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Daily Digest March 3, 2019

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How a core member of Team Trudeau became the PM�s greatest threat

Meng Wanzhou files civil claim against CBSA, RCMP and federal government
        Jody Wilson-Raybould �overwhelmed, grateful� � and seeking re-election
�No decision is ever final�: Attorney General David Lametti as SNC-Lavalin affair continues
        New attorney general �under the thumb� of Trudeau, says Tory Candice Bergen on SNC-Lavalin

Scheer �open� to the idea of splitting justice, attorney general roles if PM
        Mexico pushing labour reform, won�t ratify new NAFTA with U.S. tariffs in place
Powerful clash of �truths� rock the government
        Wilson-Raybould and Cohen testimony prove it was a good week for democracy
Wilson-Raybould testimony nothing if not a Roman spectacle

Strategists weigh in on SNC-Lavalin affair: �I don�t think public opinion is set on this�
        Scheer blasts Liberals� �alternative facts� on SNC-Lavalin story
�We didn�t sleep for 3 days�: How a network of women watched over Rahaf Mohammed�s escape to the West
        As Huawei extradition looms, China slams Canada over SNC-Lavalin
Four important questions in the SNC-Lavalin scandal
        Who�s Investigating Justin Trudeau � and What Do They Hope to Find?
Wary Of Reach Into Media
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Justin Trudeau just wasn�t ready - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
        Scandal aside, no love lost in Alberta for a Trudeau of any vintage
Political obituaries for Trudeau are likely premature - Dale Smith, Loonie Politics
        Trudeau must resign. It is that simple. - John Robson, Loonie Politics
Sorry Beijing, the SNC-Lavalin affair is not your ace card in the Meng case -
        Energy reform bill will fail if not accepted by Senate, granted royal assent by spring -
It�s time for Trudeau to follow his father�s footsteps in the snow - Robert Hiltz, Loonie Politics
        MacAulay says reassignment to veterans post �a long place from a demotion� -
We�re getting a look at the true state of Canada�s economy � and it�s no world beater- Kevin
        Walmart bows to backlash, says it will support workers with disabilities as it phases out greeters-

Huawei extradition case begins, widening China-Canada rift-
        Tesla�s online-only sales approach comes with big risks- CTV News
Fashion�s reality check: Controversies push fashion industry to change-


        L'Armada annonce le d�c�s de l'un de ses joueurs

Affaire SNC-Lavalin

        �Le premier ministre des licornes gouverne comme tous les autres�

Affaire SNC-Lavalin

        �Il n�y a rien de criminel, rien d�ill�gal�

Course � la direction

        Les jeunes lib�raux veulent un chef au PLQ avant mai 2020

Originaire du Bas-Saint-Laurent

        Un camionneur qu�b�cois meurt dans un accident au Minnesota

Il demande un 5e mandat

        Manifestation montr�alaise contre la candidature du pr�sident alg�rien

Relations Canada-Chine

        Des turbulences en vue pour longtemps, estime un ex-diplomate

Hells Angels

        La coke de Montr�al vendue jusqu�en Ontario

Volte-face de la CAQ

        Fran�ois Legault a recul� sur plusieurs questions

Un hiver qui n'a pas �t� de tout repos

        D�j� 64 interventions li�es au froid

Il veut redonner au suivant

        Drogue et gangs de rue: le parcours d�un survivant


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ocasio-Cortez rebukes Dem centrists over gun control vote - Tal Axelrod, The Hill
        White House Ambitions Cloud Democratic Hopes to Win the Senate - Glenn Thrush,
Democrats� Two Roads to Beating Trump - Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic
        Michael Cohen�s Flip Was a Flop - Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative
At his campaign kickoff, Bernie Sanders will emphasize his personal story - Sean Sullivan,
        Trump, Kim, Cohen and the Limits of the President�s Power - Evan Osnos, The New Yorker
Rep. Omar blasted again for what critics call anti-Semitism - The Associated Press, NBC News
        More than 50 people missing after pipeline explodes in Nigeria-
India, Pakistan exchange heavy border fire after pilot�s release- Al Jazeera
        Iran rebukes UK for outlawing Hezbollah�s political wing- Reuters, The Guardian

US cranks up Venezuela sanctions as Guaido tours South America- France 24
        France anti-Semitism: Strasbourg Jewish memorial vandalised- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Egypt completes restoration of ancient Kom el-Shuqafa catacombs
        Guaido calls for mass protests ahead of return to Venezuela Monday
Egypt's top cleric calls polygamy 'injustice,' draws debate
        Russia tells U.S. it is ready for bilateral talks on Venezuela
Fierce fighting as US-backed Syrian forces advance on Daesh
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The Large and Influential Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada - Good Russian TV Profile
Bolshevism Was Basically a Jewish Movement - The Historical Facts from Lenin to Andropov

Western Civilization Is White Civilization


From: Robert Ede
Subject: Fwd: link sunday am Twin-spirited & Forked tongue

Watch -
or remain one of 99.99% igornant
From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>,
Subject: Taxing the rich

The Editor
National Post

With U.S. facing trillion-dollar deficit, taxing the rich to pay for tuition-free higher education will be disastrous

Re: �Soaking the already sopping rich,� by William Watson, Feb. 28.

U.S. President Donald Trump always brags about his trillion-dollar corporate tax cut, but he never mentions that the United States a staggering $779 billion budget deficit and borrowing heavily from China. In fact, China is bankrolling America�s near trillion-dollar budget deficit.

Now, Senator Bernie Sanders, who is again seeking Democratic nomination for 2020 presidential race, wants to raise taxes on the rich to pay for tuition-free higher education. With U.S. already running a huge deficit, he will have to raise taxes massively to finance multi-trillion extra-spending for higher education.

Such a massive tax-hike will trigger a capital flight from the United States, taking away jobs and investment with it. America is a capitalist country and cannot become a socialist country where all means of production are publicly owned. Fortunately, neo-socialists like Bernie will never be elected as the president of the United States.

The U.S. doesn�t need to raise or cut taxes. Without Trump�s trillion-dollar tax cut, the budget would have been balanced and poverty can be reduced without punishing the rich.


From: <>
To: <>
Subject: Interesting political comment

Interesting political comment 

I have read some interesting political comment respecting the SNC-Lavalin in recent days.

Much favourable comment is in respect to the Honorable Jody Wilson-Boudreau and her presentation to the House of Commons Justice Committee. She stood her ground on legal principles and refused to be bullied into applying political expediency to thwart the independence of criminal prosecutions.

Others pan Ms Wilson-Boudreau as a Liberal and thus one of the pack of miscreants behind the SNC-Lavalin mess. That is obviously an incorrect and blindly partisan view. Liberals who accuse her of being a traitor to the party are condoning unlawful activities of the PMO.

In half a century of observing politics I submit that there are ethical, honest hard-working members of every major political party. It is misleading and wrong not to admit that the �other parties� don�t have some outstanding individuals worthy of our respect.

We have allowed our federal elections to morph into a US style presidential election with all the focus on Party Leaders. Leaders represent about 0.3% of the electorate, those electors resident in his or her home electoral district. The remaining 99.7% of electors are represented by other MPs.

Party leaders are given far too much power over the other members elected for the Party. The leader hires strategists and advisors to assist with policy decisions rather than using his caucus of elected members for policy guidance. That is not consistent with democratic governance.

Federal election should be won on the ground in electoral districts. It is the quality of the local candidate that counts not the political party he or she represents. The candidate who appears on your doorstep telling you his or her party will do this or that is clueless. We don�t need more brain-dead cogs in a party machine claiming to represent us. If they are not free to disagree with �The Leader� in debates and votes, they are not representing us.

If we want to improve our representation in government, we have to look past the Leadership/Party election hype and look at our local representatives closely. Can he or she stand up to the unrelenting pressures to conform to Leader/Party demands that are concocted by unelected Party officials and hired strategists?

There is nothing wrong with party representatives hanging together. If they do not, they will surely hang separately. However, the nut of the conundrum is what policies and principles they collectively support. Those policies and principles should be those they create through discussion and debate, not those they are handed as �talking points�.

We must stop funding political parties from the public purse. Following the 2015 election, political parties were reimbursed for 50% of eligible election expenses:

Registered party  Reimbursement  TOTAL  $60,655,195

There is no sound reason why we should reimburse political parties for expenses they incurred for election arm-twisting.

In addition to the above, candidates in the 2015 election who attained at least 10% of the votes cast in their electoral district were reimbursed for 60% of eligible election expenses:

Political Affiliation  Reimbursement  TOTAL   $42,696,289


I don�t have a problem with reimbursement of candidate expenses; we need to attract quality candidates and election battles should be held in the electoral district, not on a national basis. The same is not true for political parties.

The expense limits for political parties, calculated by Elections Canada are ludicrous. The limits for the 2015 election were skewed badly due to the extended writ period which roughly doubled expense limits. Taking that into account and decreasing expense limits to pre-extension levels, limits were about:

Name of Party  Expenses Limit  TOTAL  $140,630,111.07

No wonder we are inundated with election advertising to the point of nausea during an election campaign. The spending limits should be reduced by half or more. If a major political party cannot run a six-week election campaign on $15 million, something is very wrong.

The above numbers do not include spending by third parties; political action groups, unions and so on who try to influence our voting preferences. 

In addition, during an election campaign, electoral district candidates for the major parties are given an expense limit of about $100,000 each. Bear in mind that those are expense limits, not what is actually spent. Many local campaigns don�t raise $100K in support, so actual expenses are lower than limits. Reimbursements are based on actual eligible expenses incurred.

The calculations are obviously skewed in favour of major political parties.

I believe that democracy would be enhanced if we eliminated public funding of political parties through reimbursement of election expenses and required them to raise funds by appealing to electors directly. Those are the people who decide who will be elected and become representatives for everyone. Their voices should matter more than they do.     

John Feldsted

E-mail John for figures of individual parties



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