ever had        Female oncologist loses licence for affair with cancer patientSunshine ski resort owner gets unfair offer he can’t refuse from feds

Ottawa strikes $40M research deal on 5G technology with Huawei rival Nokia        Canada plans to convene Lima Group meeting on Venezuela’s future: sourcesHussen unveils plan to attract, retain skilled immigrants in rural and remote regions        Ambassador McCallum raises eyebrows in Canada, but finds welcome audience in ChinaFractured federation: Amid competing priorities, which provinces believe they give & get more from Canada?        Your Ward News duo guilty of promoting hate against women and JewsRush to judgment on Covington school standoff should be a wake-up call for media        Scheer says he would fire McCallum for Huawei commentsCanada endorses Venezuelan opposition leader as interim president
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<< minister unveils program to attract newcomers to rural areas - Nicholas Keung, Toronto Star
        Ontario isn’t friendly, Alberta resents everyone else and nobody likes Quebec: poll - Tyler Dawson, National Post
Fact check: Is NDP housing plan ‘a recipe to bankrupt’ housing providers? - Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        UCP smashes 2018 fundraising totals, but all major parties break donation rules - Emma Graney, Calgary Sun
Ontario government reverses course on bill that could open Greenbelt to development - Shawn Jeffords - The Canadian Press, Global News
        Liberals have options to help millennials buy homes; would be a vote winner, too - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Ambassador John McCallum’s comments make everyone wonder what Canada’s thinking - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario considers removing kindergarten, primary class size caps - The Canadian Press, Global News
Atlantic premiers want free movement of doctors, nurses among provinces - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Pessimistic economic forecasts can’t be going over well at the Ministry of Finance- Kevin Carmichael, Financial Post

Boeing’s autonomous flying car completes first test flight- Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        Pot sales total $54M in November, the 1st full month of legalization: StatsCan- CTV News

Projet Royalmount: un «temps d’arrêt» recommandé        L’ambassadeur canadien regrette ses proposLe maire de Roberval plaide coupable        Soros s'en prend à la ChineLes responsables doivent partir, croit Bérubé        «Shutdown»: Reprise des négociationsThales appelle à interdire les «robots tueurs»        «On a la "fermette" un peu facile au Québec»Dare ferme son usine de Saint-Lambert        2018 fut la 4e année la plus chaude depuis 18502 ans de prison pour cette cambrioleuse de 70 ans?        Succès dithyrambique pour le «Coriolan» de LepageLe gouvernement Trump accusé de surdité        La majorité des urgences de Québec débordentUn tableau de valeur volé à Toronto        Mort suspecte à Sherbrooke


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Transgender troops: Under siege by lower courts, Trump turns to higher power to stop nationwide injunctions - Fred Barbash, Washington Post
        The key context still missing from the Covington kid debate? His MAGA hat - Noah Berlatsky, NBC News
How Clinton Machine Flooded FBI With Trump-Russia Dirt - John Solomon, The Hill
        What If Mueller Doesn’t Give Democrats What They Want? - Byron York, Washington Examiner
Senate ethics panel won’t penalize Booker over confidential Kavanaugh documents - Alexander Bolton, The Hill
        D.C. Logjam Loosens Amid Democratic Antics - Conrad Black, New York Sun
McConnell Got Everything He Wanted–at What Cost? - Charles Homans, New York Times MagazineRees-Mogg says reformed Brexit deal could win over critics- BBC News
        Zimbabwe: beatings and abductions continue despite Mnangagwa pledge- Jason Burke, The Guardian
Deadly clashes break out as Venezuela braces for nationwide rival protests- France 24
        Sudan’s president, facing protests, looks for aid from Qatar- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Russia, Turkey agree to take steps to ‘stabilise’ Syria’s Idlib- Al Jazeera
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Venezuela to close US embassy, consulates: Maduro        Venezuela military slams opposition leader's presidential claim as 'coup'Ukraine sentences ex-leader Yanukovych in absentia to 13 years for treason        US has offered to hold arms control talks with Russia: officialTies between US, Russia and China 'dysfunctional': UN        Maduro 'not legitimate leader' of Venezuela: Britain    Putin calls Venezuela's Maduro to show support: KremlinUS asks for UN Security Council meeting on Venezuela    
        UN chief urges dialogue in Venezuela to avoid 'disaster 'Russia calls moves to oust Maduro illegal: Ifax
        Russia wheels out key missile in bid to save U.S. arms treatyEU eyes tariffs on $23B of U.S. goods
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
From: Robert Ede
Subject: Repurpose Mirabel Airport as detention centre
John Feldsted has a great idea and very suitable adaptive reuse of a now-wasting asset

Robert Ede,


Tories Aim To ‘Militarize The Border’ To Stop Asylum Seekers
"We don't have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan.
By Ryan Maloney

Canada's immigration minister is accusing federal Conservatives of wanting to "militarize the border" to stop asylum seekers from crossing irregularly from the United States.

Ahmed Hussen made the charge at an event in Ottawa Tuesday after he was asked about the number of migrants who have crossed into Quebec over the past year.

"I haven't seen anything from the Conservatives," Hussen said. "They don't have a plan. You know what their plan is? To militarize the border and place a (Canada Border Services Agency) official or an RCMP official every 100 metres.

"We don't have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan."

Hussen was referencing how Tories are proposing to close a so-called loophole in the Safe Third Country agreement between Canada and the U.S. by having the entire border declared an official point of entry.

According to the pact, which came into effect in 2004, Canada and the U.S. recognize each other as safe places for refugee claimants to seek protection. Under the agreement, people must apply for asylum in the first country where they arrive, unless an immediate family member lives in the other country.

Canada can turn back would-be refugees at the border on the basis that they must instead make claims in the U.S., where they first arrived. However, the pact only applies at official border points, which helps explain why crossings have occurred between checkpoints. The government has been calling people who enter Canada this way "irregular" border crossers.

Those who cross the border irregularly are arrested by the RCMP, but they are entitled under international law to make an asylum claim after a background check. More than 38,000 irregular migrants who originate from places like Haiti, Somalia and El Salvador have arrived in Canada since the beginning of 2017.

Read on:
International law provides for an illegal immigrant to seek asylum if he or she came directly from a nation where they were persecuted or threatened. Illegal immigrants crossing to Canada from the USA do not qualify.

Hussen claims the Conservatives have no plan for immigration and then proceeds to lambast the plan that they don’t have.

People who cross into Canada illegally need to be arrested and held in secure detention facilities until they pass a security screening and are eligible to file an asylum claim. When that takes place, they can be moved to a more open detention facility until their claims are processed.

We have no obligation to put up asylum seekers in hotels. A series of barracks and mess halls are adequate. We can supply clothing – underwear, grey jump suit or leisure pants and tops, running shoes, sweaters and jackets.

Emergency medical aid must be provided, but they should not qualify for provincial health care until their application for asylum or immigration is approved. Immigrants should not be granted broadened health coverage not available to the average citizen.

Our borders must be secure against illegal intrusion. We need to repurpose the Maribel airport facility into a refugee detention centre. That would turn an expensive, unused facility to valued public use.    

Hussen did not give us any assurance that his government can deal with illegal immigration.

Canada is not "immune" from the effects of increased global migration due to conflict and other issues, he said. "There's an increased number of people on the move, the largest increase since the Second World War." That has nothing to do with properly managing Canada’s immigration and refugee system which is Hussen’s job. We have suffered three and a half years of government evasions and half-truths on the immigration file and Hussen has nothing useful to add.

Certain decisions were made that threw our immigration and refugee system into chaos including long waiting times to process applications. Nothing has been done to stop the flow. We need competent supervision of the immigration department. That is not happening.

John Feldsted


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