Sunday 28 January 2018


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Ontario Tories clean house after Patrick Brown era

Incumbent Liberals won�t have to fight for right to carry party banner in 2019
        Tory interim leader to call for investigation into alleged conflicts of interest and spending by PC Party on lawsuits
Doug Ford says he is considering Ontario PC leadership run
        Trudeau says women who speak up about sexual harassment must be believed

Senator Murray Sinclair on former Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chair: �Jordan Peterson is Racist. Are We Really Surprised?�
        Complicity and �open secrets:� women say they were warned about Kent Hehr�s behaviour
Edmonton woman faces death threats after alleging sexual harassment by Kent Hehr
        A new set of rules needed for reporting and preventing sexual abuse in politics
This year a critical one for all federal parties
        Opportunity in chaos
How Singh can teach a lesson on tolerance

Muslims worry that support has �fizzled out� since Quebec City mosque shooting
        No carbon tax but Saskatchewan�s next premier needs to work with Ottawa on trade
NAFTA: U.S. negotiators take Canadian proposals to political decision-makers
        No one denied flight because of no-fly list mistakes, government memo says
Did Progressive Conservatives just give away the game?
Liberals in Ontario and Quebec should not celebrate too loudly
What happened to Brown is fundamentally wrong. Every man in the world is now vulnerable
Patrick Brown�s downfall an affront to fairness
There�s a sexual misconduct �whisper network� on Parliament Hill: Labour Minister
        Quebec�s controversial long-gun registry to come into effect on Monday

Shocking massive losses revealed at ICBC, huge rate hikes feared
Fedeli tackling allegations of questionable party spending in Brown era
Patrick Brown�s ex-chief of staff now working for Vic Fedeli
�I will fight for this province�: Scott Moe to replace Brad Wall as Sask. premier after tight race
New optimism on NAFTA: �We�re moving in a slightly more positive direction�
Young and female on Parliament Hill: A Post reporter reveals what it�s really like for women who work there
Stamping out sexual harassment in politics can�t be a partisan issue
Allegations from former staffer why one PC MPP stood up, she says
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A palace coup: the 48-hour struggle to win control of the Ontario PC Party - Anthony Furey,
        What does China�s new Arctic policy mean for Canada? - Jimmy Thomson, CBC News
Why blockchain is dominating discussions in Davos- Don Tapscott, The Globe and Mail
        Bits and bytes, not cars and cows, should be front of mind for NAFTA negotiators- Kevin Carmichael, Financial Post
Intel�s sales outlook signals no meltdown from chip flaws- Ian King - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        Hydro-Quebec says U.S. export deal will keep local power rates below inflation- CTV News
Sex toys, light bulbs among anonymous Amazon packages sent to Canadian universities- Sophia Harris, CBC News


Conflit entre Jay-Z et Trump sur le ch�mage des NoirsPlus
        Un r�glement du conflit en Syrie est urgent, dit Angelina Jolie en JordaniePlus
Jay-Z et Trump s'insultent sur le ch�mage des NoirsPlus
        Navalny arr�t�, des milliers de Russes manifestent contre PoutinePlus
Jay-Z et Trump s'insultent sur le ch�mage des NoirsPlus
        Justin Trudeau plaide pour le mouvement #moiaussi: le harc�lement sexuel est un probl�me syst�mique Plus
Le harc�lement sexuel est un probl�me syst�mique, selon Justin Trudeau Plus
        Les �tats-Unis �respectent profond�ment� les Africains, selon TrumpPlus
IKEA perd son fondateur: le multimilliardaire Ingvar Kamprad meurt � 91 ans Plus
        Russie: la police fait irruption dans les bureaux de NavalnyPlus

Attentat de Kaboul: la ville, groggy, reste en �tat d'alerte maximalPlus
        Attentat de Kaboul: le bilan grimpe � 103 morts et 235 bless�sPlus
Y�men: affrontements entre l'arm�e et des s�paratistes � AdenPlus


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Salvaging the Legacy of the FBI - John Ligato, Washington Times
        CNN Still Hasn�t Corrected False Story on Classified Memos - Sean Davis, The Federalist
A Sober Trump Reassures the Davos Elite - Peter Baker, New York Times
        Trump after �s�hole� reports tells African leaders he �deeply respects� them - Max Greenwood, The Hill
It�s Now Clear Trump Obstructed Justice - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
        Trump taunts Schumer for taking �such a beating� on government shutdown fight - David Nakamura, Washington Post
UK to keep EU rules for �around two years� after Brexit, say ministers- Nicola Slawson, The Guardian
        World remembers Holocaust amid signs of rising hatred- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Czech President Milos Zeman poised for second term, partial results show- France 24
        Ethiopia to free thousands of Oromo political detainees- Al Jazeera
Kabul attack: Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Russian opposition leader Navalny released after rally: lawyer
        Finns set to re-elect Niinisto to ease Russia concerns
French government officials support minister accused of rape
        Isolated Qatar signs agreements with Oman
Court ruling pressures ex-Catalan leader to return to Spain
        Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to meet on Monday for Nile dam talks
Erdogan says Turkey will clean entire Syrian border of terrorists
        Jordan king calls for Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem
Russia, Turkey foreign ministers discuss Syrian congress in Sochi
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Trump's General Just Announced a New Cold War. Who Will Stop It?
Canada seen as unprepared to protect workers in shift to green economy
COMMENTARY: TPP deal a win for Trudeau and a win for Canada

Trade Talk Secrecy Ruffles Feathers


From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>,       
Subject: Electric cars

The Editor
Financial Post

To stem pollution, China, the biggest gas car market, turning to electric car, not bicycle

Re: �Sacrificing cyclists for the climate,� Lawrence Solomon, Aug. 26.

In 2016, about 24 million passenger cars were sold in China, compared 17 million sold in the U.S. As result, China has also  become the biggest source of carbon emission in the world. With millions of gasoline cars spewing toxic fumes, the air in most Chinese is simply unbreathable. It may be pointed that not long ago, China was the biggest market for bicycles. However, to combat pollution, China is turning to electric car, not bicycle.

In a news analysis: �China hastens the world toward an electric car future,� Financial Post wrote on October 11, 2017: �There is powerful reason that automakers around the world are speeding up their efforts to develop electric vehicles � and that reason is China.  � the country also fears a dark future, one where its cities remain cloaked in smog ��

FP also reported that already, China is the world�s largest maker and seller of electric cars. Chinese buyers are on track to snap up almost 300,000 of them this year. The European Union should follow in the footstep of China and replace gas cars with electric cars.



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