Tuesday 7 July 2015



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In a tight election, will Harper rethink approach to the media?

Move Over, Trudeau? Tory Fundraising Email Targets Mulcair, NDP
        Harper Tories unleash torrent of patronage appointments
Quebec anti-corruption unit confirms Arthur Porter is dead
        Donors could come back to haunt the NDP from beyond the grave

Joe Oliver says Canada in a �fragile� economic environment
        National Chief: First Nations votes can �make a difference�
AFN General Assembly: Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau vow to do better than Stephen Harper
        Stephen Harper�s game of dodge-the-press shows he�s a shabby mascot of conservative values
Journalists Are Banned from Stephen Harper�s Events and It�s Stupid Nonsense
        Tories should fear a coalition, but not that one
In a debt crisis, what would a Mulcair government do?
        Team NDP has a big hole to fill
Canada must avoid Greek entitlement
        First NDP Stampede breakfast short on PCs but long on economic worries

Political parties must be made accountable, because honesty is the only thing doing it now
        Both the Liberals and the NDP would be likely to continue Tory austerity
Greece at forefront of Europe�s game of chicken over debt

The legacy of the Oka Crisis, 25 years later
        Tories appoint 43 judges in June, filling long-standing vacancies
Federal Tories �abandoned responsibility� for cut-off reserve: Trudeau
        Ontario minister Glen Murray slams Tories� plan for carbon regulations
Spare parts harder to find for Victoria-class submarines
        Trudeau to roll out plan to bolster funding for aboriginal education
First Nations must �harness political power� in election: AFN chief
        Ontario downgrade by Standard and Poor�s called �hardly surprising� after years of warnings
LNG caught in federal political crossfire
        Canada Posts 2nd-Largest Trade Deficit Ever as Exports Slide

Canada says it, not Kahnawake, gets to decide on band membership issues
        New Brunswick attorney general�s office to look at Larry�s Gulch case
Tories most exposed to political fallout of community mailboxes in Ontario
        Oil Crash Sent Canada Into First-Half Recession, TD Bank Says
Tories, NDP use situation in Greece to spar over economic credentials
        Alberta premier says she and PM share concern for Alberta economy
Aeroplan says �blackouts are gone� � but what about those fuel surcharges?
        Bell removes Touch-Tone fee from bills, but customers still on the hook
Pipelines, climate change on the agenda as Harper, Notley meet in Calgary
        Government abruptly drops Supreme Court appeal on overseas CSIS spying

NDP whittles away at the Conservatives� voting coalition
        Last unresolved legal appeal of 2011 election robocalls dismissed as �moot�
Slow Canadian economy could be spurred by U.S., Joe Oliver says
        Canada�s concern: Recession, rate cut on horizon?
Canada Pledges Support for �Powerhouse� Pacific Trade Agreement
        Lawyers� union to fight for prosecutor turned political hopeful
Renovation of Senate�s temporary home $29M over budget
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Ontario warned to do more on greenhouse gas targets - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
        Farewell to the House of Commons: Last words from departing MPs - Aaron Wherry, Macleans
Federal government �abandoned its responsibility� to First Nation community: Trudeau - Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Aboriginal plight Canada�s most urgent civil rights issue: rights group tells UN - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Ontario debt rating downgraded by S&P - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Alberta government �failed� at mental health and addictions strategy, says Auditor General Saher - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
Senior public servants shouldn�t run for political office: Savoie - Bea Vongdouangchanh, The Hill Times
        B.C. asks for help as wildfires rage across province - Tiffany Crawford, Bethany Lindsay & Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun
Huge challenge to regulate Uber and taxis together - Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star
        Carbon Tracker Initiative report casts doubt on Canada�s LNG ambitions- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

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Team Clinton �worried� about Bernie Sanders campaign - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
        Donald Trump, a Clinton Mole? - George Will, Real Clear Politics
Why Clinton Has a Lock on Dem Nomination - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
        Bush Offers Foreign Policy Vision - Jamie Weinstein, The Daily Caller
A Rising Tide for Dems on Green Issues - Juan Williams, The Hill
        10 Consequences of Greece�s �No�- Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg View
American Apparel closing stores, laying off employees to save money- Kim Bhasin, Bloomberg, Financial Post
        Eurozone struggles to find joint response to Greek referendum- Ian Traynor, The Guardian
Greece debt crisis: Creditors press for new proposals- BBC News
        Missile and arms embargo dispute holding up Iran deal- Al Jazeera

Embattled Burundi president snubs regional summit to campaign- France 24
        IS abducts 111 Iraqi kids to be trained as terrorists- The Times of India

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Hillary Clinton: Hacking problem not limited to China
        U.S. Army to cut 40,000 troops over next two years: USA Today
McCain suggests US 'losing' against ISIS
        Iran nuclear deal needed in next 48 hours: source close to talks
White House says 'not enough' Syrian rebels being trained
        Israel: UNESCO 'ignores' Jewish, Christian ties to Jerusalem
Obama hosts Vietnam Communist Party chief at White House
        Israel says ISIS' Sinai assault aimed to help Hamas get arms
Merkel: 'still no basis' for talks on new Greek bailout
        Vote on Srebrenica resolution delayed by Russian veto threat

Ultra-Orthodox Israeli minister slams Reform Judaism members
        New Greek proposal improves on last week's offer: Greek official
Limits on Iran missiles, arms trade will remain: US official
        UN: Goals helped lift 1 billion people from extreme poverty
US only training 60 Syrian fighters, far below expectations
        Lavrov says arms embargo 'major problem' in Iran talks
Russian police launch 'safe selfie' guide after spate of deaths
        Russia cuts off power supplies to Ukraine rebels: Kiev
Russia raids homes, offices of election monitors: lawyer
        Six powers, Iran to continue nuclear talks past deadline

'Lenin and Stalin' scuffle near Red Square: police
        Cosby admits supplying drugs to woman in pursuit of sex
Japan reactor refuelled for restart, despite opposition
        Obama: Assad must go for war to end
BRICS summit gives Putin chance to show not isolated
        In Syria and Iraq, ISIS courts Sunni tribes with carrot and stick
U.K.�s fight against militancy leads to battle over freedoms
        When a selfie is not enough: India abuzz over �velfie� craze
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* The Daily Beast explores claim that U.S., UK and Canada are not training extreme-right militias in Ukraine
* U.S. and NATO step up military threats on Russia's borders
* U.S. to pay salaries of foreign administration appointed to govern Odessa, Ukraine
* U.S.-trained police to be "rolled out" across Ukraine
* Media attack: Manipulation of reality in Ukraine

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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Both the Liberals and the NDP would be likely to continue Tory austerity, Stephen Gordon | July 6, 2015

Re:  Both the Liberals and the NDP would be likely to continue Tory austerity, Stephen Gordon | July 6, 2015

As part of the Economic Action Plan during the financial crisis, the federal government created a $200 billion Extraordinary Financing Framework to address the freeze in the credit markets. Where did that $200 billion come from? Did income taxes go up?  No, the Conservatives pride themselves on lowering taxes. Did the government borrow money?  No, on the contrary the government was bailing out all the private sector financial institutions by lending money directly to them.

It is clear that the federal government which owns a central bank can create Canadian dollars whenever it needs to deal with crises. The creation of enormous sums of money to support the financial establishment is politically acceptable and subject to no particular scrutiny by the mass media. However, the NDP or the Liberals when in government could use that same fiscal capacity for a massive program of infrastructure renewal and job creation that would benefit the majority of Canadians. Will they take such action, or will they drink the austerity kool-aid that the Conservatives have happily offered them?


1. Improving Access to Financing and Strengthening Canada's ...

To soften the impact of the crisis, the first phase of Canada�s Economic Action Plan included measures to provide up to $200 billion to support lending to Canadian households and businesses through the Extraordinary Financing Framework.


In addition, the Extraordinary Financing Framework is comprised of five elements: (1) providing
funding to Canadian financial institutions through the Insured Mortgage Purchase Program and
the Canada Mortgage Bond program; (2) expanding financing for Canadian businesses through
Export Development Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada;
(3) increasing collaboration between financial Crown corporations and private sector lenders
and credit insurers under a business Credit Availability program; (4) designing a Canadian Secured Credit
Facility; and (5) initiating a Canadian Lenders Assurance Facility and the Canadian Life Insurers Assurance
Facility to provide insurance on the wholesale term borrowing of federally regulated deposit-taking institutions,
and life insurers. Additional measures include the ability to offer guarantees on bank and insurance liabilities,
and the authority to engage in transactions to maintain financial stability, including providing capital injections

2. What is Modern Monetary Theory, or �MMT�?

The essential insight of Modern Monetary Theory (or �MMT�) is that sovereign, currency-issuing countries are only constrained by real limits. They are not constrained, and cannot be constrained, by purely financial limits because, as issuers of their respective fiat-currencies, they can never �run out of money.� This doesn�t mean that governments can spend without limit, or overspend without causing inflation, or that government should spend any sum unwisely. What it emphatically does mean is that no such sovereign government can be forced to tolerate mass unemployment because of the state of its finances � no matter what that state happens to be.


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