Friday 15 April 2016


NDP facing challenging times as support erodes

Ontario�s Chong to seek Conservative leadership
        Liberals� point man in the Senate looks for $800,000 to set up shop
Revenue minister to face questions over CRA�s secret deal with KPMG
        Patrick Brown demotes MPP Jack MacLaren from symbolic post

Red Thursday: Alberta opts to spend big to keep economy from worsening
        Newfoundland and Labrador budget delivers tax hikes, job cuts, $2B deficit
As Amnesty warns about Saudi arms sale, Trudeau says deal a matter of principle
        Unpredictable change is the only consistency
Canadian politics takes a leap to the left
        NDP turmoil not necessarily good news for Liberals
Sorry, pundits of Canada. The Leap will bring us together
        Great Leap? A little war of words on the West Coast
On Saudi arms deal, the new boss in Ottawa is just like the old boss
        Bank of Canada�s Stephen Poloz gives the nod to Trudeau�s deficits
Why Ontario�s business support program is a harmful, distortionary waste of money

Leap will kill Notley�s government � unless she turns it into a weapon
        The NDP�s conscious uncoupling
With the resource boom over, Canada must return to proven pro-growth economic policies
        Canada�s economic immigration policy falls short in the competition for talent
Power changes Trudeau and Notley
        How Canada turned a blind eye to the suicide crises in First Nations
Middle-of-the-road Leap Manifesto hardly loony
        The Leap Manifesto may be the best friend the oilpatch has ever had
Supreme Court will hear appeal on voting rights for long-term ex-pats
        Defence cuts have left military in �fragile� shape: Rick Hillier

Baby girl drawn into CRA-IRS information sharing controversy
        Uproar over RCMP bill to be aired in parliamentary committee
Senate Liberals Invite Independents To Work With Them
        Could Mulcair�s struggles sabotage the BC NDP�s election chances?
John Horgan says NDP could reverse stance on Pacific Northwest
        Is Chretien�s Attawapiskat suggestion an antagonistic one?
Supreme Court rules that Metis, non-status Indians are federal responsibility
        Data on dangerous railway crossings to be shared, minister says
Federal government introduces long-awaited law on medical aid in dying
        Justin Trudeau defends corporate dealings against accusations of tax avoidance

The secret Saudi memo: Dissecting how the document contradicts what Ottawa has said
        RCMP spouses and retired Mounties speak up over contentious bill
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada Has Unveiled Its Plan to Let Sick People Die by Physician-Assisted Suicide - Justin Ling, Vice
        NDP turmoil not necessarily good news for Liberals - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
Ottawa introduces long-awaited law on assisted dying, spelling out how seriously ill may end lives - The Canadian Press , National Post
        Landmark Supreme Court ruling extends rights to 600,000 M�tis, �non-status Indians� - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, National Post
Stephen Lewis, for the record: �I am, truly, insufferably buoyant� - Macleans
        Chr�tien was right. Maybe the kids in Attawapiskat need to break their �trauma bonds� - Christie Blatchford, National Post
Attawapiskat: Health minister pledges $2 million in emergency funding - Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen
        Saudi arms deal: Enough with the hypocrisy - Konrad Yakabuski, The Globe & Mail
Liberals to allow MPs to vote their conscience on assisted-dying bill - Laura Stone, The Globe & Mail
        The Lewis family�s Leap project could prove discomfiting to the NDP - Kelly McParland, National Post

For NDP, deficits will be an acquired distaste - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
        Trudeau�s right to push for pipelines - Editorial, Ottawa Sun
Status quo for First Nations isn�t working - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Anti-LGBT laws push corporations to forefront of equality fight- Lucas Powers, CBC News
Google to train 1 million Africans in bid to tackle unemployment- Loni Prinsloo & Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        Canadian ads watchdog upheld 242 complaints against 50 ads in 2015- The Canadian Press, CTV News
Bombardier takes on Chicago over rail car contract- Bertrand Marotte, The Globe & Mail
        Bank of Canada boosts growth outlook on federal spending, holds rate- Gordon Isfeld, Financial Post


S�ismes au Japon: 9 morts et des centaines de bless�sPlus
        Subventions: M�lanie Joly d�l�gue des pouvoirsPlus
Aide m�dicale � mourir: Qu�bec pourrait changer sa loiPlus
        Jugement historique pour les autochtones non inscritsPlus
Terrebonne: accident mortel sur l'autoroute 640Plus
        Ottawa d�pose son projet de loi sur l'aide m�dicale � mourirPlus
R�gis Labeaume aura sa statue de cirePlus
        Gestev avec Labeaume: il y a lieu de s'interroger, dit PKPPlus
Boko Haram: preuve de vie des filles de Chibok dans une vid�oPlus
        D�bat capital pour Clinton et Sanders � New YorkPlus

Le PLQ accus� de cautionner la vente d'armes � l'Arabie saouditePlus
        Drame familial � Laval: l'identit� de la maman est connuePlus
Une ain�e se fait arnaquer plus de 100 000$ en lignePlus
        Les agents correctionnels crient leur ras-le-bolPlus
Laval: la d�pression post-partum a-t-elle men� au pire?Plus
        Le premier ministre du Pakistan en vente sur eBayPlus
Malaisie: destruction de 10 tonnes d'ivoire de contrebandePlus
        Coop Sainte-Anne: les sinistr�s relog�s � 600 m�tresPlus
La CAQ d�nonce les �flip-flops� en �ducationPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Republicans Created Trump by Opposing Obama - Steven Rattner, New York Times
        Bubba In Trouble for Telling Truth to Black Lives Matter - Rich Lowry, New York Post
Kasich Says He Hopes To Be Nominated on 3rd or 4th Ballot - CBS News
        Trump�s Plan to Win Conservative Support - Fred Barnes, National Review
Paul Ryan No White Knight for GOP - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
        Beijing summons G7 envoys over South China Sea statement- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
Legislative vote gets under way as Syria peace talks to resume- France 24
        Syrian opposition: Regime using pretexts to avoid talks- Al Jazeera
Russian warplanes �aggressively� pass US missile destroyer- BBC News
        French PM calls for ban on Islamic headscarves at universities- Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Poland summons Russian ambassador over 'simulated attacks' in Baltic Sea
        Vatican conference urges end to doctrine of 'just wars'
US forecaster sees rising chance of La Nina in H2 2016
        Rising heat, more bleaching seen for Great Barrier Reef
Airstrikes hit ISIS in Afghanistan under new rules: US
        Clinton, Sanders face off in New York debate
Canada PM vows tougher controls after stumble over Saudi arms deal
        Greenland sees record early melting of ice sheet
Intuition helps humans beat computers in thorny physics game
        New Canada law would allow assisted suicide for seriously ill

Canada Supreme Court grants status to once-excluded aboriginals
        Russia denies reckless behavior in US warship flyby
Syria opposition will join govt in transitional body, not Assad
        Turkey failing on rights, press freedoms, European Parliament says
Russia's Putin pledges support for Syrian Kurds
        EU says new Ukraine PM 'crucial,' calls for reforms
Israel said to approve more than 200 new settler homes
        US reveals joint patrols in South China Sea with Philippines
Germany agrees 'historic' refugee integration package
        Poland thinks EU refugee quota plan is "dead", minister says

OPEC cuts 2016 oil demand growth forecast
        Russians worried about economy before Putin call-in show
Germs, not true love, make humans mate for life, study shows
        What British Muslims really think: Poll sparks controversy
Assad holds polls deemed illegitimate by foes
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: Larry Kazdan

Subject: Re:  Bank of Canada�s Stephen Poloz gives the nod to Trudeau�s deficits: Walkom, April 14, 2016

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz understands that federal government spending must adjust to decisions of the non-government sectors. The household sector is over-leveraged and must save more than it spends in order to reduce debt. This means less money circulates in the economy. Also, the price of oil has dropped and Canada has a larger trade deficit. Again more money is leaving the economy to purchase foreign goods than foreigners are buying here. When demand at home drops, domestic businesses are understandingly reluctant to invest in new productive capacity, and will retrench.

So if decisions of the private and external sectors result in a stagnating economy, only government can prevent a downward spiral. Without federal deficit spending, the Canadian economy will not miraculously balance itself. 


William Mitchell is Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

At last count there were two broad macroeconomic sectors � the government and the non-government. The non-government sector can be decomposed into the private domestic sector and the external sector. The private domestic sector can be further decomposed into households who consume and firms who invest (in productive capital).

Macroeconomics is easy � that's it! 2 broad spending sectors and then some more detail.


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