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Daily Digest November 12, 2018

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Tony Clement and the breakdown in Ottawa

Demand for action on climate change shatters Scheer�s hopes in Quebec
        Clement had inappropriate interactions, �was pushing boundaries� back when he was a Harper-era cabinet minister, says Parry-Sound female constituent
Neil Young blasts Trump as �unfit� after California fire destroys Canadian�s home
        Trudeau told Trump in Paris he wants to �resolve� tariffs issue before G20 in Argentina

Director of CSIS travelled to Turkey at Trudeau�s request to hear Khashoggi murder recording
        Climate change, oilsands and the carbon tax are at the heart of Alberta�s 2019 battleground
Canada still hopes to secure comprehensive free-trade deal with China
        Bernier, of all people, wants naked truth from his candidates
Are British Columbians ready for mad Max and his People�s Party?
        The Tony Clement scandal shows all texting is sexting
Ottawa should abandon flawed Indigenous rights framework

Trump�s USMCA trade deal could be upended as Democrats vow to withhold support
        �The risk is there�: marijuana legalization unpopular in ridings with high Chinese-Canadian populations, says former Ontario Liberal minister Chan
Trump�s Twitter tirades shadow Trudeau�s talk on social media and politics
        Canada intelligence officials have heard audio of Khashoggi murder, Trudeau says
Liberals planning national tourism strategy as part of election-year economic pitch
        Bombardier defends CEO�s absence from special meeting following 5,000 layoffs
The City of Toronto spends millions renting this hotel. Now it might spend more to buy it
        Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says
Ontario Basic Income Cancellation Births A Movement In Thunder Bay
        After Tony Clement sexting scandal, should MPs face tougher security screenings?

Bernier introduces new People�s Party of Canada to Calgary in first Alberta rally
        New $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond goes into circulation next week
Statement supports potential for biotechnology in agriculture
        Legacies of the First World War: Canadian veterans� battle for benefits, support
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trudeau says politicians must use social media for good, despite others� polarizing Twitter tactics - Jordan Press - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        NASA wants Canada to build AI-equipped robots for new space station - Staff, CTV News
Feds never really had a plan for irregular migrants - Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
        McClintic debacle exposes Liberals� gigantic blind spots - Chris Selley, National Post
As Canadians mark Remembrance Day, world leaders warned of �old demons� rising again - Amanda Connolly, Global News
        Making a scene over carbon spat - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Tsilhqot�in and Ottawa to sign financial deal as part of new relationship - Amy Smart - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Ford needs to target high electricity costs - Matthew Lau, Toronto Sun
Canada falling short on flu vaccinations: internal report - Catharine Tunney, CBC News
        Amazon strikes deal with Apple to sell latest editions of iPhone, iPad, other devices- Reuters, The Globe & Mail

With midterms over, when will U.S. ratify USMCA? Nobody knows- CTV News
        Air Transat president resigns after five years- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
�Really toxic�: Abuse allegations continue to dog Winnipeg restaurant chain Stella�s Cafe- CBC News
        Cannabis companies race to clinch an edge in pot industry�s next phase of growth: Intellectual property- Vanmala Subramaniam, Financial Post


L'incendie le plus meurtrier de Californie poursuit sa progressionPlus
        La fonte des calottes glaciaires pourrait �tre irr�versible m�me � + 2 �C Plus
1re Guerre mondiale: voici ce qu'entendaient les soldats sur les champs de bataillePlus
        Tu� par un chat qui lui a donn� la ragePlus
Accord nucl�aire: l'Iran respecte ses engagements, selon l'AIEAPlus
        Affaires vol�es de John Lennon: un suspect sera jug� en AllemagnePlus
Barrage de roquettes contre Isra�l et frappes isra�liennes sur la bande de GazaPlus
        Deux Palestiniens tu�s et 3 bless�s par des frappes isra�liennes Plus
�Je suis en train d'�touffer�, les derniers mots de Jamal KhashoggiPlus
        Le Canada �en discussions� avec le Pakistan sur un �ventuel accueil d'Asia BibiPlus

Inde: des masques antipollution rudimentaires pour les d�munis de DelhiPlus
        Ouganda: 11 �coliers meurent dans l'incendie de leurs dortoirsPlus
[VID�O] Une vieille dame confond Angela Merkel et... Brigitte MacronPlus
        Elle s�questre son enfant dans le coffre de sa voiture durant deux ansPlus
Tigre et rhinoc�ros: la Chine maintient l'interdiction du commercePlus
        Les ONG saluent le geste �fort� de Jean Paul Gaultier qui renonce � la fourrurePlus
Afghanistan: au moins 6 morts dans un attentat-suicide � KaboulPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Pelosi on Mueller Probe & Impeaching Trump - Edward-Isaac Dovere, The Atlantic
        Trump 2020 Bid Faces Rebuilt �Blue Wall� In Midwest - Craig Gilbert,Todd Spangler and Sam Ruland - USA Today, Detroit Free Press
Trump Is Blessed With His Enemies - Conrad Black, American Greatness
        Dem Officials in FL Violate Law, Attempt to Overturn Election - Karl Rove, Fox News
Schumer slams Trump, Scott over Florida recount: They �don�t want the votes counted� - Michael Burke, The Hill
        What the Democrats Must Do Now to Defeat Trump - David Remnick, The New Yorker
Obama Is Still Electoral Kryptonite in Swing States - Rachel Stoltzfoos, The Federalist
        Pompeo Faces a World of Challenges. Add House Democrats to the List. - Gardiner Harris, New York Times
Dems Face Tough 2020 After Blowing Chance at Blue Wave - Kristin Tate, The Hill
        �Nightmare in Florida II�: The odd ballot that could cost Sen. Nelson the race - Steve Kornacki, NBC News

Polish officials march with nationalists on Independence Day- Al Jazeera
        Armistice Day: Macron urges world leaders to reject nationalism- BBC News
Ebola death toll in DR Congo passes 200- France 24
        Fighting in Yemen city of Hodeidah �reaches residential streets�- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian
Sri Lanka�s Mahinda Rajapakse vows to hold polls despite challenge- AFP, The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US analysts locate secret North Korean missile sites
        Iran honoring nuclear deal as new sanctions hit, IAEA report shows
51 countries pledge support for global cyber-security rules
        Separatist leaders re-elected as Moscow cements hold on east Ukraine
New border crossings open in divided Cyprus, first in 8 years
        UK PM May face mounting domestic opposition from London, Brussels
Saudi minister calls for 1M bpd global oil output cut
        Turkey slams 'unacceptable' French statements over Khashoggi probe
Netanyahu returns to Israel after botched Gaza operation kills 7 Palestinians, Israeli officer
        Brexit versus the crucial Irish question
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Legacies of the First World War: Canadian veterans' battle for benefits, support

Universities, Media, And Government Cry Hate Speech Against "It's OK To Be White"
Okay by me, how about you?
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> BELOW(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)
From: John Feldsted <>
Subject: In remembrance of sacrifice

I was only five years old when WW-II ended. I grew up with stories of the war from family members, returned veterans, and those whose husbands and sons never returned.

Print media was king, and our papers and periodicals were filled with photos and stories of the war and its ugliness for a decade or two after the war�s end.

Our solemn vows to �never forget� have faded and muted over the following decades.

World War I (1916)

Population      8,001,000
Military                619,0007.74%
Killed          61,000
Wounded 172,000
Total           233,000 37.64%

World War II (1942)
Population      11,654,000
Military                1,100,000 9.44%
Killed          44,000
Wounded 54,000
Total           98,000 8.91%

The numbers who volunteered for military service is staggering. This from a new nation comprised of mainly immigrants from all corners of the globe. Consider also that only males of the age 18 could serve.

At least 4,000 aboriginals served in WW-I and over 3,000 in WW-II. To serve, they had to give up their heritage and become Canadian citizens.

The numbers of wounded only include those physically wounded. Hundreds, if not thousands suffered �shell shock� � psychological disorders we now call Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that went untreated and often led to premature deaths.

Governments have tried for decades to paint Canada as a benevolent peacekeeper, which is a carefully created myth. For decades, governments refused to acknowledge the Korean War, insisting it was a UN peacekeeping mission. 26,000 Canadian troops and 8 Navy destroyers took part in that war. 516 were killed and 1,042 wounded.

The Korean war was initiated by the North Korean military supported by battalions of Chinese military intent on overrunning and subjugating South Korea. Over six million soldiers, sailors and airmen fought on both sides in the Korean War. More than three million of these were communists from North Korea, China and Russia. Opposing them were almost three million from South Korea and from 21 United Nations (UN) countries.

Not all the six million were present at one time. The war began with only 200,000 North Koreans fighting 100,000 South Koreans. With the arrival of the UN, and later the Chinese armies, there were a million combatants present one year after the war began. By war�s end there were more than two million ranged along the ceasefire line � 1,100,000 UN and South Koreans facing 1,200,000 North Koreans and Chinese. The Soviet Union�s contribution was always small and included medical units from the Soviets� allies Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Casualties were horrific � estimated at over 1 million on the UN side and nearly 1.5 million on the other. The war wound down to a cease fire when both sides realized they could not gain further advantage or win without incurring further heavy casualties. To demean that as a peacekeeping effort is outrageous. Leaders were afraid to admit to us how close they came to engulf us in WW-III.

The Viet Nam war has also played a significant role in our Remembrance Day. Many Americans and others around the world felt the US pursuit war in Viet Nam was wrong. There were protests and songs and the sentiment quickly grew that all war was wrong which turned to anti-military sentiment. For many, gratitude to the military for its defence of freedom turned to anger at and derision of those who serve.  

It is hard to justify war except in self-defence. In a shrinking world of globalization and terrorism it is difficult to establish where a threat emanated from, but the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan led to a war there. The Middle East is volatile and unpredictable. We have no way to determine when or how future threats may arise.  

Proponents of a new world order claim a more peaceful world as an objective, but history shows us that greed is pervasive and insatiable. It is a matter of time before the powers pushing a world order have a falling out and war with one another. At present no leader has the power to threaten or invade others without risking massive retaliation. How long that will last is uncertain.  

We need to stand prepared to defend our sovereignty, democracy and way of life no matter what transpires over the next few decades. We need to avoid war if possible, remembering the horrors of past armed conflicts.

Freedom carries a price of eternal vigilance against those who would enslave us. That is the torch we must bear on behalf of generations of fallen soldiers. They served to protect our freedoms and we can do no less.

Those who have served, are serving and will serve in the military to protect our children and their children deserve our respect while serving and in retirement. They are our torch bearers who stand ready to save us from losing the freedoms and rights that have been earned through blood and battles over centuries.

John Feldsted

From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>; <>
Subject: Global warming

The Editor
National Post

Copy to: Mr. Lorrie Goldstein:  Global warming has already taken place. By massively releasing  carbon dioxide through burning fossil fuels, we have permanently destabilized our climate and will have to live with it. Devastating hurricanes, floods, droughts, forest fires will multiply. Parts of Florida and California will become unfit for human habitation. Forest fires are likely to devastate Alberta and British Columbia. So better talk about how to face these disasters.

With the world devastated by hurricanes, droughts, floods, global warming has already occurred

Re: �Emission impossible,� Lorrie Goldstein, Nov. 11.

With the U.S. disaster-relief agencies are on high alert after being battered by repeated hurricanes, floods, droughts, forest fires, it is clear that global warming has irreversibly occurred.

This year, I have experienced this in two far-flung countries � Australia and Canada. In May, I was visiting Perth, Australia. It was supposed to be autumn, and yet, an unrelenting heat wave was sweeping across the continent, with temperatures hovering between 35c to 40c in Sydney, Brisbane and other cities accompanied by severe droughts. Sheep and cows were dying of thirst and crops are drying for the lack of rain. This led to columnists talk about year-round summer in Australia and the devastating droughts in the world�s driest continent.

After returning to Ottawa, we faced a devastating tornado. Although our house was spared, many others were totally destroyed. This summer has been particularly hot, with droughts and forest fires raging across North America, Europe and Asia. Parts of British Columbia were devastated by forest fires. France, Germany, Italy and Britain faced devastating floods.

Now winter is setting in North America and yet, forest fires are raging in California. Because of hot and dry air, the forest fire around Malibu County is so intense that luxury homes are being threated as never before. If forest fires are this intense in winter, you may imagine how devastating it would be when summer arrives.

It seems that we have lost the fight against global warming and no amount of carbon tax will reverse it. It is too late to stem the global warming. By burning fossil fuels to run hundreds of millions of carbon-spewing gasoline cars, we might have permanently destabilized the climate  This year, China has achieved the dubious distinction of being the most car-owning country in the world, with 350 million cars � more cars than in the U.S. and Canada combined. No wonder China is producing most greenhouse gases.

So, let�s prepare for devastating storms, floods, droughts and forest fires. Disaster relief should be the priority. This will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. So, prepare to raise taxes to pay for it.



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