Tuesday 5 February 2019

Daily Digest February 4, 2019.

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Conservatives won�t use Heritage Minute branding on attack ad any more

Ford government calls in OPP to investigate leaked documents
        Maker of Heritage Minutes says it is losing donors because of Conservative parody
Huawei�s Meng Wanzhou: The world�s most wanted woman
        Trudeau�s Liberals, Legault�s CAQ lead the pack with Quebecers: poll

Newly leaked documents show PC health care changes �done deal�, NDP says
        Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido appeals for help in Ottawa via video
Liberal base �less than enthusiastic� as Trudeau prepares to defend four-year record to �volatile electorate,� say Grit insiders
        Mulcair�s Green party musing exposes the NDP�s troubles
Dear Canada: We need sustained leadership on global sexual and reproductive health and rights
        Alberta�s anger is misdirected; no one out to sabotage the West
CBC chief stands up to U.S. cultural swamping

Canadian border more of a terror concern than Mexican for U.S.: report
        Ottawa says Ontario�s call to drop retaliatory tariffs would mean �surrender�
Historica Canada wants no part in �mudslinging� as Tories use spoof Heritage Minute to slam Trudeau
        CP Rail confirms three crew members die in B.C. grain car derailment
Trudeau�s Liberals Lead in Quebec: poll
        NDP strife won�t sway Burnaby-South byelection says former party insider
Quebec set to become ground zero in the battle between state secularism and religious rights
        Trudeau �masterful� at soft power, falling short on hard power, says ex-diplomat Rowswell
Innovation Minister Bains is committed to working with Bell, Telus regardless of Huawei ban decision
        Canada says it opposes military intervention in Venezuela as Lima Group meets

Ottawa hosts Lima Group countries for emergency meeting on Venezuela
        MP says feds slow to act on anti-black racism one year after Trudeau pledge
As Lima Group meets in Canada, Venezuela�s Nicolas Maduro prepares for war
        Threatening Venezuelan intervention �totally irresponsible�: former Canadian ambassador
Rollout of farm and rural mental programs coming this year
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Ford�s critics panic easily, but they�re not always wrong - Kelly McParland, National Post
        OPP called over health bill leak, public sector staffer gone - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Ontario, Quebec ask feds to pressure U.S. on removing steel, aluminum tariffs - The Canadian Press, Global News
        Canada to pledge more money for Venezuelan refugee crisis as allies meet, according to source - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
In U.S. and EU, tech giants demand political ad transparency, citizenship proof. �Apply that here:� Gould - Amanda Connolly, Global News
        Trudeau speaks with Venezuelan leader Guaido ahead of key meeting of allies - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Liberal and Conservative worldview so close that election isn�t worth hacking - John Ibbitson, The Globe & Mail
        Ford�s dead wrong on affordability - Warren 'Smokey' Thomas, Toronto Sun
Kenney�s comments about young NDP candidate sparks conversation about youth engagement in politics - Andrew Jeffrey - StarMetro Calgary, Toronto Star
        Refugees hoping to become citizens face high bar to achieve language benchmarks - Sarah Schulman - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

Here�s why your employment contract may not hold water, even if you have signed it- Howard Levitt, Financial Post
Vice, BuzzFeed and the Reckoning for New-Media Companies- Keach Hagley, Wall Street Journal
Nissan pulls plans to make SUV in U.K., 2 months before Brexit- The Associated Press, CBC News
Huawei fades from U.S. headlines, but still looms large over trade talk- James McCarten - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Major Canadian retailer to start testing reusable packaging system, recycler says- CTV News

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�C'est ha-llu-ci-nant! Je n'ai jamais vu �a en 40 ans!�
        RPM Experience se conforme
Pourquoi pleuvait-il alors qu�il faisait -11�C ?
        Guaido accuse les militaires de vouloir �voler� l'aide humanitaire
Plusieurs artistes annonc�s au Festival de jazz de Montr�al
        Une adolescente de 14 ans disparue depuis une semaine
�On a un ministre qui a donn� quatre versions contradictoires�
        Cannabis : les jeunes vis�s par une nouvelle campagne
Confusion sur l'horaire des services de remplacement
        Des bancs de neige de plus de trois m�tres de hauteur

D�couverte d'un dinosaure se d�fendant avec ses �pines
        Des victimes d'un m�decin agresseur soulag�es
L�avertissement de la mairesse Plante passe mal
        El Chapo est-il coupable?
Le f�d�ral construira un nouveau centre fiscal � Shawinigan


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Trump Should Welcome Schultz to 2020 Race - Bill Cotterell, USA Today
        Trump Won�t Commit to Making Mueller Report Public - Katie Rogers, New York Times
Democrats Push Plan to Increase Social Security Benefits and Solvency - Robert Pear, New York Times
        Trump builds anticipation around State of the Union - Brett Samuels, The Hill
The Democrats Have Gone Totally Off the Rails - Robert Knight, Washington Times
        Trump Has History, Economy Working in His Favor in 2020 - Jonathan Yates, Des Moines Register
Trump says Pompeo not leaving Cabinet for Senate race - The Associated Press, NBC News
        European nations set to recognise Juan Guaid� as Venezuela�s leader- Patrick Wintour, The Guardian
Macron �mulls referendum� to quell French Yellow Vest crisis- Louise Nordstrom, France 24
        Pope Francis arrives on historic visit to UAE- BBC News

Taliban to meet Afghan opposition in Moscow: official- AFP, The Times Of India
        Israel begins construction of new Gaza barrier- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<< http://www.dailystar.com

Palestinian killed, one wounded by Israeli fire in occupied West Bank
        Iran's first president says Khomeini betrayed 1979 Islamic Revolution
Saudi Arabia to address abuse of male guardianship system: media reports
        Iran's top judge says EU's preconditions for new non-dollar trade channel 'unacceptable'
US envoy, South Korean official discuss 2nd Trump-Kim summit
        French airstrikes 'repel incursion into Chad from Libya'
'No question of going back' on Brexit withdrawal deal: French minister
        US exit from nuclear pact would not mean new Cold War: Russia
Many European nations recognize Guaido as Venezuelan president
        Trump comments spark Iraqi demands for US exit

Dropping INF Treaty will let U.S. update its nuclear arsenal
        Israel begins construction of new Gaza border barrier
In defense of the elites, the world is making progress
        Trump wants U.S. military presence in Iraq to �watch Iran�
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As the Climate Collapses, We Ask: "How Then Shall We Live?"
What time does your brain work best?
When job interviews border on abuse
How to make tough tasks bearable

From: John Feldsted <jfeldsted@shaw.ca>
Subject: My bad

In the article: European colonizers' mass killing of Native Americans caused change in climate: study I made an error:

This �study� indicates that due to the horrible actions of European colonizers, forests grew in size and atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide increased, resulting in a cooling of the earth�s temperature and �the little ice age�.

That should have been decreased, not increased.

That said, North American aboriginals were mostly nomads, hunters and gatherers. Some did limited farming. South American aboriginals developed large towns and did more farming (more like gardening), but they lacked the tools to create large tracts of farmland.

The hypothesis that aboriginals had cleared over 640,000 Km2 for farming is silly. That is 98.75% of the area of Saskatchewan.  

Reforestation takes decades.

My apologies for the error. I do my best to keep my e-mails accurate, but like anyone else, do make mistakes. 

John Feldsted

Subject: Trudeau Concerned About Possible Ontario Education Cuts By Ford Government
        Trudeau urged people to send a message to the Ford government.

Shawn Jeffords
Canadian Press


MILTON, Ont. Justin Trudeau says he's not just concerned about possible cuts Premier Doug Ford could make to Ontario's education system as Canada's prime minister he's also concerned as a father with children in the province's schools.

Trudeau made the comments during a wide-ranging town hall meeting Thursday night at a Milton, Ont., high school. The prime minister said he was "deeply concerned" about comments Ford made Wednesday, refusing to rule out cuts to all-day kindergarten and potentially growing class sizes in the province.

"I'm also a parent who has three kids in the Ontario public school system," he said, adding the potential cuts "worry me as a parent who's got his youngest kid in all-day kindergarten right now."

Full-day kindergarten, class size caps could get the cut

Ford said Wednesday that he isn't guaranteeing that full-day kindergarten will continue beyond the next school year.

The program was introduced by former Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty and was fully rolled out in 2014. It saves families thousands of dollars a year in child-care costs, but it costs the province $1.5-billion a year, at a time when the government is grappling with what it says is a $14.5 billion deficit.

Ford's government is conducting education consultations, including about the possibility of removing class size caps for kindergarten and primary grades.

Read on: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2019/02/01/trudeau-ontario-education-cuts_a_23658517/?ncid=newsletter-Canada%20Politics%20Feb%201&utm_campaign=canada_newsletter_Canada%20Politics%20Feb%201

Education is a provincial jurisdiction and responsibility. Mr. Trudeau cannot comment as �a father� while he is Prime Minster. That is an abuse of authority and power.

The Ontario government faces some tough decisions that may anger some electors and includes inherent political risks. The Ontario government, not Mr. Trudeau, has to undertake funding for full-time kindergarten and class size caps. The costs are significant.

Trudeau has to respect constitutional responsibilities and stop messing around in provincial jurisdictions. The federal government is partially responsible for our health care difficulties and spiraling costs. It provides health care support to provinces, but with strings that stifle innovations that can improve efficiencies and reduce delivery costs.

We need the federal government to get out of health care, transfer tax points to the provinces and allow them to revamp service delivery as they see fit.

Where the federal government does have clear jurisdiction and responsibility, such as over the environment and pipeline construction it has mired itself in a gordian knot of consultation, ideology and bureaucracy that prevent it from pragmatic, useful decisions and leadership.

The current foray into international diplomacy through Lima group efforts to support a coup d��tat in Venezuela is a distraction from unattended responsibilities at home. Observing the government in action is like peering into a Kaleidoscope - the images are spectacular, sometimes even captivating but lack permanence and substance. Governance is about prudence, stability, safety, security, peace, individual freedoms, preserving the fundamentals of democratic representation and pragmatic decision making. Dull stuff to be sure, but that is the job description. 

John Feldsted



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