Friday 28 April 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST April 26-27, 2017.

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Kevin O�Leary drops out, endorses Maxime Bernier for Conservative leadership

White House considering order to withdraw from NAFTA
        RCMP allege Mark Norman leaked cabinet secrets to pressure government
Sen. Patrick Brazeau acquitted of charges related to drunk driving
        The feds paid private eye to hunt for a journalist�s sources
Kevin O�Leary met with Andrew Scheer before backing Maxime Bernier
        Kevin O�Leary says he tried to convince Bernier to quit Conservative race
Court documents lift curtain on cutthroat world of military procurement
        Canadian ministers dine with senior Chinese officials as trade conflict looms with U.S.

Trump explains why he didn�t cancel NAFTA, and still could if he wants to
        Off-the-books notes between vice-admiral and shipyard boss in �legal grey zone,� expert says
Ontario�s first balanced budget in decade promises billions in health care
        Kevin O�Leary shouldn�t be shamed after bringing life to Conservative race
Ontario promises a balanced budget, but it still doesn�t matter a whit
        B.C. Families Need Affordable Child-Care Relief Now
If this is the case against Mark Norman, it�s awfully thin gruel
        Religious accommodation and school boards
How should Canada respond to Trump? By doing things we ought to be doing anyway
        Will the Liberals� lacklustre legislative record make them reconsider their House tactics?
Bye, Kevin O�Leary! Good luck with your next wearable Bluetooth-umbrella venture
        Most Canadians think privatizing airports is a bad idea: poll

Senators, opposition set to challenge pot bill age limits, prison terms in committee
        O�Leary is out? Mr. Wonderful was barely in
Clown down: The post-O�Leary Conservatives
        Before Conservatives elect Maxime Bernier, they should consider this
Let�s Talk About The Social Deficit Created By BC Liberals
        Why has the Canada Summer Jobs Program become mired in politics?
Why the Telefilm debate is a red herring

Ontario balances budget, but debt rises to $312 billion
        Tensions Rising: Canadian Views on Foreign Conflict, China, & Trudeau in an International Crisis
Senate ethics committee to finalize report detailing fate of Don Meredith
        The late-night deal that sealed Kevin O�Leary�s exit
Liberal MPs get closed-door briefing on harassment
        �Goofy,� �Unbecoming�: former U.S. ambassadors blast Trump over Canada
Getting Trudeau onside with agrifood growth measures
        Freeland touts progress on softwood, and will be �tough and strong� with U.S.
Less than a quarter of caucus undeclared in Conservative race, with a month to go
        Michael Chong urges rivals to �get serious� as Conservatives gather for final leadership debate

Why are we talking about cupping and the Prime Minister?
        Blame Canada was a spoof, Mr. President
Don�t exhale just yet. France is still deeply divided
        John Horgan�s Casual Sexism Has No Place In B.C. Politics
Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act Will Help Alleviate Animal Suffering In Canada
        259,010 eligible to vote in Conservative leadership race
Exclusive: U.S. commerce secretary denies �trade war� with Canada
        Why Trump is starting a trade war with Canada
B.C. Election 2017: NDP jumps to double-digit lead on Lower Mainland surge, two weeks before voting day
        Prime Minister Trudeau photographed with former VP of group on Canada�s terror list
Trump�s new threat, after lumber tax, on Canadian dairy: �Watch!�
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Fighting back on false political perceptions
        Election 2017? Why Wynne May Not Wait

Conservative leadership candidates target Maxime Bernier in debate - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Changing the future for Canada�s conservatives, one dinner at a time - Meagan Campbell, Macleans
Canada is a great democracy. But you need to understand it. - David Moscrop, Macleans
        Could Canada�s border crossers prompt a political shift on immigration? - r
Hydro One extends no-disconnection policy to June - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Kathleen Wynne�s basic income plan is bread without circuses - Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star
Michael Chong urges rivals to �get serious� as Conservatives gather for final leadership debate - Aaron Wherry, CBC News
        Quebec offering loans to help forestry sector after U.S. announces softwood lumber duties - The Canadian Press, CTV News
I (barely) survived a night inside the Liberal party�s undrained Public Policy swamp - Terence Corcoran, Financial Post
        Wynne�s �balanced� budget doesn�t eliminate debt - Ben Eisen, Toronto Sun

Is history repeating itself in the softwood lumber dispute? - John Geddes, Macleans
        B.C. New Democrats make polling gains on eve of crucial debate - �ric Grenier, CBC News
Free trade, not �cartels�: Bernier - Antonella Artuso, Calgary Sun
        Sorry, Richard Florida, but Kathleen Wynne is no urbanist saviour - Chris Selley, National Post
B.C. premier warns that knee-jerk responses to proposed duties could hurt softwood talks - Gordon Omand,
        Provinces urge Supreme Court to relax tough new deadlines for criminal trials - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star
Liberals approve massive executive pay hikes - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
        Google, Fiat Chrysler begin offering rides in self-driving cars- The Globe and Mail
Wynne housing plan likely to cause pause in home buying: Report- Tess Kalinowski, Toronto Star
        Basic income finds support on right as �most transparent� form of redistribution- Mark Gollom, CBC News


Barack Obama critiqu� pour avoir accept� une conf�rence r�mun�r�e par Wall StreetPlus
Assad veut acheter la derni�re version d'un syst�me anti-missiles russePlus
Chefferie conservatrice: Jo�l Godin appuie Erin O'ToolePlus
Les agriculteurs am�ricains ne veulent pas voir l'AL�NA dispara�trePlus
Relations avec Marc Bibeau: le PQ demande la t�te du chef de cabinet de CouillardPlus
La Chine demande aux �tats-Unis de stopper leurs exercices en Cor�e du SudPlus
        Un soldat meurt lors d'un exercice militaire en AlbertaPlus
Conflit du bois d'oeuvre: Qu�bec s'engage � soutenir son industrie foresti�rePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Media Can Have Their Dinner; Trump Will Eat Their Lunch - J. Cashman, Boston Herald
        This is why the first 100 days is a �ridiculous standard� for judging presidents - David R. Jones, Washington Post
Ivanka Trump�s Role Leaves Women Scratching Their Heads in Germany - Alexander Smith, NBC News
        Barack Obama Is Betting Young People Can Save His Legacy - Jeff Stein, Vox
Parsing Trump�s Promised Tax Plan, From Rates to Deficits - Alan Rappeport, New York Times
        Trump denies changing position on border wall: �It will get built� - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea- BBC News
        Japan�s Abe to visit Russia for Putin meet- AFP, The Times Of India
Russian and western dispute over Syria chemical attack further muddies truth- Patrick Wintour, The Guardian
        Death toll rises as anti-Maduro protests in Venezuela enter fourth week- France 24
Russia steps in after Ukraine cuts off power to Luhansk- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Turkish referendum on Erdogan powers passed by 51.4 pct: final figures
        Syria to buy latest Russian anti-missile system: Assad
US tells UN to put 'all pressure' on Russia over Syria
        Syria's Assad says Israel 'supporting terrorists' by striking his army
Ukraine readies project to jam separatist broadcasting
        Kremlin criticises Israeli air strikes on Syria, calls for restraint
UK could join U.S. action in event of new Syria chemical attack: Johnson
        Trump gives Pentagon more flexibility on Iraq, Syria troops
US vows to force N.Korea back to nuclear talks
        EU's Juncker, Britain's May discuss Brexit ahead of EU summit

Russia says Turkish raids on Kurds 'unacceptable'
        White House readies order to quit NAFTA: administration official
Le Pen upstages frontrunner Macron in surprise visit
        Russia says US airstrike on Syria damages peace process
US missile defence equipment reaches S.Korea site
        US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel in Persian Gulf
NKorea stages artillery drill as U.S. submarine docks
        Quickening Arctic thaw threatens massive costs: report
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