Saturday 4 July 2015



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Mulcair and Trudeau �just not ready� to retaliate against Tory ads

Top federal Conservatives back Mulcair�s explanation for 2007 headhunting talks
Dismal economic numbers won�t hurt Conservative fiscal brand, Joe Oliver says
Is the election the only war that really matters at National Defence?
VP of Liberal youth wing tweets opposition to �protection� and �benefits� for minority Roma in Serbia

Calgary�s largest Stampede breakfast includes Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair appearances
Canada-U.S. relations �significantly better� on this 4th of July, says Bruce Heyman
NEB�s skirting of climate change issue can�t last forever
Don�t buy what Stephen Harper�s selling with ISIS-Justin Trudeau attack ad
Bigger ghosts in Mulcair�s closet
Some Tory wickedness did Crosbie�s way come
Stephen Harper�s cult of personality harms Conservative election chances
How the once-mighty Tories have fallen
Summer isn�t the time to predict which way the political winds blow
Stephen Harper must appoint a slew of high-calibre senators to shake off this electoral listlessness
Trudeau and Mulcair roast Harper on Stampede opening day
Canada�s Passionate Canadian Pulls No Punches In His Penultimate Fight for Canada
Gunter: Honeymoon may be over for Notley and the NDP

As recession fears mount, opposition leaders draw bead on Harper
MPs� pension bill, transgender rights bill and others left to die by Senate
NDP lead slips slightly
EKOS: A renewed three-way race with NDP on top
Judge rejects Toronto�s attempt to ban Uber
�We�re not in a recession': Finance minister confident in Canadian economy
How should the Senate be?
Millions in military gear goes to scrap heap instead of Ukraine
Soldier in wheelchair says home not renovated after 2 years, bills piling up
Staffing cuts at Veterans Affairs hit frontline service
Key PS executive overseeing sick leave overhaul moving to new job
In the North, campaigning is a whole other ball game
Growing number of Canadians cutting traditional television: CBC report
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Une pluie de roches s'abat � StonehamPlus
        Saskatchewan: la SOPFEU envoie des renfortsPlus
Une fillette tu�e par un esturgeon sauteurPlus
        Terrebonne: l'avocat et la notaire sont mortsPlus
Chaudi�re-Appalaches: un accident de moto fait quatre bless�sPlus
        Marche contre le transport du p�trole � Lac-M�ganticPlus
Un Texan tu� par un alligator lors d'une baignade nocturnePlus
        Aust�rit�: des Montr�alais solidaires avec le peuple grecPlus
Tunisie: l'�tat d'urgence d�cr�t�e, des responsables limog�sPlus
        Sortie de route mortelle � L�visPlus

Poutine: le dialogue �.-U.-Russie, cl� de la stabilit� mondialePlus
        Nucl�aire iranien: la derni�re ligne droitePlus
L'Ukraine lance une nouvelle police pour contrer la corruptionPlus
        Incendie dans une maison unifamilialePlus
Une Gr�ce divis�e � la veille d'un vote crucialPlus
        Une voiture s'enflamme dans un stationnement Plus
Naufrage aux Philippines: nouveau bilan de 59 victimesPlus
        Gr�ce: Tsipras galvanise ses troupes alors que le oui monte


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Bosnian Serb leader says Srebrenica genocide is a 'lie'
        Clinton: Hopeful US can reach 'verifiable deal' with Iran
German anti-euro party elects new hard right leader
        Russia's Putin sends July 4 greetings to Obama
Serbs ask Russia to veto UN resolution on Srebrenica
        Greek Fin Min says to get deal on Monday regardless of referendum
Turkey coalition talks to start next week: PM
        Top economists see 'No' vote as Greece's least-worst choice
US marks July Fourth amid worries over security, sharks, wildfires
        Iran, powers push for nuclear deal; dispute over UN sanctions persists

Senator McCain: US must reassess Afghan troop withdrawal
        British royals prepare for Princess Charlotte christening
Putin tells Obama US-Russia dialogue key to global stability
        On eve of referendum, Greek finance minister accuses creditors of 'terrorism'
Under fire for comments, Trump weighs in on California shooting
        Veterans gather as Taiwan marks Japan's WWII defeat
Hundreds of flights canceled in Toronto fuel strike
        Canadian judge rejects request for injunction against Uber
Philippines expects to win UN South China Sea case
        Obama�s counterterrorism policy facing rising criticism

The Goebbels of the Kremlin has kept Putin�s popularity up
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Land grab in Ukraine is Monsanto’s backdoor to the EU
* Interim Dutch report on Malaysian Boeing crash raises many questions - Russian transport authority
* The growth of fascism in Ukraine before and after Euromaidan
* U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power lies to U.S. Congress about civilian shelling in Ukraine, commits felony
* Extreme right march in Kyiv demanding more war in eastern Ukraine

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