Saturday 30 September 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 30, 2017.

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PCs Hold Clear Lead in Every Region but Toronto, where they�re tied

Far-right, anti-fascist protesters temporarily shut Quebec border crossing
        Phoenix pay system backlog increased by 20,000 cases this month
Change may be at hand, or not, as NDP awaits first-ballot leadership results
        NDP president predicts multiple ballots in leadership showdown

Half of Ontarians want weed regulated like booze: Poll
        BC NDP to argue Trans Mountain pipeline expansion not in national interest
Netflix deal will lead to more Canadian content, heritage minister says
        A much-needed cultural revolution that isn�t revolutionary at all
Ottawa�s Netflix deal angers culture-conscious Quebec
        Liberals� feel-good cultural policy review ignores newspaper struggles
Trudeau Liberals set their advertising sights abroad
        Donald Trump�s Bombardier bullying demands more muscle from Justin Trudeau
Obama stubbornly clings to optimism in Toronto speech
        Can fairy tale hopes for Alberta�s political centre come true?

Should Canada have been more discreet about subsidizing Bombardier?
        National Defence blames �fiscal restraints� for cutting third navy resupply ship
Singh has a 62 per cent chance of winning NDP leadership: Mainstreet
        Canada�s army looks to recruit reservists in face of dwindling numbers
M�lanie Joly�s Netflix deal fails to address the real issues for Canadian content creators
        A bold vision for Status of Women
U.S. Demands Risk Scuttling Nafta Talks
        4 tweaks Ottawa could make to settle nerves around proposed tax changes
Canada�s economy pauses in July, no growth from June, StatCan says
        Senators bristle over Trudeau�s meddling on expense disclosure

UCP candidates promise more private health care at second debate
        Oops: Jason Kenney lets UCP membership lapse, gets waiver to run for leader
Officials cite threats and fears in documents on refugee influx
        Morneau expecting more blowback once tax changes tabled
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Obama says U.S relationship with Canada �not radically changed� under Trump - Meagan Fitzpatrick, CBC News
        Lawyers call for acquittals mid-trial in Sudbury Liberal bribery case - Allison Jones, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Nunavut Premier Peter Taptuna will not seek re-election - CBC News
        For Jason Kenney and Brian Jean, it�s Alberta versus the world - Jason Markusoff, Macleans
McGuinty chief of staff warned against deleting gas plant emails - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Canada won�t follow U.S. in reducing Cuba staff - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, CTV News
TD, RBC to allow certain shareholders to nominate board directors- Janet McFarland and James Bradshaw, The Globe and Mail
        B.C. government adds $50K to province�s effort to win new Amazon headquarters- CTV News
Trump�s tax bombshell is going to blow up Canada�s competitiveness- Jack Mintz, Financial Post
        Elon Musk says new rocket will fly people to the moon, Mars and from city to city- Christian Davenport - The Washington Post, Toronto Star
Equifax board launches review of executive stock sales after data breach- Reuters, CBC News


Ottawa somm� de r�viser les r�gles de l'aviation canadiennePlus
        Manifestation � Washington pour une plus grande justice racialePlus
Immigration: des manifestants pro et anti migrants se donnent rendez-vousPlus
        Crise du fentanyl: comparution de trois personnes � Montr�alPlus
Des milliers de manifestants dans les rues de Dublin pour le droit � l'avortementPlus
        Crise de la Cor�e du Nord: la diplomatie reste la solution la plus viablePlus
Porto Rico: Trump sermonne les autorit�s qui �veulent qu'on fasse tout pour eux�Plus
        Des milliers de manifestants en Espagne pour d�fendre l'unit� du paysPlus
Xi Jinping promet � son �ami� Trump une �visite merveilleuse� en Chine en novembrePlus
        Washington a des �canaux de communication� avec Pyongyang Plus
R�f�rendum en Catalogne: la police ferme des bureaux de vote, les s�paratistes d�termin�sPlus


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Delusional Dems and the Perils of Identity Politics - John Davidson, The Federalist
        Jeff Flake, in Feud with Trump, Now Faces Challenge from the Left - Sheryl Gay Stolberg, New York Times
Trump Met Former Fed Governor Warsh Over Fed Chair Nomination - Steve Holland, Reuters
        White House reminds Trump Cabinet members about travel rules - Julia Manchester, The Hill
The Next Republican Uprising Is Underway - Steve Kornacki, NBC News
        The swamp rises around an administration that promised to drain it - Anne Gearan, Washington Post
Trump Tax Plan Sounds Great�But Devil Is in the Details - Charles Gasparino, New York Post
        US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss North Korea, Trump trip on 2nd China visit- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Iran�s foreign minister urges Europe to defy US if Trump sinks nuclear deal- Julian Borger, The Guardian
        Catalan leader ready for vote that Madrid says won�t happen- France 24

�No good news in Puerto Rico� says mayor- BBC News
        Iraq imposes flight ban on Kurdish region after poll- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Protesters clash with police at Turin's G7 labour meeting
        Anxiety running high across Spain as Catalan vote looms
Austria's 'Burqa ban' law signals rightward political turn
        EU declines to rank rival bids for agencies leaving Britain over Brexit
Moscow denies Ukraine's accusation that it left troops in Belarus
        Spain seals off more than half schools earmarked for Catalan poll
Palestinian unity visit: rebirth or another false dawn?
        Britain's Johnson wants maximum 2-year Brexit transition
Sea critters hitchhike across Pacific aboard tsunami debris
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UN Takes First Step To End Israel's Impunity
Database Of Earthquakes Triggered By Human Activity Is Growing
Threatened With Extinction: World's 'Doomsday' Arks and What They Hold
Escalating war on net neutrality, Bell Canada wants to block Canadians� access to pirate websites

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Cc:,
Subject: Re:  NDP must halt 'job killing' minimum wage increase: UCP, Juris Graney, Emma Graney,  September 29, 2017

The focus on a potential cost of a minimum wage hike (i.e. jobs not created over a period of years) unfortunately draws attention from the overall benefits: happier and more productive employees, reduced turnover and associated training costs, and a general reduction in income and gender inequality that will result in a healthier and more stable society. 

Even if there should be dis-employment effects that harm a small cohort, remedial programs could be implemented.  The provincial and federal governments should offer a youth job guarantee where all applicants will be paid and trained for work in energy conservation, youth recreation, and community services such as helping the aged.

Those who protest minimum wage hikes on the grounds that the most vulnerable will suffer continue a grand tradition of resisting progressive measures. As the late Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith opined, "��The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."
1. Minimum wages 101
OECD (2006) finds that:
    The level of the minimum wage has no significant direct impact on unemployment

2. The truth about the minimum wage
    The research on minimum wage increases in the United States over the past two decades is clear:

    [Moderate] increases in the minimum wage raise the hourly wage and earnings of workers in the lower part of the wage distribution and have very modest or no effects on employment, hours, and other labor market outcomes.

3. Seattle workers better off after significant minimum wage rise
    low-wage workers� employment, hours and wages all rose substantially.  Neighboring areas that had similar trends in these variables before the increase and that, by the way, were also bound by the highest state minimum wage in the country when the increase took effect saw even larger employment and hours gains.

4. John Kenneth Galbraith quote


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