Saturday 20 February 2016


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CANADA <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What does it mean to be a Muslim in Canada today?

At Issue | Bombardier Bailout
Canadian mosquito tests for Zika virus
Strategic and Operating Review
Canada Looks To Extend Its Presence In Libya
The case for fiscal policy to spur growth
Federal gov't to restore $67M in territorial formula funding
TPP Threatens Indigenous Land Rights Says the UN
Why the Liberals' u-turn on the Canadian Wheat Board makes no sense
What Apple's encryption battle could mean for cellphone security in Canada
Vance: Canada monitoring Libya, 'will certainly be involved'
Canada delays decision on nuke waste burial near Lake Huron
Libya 2.0? After Sowing Chaos with 2011 Invasion, US Bombs Destabilized Nation
Under the Influence? Big Alcohol's Sway Needs Sober Exam | The Tyee
Many Canadians nearing retirement don't have the savings they need to avoid poverty
Canada�s training mission could lead to Kurdish independence: experts
Nova Scotia to Repay ExxonMobil $100M in Royalty Return as Hospital Replacement Postponed
Canada�s First Nations helped Trudeau win. Now can he give them justice? | Jasmine Andersson

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOREIGN AFFAIRS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
NATO Warns Turkey It Won�t Support Ankara in Conflict With Russia
Canada And Russia's Complicated Alliance
The Media are Misleading the Public about Syria
How Is A U.S. Supreme Court Justice Appointed?
Russian-Turkish clash building up over Syria
Why Russia and U.S Cold War Could Soon Turn Into A World War
'Most Obvious Coup in History': Ukraine in Chaos
On Syria: Thank you, Russia! - The Boston Globe
Assad Explains Why He is Not Ruling Out Turkish Invasion of Syria
Russia to Upgrade Nuclear Weapons in Response to NATO's Buildup - Lawmaker
Obama Urges Russia to Stop Bombing 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels -
Putin holds phone call with Obama, urges better defense cooperation in fight against ISIS
War Drums Beat Louder: Turkey Positions Military to Invade Syria

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GENERAL INFO <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Here�s the New Study the Fracking Industry Doesn�t Want You to See

Climate Change is Man Made.... by the Military Industrial Complex
More science spurred by discovery of gravitational waves in space
Machines & technology present greatest threat to mankind Stephen Hawking
Scientist who discovered that GMO's cause tumors wins lawsuit - Jba Healthy News
�It�s Not the Zika Virus� Doctors Expose Monsanto Linked Pesticide as Cause of Birth Defects
Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World�s Most Prestigious Medical Journal -... wakingscience.CO
Scientists Are Floored by What's Happening in the Arctic Right Now Read the Article at The Washington Post
Center for Biological Diversity: Historic Settlement: Wildlife Agency Will Finally Examine How Roundup, Atrazine Harm 1,500 Endangered Species
Pesticide Action Network North America: New Report Links Pesticides Used in Combination Near California Schools to Increased Cancer Risk

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