Monday 6 July 2015



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Oil Crash Sent Canada Into First-Half Recession, TD Bank Says

Oil prices fall nearly 8%, dashing hopes for recovery
        Tories, NDP use situation in Greece to spar over economic credentials
Pipelines, climate change on the agenda as Harper, Notley meet in Calgary
        Tories most exposed to political fallout of community mailboxes in Ontario

Government abruptly drops Supreme Court appeal on overseas CSIS spying
        NDP whittles away at the Conservatives� voting coalition
Canada, Japan at odds over B.C. timber in TPP trade talks, documents show
        Political parties must be made accountable, because honesty is the only thing doing it now
Both the Liberals and the NDP would be likely to continue Tory austerity
        The Harper government is marked by its mean streak
Economic uncertainty could help Harper
        NDP momentum puts Mulcair in rivals� crosshairs
Food for Sober Second Thought
        Harper wants transparency � but not for his government

Election becoming NDP�s to lose
        �The party has gone to hell� Newfoundland Tories lament
Bloc�s Gilles Duceppe returns to a changed political landscape

A guaranteed annual income in Alberta is a longshot
        How did NDP�s Joe Ceci end up at Harper chest-thumper?
Why we should think twice before we institutionalize national pharmacare
        Want to win votes? Hire an American campaign guru
Federal lawyer defies PSC over political bid
        Conservative Senator, satirical play, legal case, media comments all cited in Crosbie rejection
Consumer Sentiment Holds Up Amid Canada�s Economic Contraction
        Is �holding the course� putting Canada in recession?
Why Canada has fallen so far behind on public transit
        There�ll be no wine on Ontario supermarket shelves this year

Saskatchewan forest fires force 13,000 from homes
        Stability versus change: political leaders compete to define election issues
Calgary man soars over city in lawn chair attached to helium balloons
        Opposition leaders blast Harper on economy amid fears of recession
Peter Mansbridge drops support for Mother Canada project
        Confederate flag belt buckles, licence plates for sale at Stampede
Toronto mayor calls for meeting with Uber, cab company representatives
        Mixed emotions for RCMP standing guard at National War Memorial
Harper rallies Calgary Tories with song, attacks on opposition
        Fixed-date election comes with concerns, observers say

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden meets with PM Stephen Harper before FIFA final
        One man arrested, another bomb found in Winnipeg explosion investigation
Canada Without Poverty charity challenges Harper govt. audits at UN in Geneva
        Quebec�s anti-corruption unit to view Porter�s body in Panamanian morgue Monday
�Canadians will choose security over risk� � Harper targets Libs and NDP
        Ottawa tightens prison visitor rules, citing drug crackdown
Former Liberal cabinet minister blasts Young Liberal VP for �racist� Roma tweets
        Ottawa relaxes integrity rules for firms doing business with government
Senate Internal Economy Committee to decide over summer months which AG recommendations to implement
        Conservative commentator, Crosbie cousin baffled by rejection
We like where we live, especially if it�s Vancouver.
        Dismay Voiced by Firebrands Who Helped Put Harper in Power
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The Harper government is marked by its mean streak - Gerald Caplan, The Globe & Mail
        Is �holding the course� putting Canada in recession? - James Fitz-Morris, CBC News
Trans-Pacific Partnership talks: Canada, Japan at odds over B.C. timber - The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Conservative Senator, satirical play, legal case, media comments all cited in Crosbie rejection - Abbas Rana, The Hill Times
Ottawa softens anti-corruption rules for companies seeking government work - Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Senate Internal Economy Committee to decide over summer months which AG recommendations to implement - Abbas Rana, The Hill Times
NDP momentum puts Mulcair in rivals� crosshairs - Adam Radwanski, The Globe & Mail
        Why Canada has fallen so far behind on public transit - Lucas Powers, CBC News
Harper vs. �the other guys.� PM frames security debate - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        March for Jobs, Justice and Climate draws on allies for a clean-energy revolution - Tamara Khandaker, Toronto Star

Canada Without Poverty charity challenges Harper govt. audits at UN in Geneva - Dean Beeby, CBC News
        How did NDP�s Joe Ceci end up at Harper chest-thumper? - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
There�ll be no wine on Ontario supermarket shelves this year - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Mulcair�s flirtation raises questions - Shannon Gormley, Ottawa Citizen
Canadian economy observers brace for weak jobs numbers, calls for rate cut- Sean Silcoff, The Globe & Mail
        Enbridge keeps the faith in Gateway as pipeline debate rages- Yadullah Hussain, Financial Post

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Heurt� par une cycliste: un pi�ton bless� gravementPlus
        Le Qu�bec pourrait sentir l'odeur des feux de l'Ouest canadienPlus
Des fonctionnaires f�d�raux impay�s depuis des semainesPlus
        Les enqu�teurs de l'UPAC ont eu acc�s au corps de PorterPlus
Mauvaise blague de d�capitation: six employ�s cong�di�sPlus
        La Caroline du Sud plus pr�s du retrait du drapeau conf�d�r�Plus
R�ouverture partielle de l'h�pital de MontmagnyPlus
        La CAQ r�clame un m�nage � la t�te de Loto-Qu�becPlus
Attentats de Boston: Tsarnaev r�clame un nouveau proc�sPlus
        La Gr�ce a encore une mince chance de n�gocierPlus

Exploser le papier bulle avec ses doigts, c'est finiPlus
        Cavalier tomb� dans la rivi�re Saint-Fran�ois: les espoirs s'amenuisentPlus
Le ca�d Raynald Desjardins plaide coupablePlus
        Il survole le ciel de Calgary attach� � des ballonsPlus
Gr�ce: Tsipras sacrifie son ministre des Finances Plus
        Les pharmaciens livr�s en p�ture aux pharmaceutiques?Plus
Aucun train n'a circul� � Lac-M�gantic lundiPlus
        D�passements de co�ts: la CAQ d�nonce le manque de rigueurPlus
Le dynamitage est suspendu � StonehamPlus
        Une cycliste est happ�e mortellement par un fardierPlus

Explosifs envoy�s par la poste: un homme accus� Plus
        Le Bloc invite ses adversaires � appuyer la mairesse de LongueuilPlus
Un cachalot d�vor� par cinq requins sous les yeux d'un plongeurPlus
        Un ado de 14 ans fuit en voiture et se blessePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton Defends Her Liberal Record: �I Take a Backseat to No One� - Annie Karni, Politico
        The Unexpected Rise of Bernie & The Donald - Kathleen Parker, Washington Post
Sanders Wins Key NH Endorsement - Cassie Spodak, CNN
        Only Fools Underestimate Kasich - Thomas Suddes, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Bush Personally Offended by Trump�s Comments on Mexicans - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
        China�s Unsettling Stock Market Collapse- Matt Schiavenza, The Atlantic
How Iceland Emerged from Its Deep Freeze- Jenny Anderson, New York Times
        Japan joins US-Australia war games amid China tensions- The Times of India
Greece debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer- BBC News
        Greek �No� does not mean Grexit, but better deal, Tsipras says- France 24

Kerry says Iran nuclear talks �could go either way�- Al Jazeera
        US-led air strikes hit Isis stronghold of Raqqa- The Associated Press, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Dutch PM says Greece must accept deep reforms
        Canadian army called in as Saskatchewan fires force 13,000 to evacuate
UN watchdog in Iran for 'intense' nuclear talks
        French, German leaders urge Greece to offer quick proposals
Iran talks failure 'not ruled out': German source
        South Carolina legislature debates removing Confederate flag
Israeli officer who killed stone throwing teen felt in 'mortal' danger
        Hundreds in India celebrate Dalai Lama's 80th birthday
More than a million expected at pope's Ecuador mass
        Iran pushes for end to arms embargo in nuke deal

Zimbabwean government exports elephants despite protest
        Hungary passes law to tighten asylum rules
Afghans protest court ruling in mob killing of woman
        China to snub arbitration hearing on feud with Philippines
Russia hopes Greece reaches deal with creditors soon: Kremlin
        'Up to Greece to make proposals': France says after referendum
Australia moves toward referendum on Aboriginal recognition
        China using animals to predict earthquakes: report
Iraq, ISIS angered as Turkey hoards Euphrates waters
        On tense border, Turks welcome army but fear Syria incursion

U.S. and Iran: awkwardness of defending your enemy
        A timeline of Iran�s nuclear program, efforts to curb it
Iran deploys new domestically built long-range radar
        Diet can be the single biggest driver of environmental degradation
Asia laments America�s short attention span
        U.S. readies red carpet for communist chief
Fidel Castro seen in rare public outing
        China to create $19B fund to support plunging stock market
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From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Thje banksters rule the world??

Greece � The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media


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