Friday 7 April 2017


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Trump eyes new chief of staff; House Leader on short list

Canada briefed one hour before U.S. airstrike on Syria, Trudeau tells Commons
        �Canada is open�: Interprovincial trade deal a renewed push to drop barriers
NDP holds strong on province-wide lead, Greens sit steady on gains in new poll
        Canadians oppose policies that would align Canada with those of Donald Trump: poll

So what happened with the House rules fight this week? A recap
        Bank Of Canada Unveils New $10 Bank Note To Celebrate Canada�s 150th Birthday
Kevin O�Leary wants three percent economic growth and a crackdown on pipeline protesters
        Trudeau takes path of least resistance in backing Trump
Bombs don�t make you president
        Trudeau�s Liberals keeping their enemies close
Senate doesn�t have the constitution to oust Don Meredith
        You�re a feminist, Mr. Trudeau. We get it
Trudeau Liberals announce someone will be held accountable for something in Syria in some way
        After six years of slaughter and failure to act, Trump lets fly his Tomahawks out of the blue

A question for partisans everywhere: If President Trump does a worthwhile thing, can it still be worthwhile?
        NAFTA makeover will succeed after �serious and demanding� negotiations, Mulroney says
It�s a lonely town as Ottawa plans the death of oil and gas

Air force grounds Cyclone helicopters after training incident
        U.S. anti-Immigration policies a silver lining for Canada: Kevin O�Leary
Vice-Admiral Norman�s e-mail spoke of �blatant politics� of supply-ship contract
        Canada gains another 19,400 jobs of mostly full-time and self-employed work
In U.S. talks, Morneau draws link between anxiety that elected Trudeau, Trump
        5 things to watch in today�s interprovincial trade deal
Welfare rolls climb fast and high, Notley NDP government says life will get better
        Justin Trudeau takes questions�all of them
Ask Kady Anything: Secret committees and by-election monkey business
Super Hornet maker Boeing working to fix problems with oxygen, pressure loss

PM Trudeau supports decision to suspend top Navy officer in leak probe
NDP blitzes swing B.C. ridings in bid to unseat Liberals
Mandatory education on sexual assault law a hot topic at school for new judges
        Power Play: Conservative leadership debate: Day 4
Lynn Beyak calls removal from Senate committee �a threat to freedom of speech�
        Bernier happy for support of senator booted over residential school remarks
Rona Ambrose played role in Robin Camp appointment, former justice minister says
        NDP �obviously down,� but Trudeau providing windows of opportunity: Broadbent

RCMP accuse Vice-Admiral Norman of leaking cabinet secrets
        Correspondence shows Norman angered by attempted political interference in shipbuilding contract
Critics say McKenna�s budget videos may cross the line into self-promotion


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Tory�s taxation catch-22

Canadians oppose policies that would align Canada with those of Donald Trump: poll - Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post
        Canada fully supports U.S. action in Syria, says Trudeau - The Canadian Press, Macleans
In U.S. talks, Morneau draws link between forces behind election of Trump and Trudeau - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        U.S. anti-Immigration policies a silver lining for Canada: Kevin O�Leary - Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star
Canada�s role: If you think life will continue as always in Sleepy Hollow, you would be wrong - Matthew Fisher, National Post
        Liberals looking to funnel child care funding to �vulnerable� families - Jordan Press and Joana Smith, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Canada�s top spy agencies work out deal on �threat disruption� operations - Alex Boutilier & Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star
        Why a divided Conservative Party cannot stand - Chuck Strahl, Macleans
Tobacco companies may be working to undermine tobacco control initiatives: Philpott - Carly Weeks, The Globe and Mail
        Senator Beyak says �silent majority� supports her on residential schools - Kristy Kirkup � The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail

Lynn Beyak calls removal from Senate committee �a threat to freedom of speech� - Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star
        Ed Broadbent slams PM Justin Trudeau, warns of Trump-style politics - Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star
Fatal flaw in Ontario�s euthanasia bill - Dr. Mark D'Souza, Toronto Sun
        B.C. government was wrong to fire health researchers, says ombudsperson - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
Social assistance soaring in Alberta, even as economy improves - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Justin Trudeau takes his greatest feminist hits to Broadway - Anne Kingston, Macleans
How �Mad Max� Bernier went from comic relief to Tory front-runner - Shannon Proudfoot, Macleans
        Trudeau urges international community to get to bottom of Syrian chemical attack - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Barrick�s Argentina deal furthers Peter Munk�s dream of close China ties- Rachelle Younglai, The Globe and Mail
        Postmedia posts smaller losses, but revenue declines by 13.5 per cent- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

7-Eleven parent company to buy Sunoco shops in record US$3.3 billion bet- Grace Huang and Kanoko Matsuyama, Bloomberg News,
        Royal Bank CEO �increasingly concerned� about Toronto, Vancouver housing markets- CBC News


Il aurait envoy� une photo de son p�nis � la fille de son patronPlus
        Moscou accuse Washington d'avoir viol� la loi internationalePlus
Rues inond�es et maisons �vacu�es � Sainte-Th�r�sePlus
        Su�de: plusieurs morts dans un attentat au camion b�lierPlus
Frappes en Syrie: Washington a pr�venu le Canada avant son interventionPlus
        Quand Donald Trump rencontre Darth VadorPlus
Le fl�au des �humeuristes�Plus
        D�but des fermetures permanentes � Montr�alPlus
Triple meurtre: un message troublant de l'accus� sur FacebookPlus
        Isra�l �soutient totalement� le �message fort� de TrumpPlus

Quatre soldats tu�s et une base quasiment d�truitePlus
        Les �tats-Unis frappent une base a�rienne en SyriePlus
La CIA savait depuis l'�t� que les Russes aidaient TrumpPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
FDR�s War Against the Press - David Beito, Reason
        Pelosi says Trump�s claim Susan Rice broke the law is �weird� - Nicole Duran, Washington Examiner
Nunes steps down from Russia probe - David Nakamura, Washington Post
        Senate goes �nuclear� to advance Trump Supreme Court pick - Jordain Carney, The Hill
Democrats� Hate for Trump Voters Is Real - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
        Aung San Suu Kyi denies ethnic cleansing of Rohingya- Al Jazeera
Israel says Assad ordered �chemical attack�- AFP, The Times Of India
        Gibraltar sovereignty not up for negotiation, May tells Tusk- Rowena Mason, The Guardian
St Petersburg metro attack: �Bomb� found in city raid- BBC News
        Dutch men take a stand against homophobia by holding hands- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Merkel, Hollande voice support for US strike against Assad
        Syrian jets take off from air base U.S. missiles struck: Syrian Observatory
Jets launch raids from Syria base hit by US: activists
        Russia to close down Syria communications line with Pentagon: Interfax
US prepared to do more in Syria, hopes not necessary: UN envoy
        Russia says US strike 'illegitimate,' attempt to distract from Iraq
Sinn Fein demands new Northern Ireland elections if talks fail
        US lawmakers ask for disclosure of number of Americans under surveillance
UN says Syria action must abide by international law
        Pentagon urges Russia not to hang up military hotline

Russian PM says US Syria strikes 'one step away' from clashing with Russia
        Syrian rebels say US responsibility doesn't end with raid
Russian military says Syrian air defenses to be 'strengthened'
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>
Subject: Trump's missile strike signals end of Assad

The Editor
National Post

Trump�s missile strike signals end of Assad

Re: �After six years of slaughter and failure to act, Trump lets fly his Tomahawks out of the blue,� by Terry Glavin, April 7.

Although I thought that Syrian crisis can be resolved by bringing all sides together, it is now clear that Syria�s brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad had no interest in political solution and with Russian military support, he hoped to exterminate his opponents. He must have been emboldened by hands-off attitude of U.S. President Donald Trump to renew his chemical attacks on civilian population.

Now, enraged by his wanton barbarity, President Trump has ordered U.S. missile strikes on Assad�s airfield used for chemical attacks. This clearly signals the end of America�s indifference and the beginning of Assad�s collapse. His Russian and Iranian friends can only go so far. However, Trump must keep up his military pressure. Like all brutal dictators before him, Assad will bring his own downfall.


"Canada�s government has announced that someone will be held accountable for something in Syria in some way"

Those who agree the United States unilaterally determining guilt and acting to punish is to be applauded, STOP HERE.

Those who have doubts about any one country having moral authority to act against international law - READ ON

Washington�s Supreme Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons and Civilian Deaths


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