Thursday 17 August 2017


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At least 13 dead, 100 injured in Barcelona van attack

Andrew Scheer won�t grant interviews to The Rebel under current �editorial direction�
        Trump calls removal of Confederate monuments �so foolish�
Wynne�s balanced budget plan relies on rosy projections for tax revenue growth: watchdog
        Alberta�s Jason Kenney, Brian Jean latest to distance themselves from Rebel

$800M 8-year maintenance contract awarded for new navy ships
        U.S. opens NAFTA talks with focus on trade balance � and a deficit of facts
Saudi Arabia defends use of Canadian-made armoured vehicles against civilians
        Scheer has a choice to make on the alt-right
Three legislative loose ends Trudeau needs to tie off ASAP
        Butts, Bannon and an unexpectedly effective courtship
Why The Rebel ditched the cause after a woman died in Charlottesville
        Not what the Donald ordered

Health Canada �gutting� law to detect dangerous medicines, with possible deadly consequences, advocates warn
        Work crew tears a hole in historic �Fathers of Confederation� painting at Queen�s Park
Share of anglophones in Quebec declining, not increasing, corrected census figures show
        Scheer says platforms given to �obnoxious� groups worth condemnation
The Conservative Party wrings its hands on condemning The Rebel
        Bromance begone: Gerald Butts must �disavow� reported friendship with Steve Bannon, NDP leader says
The Rebel exodus suggests just one �ism� separates far right from alt-right hate
        NAFTA 2.0 � Canada�s Wish List

Are Steve Bannon And Gerald Butts Friends? PMO Says It�s Just Business
        Figures show number of asylum seekers in July nearly quadrupled at Quebec border
Last year�s federal deficit smaller than government predicted: analysis
        Jobs, supply chain, growth: Why autos are such an important part of NAFTA
Military clergy struggle with directive to report sexual misconduct, documents show
        Andrew Scheer�s free speech pledge wouldn�t apply in Toronto case; spokesman
NAFTA: Early indications suggest autos will emerge as U.S. priority No. 1
        Constituency stands by beleaguered Alberta politician, decries �mud-slinging�
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canadian subsidiary of French defence giant gets $5.2 billion contract - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Canadians wary of Trudeau�s mess - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Petition urges head of Indigenous veterans group to resign after offensive online posts - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Ottawa inks education self-governance agreement with Ont. First Nations - Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        The Butts-Bannon bromance could end up biting Liberals - Adam Radwanski, The Globe and Mail
North American farmers unite behind NAFTA, supply management spat likened to �family fight� - Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post
        Does Canada take the threat of far-right extremism seriously? - Jonathan Montpetit, CBC News
Ottawa pledges $21-million for Africa�s famine crisis - Michelle Zilio, The Globe and Mail
        Big government makes us small citizens - Anthony Furey, Edmonton Sun
Bill Gates makes largest donation of Microsoft stock since 2000- Tom Metcalf - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        Canada�s housing bubble has vanished without a �crash landing�, say economists- Jonathan Ratner, Financial Post

Trump, in tweet, again blasts Amazon over taxes, jobs- The Globe and Mail
        CIBC to launch Simplii direct banking brand, integrate PC Financial accounts- CTV News
Fiat-Chrysler and BMW team up with Intel to develop self-driving system- The Associated Press, CBC News


Un homme de 47 ans est port� disparu dans le secteur de Saint-Paul-de-l'�le-aux-NoixPlus
        Les feux ravagent toujours le centre du PortugalPlus
Colombie: un r�seau international de trafic de migrants d�mantel�Plus
        Cor�e du Nord: S�oul exclut tout risque de guerrePlus
Deux policiers renvers�s � la sortie de Barcelone Attentat � Barcelone:
        Alexis Vadeboncoeur de nouveau arr�t�Plus
Treize morts dans un attentat � la camionnette � BarcelonePlus
        Un centre d'h�bergement temporaire ouvert Plus
Jusqu'� 3000 jihadistes de l'�I pourraient revenir en Europe Plus
        Demandeurs d'asile: 3700 interceptions en deux semainesPlus

Trump: la culture am�ricaine �mise en pi�ces� par les retraits de statuesPlus
        Elle part faire la sieste: son b�b� meurt de chaud dans l'autoPlus
Charlottesville: Trump accuse les m�dias d'avoir d�form� ses proposPlus
        Belgique: Salah Abdeslam renvoy� en proc�s pour des tirs sur des policiersPlus
Un immeuble patrimonial de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu part en fum�ePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump Loses Corporate America - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
        F.B.I. Agents Supported Comey, Surveys Show, Weakening Trump�s Claim of Turmoil - Matt Apuzzo, New York Times
This Is What Happens When You Let Trump Be Trump - Jack Shafer, Politico
        White identity politics isn�t just about white supremacy. It�s much bigger. - Ashley Jardina, Washington Post
Trump Is Right About Violence in Charlottesville - Stephen Presser, American Greatness
        Trump�s Horrifying �Take Three� on Charlottesville - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Bannon was proud of Trump�s Charlottesville remarks: report - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
        Endgame nears in Chile president�s fight to temper draconian abortion ban- Hannah Summers, The Guardian
Lebanon rape law: Parliament abolishes marriage loophole- BBC News
        Macron seeks release of French journalist Loup Bureau, detained in Turkey- France 24

UN chief: Time to �dial down rhetoric� on North Korea- Al Jazeera
        Xi Jinping looks to party congress to cement authority- AFP, The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Islamic State claims responsibility for Barcelona van attack
        Daesh (ISIS) claims responsibility for Barcelona attack: AMAQ agency
Putin urges global fight against 'forces of terror' after Barcelona attack
        13 dead, over 50 hurt in Barcelona attack: regional minister
July ranks 2nd for heat globally, hottest recorded on land
        Criticism grows over Netanyahu's response to US neo-Nazism
Amid US racial divisions, Auschwitz memorial issues warning
        Trump says media misrepresents Charlottesville comments
3rd Australian minister could be fired over dual citizenship
        Australian researchers in peanut allergy breakthrough

U.S. wonders if permanent treaty with North Korea makes sense
        Repeal of �rape law� only one of needed reforms: activists
Israel discloses the targeting of Hezbollah convoys in Syria
        �Marry your rapist law� gets scrapped, but more needed
U.S. Air Force upgrades Mideast command
        Moscow voices hope Iran will stick with nuclear deal
Elvis fans irked over $28.75 vigil charge
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CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST August 14-15-16, 2017.

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