Wednesday 27 February 2019

Daily Digest February 27, 2019.

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Trudeau �completely� disagrees with Wilson-Raybould saying she was pressured on SNC-Lavalin

Wilson-Raybould says she was pushed, got veiled threats on SNC-Lavalin
        Scheer calls on Trudeau to resign, Singh for inquiry over SNC-Lavalin affair
Jody Wilson-Raybould was the target of �consistent and sustained� effort by prime minister, she testifies
        Wilson-Raybould alleges �consistent and sustained� effort by Trudeau, officials to �politically interfere� in SNC case

Liberals to introduce bill to provide no-cost pardons for simple pot crimes
        �We need to get ready�: RCMP planning for return of Canadian ISIS members
For Justin Trudeau, the days of �sunny ways� are over
        Trudeau now finds himself up to his neck in the SNC-Lavalin scandal
The moral catastrophe of Justin Trudeau
        Damning testimony from a principled witness
Wilson-Raybould�s convincing testimony may cost Trudeau his job
        Today sounded and felt like a death knell for the Liberal government
The unbearable lightness of Justin Trudeau
        Maybe now we can finally say it out loud � poverty is in decline
Canadian government plans to award millions of dollars for group to create climate watchdog

Singh urges team to �double down� in months leading up to October election
        Live on-air licking of TV reporter sparks outrage
Air Canada suspends service to India after Pakistan closes airspace
        Gould says Liberals may have to require social-media companies to �act� on hate speech
While some patients pay for biologic drugs, prison inmates get them for free
        Doug Ford defends $1,250-a-plate fundraiser, says it�s not cash-for-access
A bittersweet byelection night for Singh�s NDP and a warning for Scheer�s Conservatives
        What the by-elections tell us about Ottawa politics (and who should watch his back)
United We Roll wasn�t just about oil and gas. Scheer knew that and worked the crowd anyway
Justin Trudeau is following instead of leading on SNC-Lavalin

Trump Nears Key Cuba Sanctions Decision Over Support for Maduro
        Canada pressed North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons program during secretive talks to free Toronto pastor
Partial waiver enough for Wilson-Raybould to tell truth in SNC affair: Trudeau
        Trudeau government�s handling of SNC-Lavalin affair opens seven-point lead for CPC over Liberals
New Ontario Health super agency and co-ordinated health teams announced
        8 questions the justice committee is likely to ask Jody Wilson-Raybould today
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hopefully, Wilson-Raybould will be true to Canadians - Peter MacKay, Toronto Sun
        Canadian Forces reports mixed results in four-year war on sexual misconduct - Lee Berthiaume -
B.C. NDP lose embarrassing legal round to Alberta - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun        
        �There�s not a clear pathway�: Kenney rolls out platform promise on reviewing foreign credentials - From whales to windows, SNC-Lavalin has extensive federal ties big and small - Jim Bronskill and Andy       B.C. premier says affordable housing crunch hurts growth, families, province- The Canadian Press,
Banking abroad boosts Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank as domestic market slips- Geoff Zochodne,
        New Brunswick utility looks to develop hydrogen extracted from seawater as fuel-
HBC president Alison Coville to step down, company says- The Canadian Press, CBC News
        $4.5B Fiat Chrysler plan to add 6,500 jobs in Detroit area- CTV News    

T�moignage de Jody Wilson-Raybould

        �Justin Trudeau ne peut pas continuer � gouverner ce pays�, dit Scheer

Affaire SNC-Lavalin

        �J'ai subi des pressions constantes�, dit Wilson-Raybould

R�cit int�gral

        Wilson-Raybould relate les propos �inappropri�s� de Trudeau

Rencontre avec Kim Jong Un

        Donald Trump n'est �pas press� d'arriver � un accord sur le nucl�aire

Perquisitions et mise sous tutelle

        Sortie en r�gle du maire de Chambly contre l�UPAC

Visite de l'UPAC

        Chambly mise sous tutelle

Comparution devant le Congr�s

        L'ex-avocat de Trump l'accable dans un t�moignage public d�vastateur

Comparution devant le Congr�s

        Les principaux points du t�moignage de l'ex-avocat de Trump

�J'en buvais autant que je pouvais�

        Elle a un c�ur m�canique apr�s avoir bu trop de boissons �nergisantes

Racisme au hockey

        Legault appelle les partisans � s�en m�ler


        Le nouvel ALENA retard� tant que Trump conserve ses taxes sur l'acier


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Democrats Are Gift Wrapping 2020 for Trump - Richard Cohen, New York Daily News
        House Poised to Pass First Gun Control Bills in a Generation -
Pelosi: Ethics panel should �vigilantly monitor� social media after GOP lawmaker�s Cohen tweet -
        Just Because Dems Are Lurching Left Doesn�t Mean They�ll Lose - Robert Merry,
Sanders parts ways with top strategists - Sean Sullivan, Washington Post
        House majority backs measure blocking Trump�s national emergency declaration -
Nigeria election: Muhammadu Buhari re-elected as president- BBC News
        May to let parliament vote on delaying Brexit in case of no deal- France 24
UN raises $2.6bn in donations for Yemen humanitarian aid- Barbara Bibbo, Al Jazeera
        Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump arrive in Hanoi ahead of nuclear summit- AFP, The Times Of India
Cardinal George Pell loses position as Vatican treasurer after guilty verdict- Melissa Davey, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

UK MPs back May's new plan which could delay Brexit
        Russia's military shows off hardware seized in Syria
Mirror image: Trump, Kim mind their body language with handshake of equals
        Israeli PM vows to bar Iran from securing presence in Syria
Palestinians reject monthly tax transfer from Israel over prisoners dispute
        Pakistan PM urges talks with India to end crisis, avoid miscalculation
Trump says he and Kim will try hard on denuclearization
        Helicopter with Nepal tourism minister, 5 others crashes
Russia and Syria tell U.S. forces to leave Syria - joint statement
        Food security needs to be more than just increased production

Too much cash, too little time: Latest U.S. debt cap bind
        Pound leaps on Brexit hopes, shares take breather
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 Jody Wilson-Raybould, M.P.

I most certainly welcome her to my Party.
How about you?

From: John Feldsted <>
Subject: Government � media collusion

We often hear charges of the media or elements thereof being in bed with government, but rarely see a clear indication. We are so used to the idea that we miss what happens right in front of us.

Alberta oil patch workers decided to send a convoy to Ottawa to protest the federal government�s failure to support pipeline construction, effectively shutting down oilfield production and costing Alberta and Canada thousands of jobs and $ billions in income.

The federal government was deep in the SNC-Lavalin scandal and did not need another protest to deal with. A decision was taken to discredit the Alberta convoy leadership and their message.

As the convoy headed east, media stories started appearing about the Alberta convoy containing anti-immigration and racist elements.

Stop and reread that last sentence.

The stories did not state that anti-immigrant and racist elements had joined the convoy, but that the convoy contained anti-immigration and racist elements. The latter phrasing suggests that the Alberta convoy leaders were part of the radical elements. It was a smear job � character assassination � guilt by association.

As the convoy moved further east, media attention to the radical elements increased and the original message of the convoy was ignored. By the time the convoy reached Ottawa, its appearance was a zoo of various protest groups using the opportunity to get some public and media attention. Convoy leadership had been successfully hijacked.

The final insult came when the media blasted politicians who came out in support of Alberta convoy members for not condemning the anti-immigration and racist elements! The media had used a barrel of ink to raise awareness of these radicals without one word of condemnation and now chastised others for not doing what is should have done from the outset.

The message the Alberta convoy set out to deliver had been successfully muted, lost in a cacophony of competing protests and the government was not forced to address the convoy message.

Most people missed the combined government � media effort to shut down the Alberta convoy protest. That is the danger in uncritical acceptance of media reporting. The hypocrisy is jaw-dropping but typical of this government. The media does not just report on events and outcomes; it is creating outcomes the government wants.  

John Feldsted


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