Saturday 11 July 2015



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Harper says Canadian economy in �downturn� due to negative global trends

Canada�s technical recession �contained,� says former PBO Kevin Page
        Federal election 2015: Most public servants seeking nominations allowed to run
Four Tory-held B.C. seats developing into right races: poll
        Are cracks forming in fortress Alberta?

Trade minister stays silent on potential TPP concessions
        Wynne slams Tories over unilateral infrastructure funding decisions
Voters forgotten in political strategizing over debates
        Are we in a recession? Who cares?
Harper catches a break on jobs
        As Alberta is a proxy for the NDP, Ontario is for the Liberals
As election nears, civil servants tossing the PMO�s muzzles

Former Alberta MLA urges caution over third-party political ads
        Harper meets athletes ahead of Pan Am Games
U.S. may cut Canada out of Pacific Rim trade deal: sources
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How an enviro minister spent her day not attending a climate summit - Mychaylo Prystupa, National Observer
        Premier�s take-away is that both new taxes and TransLink are anathema - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
OPSEU will take contract protest to Pan Am events - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
        Fiat Chrysler CEO fires warning shot at Ontario - Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail
U.S. may cut Canada out of Pacific Rim trade deal: sources - Reuters, CBC News
        Concerns raised that spy palace�s glass walls could allow snooping by foreign eavesdroppers - David Pugliese, The Canadian Press, Ottawa Citizen
Gov�t defies Senate recommendation, won�t register, train Imams - Mia Rabson, Winnipeg Free Press
        Are we in a recession? Who cares? In the end it�s really all just theatre - Andrew Coyne, National Post
The recession is an opportunity for the opposition, if they dare - Scott Reid, Ottawa Citizen
        Ontario is no Greece, but its debt is more than a casual concern - Konrad Yakabuski, The Globe & Mail

Canada�s hemp industry is growing fast, but competition looms- Ian Bickis, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Canadians owe more but less stressed about debt: BMO report- Bertrand Marotte, The Globe & Mail
The best recession ever: As economists wring their hands, Canadians keep blissfully buying- Claire Brownell, Financial Post

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Les �lections f�d�rales dans 100 joursPlus
        Samantha Higgins: sa m�re retourne sur les lieux du dramePlus
Feu de for�t: l'air d'Edmonton �cope, la Saskatchewan ass�ch�ePlus
        Meurtre de Terrebonne: Me C�t� port� � son dernier reposPlus
L'EI revendique l'attentat contre le consulat italien au CairePlus
        Le premier ministre serbe bless� � la t�te par un jet de pierrePlus
Comm�moration des 25 ans de la crise d'OkaPlus
        Collision dans Lanaudi�re: un homme perd la viePlus
Montr�al: soutient envers une victime d'agression sexuellePlus
        Berlin envisage un Grexit temporaire de 5 ansPlus

Collision � Qu�bec: un motocycliste gravement bless�Plus
        Collision autoroute 25: un motocycliste gravement bless�Plus
Un kamikaze d�guis� en femme fait 15 morts au TchadPlus
        Torture � la CIA: des psychologues avaient donn� leur feu vertPlus
Longueuil: incendie � la place DesaulniersPlus
        Un millions d'�vacu�s � cause du typhon Chan-HomPlus
Proc�s pour p�dophilie au Vatican: l'accus� � l'h�pitalPlus
MH17: les familles comm�morent l'�crasementPlus
        Donald Trump secoue la campagne pr�sidentiellePlus


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Bush 2016 Campaign Rakes In Record $114 Million Haul - Andrew Desiderio, Real Clear Politics
        Hillary Clinton�s Trustworthy Trap - Michael Scherer, Time
Donald Trump�s Appeal�and Its Limits - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
        Whose Democratic Party Is It Anyway? - Thomas Edsall, New York Times
The Monster Republicans Created - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
        Companies Getting the Hell(enic) Out of Greece- Dody Tsiantar, CNBC
One thousand arrested in Tunisia since museum attack- France 24
        EU further extends suspension of Iran sanctions- Reuters, The Times of India
Morales crucifix gift to Pope Francis causes stir- BBC News
        Indian prime minister to visit Pakistan amid hopes of better relations- Jason Burke, The Guardian
Greek parliament to vote on reform proposals- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Fidel Castro, 88, makes second public appearance in a week
        Serbia condemns 'assassination attempt' on PM at Srebrenica ceremony
Typhoon lashes China after more than a million people evacuated
        No EU 'debt forgiveness' for Greece: Portuguese PM
Greeks in Brussels for crucial talks with creditors
        White House contenders Trump, Bush in virtual dead heat: poll
US psychology group colluded with govt 'torture' program: report
        Iran, 6 powers struggle to overcome deadlock in nuclear talks
Suspect charged in Canada for plotting 'ISIS-inspired attacks'
        Gas web sought to cut Russia�s EU grip

�Simplicity� pervades the Russian establishment, to its detriment
        Turkish woman detained over �honor� killing of husband
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From: Bill Woollam
Subject: BC: We'll have to Pay Petronas  to stop FRACKING us

The Bridge News Service
Independent Media from Canada
Legislature Meets July 13 to Sell Us Out
We'll have to Pay Petronas
to stop FRACKING us

July 8, 2015:  The British Columbia Legislature begins sitting Monday July 13 to ratify a landmark 'Agreement' between BC and corporate giant Petronas. 

The Christy Clark agreement locks BC into a decades long tax and royalty plan.  The taxes and royalties will be low ... so BC will get as little money as possible - and the deal cannot be changed without full compensation to the industry.  We are being locked into an economic disaster. 

Even worse -  They are going to FRACK US:  FRACKING is the basis of this entire deal.  The whole Christy Clark LNG DREAM is about Fracking British Columbia.  They are going to FRACK US for Corporate Profit. 

And the people we have elected - and pay - are going to do this to us, without even asking us what we want.  THAT IS HOW CORRUPT AND UNDEMOCRATIC OUR POLITICIANS ARE. 

And The Corporate Owned Media say nothing.  The Media's job is to keep us uninformed about the important issues.  And the media are VERY good at their job.

Fracking poisons our water, our air, our land, our crops, and other living things.  WHY are these lunatics so determined to POISON everything?

When we want Petronas to STOP poisoning B.C. ...
We are going to have to Pay Them. 

Under Free Trade and Investor Agreements, I believe we will have to PAY Petronas for 'lost profits' when we tell them to stop Fracking this beautiful province. 

On July 8 I ASKED the BC government that question ... will we have to pay them to stop fracking us ... and I was told they will NOT answer the question.  (I've dealt with various governments for years, and I have never heard that kind of an answer before.)

That is the deal Our Politicians intend to agree to. 

The Sitting begins at 10AM, Monday July 13. The Bill should be introduced about 1:30.  And they intend to push it through in two weeks or less. 


Watch the corruption live at:

Jack Etkin:
for information or to remove from list

The Bridge News Service


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