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Daily Digest March 5, 2019

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Trudeau considering a statement of contrition over SNC-Lavalin

SNC-Lavalin CEO urged cabinet to change policies �expeditiously� in 2017 letter
        Top bureaucrat facing calls to resign, concerns raised over his role in next election
Liberal support erodes in 2 key demographics as SNC-Lavalin affair grinds on
        Liberal Steve MacKinnon walking back claim SNC-Lavalin �entitled� to avoid criminal trial

Trudeau hunkers down in Ottawa after second minister resigns over SNC-Lavalin
        SNC-Lavalin: Did Justin Trudeau break the law?
It�s Justin Trudeau�s Turn to Speak
        The playing field is tilted against Jody Wilson-Raybould
If Jane Philpott doesn�t have confidence in Justin Trudeau, why should anyone else?
        The Philpott earthquake
The danger in normalizing political interference
        Justin Trudeau has no political playbook to counter this rare implosion
Philpott resigns and things get a whole lot worse for Trudeau
        Trudeau is facing a political civil war []

By resigning, Jane Philpott teaches Trudeau what doing politics differently really means

Most Canadians believe Jody Wilson-Raybould over PM, say he�s lost moral authority to govern: Ipsos poll
        Trudeau has support of remaining 33 members of cabinet, survey shows
High-profile resignations a �blow� to PM beset by questions about SNC-Lavalin   
        Liberal MP says SNC-Lavalin �entitled� to agreement to avoid criminal trial
China halts canola shipments from major Canadian supplier
        Fired OPP senior officer alleges reprisal for concerns about Ford friend job
The SNC affair is now an existential threat to the Trudeau government
        Women were invited to Trudeau�s cabinet table, but expected to play by old boys� rules
Imagine Trudeau�s befuddlement as his brightest recruits threaten his demise
        Only Justin Trudeau can stop the bleeding

If the system truly worked, it would not hang on the defiance of one woman
        Does Jody Wilson-Raybould have a future in Trudeau�s party?
Justin Trudeau, imposter
        The real Trudeau emerges at last
Look away. There�s no scandal here with SNC-Lavalin
        Jane Philpott Resignation Leaves Some Liberal MPs �Sad� But Not Surprised
PM strikes more conciliatory tone after second minister resigns over SNC-Lavalin
        Conservatives 35, Liberals 34, NDP 16, Green 9, People�s 1: Nanos
Prime minister�s Regina trip cancelled in favour of private meetings in Ottawa
        Jane Philpott puts her political capital behind her friend Jody Wilson-Raybould []

Saudi Arabia expects Canada to proceed with $15B arms deal, but there�s �no final decision�
        Google to ban political ads ahead of federal election, citing new transparency rules
New federal agriculture minister is an unknown to the industry
        Public servant gets tax agency to back down over Phoenix errors in income assessment
Trudeau�s feminist agenda has led to change, but more funding needed: reports
        Obama tells Winnipeg audience that politics being driven by passions not facts
Jane Philpott�s departure leaves Trudeau without one of his strongest performers
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Philpott and Wilson-Raybould have put the achievements of the Trudeau government at real risk -
        Top bureaucrat facing calls to resign, concerns raised over his role in next election -
Liberals� feminist agenda still intact despite departure of Philpott, Wilson-Raybould: minister -
        Justin Trudeau wanted strong women. He sure got �em - Kelly McParland, National Post
Coerced-sterilization allegations a �crisis� that demands public inquiry, says First Nations leader -
        The SNC-Lavalin scandal is proof our system of government is working. Seriously. - Macleans
A brutally clear Philpott leaves no room for Liberal spin - Matt Gurney, National Post
        Most Canadians side with Wilson-Raybould, believe Trudeau has lost moral authority to govern:
By resigning, Jane Philpott teaches Trudeau what it really means to do politics differently -
        The Philpott earthquake - Paul Wells, Macleans

Saskatchewan�s premier wants carbon tax delayed pending appeal court ruling -
        Resigning on principle? It (almost) never happens in politics - Shannon Proudfoot, Macleans
Trudeau�s puppet master set to take the stage - Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun
        Facebook offered Conservative minister new data centre, jobs in exchange for easier data rules:
Boss Ford strikes again - Stephen Maher, Macleans
        Kenney says UCP would lower corporate tax to 8%, cancel NDP�s plan to lease rail cars -
MPP Randy Hillier�s PC riding association demands Ford let him back into Tory caucus -
        Gerald Butts scheduled to speak on SNC-Lavalin case Wednesday morning -
Musk plans to unveil Tesla�s Model Y crossover sport utility in L.A.-
        Telecom equipment vendors push for quick 5G rollout as Huawei defends its supplier status-
Saudi Arabia says it believes Canada going ahead with multibillion-dollar arms deal-
        OxyContin drug maker mulls bankruptcy due to myriad lawsuits- Reuters, CBC News

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7 Signs Trump Will Landslide 2020 - Kevin McCullough, Townhall
        Michael Cohen�s Road Map for Democrats - Natasha Bertrand, The Atlantic
Dems Move to Impeach Trump�They�re Not Sure Why Yet - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Scarborough blasts �inhumane� CPAC reference to the �ghost� of John McCain -
Senate Has Votes to Overturn Trump�s Emergency Declaration - Emily Cochrane, New York Times
        House Democrats demand documents on Trump-Putin talks - Allan Smith, NBC News
Rep. Omar�s comments prompt House vote on anti-Semitism measure - Mike DeBonis, Washington Post
        Macron calls for French reconciliation with Italy- France 24
Juan Guaid� flies back to Venezuela despite arrest risk- BBC News
        Bouteflika�s offer fails to appease Algeria�s protesters- Djamila Ould Khettab, Al Jazeera

Putin suspends Russian obligations under key nuclear pact- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Vatican to unseal archives on controversial WWII pope- Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian

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Back in Venezuela, Guaido asks state workers for support
        U.N. again defers report on companies with Israeli settlement ties
EU to broaden tax haven blacklist, weighs UAE listing
        Macron's plea for Europe lays down battle lines for May vote
Advice on salt, hidden in an array of foods, gets specific
        Pakistan begins crackdown on militant groups amid global pressure
Dressed up, ready for fun: New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras
        Second man seems to be free of AIDS virus after transplant
Berlin policy risks European defense unity
        Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians over car accident

It made sense for Trump to walk away in Hanoi
        How to get a cutting edge to help us reform the cocoa and coffee sector
France�s big hate: Hysteria and how to go forward
        British auto industry finds itself under siege as pressure mounts over Brexit
Qualcomm launches patent challenge against Apple
        Tyre launches campaign against stray dogs
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