Wednesday 27 September 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 27, 2017.

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Why are Trudeau�s MPs giving him grief over tax reform? It�s because of Dr. Bob

Liberal tax reforms to be debated in Senate committee, which senators say is not made up of �nitwits�
        Status of women committee in limbo during Tory-Liberal faceoff over chair
Conservatives want emergency debate on Liberals� proposed tax changes
        Trade ministers praise NAFTA progress as others worry about snail�s pace

German politician eyes Canadian solution after �shock� of far-right breakthrough
        Trudeau �disappointed� in U.S. decision to slap 220 per cent duty on Canada�s Bombardier jets
Federal Liberals maintain strong levels of support and satisfaction across Atlantic Canada
        Time to end tax breaks that benefit the rich
The abortion debate still excels at dividing us
        The Liberals� rejection of an anti-abortion MP is a win for intolerance
Bombardier Blitzed
        Paying Our Duties in the Digital World
The most worrisome aspect of our current tax debate
        Morneau boxed himself in on taxes. May showed him the way out.

When �taxes� ceased to be a dirty word in politics
        Sidney Crosby reinforced the notion that hockey is a league for white people
Sidney Crosby isn�t evil. He�s a hockey player going to the White House

Liberals plan apology for 1939 decision to turn away ship of Jewish refugees
        Take hard line against Boeing in Bombardier spat, Quebec premier urges feds
Trudeau�s sunny Liberals trying to rain on Andrew Scheer�s day
        Canada�s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report
Health Canada, CBSA under �wasteful spending� reviews; Brison overseeing cabinet colleagues� work
        NAFTA negotiations wind down in Ottawa with few breakthroughs
The danger of projecting our politics on professional athletes
        A bold vision for Status of Women
Jagmeet Singh battles racism in Canadian politics with love        
Liberals� rope-a-dope strategy might work, but tax reform affair has hurt them

Two nuclear hotheads and a job for Justin Trudeau        
A plea from the Process Nerd: Please, no more �shadow cabinets�.
Humility over Hubris � A Useful Distinction
        Why the Pittsburgh Penguins should reconsider meeting Trump
Boeing Super Hornet jet purchase likely to become 1st casualty in possible trade war
        �Radical and overreaching�: Bell wants Canadians blocked from piracy websites
House committee reviewing MP sexual harassment policy; it�s a �completely black box,� says Elizabeth May
        Thunder Bay city council refuses to call for Senator Beyak�s resignation
�America First� shock-and-awe hits Bombardier: What�s next in tariff fight
        6 things fundraising data tells us about NDP leadership race

Gov. Gen. David Johnston on his letters to the Queen, reconciliation and how Canada can be better        
Bombardier stock takes hit after U.S. duties announced for CSeries jets
Boeing draws first blood as U.S. Commerce Department hits Bombardier hard        
Democrats would prefer Canadian labour chapter in new NAFTA: congressman
Manitoba MLA kicked out of NDP caucus over harassment allegations accuses party of double standard on Kinew      CF-18 upgrade plan more critical as Bombardier-Boeing spat puts Super Hornet purchase in doubt
Trudeau government spent $13.6M on sponsored social media
        A Tuberculosis Crisis, MMIW And Straight-Up Racism: Philpott and Bennett Discuss Their Biggest Challenges
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Business groups urge slowdown on Ontario�s $15 minimum wage hike - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Ontario bill will reveal drug company payments to doctors - David Bruser, Theresa Boyle and Jesse McLean, Toronto Star
TD warns raising minimum wage could cost 90,000 jobs - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Why the B.C. Speaker�s constituents are still speaking to him - Brian Hutchinson, Macleans
Why Wynne deserves to lose - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        Critics of Liberals� proposed tax changes zero in on succession planning impacts - Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail
NAFTA talks should stick to helping consumers and taxpayers, not pet clauses - Mark Milke, Macleans
        The cold truth: Wynne just doesn�t get it - James Wallace, Toronto Sun
Quebec shared concerns with feds over tax proposals, right from the start - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        NDP government stacks jobs with partisan insiders - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun

Canadians curious about marijuana edibles, but concerned about children: survey- Alison Auld - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Equifax CEO suddenly retires as data breach fallout continues- CBC News
McDonald�s supersizes list of corporations selling bonds in Canada- Maciej Onoszko, The Globe and Mail
        If Quebec rules stand, Uber says it�s out next month- CTV News


Mexique : apr�s une pause, l'�conomie devrait se relever du s�ismePlus
        Trump : les ouragans �auront un impact� sur la croissance am�ricainePlus
Trump � inapte � � la pr�sidence pour une majorit� d'Am�ricainsPlus
        Gestes brusques � l'endroit d'un enfant de 2 ans: une plainte d�pos�e contre la gardiennePlus
Sondage � Montr�al: Coderre et Plante prudentsPlus
        Catalogne: ce que l'on sait sur l'organisation du r�f�rendum interditPlus
Le nouvel alli� de Trump est un magistrat qui voulait interdire l'homosexualit�Plus
        Des orages violents attendus au cours prochaines heuresPlus
Son dossier redevient vierge apr�s avoir fait des menaces terroristesPlus
        Il aide son voisin en extirpant un �norme serpent de sa toilettePlus

La Russie d�truit mercredi ses derni�res armes chimiquesPlus
        Les talibans �visaient l'avion� du chef du PentagonePlus
�tats-Unis: un b�b� d'un mois abandonn� le long d'une autoroutePlus
        L'unique femme gouverneure d'Afghanistan d�mise de ses fonctions sans explicationPlus
Une drag queen montr�alaise de 9 ans en entrevue en Grande-BretagnePlus
        Une derni�re journ�e chaude avant le retour aux normales de saisonPlus
Un cocktail Molotov lanc� en direction d'un local vacantPlus
        Andrew Scheer d�fend la nomination d'une d�put�e antiavortementPlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Senate Won�t Vote on Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal Bill - Kim & Haberkorn, Politico
        Democrats Should Cut a Border Deal With Trump - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg
NFL Commits Suicide by Trump With PC Protests - James Robbins, USA Today
        U.S. Anthem Protests & the Disappearing Democratic Party - Eddie Zipperer, LifeZette
Sessions defends Trump�s NFL attacks: �The president has free speech rights too� - Lydia Wheeler, The Hill
        Feinstein warns Manafort �we will certainly use the subpoena power� if necessary - Michael Scherer, Washington Post
Officers to Be Reprimanded For Taking a Knee While in Uniform - Chelsea Bailey, NBC News
        Ireland to hold abortion referendum weeks before pope�s visit- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian
Erdogan: Kurdish vote risks �ethnic and sectarian war�- Al Jazeera
        UK terrorist identified as part of ISIS �Beatles� gang- PTI, The Times OF India

French President Macron presents vision of post-Brexit Europe- France 24
        Uganda MPs brawl during presidential age-limit debate- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Trump administration proposes refugee cap of 45,000 in report to Congress
        Iran FM scolds Trump for tweet, rules out nuke renegotiation
Mattis, NATO chief renew commitment to Afghan conflict
        Israel holds controversial ceremony marking 50 years of settlement
Kurdish independence referendum passes
        Trump, GOP tax plan cuts rates, nearly doubles deduction
'Big question' is whether Rohingya can go home: UN refugee chief
        Five things to read today
Russia to retaliate against US in military observation flights dispute: agencies
        Interpol approves membership for State of Palestine

Twitter aims to boost appeal with new 280-character tweet limit
        CSU complicates Merkel�s coalition quest
Germany�s opposition trap reminds of Weimar ghosts
        U.N. launches new plan to end turmoil in Libya
Centuries of friction between Catalonia and Spain
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Canadian governments have been supporting those who came to power in Ukraine in February 2014

Canada's two language groups both have internal cultural protections and seek to maintain them.

Minorities in Ukraine have just had theirs removed -

or give those doing it what they wish from us.

For your consideration:

Canada: Maintain cultural protections

Chrystia Freeland is to be commended for stressing the importance of maintaining Canada's cultural protections at a NAFTA dinner.(1)

As Foreign Minister this belief ought to determine her responses to Ukraine's government requests for access to Canada's satellite images (2), weapons (3) and Canadians acting on a peace keeping mission (4) while training troops for Ukraine. (5)

This action by President Petro Poroshenko, 180 degrees against Canadian cultural patterns, was signed late Monday after returning from a visit to Canada.  (6)

While here he requested access to Canadian satellite images be added to our considering providing weapons to Ukraine and our training its troops being extended to 2019.

Prime Minister Trudeau would be wise to continue not committing Canada to a role in Porschenko's UN Peacekeeping suggestion. (7)

He and his Foreign Minister would be consistent with her expressed concern for Canadian culture in the NAFTA context by joining Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia (8) in expressing dissatisfaction to the Ukrainian President over his treatment of minorities.

(1) Chrystia Freeland to stress importance of cultural protections at NAFTA dinner

(2) Ukraine asks Canada for access to satellite images to monitor Russian, rebel troop movements

      Ukrainian president says he believes Justin Trudeau is open to sending peacekeepers to his country

(3) Trudeau says government will add Ukraine to list of countries Canada exports weapons to

(4) The hitch in Ukraine's peacekeeping bid: Where and how to keep the peace

(5) Operation UNIFIER

(6) Ukrainian President Signs Controversial Language Bill Into Law
     Ukraine's president signs controversial education law - AP News

(7) The hitch in Ukraine's peacekeeping bid: Where and how to keep the peace

(8) Ukrainian Language Bill Facing Barrage Of Criticism From Minorities, Foreign Capitals

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