Saturday 1 April 2017


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Justin Trudeau would win another federal election tomorrow: Ipsos poll

Liberals to consider possible retaliation against Trump�s �Buy American� policies: document
        Bombardier chairman wants his pay brought back to 2015 levels
Bombardier defends pay structure after public outcry over executive pay increases
        Premier Wall owns shares in latest company he is trying to bring to Saskatchewan

Justin Trudeau challenges Matthew Perry to fight on Twitter� on April Fool�s Day
        5 things to consider as Conservative leadership camps release membership totals
Here�s what it�s like to punch the prime minister
        It�s time to rethink how we choose party leaders
Strategy Session: Multi-Horse Race
        West divided while Ontario, Quebec get the gravy

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Quebec sets a fiscal example for the other provinces (which they will, of course, ignore) - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Sunshine List reveals record 123,410 public servants made $100K or more last year - Kristin Rushowy,
U.S. has trade surplus with Canada, Freeland says - Mike Blanchfield, The Globe and Mail
        Kevin O�Leary calls out his own party: Ottawa Power Rankings - John Geddes, Macleans
Ontario�s top power couple are odd teammates - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        What does a pro-coal White House mean for Trudeau�s green push? - Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star
100 years after gaining the vote, women still struggle for equality - Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun
        CEO Bharat Masrani takes on the elephant in TD�s room head on, pledges �objective advice�- Barbara Shecter, Financial Post
McDonald�s opts for fresh beef, not frozen, for some burgers soon- The Associated Press, CBC News
        Ford seeks to limit stretched-out car payments- Bloomberg, Toronto Star


Plus de 600 000 $ pour lutter contre l'intimidationPlus
        Il termine sa course contre un arbre sur le mont Royal


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Ex-CIA Chief of Staff: White House Is a �Runaway Train� - Alexander Smith, NBC News
        What you need to know about Trump�s feud with the Freedom Caucus - John Wagner, Washington Post
Key Democrats to watch in Gorsuch showdown - Alexander Bolton, The Hill
        Things Go From Bad to Worse for Nunes - Tim Mak & Lachlan Markay, The Daily Beast
Schumer Leading the Dems Toward Epic Miscalculation - Liam Donovan, Politico
        Nikki Haley: Assad�s overthrow no longer a priority- Al Jazeera
Kim Jong-nam: Body �arrives in Pyongyang� in exchange deal- BBC News
        Russian submarines match Cold War-era patrol intensity- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
EU says no talks on free-trade deal until �progress� on final Brexit terms- Jon Henley, The Guardian
        Russian President Vladimir Putin says humans not responsible for climate change- France 24

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Trump says new trade orders set stage for manufacturing revival
        Moscow 'perplexed' by Tillerson's talk of 'aggression'
Canadian troops operate in east Mosul as mission extended
        White House says US must accept 'political reality' in Syria
Red palm weevil is 'global threat' after spreading to 60 countries: UN
        Merkel ally welcomes EU Brexit offer, warns UK against dividing bloc
Syrian warring sides went into substance, detail in talks: UN
        Spain must have a say in Gibraltar's future post-Brexit: EU
Canada wants to keep free trade with US: PM Trudeau
        Canadian ice dancers win third world gold

Wildflowers, dormant for years, bloom across California
        Outrage over Israel approval of new West Bank settlement
U.S. gives NATO allies two months for spending plans
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Secret Companies Allow Corrupt Cash to Flood Key Real Estate Markets

From: CurtisMacDonald
Subject: Larry Kazdan's reply

Hi Joe
First of all thanks to Tommy Thomas.

Mr. Kazdan refers to "Mainstream Economists" ! I agree they are mainstream for a good reason.

He refers to what happened in the Second World War. I will give him that but the times were extraordinary and unique that bear absolutely no resemblance to today's world. Is he suggesting that we go to war again to gain full employment. Who do we declare war on China or Russia?. I have news for you we would lose big time, which is not a shot at our military In today's world it is the Private Sector that creates jobs not the Public Sector, however it seems that we have a hard time convincing the general public of that fact. As both the Liberals and NDP and other left wing groups seem to think that it is the Public Sector that creates the majority of jobs and they have been trying to do this every time they get in power but keep failing at it, but keep trying as they never learn from their mistakes, which they repeat over and over again expecting a different result each time.

If it is as simple as you maintain. why do the Federal Liberals keep running up such huge budget deficits. Why run a Deficit at all? Why not just have the Central Bank print the money for the various Liberal programs? That way we would have no deficit problems.

What is your answer, to the fact that if we go that route those foreigners who hold a good chunk of our debt will no longer accept Canadian Dollars to repay those debts, because the Canadian Dollar outside of Canada will be virtually worthless. However Canadians who hold part of our debt will have no choice but to accept them for what little they will they be worth in Canada. Would Canada go bankrupt buying foreign currency to manage the foreign portion of the debt?

Never mind the three groups I mentioned before, what would you do with the 3 to 5 % sector, that are continuously growing of our population that contribute absolutely nothing financially to our society, but use huge amounts of taxpayers money? Every time they go to court the sector seems to grow.

I have an undergraduate degree in economics, and realize that I will never change your mind, and you will never change my mind, so this will be my last post on these topics, as there is no point to arguing with you, as it is a complete waste of my time.

Curtis MacDonald

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor <>
Subject: Re:  "Openness" leads to progress: Poloz, March 29, 2017]

Despite the highly-touted benefits of free trade and foreign investment, populations around the world are rejecting the neo-liberal version of globalization because the real-world experience is not prosperity but higher costs, growing inequality, stagnant wages and loss of jobs.

In Canada, the Prime Minister is rushing plans for an infrastructure bank that will reward foreign investors by giving them monopolies to collect user-fees. Now Bank of Canada head Stephen Poloz praises foreign investment which he apparently claims was the key behind Canadian projects like the St. Lawrence Seaway. 

In fact, the Seaway was a project financed over 70% by the Canadian government, and the U.S. government balance was provided only when Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent threatened to go it alone on Canadian territory.  Sad indeed that Poloz, whose institution should be funding public works at near-zero interest rates, is associated with a perverted version of history intended to help transfer the country's infrastructure to profit-seeking foreigners.

Larry Kazdan,


1. Creation of the St Lawrence Seaway
".....the project was met with resistance from railway and port lobbyists in
the  US,  and  hampered by war and depression  in  the  first  half  of  the century.  After 
rejecting numerous agreements to construct a Seaway, the US Senate finally assented
in 1954 when Canada declared it was ready to proceed unilaterally with its own Seaway. 
The  project cost  470 million  US  dollars,  336.2 million  of  which was  paid  by  the  Canadian  government."

2. Economist John Hotson
"When the Bank of Canada encourages the Canadian government, provinces, and municipalities to borrow in New York and Tokyo it is a betrayal of Canada. Where should they borrow when new money is needed for government spending? They should borrow at the government owned Bank of Canada, paying near zero interest rates-just sufficient to cover the Bank's running expenses."

3. Ottawa hires Metrolinx CEO to advise on Canada Infrastructure Bank, The Globe and Mail,  Mar. 28, 2017
"The government's rationale for launching the bank is that it will be able to bring together various forms of capital such as government funding, private investors and pension funds to build large projects more quickly than would have been the case with government funding alone. The projects would be a variation of public-private partnerships, which are already widely used in Canada for infrastructure projects. Critics warn that such deals can sometimes come back to haunt future governments, such as the Ontario PC government's privatization of Highway 407 in 1999. The province sold the highway to investors for $3.1-billion and allows them to profit from toll collection for the following 99 years."


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