Sunday 28 January 2018


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Green Party defends leader Elizabeth May after she�s accused of bullying

Next Ontario PC leader �will not be me,� says MP Lisa Raitt
        �It basically ruined my life�: Former Senate staffer on raising harassment allegations
New optimism on NAFTA: �We�re moving in a slightly more positive direction�

Three former Green Party staffers accuse Elizabeth May of workplace bullying
        Young and female on Parliament Hill: A Post reporter reveals what it�s really like for women who work there
How Patrick Brown�s downfall reveals the challenges of vetting candidates
        #MeToo�s chaotic, mixed-up message suggests the pendulum has already swung too far
There�s no justice in politics. Morons win, geniuses lose and Patrick Brown can be ousted without due process
        I don�t care if Patrick Brown was a randy womanizer
How Patrick Brown went so quickly from Ontario PC Leader to yesterday�s man
        #MeToo�s moment of reckoning is good, but it has its dangers too
#MeToo movement fallout could be huge for Canadian politics

Stamping out sexual harassment in politics can�t be a partisan issue
        Allegations from former staffer why one PC MPP stood up, she says
Federal NDP leader Singh to tie the knot in Brampton, Mexico ceremonies
        �I was surprised�: Former Liberal colleague never heard any complaints about Hehr
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Federal NDP leader Singh to tie the knot in Brampton, Mexico ceremonies - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        How Patrick Brown�s downfall reveals the challenges of vetting candidates - Mark Gollom, CBC News
Stamping out sexual harassment in politics can�t be a partisan issue - Chris Hall, CBC News
        Ex-B.C. premier Christy Clark says she saw plenty of �frat boy behaviour� in politics - Laura Kane - The Canadian Press,
Provinces hold off signing agreement on Indigenous child welfare - John Paul Tasker, CBC News
        The Trudeau government signs on to give Aboriginals veto rights nobody else has - Harry Swain and Jim Baillie, Financial Post
#MeToo�s moment of reckoning is good, but it has its dangers too - Andrew Coyne, National Post
        Vic who? The Ontario PCs name an interim leader - Joe Castaldo, Macleans
�He is the victim�: Patrick Brown�s sister rips allegations - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun`
        Former Alberta Liberal staffer says party hasn�t investigated sexual-harassment claim against Darshan Kang - The Canadian Press,

Breaking up the Old Boys club: #MeToo is encouraging women to run for office - Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC News
        Poverty not a good reason to take Indigenous kids from parents: Bennett - The Canadian Press, CTV News
NAFTA negotiators hope to finish work on less contentious chapters - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Twitter working on Snapchat-style feature for videos, sources say- Selina Wang - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Nutty over Nutella: Brawls in France break out over discounted chocolate-hazelnut spread- The Associated Press, CBC News
        U.S. Super Bowl ads will air again in Canada after top court denies Bell�s request- Christine Dobby, The Globe and Mail


La Cour constitutionnelle examine le recours de Madrid contre PuigdemontPlus
        Fusillade � Amsterdam: la personne tu�e avait 17 ans, appel � t�moinsPlus
Le prince saoudien Al-Walid lib�r� apr�s un �arrangement� financierPlus
        Un ministre fran�ais accus� de viol, r�ouverture d'une enqu�tePlus
La CAQ accentue son avance, le PLQ reculePlus
        Massacre � l'ambulance pi�g�e � Kaboul : plus de 60 morts et 150 bless�sPlus
Le Hells Angel Larry Amero arr�t� pour complot pour meurtrePlus
        Raid am�ricain men� �par erreur� contre les forces irakiennes: 8 mortsPlus
Honduras: prise de fonction de �JOH�, l'opposition dans la ruePlus
        Un pro-russe ou un pro-europ�en: les Tch�ques choisissent leur pr�sidentPlus
Il menace Justin Trudeau sur TwitterPlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Can Republican Women Seize the Moment? - Ingrid Jacques, Detroit News
        Trump, Mueller and the 4 Critical Questions - Cass Sunstein, Bloomberg
What to Expect From the House Intel Memo - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
        Trump seeks to halt funding for International Space Station by 2025: report - Avery Anapol, The Hill
What does Mueller want, and how close is he to getting it? - Devlin Barrett, Washington Post
        Don�t Answer His Questions, Mr. President - Ben Stein, The American Prospect
Clinton kept aide accused of harassment on 2008 campaign - Jonathan Allen, NBC News
        Thousands of Turkish Cypriots demonstrate against Ankara- Helena Smith, The Guardian
Spain to block Puigdemont as Catalan president- Al Jazeera
        Czech election: Tight run-off between Zeman and Drahos- BBC News

Kabila says Congo election a choice between stability and �jump into the void�- France 24
        UN says 30 African migrants drowned off Yemen- The Associated Press, The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Tillerson seeks to show 'America First' isn't America alone
        Russia's Syria congress to call for vote on country's future: RIA
UK to launch new radar against 'severe' Russian threat
        US says planned Russian pipeline would threaten European energy security
Russian energy minister says US sanctions against his officials 'unlawful': agencies
        UN will send Syria envoy to Russia peace conference
Tillerson insists Russia to blame for Syria chemical attacks
        International criticism of Venezuela's election plans mount
Syria opposition group says it will boycott Sochi conference
        US tells Ankara will stop arming Syrian Kurd militia: Turkey

Is the �uptick� in volcanos, earthquakes a big worry?
        U.S. economic growth slows as imports surge
Currencies return to central bank radars as dollar whipsaws
        Erdogan: Syria attack could push to Iraq border
Western, Arab states sidestep Assad fate in Syria proposals
        Anti-aging field �explodes� in pursuit of healthy old age
Iraqi women turn to handicrafts for survival
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From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Strange bedfellows

Our government is making much of signing on to a new version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We have not seen the text, so we have much to speculate on. Participants are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. A very strange mixture.

Collectively, they account or about 16.4% of world GDP, 14.4% of exports and 15% of imports. For comparison, the US accounts for about 22.4% of world GDP, 9.6% of exports and 12.4% of imports.

The major TPP players are Japan, Canada, Australia and Mexico in that order. Together, they account for 88% of the TPP GDP, 65% of group exports and 69% of group imports. Japan is the giant of the group accounting for 57% of the TPP GDP, 41% of group exports and 43% of group imports. In comparison, Canada has 17% of the TPP GDP, 25% of group exports and 25% of group imports.

Anyone dreaming that the TPP will offset some of our trade with the US should NAFTA fail is in for a rude shock. Likewise, the alarmists who are screaming that the TPP will make profound changes to the Canadian labour market need to take a Valium and shut up. We are already trading with Japan, Australia and Mexico. Easing trade restrictions will increase intergroup trade over time, but not greatly. There is nothing profound about the TPP despite what we hear from Ottawa.

People forget that every nation in the world is seeking an economic advantage. They all want to produce and export far more than they import. In today�s wild and whacky world, a lot of production is outsourced to nations that provide cheap labour which turn out to be imports of products financed by the importing country. When you figure out the sense in that, let me know.

We are watching the largest trade deal ever made, (the European Union). Every participating nation was going to benefit from common currency, free movement of goods and labour and stability in numbers. The deal is showing signs of serious stress in practice. Some member nations are doing well, others are facing bankruptcy. Central planning and governance is not a universal solution; if it were, democracies would not be changing their governments regularly. Perhaps, one day, the political class will get it right, but don�t hold your breath in anticipation.               

John Feldsted


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