Thursday 21 September 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 20, 2017.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Climate Barbie� tweet gives Liberals room to dodge tax change questions
        Dianne Watts to seek BC Liberal leadership, step down as Conservative MP

With second United Nations speech, Justin Trudeau goes where no Liberal PM has gone before
        Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer won�t post details of private fundraisers
Catherine McKenna Says �Climate Barbie� Tweet Isn�t New, Blasts Conservatives
        Lynn Beyak removed from all Senate committees
Singh has small lead in NDP leadership race, but Angus tops among party members: poll
        Liberal MP warns against �class warfare� rhetoric on proposed tax changes
�Join the confused club�: Dion�s dual appointment sent diplomatic staff scrambling
        Feds reviewing budgets and schedules for new resupply ships, icebreaker

Prime Minister Says Joseph Gordon-Levitt Convinced Him To Call Himself A Feminist
        Senators respond to Peter Harder�s Senate expenses article
Cullen says he�s not concerned about Singh�s lack of seat in House of Commons
        Liberals focus on safeguarding elections from cyber attacks instead of electoral reform promises
Know the dirty little secret about taxing the rich? It doesn�t work
        The misplaced praise for Jagmeet Singh
Why administrative changes won�t kill the Indian Act
        Lessons for Canada in New Zealand�s Indigenous-friendly electoral system

When Politics Loses Its Moderates
        Islamophobia is not colour blind: Paradkar
Is Jagmeet Singh poised to become NDP leader?
        Virtuous vanguard or tax-dodging scum? Aspects of the tax-loophole war
Canadian entrepreneurs divided over fairness and impacts of proposed small business tax changes
        Ontario introducing $50,000 fines for careless drivers causing death
Ontario environment ministry raids Volkswagen Canada as part of emissions scandal probe
        Attacks on Jagmeet Singh�s Sikh faith outrageous in most of Canada, but seen as fair game in Quebec
Trudeau weighs calls to join ballistic missile defence
        Incoming governor general meets with Queen for first time

Why Canada has two trade ministers: trade in the age of Trump
        Prime Minister Trudeau promotes �progressive� NAFTA agenda before U.S. audience
Federal leadership hopeful Singh stands by Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew
        B.C. Premier Horgan defends flip-flop on subsidies for political parties
Leading civil society voices want changes to Liberal national security bill
        Universities, Research & Canadian Public Opinion
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Gerry Ritz apologizes for calling environment minister �climate Barbie� - CBC News
        �Newbie� B.C. senator ready to lead Independents, says he�s no sympathizer of communist China - John Paul Tasker, CBC News
Trudeau to make pitch for Canada�s seat on the UN Security Council - Michelle Zilio, The Globe and Mail
        Jagmeet Singh on taking on Trudeau, winning over Quebec and now being �sufficiently electable� - Maura Forrest and John Ivison
Ontario cracking down on careless and distracted driving with new penalties - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Ontario political leaders� attempts to plow ahead halted by rain - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Liberals will offer measure to soften small business tax changes, source says - Karina Roman, CBC News
        France eager to have Canada join peacekeeping efforts in Mali - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star
Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew says questions about assault accusations continue - Steve Lambert - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Trudeau�s tax pitch is based on myths and class-envy - Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun

Trudeau�s tough talk helps on Boeing, hinders on tax changes - Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
        Wynne�s reckless minimum wage policy - Ben Eissen, Toronto Sun
Horgan, Weaver both breaking party funding vows - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
        Toys R Us files for bankruptcy protection- The Associated Press, CBC News
Don�t be fooled by reports of a hot economy. Canada�s struggling- Philip Cross, Financial Post
        Statistics Canada says manufacturing sales fell 2.6 per cent in July- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Fiat Chrysler recalling 494,417 Ram trucks for safety issue- CTV News


Le d�put� conservateur Gerry Ritz sous le feu des critiquesPlus
        Disparition d'Yvon Lacasse: op�ration de recherche � ArundelPlus
L'Iran d�fend � l'ONU l'accord nucl�aire face au �voyou� TrumpPlus
        Un s�isme d'une magnitude de 6,1 frappe la c�te est du JaponPlus
Julie Payette rencontre la reine ElizabethPlus
        La police saisit 10 millions de bulletins de votePlus
Un recteur d�core sa table de fleurs de cotons lors d'un diner avec des �tudiants noirsPlus
        �C'est un lendemain de veille qui ne finit pas�Plus
Un livreur de pizza assassin� par des clientsPlus
        R�publique d�mocratique du Congo: 12 morts et 92 disparus dans une inondationPlus

Les pr�c�dents s�ismes meurtriers au MexiquePlus
        �Favoriser les d�tenus pour faire perdre leur emploi � d'honn�tes travailleurs� - Pierre FerronPlus
Attentat de Londres: deux nouvelles arrestations mercrediPlus
        Un corps calcin� d�couvert apr�s un incendie de v�hiculePlus
L'ouragan Maria d�ferle sur Porto RicoPlus
        Mexique: 248 morts, dont au moins 21 enfantsPlus
Les s�ismes les plus puissants des trente derni�res ann�esPlus
        Explosion des demandes d'asilePlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
New Deadline for FBI as Trump Dossier Standoff Deepens - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Russian Collusion? It�s a Delusion - Roger Stone, USA Today
Listen Up, U.N.: Trump Means What He�s Telling You - John Moody, Fox News
        Will Trump Keep Swimming With the Democrats? - Jeffrey Frank, The New Yorker
A Way Out for Dems: The President Offers a Deal - William Allen, American Greatness
        Trump�s Unpresidential Presidency Keeps Hitting New Lows - Chris Cillizza, CNN
Republicans predict Senate ObamaCare repeal would pass House - Scott Wong, The Hill
        The Hapless Smear Campaign Against Jim Comey - Bradley Moss, Politico
Graham positions his health-care plan as a choice between �socialism or federalism� - Philip Bump, Washington Post
        French Cardinal Barbarin to face trial for covering up clerical sex abuse- France 24

UN investigators demand �full, unfettered� access to Myanmar- AFP, The Times Of India
        Donald Trump threatens to �totally destroy� North Korea in UN speech- Julian Borger, The Guardian
Catalonia referendum: Spanish raid on Unipost deals blow to vote- BBC News
        Why were 39 Burundian refugees shot dead in the DRC?- Azad Essa & Steve Wembi, Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Strong 6.1 quake off Japan's east coast: USGS
        Abbas looks to alternatives if two-state solution abandoned
Iran capability purely defensive, Rouhani tells U.N.
        Report: Iran group hacks aviation, petrochemical industries
Trump made decision on Iran nuclear deal but does not reveal it
        Study shows lengthy waits for asylum applicants in Europe
Spanish police seize millions of Catalan referendum ballots
        Dozens of states sign nuclear weapons ban treaty at United Nations
NATO condemns UN nuclear weapon ban treaty
        Palestinian rights groups hand dossier on Israel to court

Police arrest high-ranking Catalan officials in raids
        Trump's North Korea threat leaves Asia struggling to explain
As Syrian war winds down, Israel sets sights on Hezbollah
        May to make high-stakes Brexit speech
Silent killer: Sweltering planet braces for deadly heat shocks
        Germany: The EU�s real puppet master
Kurds debate independence ahead of referendum
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