Monday 29 February 2016

Canadian Daily Digest February 5, 2016·

A few of the ways Canada�s Trudeau is the anti-Trump

Unemployment, jobs replace health care as top issue for Canadians: Ipsos poll
        Tom Mulcair slammed by Montreal riding president ahead of leadership vote
Canada�s social conservative movement primed to have its day on the Hill
        83,000 low-income seniors to get overdue GIS payments � but no interest

Trudeau�s Stance On Saudi Arms Deal Unpopular, Poll Suggests
        Leap Manifesto should be reference point for policy discussions: former NDP MP
Legal review of �gold-plated� Canada-EU trade deal complete: feds
        The bright shiny object amidst the Conservative rethink
How does the NDP begin its climb back to relevance?
        Federal politics on trial � Sen. Mike Duffy awaits verdict
Tory leadership candidates who are comfortable with their own philosophy
        Why the conservatives lost the marijuana fight
The Liberals have faced some troubles � but they still think they�re on the side of angels
        After a decade of ruthless message control, electoral reform could be an opportunity for Conservatives

It�s time to test a basic income
        Quel avenir pour le NPD?
The rich get priority, while regular folks wait in line

We can�t wait another 60 years for gender parity in politics
        Parliamentary report takes a too-casual approach to doctor-assisted death
LeBlanc changes strategy on assisted-suicide vote after �listening to colleagues in caucus and elsewhere�
        Spouses of Canadians to get permanent residency immediately: McCallum
Trudeau intent on seizing moment to forge national climate strategy
        Liberals� gay-pardon decision applauded but obstacles still exist
Rebuilding the right will take work, says Preston Manning
        Dion urged to challenge countries with poor rights records on UN panel
Sask. premier calls for �economic assessment� of climate initiatives
        Liberals drone shopping exercise sets stage for debate over lethal force

Electoral reform: If you�re not confused yet, you will be
        After Stephen Harper, Conservatives confront questions of style and substance
O�Leary calls out Wynne in open letter
        Liberals attack O�Leary
Kevin O�Leary hints at possible run for Liberal Party leadership
        Saskatchewan election issues 2016: The Economy
Manitoba premier touts election plan while facing internal strife
        Manitoba cabinet minister struck by health concern, may drop out of election
Calgary byelection all about the NDP and the economy
        Bell�s TV Starter package is now only $25 � but will anyone want it?

Leap day means you might be working for free today
        Conservative MP Wagantall�s private member�s bill causing fissures in Conservative caucus
Life in Canada�s Communities: What�s getting better or worse, and what the priorities should be
        Liberals spend $3.5M in government advertising in first 4 months
Trudeau�s should apologize to two excluded aboriginal organizations: Mulcair
        Former Liberal minister calls for Ottawa to revisit Saudi arms deal
Conference Board says LNG would provide big boost to economy, if it goes ahead
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                                CLIMATE CORNER

DiCaprio�s Oscar speech cringe-worthy for some advocates of climate-change action
        Canada in 2050: land of climate-change extremes at current emissions levels
Climate change is wreaking havoc on our mental health, experts
        Our love-hate relationship with global warming
Environmental Groups Are Pushing To Overhaul The Way The U.S. And Canada Reviews Pipelines
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada�s world is bigger than David Suzuki�s - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Partisans, get a grip: Canadians need honest talk about deficits - Bob Rae, The Globe & Mail
Liberals spend $3.5M in government advertising in first 4 months - Susana Mas, CBC News
        Ontario human rights chief calls for end to prison solitary confinement - Amy Dempsey, Toronto Star
Why do the Liberals insist on projecting a deficit for this year? - Stephen Gordon, Macleans
        Canada moves a step closer to ratifying �gold-plated� trade deal with EU - Susana Mas, CBC News
Majority of Canadians agree pot should be legal: poll - Daniel LeBlanc, The Globe & Mail
        Trudeau intent on seizing moment to forge national climate strategy - The Globe & Mail
Trudeau�s Orwellian ISIL talk baffles - David Krayden, Ottawa Sun
        Gun lobbyists oppose Quebec�s proposed long-gun registry - Sidhartha Banerjee, CTV News
Sask. premier calls for �economic assessment� of climate initiatives - Emily Chan, CTV News
        Ontario needs to cap its debt - Monte McNaughton, MPP, Toronto Sun
The rich get priority, while regular folks wait in line - Tom Parkin, Calgary Sun
        After Stephen Harper, Conservatives confront questions of style and substance - Aaron Wherry, CBC News
Liberal drone shopping expected to trigger debate on lethal force - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Scrap standardized school tests: ETFO - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Goldcorp slashes dividend- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        What can Canada learn from U.S., Uruguay about selling marijuana?- Laura Fraser, CBC News
Canadian farmers return to vegetable patch as currency slumps- Rod Nickel, The Globe & Mail
        SNC-Lavalin still hoping to resolve criminal charges as hearing set for 2018: �Everything is possible in life�-

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Does the government report on assisted dying go too far?
O'Leary calls out Wynne in open letter
Traditional political campaigns dead, it's a digital world now, say experts
�It�s the right thing to do� Guy Giorno on proportional representation
Dion urged to challenge poor human rights records on UN panel
Who�s got guts enough to go after Canada�s tax-dodging corporations?
O'Leary shakes up Manning conference, predicts economic collapse, Liberal turmoil
�We can and must win in 2019,� says potential Conservative leadership candidate Raitt
Ottawa expects Canada-EU free trade agreement to take effect next year
TPP House vote unlikely before next fall, committee will study deal for months
Government�s drone shopping sets stage for debate over lethal force
Canadian Iranian: �I feel betrayed�; waves of migrants endanger Western societies
CETA announcement is smoke and mirrors: Council of Canadians | The Council of Canadians

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Accueil des r�fugi�s: le plus gros du travail reste � fairePlus
        De fugueuse � victime d'un pr�sum� prox�n�tePlus
Lutte contre les GES: de longues discussions en vuePlus
        La rencontre entre P�trolia et Couillard se fait attendrePlus
La s�curit� doit �tre une priorit� pour OttawaPlus
        Arr�t�s pour export ill�gal de technologie spatialePlus
Des migrants dispers�s par des gaz lacrymog�nesPlus
        Syrie: la tr�ve tient le coup, l'aide humanitaire arrivePlus
Migrants: d�mant�lement de la �jungle� de CalaisPlus
        La CAQ veut une r�forme du scrutinPlus

Un lion blanc tu� dans un zoo pr�s d'OttawaPlus
        Derni�re journ�e de campagne avant le �super mardi�Plus
Irak: un attentat lors de fun�railles fait 24 mortsPlus
        Chutes sur la glace: les ambulanciers sont d�bord�sPlus
D�lit de fuite mortel: 9 mois de prison pour Val�rie TremblayPlus
        Primaires am�ricaines: le �Super Tuesday�Plus
Un gar�on de 4 ans coinc� 6 heures dans une distributricePlus
        Genevi�ve Baril sera la directrice g�n�rale de l'IRAIPlus
Somalie: au moins trente morts � Baidoa dans un attentatPlus
        D�but de la mission du ministre Dion � l'ONUPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How Hillary Clinton Became Barack Obama�s Heir - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
        What a Trump Presidency Might Look Like - Lauter, Finnegan & Bierman, Los Angeles Times
Nothing Inspiring About the Appeasement of Trump - William Kristol, The Weekly Standard
        Hillary Clinton Is the Disaster Democrats Must Avoid - P.J. Podesta, Salon
Clinton�s S. Carolina Rout Puts Her on Path to Nomination - Susan Page, USA Today
        Early results show landslide win for Rouhani allies in Tehran- France 24
Swiss seen to reject proposal to expel foreign criminals- Reuters, The Times of India
        Attacks by ISIL kill scores across Iraq- Al Jazeera
Irish election: Enda Kenny plans to form government despite losing voters- Henry McDonald, The Guardian
        Syrian war: Russia and opposition allege truce breaches- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
US-led coalition discussed possible Syria ground incursion: Saudi official
        Trump blames faulty earpiece for latest U.S. campaign squall
White House cautious on Syria ceasefire 'violations'
        Young British girls forced into marriage over Skype
Final results show strong gains for Iran president but no parliament majority
        Syria ceasefire task force meets, France wants answers on violations
First UN aid delivery in Syria since start of truce: Red Crescent
        Clinton starts shifting her focus to the unpredictable Trump
NATO chief voices concern over Syria truce violations
        Syria ceasefire holding 'by and large' despite 'incidents': UN chief

3 former execs of utility charged in Fukushima disaster
        US releases Iraq dam collapse evacuation advice
UK report says leaving EU would cause decade of uncertainty
        Hungary's Orban says no automatic extension of sanctions against Russia
German FM says common EU path is only way to tackle migrant crisis
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Racial feud erupts as Republicans fight �unstoppable� Trump
        Donald Trump blames �bad earpiece� for not disavowing support of former KKK leader David Duke
Sanders keeps his Judaism in the background, irking US Jews
        Clinton focuses on general, while Sanders sticks to script
Salman Taseer murder: Pakistan hangs Mumtaz Qadri
        Iran elections: Reformists make gains in Assembly of Experts
Fukushima disaster: Ex-Tepco executives charged with negligence
        US student Otto Warmbier �stole propaganda� in N Korea
Russian police arrest woman waving child�s head
        Trump doesn�t disavow KKK support, and quotes Mussolini

Rubio shifts to the offensive in an effort to slow Trump
        Mexican ex-president compares Trump to Hitler
The voicemail from Marco Rubio that led Christie to back Trump
        South Carolina primary: Hillary Clinton scores commanding win over Bernie Sanders
California Ku Klux Klan rally ends with stabbings and arrests
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Emissions Could Make Earth Uninhabitable
Michael Geist: Why Journalism is not Dying in the Digital Age
New Report Issues Dire Warning About Global Decline in Pollinators
'Trade Rules Trump Climate': WTO Deals Blow to India's Solar Program
The Future is Flooded: Seas Rising Faster Than They Have In 28 Centuries
Ukraine Boasts of Elite Army That Will 'Take Back' Crimea; Crimeans Laugh and Laugh
The United States Has Blocked a Plan by India to Expand Solar Power and Create Local Jobs
Ex-New Zealand minister says Brexit is chance to �heal a rift� with Commonwealth
Send Merkel to Siberia and bring Putin to Berlin: Germans voice their political choice --

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Refugee Crisis: EU Cites Missing Libyan Navy It Destroyed in 2011

Libya "Destroyed in 2011" by NATO
Canada spent $850,000.00 celebrating.

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