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Daily Digest September 18, 2017.

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Canada won�t do business with Boeing while it�s �busy trying to sue us�: PM

Liberals maintain double-digit lead despite Khadr payout, proposed tax reforms: poll
        Justin Trudeau, Theresa May pledge cooperation on Boeing, post-Brexit trade deal
Lawyers unhappy with CBA over tax stance
        Trudeau, fellow MPs remember Liberal Arnold Chan, burnish his legacy

Iqra Khalid urges fellow MPs to take unified approach in Islamophobia study
        Tories launch ad campaign against tax changes
PM Trudeau says he sent a letter to Suu Kyi on violence against Rohingya Muslims
        NDP needs jolt of energy, new voters, Singh can bring
Sen. Beyak got one thing right: more of the same for First Nations is not the answer
        The NDP and the road back to relevance
Why Bill Morneau�s tax reform plan is politically necessary
        Wanted: Party Leader with a listicle of qualities
Canada�s Nafta talks with the US are a model for Brexit. Theresa May, take note
        The Indian Act and the subsidization of the south

Dangerous days lie ahead for symbol over substance Liberals
        Power Play Strategy Session: NDP caucus meeting � leadership race � return of Parliament

It�s show time: fall sitting critical for Trudeau to start delivering results, say political players
        New Democrats Must Now Choose Between 4 Distinct Paths In Leadership Race
Election 2019 campaign unofficially underway, expect �sharpened eyes� on Liberals this fall, say opposition MPs
        Morneau chides NDP for opposing end to �unfair tax advantages� for wealthy
Wab Kinew�s historic NDP leadership win clouded by domestic abuse allegations, attack website
        Doctors angry at opposition to planned tax changes urge Ottawa to forge ahead
Bill C-49 rates an Incomplete
        Independent oversight needed on Senate expenses
Byelections to be held in October in Tory-held ridings in Quebec and Alberta
        Controversial House of Commons study on Islamophobia set to begin Monday

Where the federal NDP leadership candidates stand on the issues
        RCMP shelved hundreds of organized-crime cases after terror attacks
Failure to appoint adjudicators creates more delays as veterans battle for benefits
        Ahead of finance reform, BC NDP press on with lavish fundraisers
UCP leadership race shaping up to have no women
        The next battleground in Canada�s euthanasia debate: advance directives
General Motors workers on strike in Ingersoll, Ont.
        NDP Leadership 2017: The Rebel Yell Of Charlie Angus
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Hamilton has shed its rust. Can the New Democrats? - John Geddes, Macleans
        Ontario to toughen penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Avi Lewis: Obama created Trump, and Trudeau is doing the same here - John Geddes, Macleans
        Veterans may appeal for benefits again after temporary adjudicators denied them - Murray Brewster, CBC News
Where the federal NDP leadership candidates stand on the issues - �ric Grenier, CBC News
        Ontarians got the marijuana retail system they deserve - Chris Selley, National Post
Doctors supporting proposed tax reforms to send Morneau open letter - Colin Perkel, The Globe and Mail
        Parliament returns, and it�s a bit of a mess - Paul Wells, Macleans
Boeing promises $18-billion in benefits if it gets Super Hornet contract - Daniel Leblanc, The Globe and Mail
        Why Guy Caron and Jagmeet Singh top my NDP ballot - Tom Parkin, Toronto Sun

Handing out money for free harder than it looks - Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star
        Quebec is key for the NDP � the province just doesn�t care - Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
A charitable proposal amid the small business tax uproar- Jamie Golombek, Financial Post
        GM, Unifor talks stall over job security ahead of Sunday deadline- Greg Keenan, The Globe and Mail
Canada Goose�s global success is built on its �made in Canada� roots- Courtney Shea - Canadian Business, Macleans
        How this weird looking fungus could build a Canadian business empire- Colin Butler, CBC News

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Meurtre dans l'arrondissement du Sud-OuestPlus
        Guterres s'engage � une tol�rance z�ro pour les abus sexuelsPlus
Des maires convoqu�s par la justice d�s mardiPlus
        Indignation au Mexique apr�s l'assassinat d'une femme par un VTCPlus
Cor�e du Nord: Trump et Xi d'accord pour �maximiser la pression�Plus
        Nouvelles manifestations � St. Louis Plus
Gr�ve dans une usine ontarienne de GM: l'approvisionnement en VUS compacts en Am�rique du Nord pourrait �tre compromisPlus
        Myst�re dans des toilettes suisses... bouch�es par des liasses de 500 eurosPlus
Canada et Royaume-Uni vont n�gocier un accord post-BrexitPlus
        Affaire russe: appel aux dons de l'ex-conseiller de Trump Michael FlynnPlus

Le mannequin Emily Ratajkowski d�nonce des retouches photo dans un magazinePlus
        Une Porsche fonce dans la foule lors d'une exposition de voituresPlus
L'entrep�t et le magasin d'un verger r�duits en cendres � RougemontPlus
        Malaisie: annulation d'un festival de la bi�re d�nonc� par des islamistesPlus
Chine: il coupait les cordes vocales des chiens �bruyants�Plus
        Maria: apr�s la Guadeloupe, la Martinique passe en alerte rouge cycloniquePlus
Un employ� d'une foire tombe d'une grande rouePlus
        Des chasseurs et bombardiers am�ricains survolent la p�ninsule cor�ennePlus


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Trump Disarms His Party�s Hardliners - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
        Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With Russia Inquiry - Peter Baker and Kenneth P. Vogel, New York Times
McCain: Military readiness �continues to suffer� - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
        Trump Should Worry More About Congress Than Mueller - Ferguson & Zoffer, The Atlantic
Senate Republicans look to revive effort to repeal Obamacare by end of September - Elise Viebeck, Washington Post
        ESPN Is Letting the Conservative Trolls Win - Josh Levin, Slate
Bernie Sanders on Supporters Not Voting for Clinton: �No Kidding!� - Kailani Koenig, NBC News
        Trump Shares Doctored Image of His Golf Ball Hitting Hillary Clinton - Christina Caron, New York Times
Syria war: Russia denies hitting SDF force in Deir al-Zour- BBC News
        Japan�s PM Abe considers snap election as early as October- Reuters, The Times Of India

Tillerson says US could stay in Paris climate accord- France 24
        US ambassador: North Korea will be �destroyed�- Al Jazeera
Cyprus selling EU citizenship to super rich of Russia and Ukraine- Sara Farolfi, David Pegg and Stelios Orphanides, The Guardian

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Biggest and smallest creatures at top risk of extinction: study
        US immigrants sue over Trump's end of deportation protection
Israel gets first joint US military base
        May pushes Britain-Canada free trade in Trudeau talks
US and Iran argue over inspections at nuclear watchdog meeting
        Iran says US seeking to undermine nuclear deal
Iraq supreme court orders suspension of Kurdistan referendum
        Korean peninsula draws range of military drills in show of force against N.Korea
Palestinian unity dawns
        Kim Jong Un � unpredictable, crazy? Or smart, strategic?

All the secrets these trees could tell
        Ultra-Orthodox Jews refuse to enlist in the �Zionist army�
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More Doctors and Scientists Now Agree: Depression is a Physical Illness

Ancient tree reveals cause of spike in Arctic temperature - Phys.org

How Western civilisation could collapse
Can you have a hidden heart attack?


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From: "John Feldsted" <jfeldsted@shaw.ca>
Subject: Leftist discord

Democracy has been hijacked by vocal �protest� groups in print, on-line media and public forums.

The common denominators of these groups are censorship, discrimination and intolerance.  They refuse to allow anyone to voice an opinion that differs from their ideology.

If you disagree with lib/left group, your character is immediately attacked. Members of the group are intent on silencing you. Rational counter-argument or debate are not considered.

A growing number of people shelter in closed groups where all participants agree on an issue and are closed to dissenting opinion. They incorrectly claim that �everyone� shares their world view. When they are confronted, they march undeterred down hypocrisy road.

We are losing our thinkers; the people who analyze issues, research facts and seek a rational position. Lib/left ideology is centered on feelings and ideals rather than facts and issues. Personal responsibility is treated as an illness rather than an obligation.

Lib/left people never tire of telling us that we must be diverse, inclusive, and tolerant while they practice bigotry, exclusion and intolerance. They divide our society by income categories, rendering the lower classes to lives of poverty, maintain a middle class through taxation and reserve power and position for the elite upper class.

The lib/left is never called on their hypocrisy. When protest groups gather to stop someone from voicing an opinion or position they disagree with, the attack on our freedom of expression, their bigotry and intolerance are not part of the media presentation.

University activists, who act as a mob of thugs, invoke censorship with impunity. When they protest and threaten riots to stop a world leader (Benjamin Netanyahu for one) from speaking, their intolerance and bigotry is palpable � but not criticized. These students hope to graduate and join the elite class, to become our future leaders. That is frightening.

Our universities have become highly politicized. Students are encouraged, and in some cases coerced or intimidated, to accept leftist ideology without the critical analysis that universities should be teaching. This is disturbing as therein lay the seeds of the closed groups referred to above.

Passive acceptance of lib/left ideology must stop. Those of us right of centre must call out the lib/left for the bigotry and intolerance they practice. The days of do as I say, not what I do, must end.

We must protest the protest groups by demanding that our laws on unlawful assemblies be enforced. We need to write and comment to the media on left/lib actions that are bigoted, intolerant or abusive. If we fail to speak up, we are accepting the lib/left double standards and hypocrisy. We have been door-mats for too long and need to stand up to lib/left bullies. Their �sunny ways� must end. 
John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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