Tuesday 11 April 2017


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Sean Spicer Causes Uproar With Hitler Gaffe

�Research her�: Email reveals Saskatoon MLA Eric Olauson ordered background check on constituent
        Leitch vows to roll back forthcoming Liberal plan to legalize recreational pot
Garneau imposes new air security measures, but won�t say what or why
        Opposition seizes on report that staffer flew to private island on a seaplane

Trudeau government proposes new restrictions on the federal budget watchdog
        Ottawa to speed up approval process for pot producers
Terse email scuffle a sign of infighting amid rising frustrations in more-independent Senate
        Ignoring polls, Clark bets on status quo election strategy
Canada�s Calling Card to a Troubled World
        Trudeau�s pot promise is about to be put to the test
Liberals should have announced an amnesty for pot prosecutions
        Radical tax reform is in the wind � here�s how to make it efficient and fair
Ambitious Horgan plans to unseat play-it-safe Clark crew
        BC Liberal platform underwhelms, giving NDP hope
There are no good options for Syria

B.C. Election 2017: The campaign has officially begun
        Trudeau government calls on Russia to end support for Syria�s al-Assad
Rona Ambrose meets Trump NAFTA point man; calls meeting reassuring
        �I was humiliated�: Student believes racism behind expulsion from Trudeau event
Cost of Trudeau�s Bahamas vacations mounts
        Granting agency focuses on �internal systems� after Canada 2020 sponsorship
Trump should listen to his instincts and stay out of the Middle East
        Old Age Security eligibility age should be raised to 67: report
CBC apologizes for �Canada: The Story of Us�: �Some people felt misrepresented�
        Conservative senators holding legislation �hostage,� Trudeau�s point man in the Red Chamber says

Federal Liberals 40, Conservatives 33, NDP 18, Greens 4 � Nanos
        Freeland to Russia: Get on �right side of history,� push out Assad out of Syria
Ottawa schedules emergency meeting as court delays intensify
        Mulcair says Trudeau didn�t invite him to Vimy Ridge commemoration
Ottawa tight-lipped on delay to improving no-fly list
        Indian navy may be in market for Canada�s Sea Kings
Thousands of Mounties sign union cards and remove the yellow stripes from their pants
        Trudeau: Russia partly to blame for Syria attack, solution can�t include Assad
Kevin O�Leary�s big promises about GDP growth won�t pan out. Here�s why

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It�s time for the opposition to walk their talk

Kathleen Wynne crusades against Buy American in U.S., but applies Buy Canadian in Ontario - David Reevely, National Post
        Ambrose meets Trump NAFTA point man; calls meeting reassuring - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, CTV News
How Kathleen Wynne can cool Toronto�s market by cutting tax � not raising it - Jack Mintz, Financial Post
        �Wait, so it�s two white guys?� The perils of designing bank notes by committee - Colby Cosh, National Post
Fix rising house prices, rents now, PC Leader Patrick Brown urges government - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
        Inside Kevin O�Leary�s investing fund misadventure - Joe Castaldo, Macleans
Quebec calls on Ottawa to appoint more judges after accused murderer goes free - Benjamin Shingler, CBC News
        Trudeau puts himself on the edge of a Syrian minefield - Mark Bonokoski, Edmonton Sun
How Ontario pushed back against U.S. protectionism - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        NDP will freeze BC hydro rates, says John Horgan - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun

Boutique eyewear retailers see prescription for growth as Canadians� vision problems grow- Aleksandra Sagan
        Albertans are about to find out just how messy and expensive kicking the coal habit can be- Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post
�Five signs Canada is in the grips of real estate mania�- Scott Barlow, The Globe and Mail
        Despite strong job creation and 2% inflation, Bank of Canada has room to hold rates: Don Pittis- Don Pittis, CBC News

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Pr�s de deux parties de golf par semaine pour le pr�sident TrumpPlus
        Assad est pire qu'Hitler, selon Sean SpicerPlus
La police intercepte un v�ritable danger publicPlus
        Arr�t Jordan: la CAQ r�clame une r�union d'urgence des ministres de la JusticePlus
Le Canada va s�vir contre le surbooking des avionsPlus
        Un bloc d'appuis albertains pour BernierPlus
Ils auraient soutir� plus de 500 000$ � une centaine d'a�n�sPlus
        Permis de garde sp�cial: 2000 propri�taires de pitbulls � Montr�alPlus
La tension monte encore entre Washington et PyongyangPlus
        Pr�s d'un million en amendes pour 5 contrebandiersPlus

Pyongyang promet de r�pondre Plus
        SQ: pas d'enqu�te sur les journalistes sans autorisation Plus
Trudeau fustige les r�gimes nord-cor�en et syrien Plus



White House Accuses Russia of Trying to �Cover Up� Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
N. Korea �ready for any mode of war desired by the U.S.�
North Korea issues warning as US strike group heads to Korean Peninsula
Russia must choose between Assad and U.S., Tillerson says
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Neil Gorsuch sworn in as Supreme Court justice - Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner
        Trump sued for not releasing White House visitor logs - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
Trump�s Secret Weapon Against Obama�s Legacy - Michael Grunwald, Politico
        The Democrats� Weakest Trump Talking Point - Jonathan Tobin, National Review
Republicans on Capitol Hill leave town with most of their agenda stuck in limbo - Paul Kane, Washington Post
        Russian opposition leader Navalny released from jail- Al Jazeera
French election: Macron vows to tackle terrorism by taking on tech companies- BBC News
        Russian arrested in Spain possibly linked to US election hacking- France 24
Pope to show solidarity with Egypt�s Coptic Christians in wake of church bombings- Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian
        China envoy holds N Korea nuclear talks as US mulls options- AFP, The Times Of India

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U.S.-Russia tensions over Syria will not "spiral out of control": Mattis
        US looking at possible Russia collusion in Syria chem attack
North Korea state media warns of nuclear strike if provoked
        Iran warns US action in Syria 'won't go unanswered'
Iraq's Sadr warns Assad could share Gadhafi's fate
        9 EU, NATO nations set up center to fight hybrid threats
Le Pen, Macron tied in run-up to French election: Elabe poll
        Trump approves Montenegro's accession to NATO: White House
EU 27 reach 'consensus' on Brexit guidelines: source
        US Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming

Putin says expects 'fake' gas attacks to discredit Syria's Assad
        Russia says experts can examine Syrian base
No G7 consensus on fresh Syria sanctions: Italy's Alfano
        US says Russia should abandon support of Syria's Assad
Russia, before Tillerson visit, says hopes US does not strike North Korea
        G7 nations agree no Syria solution with Assad in power: Ayrault
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The 19 types of smile
Trump Should Rethink Syria Escalation Read more


From: Glen Harewood


" ...Never forget that the government that claims the power to give you everything you want also has the power to take everything you have. " 
John Feldsted.          

I still fail to see or understand what salient, relevant response the gentleman Mr. Feldsted is trying to give.
Recounting a plethora of past federal versus provincial accommodations adds little or nothing to a worthwhile dialogue.
In the 21st Century in a democratic society, no  sensible and reasonable government can "claim" power.

 As Locke said, rulers, or government derive their power from the consent of the people. And that power can also be taken away from  a government by the said people.   
�...Men naturally possess certain large rights, the chief being life, liberty, and property. Rulers, he said, derived their power only from the consent of the people. He thought that government should be like a contract between the rulers and their subjects: the people give up certain of their rights in return for just rule, and the ruler should hold his power only so long as he uses it justly.�                                                                                                                                   (Locke, 1632-1704)

Glenn Harewood

From: Rene Moreau <rene.a.moreau@gmail.com>
Subject: re; On the road again;

When Prime Minister Trudeau is on the road, again, who is running the show. Who is the deputy prime minister, who is the chief of staff,
Such things really matter when we see corporate entities playing more and more of a part in government, while the act that allows this
says that they are ' ARM'S LENGTH  from governence' , or, in other words 'SELF-REGULATING'!�  Remember, all are incorporated. (no
citizenship, the rights, but not the responsibilities of humans, they don't DO Democracy, (government by the people, for the people) and
they exist to maximize money and power.

Governments used to control these entities. Now they lobby the government for regulatory capture, where corporate entities take over the job of regulation,�  and�  self-regulation and the government complies in far too many cases.

Read WCRW by David Korten.


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