Tuesday 4 April 2017


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RCMP, CSIS launch investigations into phone spying on Parliament Hill after CBC story

Liberals defend reimbursing Aga Khan for staffer who came on �illegal� Trudeau vacation
        Liberals say no to mandatory and online voting
Don Meredith faces ethics hearing as Senate blocks media access
        Ambrose�s judge-training proposal sparks Liberal criticism
Liberals lose support, Conservatives gain in status quo byelections

Conservative leadership candidates debate on CTV Power Play: Day 2
        Carbon tax could derail agrifood export boost
Aga Khan reimbursed for cost of staffer stay on Bahamas island during Trudeau trip
        Bombardier nabbed $3.7B in subsidies, yet the mob demands we punish its executives
Bombardier reminds us how easy governments make it to forget taxpayer investments
        Kevin O�Leary�s absenteeism amounts to a major weakness in his electability
Kevin O�Leary is running for a party of one
        Kevin O�Leary is dumping on the party he wants to lead
Backed into a corner, Liberals seek compromise on parliamentary reform
        Will Trump-style politics �Make Ontario Great Again?�

Kenney should focus more on the economy and less on social issues
        Alberta NDP MLAs gleeful in their indignation over Jason Kenney quotes
As NDP attacks over gay rights, Kenney goes on defence

Aga Khan reimbursed for cost of staffer stay on Bahamas island during Trudeau trip
        Senators oppose �clunky, pedestrian� gender-neutral changes to O Canada
Senate committee confronts one of their own over sexual relationship with teen
        Tories accuse Harjit Sajjan of lying about allies� reaction to CF-18 withdrawal
Conservative leadership race still a toss-up: party officials
        Tory leader Rona Ambrose pushes training in sexual assault law for judges
Let�s have a national conversation about Canadian values
        Nenshi could flame out in fight over new arena
Let�s not fall for populism�s shallow, destructive appeal
        Roman Polanski jail plea rejected by US judge

26-year-old Liberal wins federal byelection due to perfect storm, supporters say
        Liberal Senator Demands Beyak Resign from Committee
Someone is spying on cellphones in the nation�s capital
        O�Leary ditches debate, appears on MSNBC from Miami
Irving gets provincial OK for immigration pilot
        Optics on Bombardier executive raises tests Liberals� promises to middle class
Power Play: Tory candidates debate deficits
        Trudeau government taken to court for ageism and anti-Harperism
Comedian Russell Peters� remarks during Juno Awards �inappropriate�: Heritage Minister Melanie Joly
        Ethics probe clears former Alberta premier Redford again in tobacco lawsuit

Democracy watchdog says Wall investing in oil companies he is trying to lure should be a conflict
        Malala Yousafzai to receive Canadian citizenship, address Parliament
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Where Chagger goes, Harder is keen to follow

Ontario Liberals get hit by their own hydro blame boomerang - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Liberals must account for boost in exec pay: Brown - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
Senate committee confronts Meredith over sexual relationship with teen - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Ontario would become �beater capital of Canada� if Drive Clean scrapped: Minister - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Cap and trade just a carbon tax - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
        Missing, murdered women�s inquiry frustrating families, advocates say - Laura Kane - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Wildrose leader Jean disagrees with PC boss Kenney on gay-straight alliances - The Canadian Press, Calgary Herald
        Expect NDP to revive higher taxes for B.C.�s top earners - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
Quebec inquiry into protection of journalists� sources now underway - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Anger over Bombardier executive pay puts leaders in Quebec, Ottawa in tight spot - Jonathan Montpetit, CBC News

Trudeau is nickel-and-diming Canadians to death - Rona Ambrose, Winnipeg Sun
        The �new tobaccos�: Salt and sugar shunned as packaged food companies cook up healthier recipes-
Air Miles beefs up security for cash miles program after points stolen- Sophia Harris, CBC News
        Dollarama avoids pitfalls of its U.S. counterparts- Sandrine Rastello - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Frenzied bidding wars push Toronto homebuyers to skip inspections- Kim Chipman, The Globe and Mail

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R�actions outr�es � l'attaque �chimique� en SyriePlus
        Routes en mauvais �tat: un ��chec lib�ral�, dit LegaultPlus
La requ�te �Jordan� des pompiers sur la glacePlus
        Le kamikaze de l'attentat de Saint-P�tersbourg aurait 22 ansPlus
Verglas et pluie au menuPlus
        Un premier portrait officiel remarqu� de Melania TrumpPlus
Les lib�raux conservent un ch�teau fort � Montr�alPlus
        L'opposition insatisfaite du recul de BombardierPlus
Effondrement et explosion � l'ar�na de CabanoPlus
        Trump loue le �travail fantastique� du pr�sident Sissi en �gypte


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Conservatives believe they�re closing in on a healthcare deal with White House - Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner
        Dems Hit Gorsuch Filibuster Threshold, Forcing Showdown - Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC News
Bit by Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama�s Policies - Darlene Superville, The Associated Press
        Democrats just took the filibuster off life support - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
Tax Reform: A Must Win for Trump and the Republican Party - Liz Peek, Fox News
        Germany�s Merkel wants to limit Brexit fallout- Reuters, The Times Of India
Trump: If China doesn�t deal with North Korea, we will- Al Jazeera
        St Petersburg metro explosion kills 10 in Russia- BBC News
Julian Assange taunts loser of Ecuador�s election over tax haven allegations- The Associated Press, The Guardian
        A rock in a hard place: UK-Spain tensions flare over Gibraltar as Brexit talks begin- Louise Nordstrom, France 24

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US demands that Russia, Iran halt Assad chemical attacks
        US expands northern Syria airfield for huge cargo plane
Pope to meet with UK imams in bid to promote moderate Islam
        'No defense' against multiple Russian missiles: US general
Syria army 'categorically denies' chemical attack
        UN chief warns US funding cut could have devastating effects
White House condemns Syria chemical attack, blames Assad
        Gibraltar says Spanish navy patrol ship made illegal incursion into its waters
Spain's top court blocks Catalan plan to fund secession vote
        US EU official: no sign Trump plans to ease Russia sanctions

Putin, Merkel and Hollande discuss anti-terrorism data exchange; Kremlin
        EU ambassador denounces Israel's West Bank demolitions policy
Russia's Rosneft hopes Iran rulings can help it beat EU sanctions
        Mercedes joins forces with Bosch to develop self-driving taxis
Britain's May must prove 'no deal is better than a bad deal': committee
        Israel blocking access to Gaza, HRW says
Falklands analogy sparks war of words over Gibraltar
        Mexican newspaper closes citing insecurity for journalists
Birthday surprise for Doris Day: She�s actually 95
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: Glen Harewood

Joe, please see the attached.
 Given the present, and the timely Conservative and NDP leadership elections, I thought it might be
 interesting if one checked  OUR, and THEIR "SOCIABILITY Quotient."
Note:: Learner(s) = any human being who is capable of changing his/her behaviour as he/she interacts with other human beings in the world.
MATERIALS = any matter, phenomena, (or other human beings in the case of SOCIAL[ABILITY] to which a subject can/may be exposed.
NOTE: These Instructions below co-ordinate with the descriptors seen in the attachment.

On a scale of  4 --1, four (4) being the RICH or high point, and one(1) being the DEFICIENT (low) point,
 HOW "Social" are you, Your friends, employees, employer, your students/learners, your Gov't Leaders ?
This test, developed by 250 Educational psychologists,(Vide ACCS: Frymier, 1977), and modified by yours truly, is still valid today!!

1. Determine the age of the person (even yourself)
2. Turn each of the nine (9) descriptors in the bipolar Likert scale into a question
 at the  corresponding RICH and DEFICIENT poles of the scale.
 [ Example: Are you (am I, is he/she Communicative/Participator OR Un-communicative/loner??) ]
3. Score oneself (yourself/others)  according to your determination along the [4 ---1 ] sliding scale.(be honest with yourself)
4. Do NOT add (vertically) the numbers but view, AS A WHOLE, all the scores.
5. Then decide whether you are (one is) more or less RICH or DEFICIENT on the SOCIAL(ABILITY)  dimension {this is only ONE of ten (10) dimensions of examining ONESELF, or any other person}.
6. DO SOMETHING about moving yourself  from DEFICIENT to RICH, by choosing or exposing yourself to MATERIALS                ( PERSONS, books, literature, T.V. learning programmes, INTERNET bona fide literature, all  relevant data, pictures, music,  Art, etc) that would ENHANCE, CHANGE, and move you from  1 to 4 on the scale.

Copyright © W. G. Harewood. May 15th 2003.
NAME:_____________________________ AGE _____ Yrs.
4 3 2 1
1. Communicative/participator

1. Un-communicative/loner
2. Co-operative

2. un-co-operative
3. Forgiving

3. Holds (a) grudge
4. Friendly

4. Unfriendly
5. Empathetic

5. Callous
6. Sympathetic

6. Unsympathetic
7. Tolerant

7. Prejudiced
8. Altruistic

8. Selfish
9. Respectful

9. Disrespectful

L = Learner (s)/worker/person


L. can willfully and skillfully participate in group TOR

activities. L. can “hear” what other people say L. is uncommonly quiet and withdrawn. L,

with a minimum of distortion. L. has the capacity is unable or unwilling to relate to other

and inclination to share: has the capacity to be- people in positive, helpful, supportive ways.

come involved and to participate easily and L. socially isolates him/herself: is a “loner.”
effectively in conversations. L. is “left out” by others, or has “ copped

out” him/herself.
L. can take part in meaningful “give and take.” L. is very reluctant to participate in group

Learner is helpful, considerate, and accepting. activities. L may make many social blun-

ders, and is therefore very unwilling to
expose him/herself to a group or even
another individual.


L. can accept apologies for social errors that may L. is the kind of person who seems to hold a
have been made; L. is able to let “bye-gones” be grudge against others. L. finds it difficult to
bye-gones.” L. is sensitive to other people’s accept apology from others. L. seems to
feelings and beliefs. enjoy “holding” something against another
person, especially if that person makes a
L. makes friends easily; preserves and promotes PATHETIC
friendships that have been established. L. is L. is basically unfriendly, insensitive, unsym-
comfortable in a group, and identifies with other pathetic, and inconsiderate. L. does not know
people in positive ways. L. understands how other how, or is unable to do things that bring
people feel, and why they feel as they do. L. can people closer together; to do things that result
Walk a kilometer in another person’s shoes.” in durable meaningful relationships
L. is able to relate to other people on the basis of
positive and unconditional regard—not “I will
accept you on condition that you do so and so>”


L. can accept, although not agree with, the beliefs L. is prejudicial in the literal sense of the
of people who are of a different race, language, word. L. prejudges before he/she experiences
culture, and sex from his/her own. L. refuses to an event. L. evaluates what others are going

Prejudge in either positive or negative ways, peo- to say before they say it. L. judges the -

ple who are different from, or similar to her/him- correctness of information according to
self. L. values diversity among people. L presumes WHO says it, and HOW it is communicated.
and acts upon the beliefs that people are different L. judges the correctness of information,
but worthwhile; atypical but valuable; unusual according to how the information fits
but significant. his/her own belief system. L. is anti-pathetic towards groups that are physically, culturally, racially, and
religiously or otherwise different. L. rejects
these people, and denies them what he/she
is unwilling to deny to him/herself.

ALTRUISTIC SELFISH L. can “give of him/herself” to others; L. genuine- L. is over-concerned with his or her own
ly likes to help others; to assist them in their time, property, and talents. L. is unwilling
efforts to learn, develop, and grow. to share anything; is unwilling to give to
others, or to help in the development of other human beings.


L. is considerate of others in positive and help- L. is dishonest and deceitful. L gossips and
ful ways. L. recognizes that other human beings lies as a means of improving his/her image
must be respected because they have dignity and or position in any relationship, and as a
worth. L. is honest in relations with other people. means of making life inconvenient and
L. realizes that dishonesty causes distrust, and miserable for other human beings in the
that deception creates fighting among human learning or other types of environment.


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