Friday 29 April 2016


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Conservative MPs launch a �Draft Rona� campaign to allow Ambrose to seek permanent leadership

Federal officials sing different tune than Liberals on F-35 post-election
        Ottawa had $7.5-billion surplus heading into final month of fiscal year
The challenge for the Conservatives is staying united in an era of Trudeau
        New Democratic Party faces challenge to stay relevant six months after trouncing

Craig Chandler resigns from Alberta PC party board over terrorism remark
        Alberta�s Notley says Washington trip successful, but long road ahead on climate
Canada Shortlists Lucy Maud Montgomery for Woman on Bank Note


A warning to Liberals � good fundraising makes bad policy
Give the Liberals an �A� for effort
        Conservatives, heal thyselves
Opposition�s job is as tough as Trudeau�s
        Harper stalwarts missing in Tory leadership poll, and that says something
Liberals should beware �deliverology� guru
        Sincerity of Margaret Wente detractors in question

Everything stinks about Christy Clark�s mysterious salary �top-ups�
        Legislature seethes over premier�s salary supplement
The need for humane treatment at the slaughterhouse

At Issue | Governments and Ransoms
        Trudeau�s promises, First Nations impatience collide
The world adores Justin Trudeau. In Canada, we�re still reserving judgment
        Life after Harper: Reimagining the Conservatives
A lot of people seem determined to learn nothing from the Duffy affair
        The way to make kidnapped Canadians more trouble than they�re worth
Canadians need to start preparing for the possibility of a Trump White House
        Don�t hold your breath waiting for Alberta�s right to unite
Can Peter Harder bring a new kind of leadership to the Senate?
        Grading Trudeau�s first half year in office

Andrea Horwath captive of NDP�s corporate gambit:
        Why Trudeau must approve one of these pipelines
After Duffy, much work remains to restore trust in Senate
        The Duffy affair � and what it�s like living under the PMO�s bootheel
What government is good at, and how it can improve
        �Not ruling it out�: Jason Kenney weighing Conservative leadership bid but �not close� to a decision yet
Top pick for CPC Leader? One they can�t have.
        Why pipeline supporters should welcome Trudeau silence on Energy East
Bombardier bailout likely still needed despite Delta deal
        Liberals won over Muslims by huge margin in 2015, poll suggests

Canadian economy contracts in February, Statistics Canada reports
        Tax-cheat crackdown nets $1-billion more than expected, CRA data show
Canadian-run hospital bombed in Syria
        Oland asks Supreme Court of Canada to hear bail case
Unpaid public servants told to ask for emergency cheques
        Justin Trudeau: �We Have Discriminated Against Indigenous Children for Generations�
Taxation union will ask members to reject government�s offer
        Four more regions close to receiving expanded EI benefits, Ottawa says
Trudeau right to say Canada doesn�t pay ransoms, but should have said it sooner: former Liberal MP
        Forget Justin Trudeau, It�s Oil That�s Driving This Loonie Rally

In U.S. visit, Alberta�s new premier begins reputation-rehab effort for oilsands
        A severely sick man spent 400 days in solitary. This isn�t an anomaly: In Canada, it�s common
Court to decide on making residential school compensation process public
        Christy Clark not backing down in face of top-up scrutiny
B.C.�s New Democrats call for ban on political stipends to elected officials
        Ashton calls out Liberal prime ministers of the present and past
Daesh is doomed, Canada�s top general says during dramatic visit to Iraq
        China denies U.S. aircraft carrier Hong Kong port visit
Bombardier�s Founding Family Digs In Heels on Dual-Class Shares
        Air Canada on cusp of finalizing CSeries order as airline swings to Q1 profit

TransCanada CEO says upstream emissions not germane to pipeline review process
        Loonie shows off its wings as Canadian dollar briefly touches 80-cent US mark
Inter-provincial beer ban violates Constitution, New Brunswick judge rules
        Rona Ambrose would be Tory leadership favourite if allowed to run, poll of party supporters finds
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tories press Ontario Liberals to name firms given billions in grants, loans - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Stephen Harper�s �unequivocal act of integrity� - Editorial, National Post
Kathleen Wynne�s monstrous new utility to make Ontarians drive, live and work �green� - Kevin Libin, Financial Post
        Conservatives, heal thyselves - Andrew MacDougall, Ottawa Citizen
Justin Trudeau spends a day on troubled reserve, hauls water - Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Will Mike Duffy�s return overshadow Senate reforms? - John Geddes, Macleans
With First Nations snub, Trudeau shows contempt for media - David Akin, Toronto Sun
        Ontario budgets $20 million to build 500 electric vehicle charging stations at more than 250 locations in 2017 - The Canadian Press, National Post
Four more regions close to receiving expanded EI benefits, Ottawa says - Michelle Zilio, The Globe & Mail
        Province should reveal grants list - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun

DND paralyzed as politicians, bureaucrats pass the buck: retired admiral - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Tax-cheat crackdown nets nearly three times expected total, CRA data shows - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
Why Trudeau must approve one of these pipelines - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail
        Liberal MP Doug Eyolfson breaks ranks with party on Air Canada bill - Aaron Wherry, CBC News
Albertans voted for change, has Notley�s government delivered? - Emma Graney, Calgary Sun
        Liberals signal no immediate plans to change rules governing refusals to work - The Canadian Press, CTV News
U.S. secretary warns of Arctic �climate refugees� in meeting with McKenna - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Why a former PQ minister shouldn�t scapegoat Quebec�s English voters - Martin Patriquin, Macleans
Potash Corp. cuts 2016 profit forecast on weak demand, prices- Reuters, The Globe & Mail
        Sears Canada is trying to radically reinvent itself with new leadership, culture and technology- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post


Qu�bec veut mieux prot�ger les cyclistesPlus
        Alcool: un tribunal rejette des entraves au commercePlus
Un pr�sum� prox�n�te jure �tre innocentPlus
        Taxi contre Uber: le bras de fer se poursuit dans la ruePlus
Deux personnes perdent la vie aux EscouminsPlus
        Estrie: deux arrestations pour leurre informatique de mineuresPlus
Coup de gueule de Pierre Lapointe � TLMEP: Rions un peuPlus
        Il tue, d�p�ce, br�le et jette aux chiens un enfant de 4 ansPlus
Pierre-Olivier Lalibert� n'aura pas droit � un nouveau proc�sPlus
        Norv�ge: 13 morts dans un accident d'h�licopt�rePlus

L'acc�s au minist�re des Finances bloqu� par des manifestantsPlus
        Accus� de 2 meurtres en 2 mois dans 2 provincesPlus
Sorcellerie au Malawi: h�catombe pour les albinosPlus
        Un jeune montr�alais soup�onn� de menaces terroristesPlus
Jacob Zuma pourrait �tre inculp� de nouveau pour fraudePlus
        La Soci�t� du 375e de Montr�al rappel�e � l'ordrePlus
Pas d'ind�pendance sans la gauche, selon QSPlus
        S�rie C: le f�d�ral doit investir, selon Philippe CouillardPlus
S�curit� ferroviaire: plus de transparence sur les rail


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Boehner calls Cruz �Lucifer in the flesh� - Tom LoBianco and Deirdre Walsh, CNN
        The Clinton Pivot Begins - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
A New Foreign Policy Direction for America - Donald Trump, The National Interest
        Clinton: An Insider Surviving in Year of the Outsider - Rucker, Balz & Kane, Washington Post
Donald Trump�s Flawed Foreign Policy - Noah Rothman, Commentary
        Clinton and Dem Leaders Focus Attention on Fall Swing States - Abby Phillip and Sean Sullivan, Washington Post
Syria conflict: Aleppo in �catastrophic� state says UN- BBC News
        North Korea fails in second mid-range missile test- The Times of India
Palestine slams Israel�s rejection of French peace plan- Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera
        David Cameron and ex-union chief join forces on EU- Heather Stewart, The Guardian
Deadly air strikes hit MSF-backed hospital in Syria�s Aleppo- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Turkish leaders proudly remember 'forgotten' Ottoman WW1 victory
        Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels agree Orthodox Easter truce
China ambassador says North Korean proposal merits study
        First widely-available Zika test OK'd for emergency use
Million people urge Bayer to stop bee-killer pesticides
        Libya unity government vows to end extremist 'scourge'
Merkel says Germany ready to reinforce NATO eastern flank
        US, Russia 'agree freeze' on two Syrian fronts
Merkel says EU membership gives Britain economic strength
        Indian state grants new job quotas after caste violence

Russian foreign ministry summons Polish ambassador
        Ex-UK PM Major says relations with U.S. would "wither" after Brexit
EU would divorce U.K. before any new relationship: sources
        U.S. economy stalls in Q1 as activity weakens
Defects in Israeli nuclear reactor spark secrecy dilemma over atomic arsenal
        From bullet holes to Lenin�s head: Berlin lays its history
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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The Fiscal Monitor - February 2016

La revue financière - février 2016


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