Saturday 26 August 2017


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�Extreme examples� shouldn�t undermine free-speech pledge, Scheer says

Quebec tuning out NDP leadership race, poll finds
        Not �a slam dunk�: Mike Duffy faces uphill battle for $8M in damages, experts say
�Everyone has warts�: Indigenous MP supports John A. Macdonald�s name on schools
        Liberals Sending �Obviously False� Message To Would-Be Asylum Seekers: Canadian Council for Refugees

Conservatives won�t say if Rebel booths to be banned at future party events
        How a murky company with ties to the People�s Liberation Army set up shop in B.C.
National Energy Board warns of unmet Trans Mountain requirements
        Believe it or not, now might be the best time to talk about MPP�s pay
The anomaly of Julie Payette � a private person in this world of selfie sticks
        Trudeau could use a few more experienced cabinet hands

]Religious rights may dominate remaining weeks of NDP leadership campaign
        Extremists want Canada�s social norms to snap
Blame Trudeau? Blame Trump? Truth is there are no easy answers to asylum-seekers
        Some Conservatives have denounced The Rebel. What took so long?
Hatred hardest to see in ourselves

Mike Duffy may have a point in lawsuit against the Senate
        Niki Ashton Backtracks On Statement Dealing With Quebec Religious Rights Debate
Remnants of PC party hoping constituency associations pay off Tory debt
        Wildrosers come forward with money issues raised months ago
UCP releases membership numbers
        Parks Canada to look at divesting highways, bridges, dams
Fighter jet sale may depend on U.S. trade ruling expected next month
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Quebec secularism debate jumps to federal NDP race - Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star
        What do doctors really have to fear from the feds� tax crackdown? - Michael Wolfson, Macleans
Let�s pay up for Duffy - Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun
        Ottawa sends important message with gender-neutral passports: activists - Michelle McQuigge, The Globe and Mail
Foreign service union says Sarkar pay could impact future salary negotiations - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
        �Abysmally off the mark�: Residential school abuse process has tripled in costs to $3.1B - Maura Forrest, National Post
Changing NAFTA won�t stop auto-job exodus to Mexico: officials - Greg Keenan and Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail
        U.S. accuses former Soci�t� G�n�rale bank managers of Libor scheme- Brendan Pierson and Jonathan Stempel, The Globe and Mail
Veterans� groups �appalled� by website selling Remembrance products for apparent profit- Sophia Harris, CBC News


Vente d'armement � l'Arabie saoudite: une p�tition est livr�e au bureau de comt� de la ministre FreelandPlus
        Le �party� des Dark Soul's interrompu par une op�ration polici�rePlus
L'ouragan Harvey fait un mort au Texas Plus
        Br�sil: un 100e policier tu� en 2017 dans l'Etat de Rio de JaneiroPlus
Attaques � l'arme blanche � Bruxelles et Londres Plus
        36 morts en Inde apr�s la condamnation d'un gourou pour violPlus
D�but d'une manifestation � Barcelone en r�action aux attentatsPlus
        Un millier de manifestants � Moscou contre les restrictions sur internet, arrestationsPlus
Attaque devant le palais de Buckingham: l'agresseur avait un �sabre� et a �cri� Allah akbar�Plus
        Un d�s�quilibr� pr�sum� blesse au couteau trois hommes en France Plus

Trump impose des sanctions financi�res � la �dictature� du VenezuelaPlus
        Trump ordonne au Pentagone de ne plus recruter de personnes transgenresPlus
Le Canada et les �tats-Unis enqu�tentPlus
        Un feu de for�t force l'�vacuation de 1100 personnesPlus


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Liberals, Shipwrecked - William Voegeli, City Journal
        Democrats hit the road far away from their usual voters to win back Washington - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
Trump: �Kelly is doing a fantastic job as chief of staff� - Brooke Seipel, The Hill
        Mystery Deepens Over Who Funded Trump Dossier - Byron York, Washington Examiner
7 Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip in 2018 - Kamisar & Hagen, The Hill
        Far From Dixie, Outcry Grows Over a Wider Array of Monuments - Trip Gabriel, New York Times
Our Bigot in Chief Has Shown His True Colors - Sasha Abramsky, The Nation
        When Trump Fails, What Becomes of His Fans? - Jeff Greenfield, Politico
Bomber, gunmen attack Shia Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul- Al Jazeera
        Yingluck trial: Ex-PM �flees Thailand� ahead of verdict- BBC News

US Navy collisions a propaganda windfall for China- AFP, The Times Of India
        Peru tribal leaders vow to halt oil output unless indigenous rights respected- Dan Collyns, The Guardian
Toxic connection: North Korea�s chemical weapons link to Syria- Sam Ball, France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Turkey opposition chief challenges Erdogan with 'justice' congress
        Venezuela stages war games in defiance of US pressure
Syria Kurds preparing first vote in 'federal region': official
        Western Balkans leaders adopt plan to deepen economic ties
World�s cheapest currency has BlueBay, Goldman on its side
        Opening for cooperation between Israel and Arabs
Weekly anti-Netanyahu rallies grow larger in Israel
        War, blood, flowers and other myths
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


A tangental question: Did any individuals benefit from Residential Schools?

Subject: Sir John A. McDonald

Aboriginals, Ethics and Sir John A. MacDonald (and just about everyone else at the time)

Let's look back 300-400 years.  What if the "Indians"� in the North America won the "Indian wars"� and repelled the "Settlers?"�  What would we see if we were able to look around?

We would see thousands of "Indian Monarchies and tribes"� (in N/Am.) complete with ongoing disputes over/claims to "hunting grounds"� and
fishing territories".

We would see ongoing "Indian Wars"� between these "monarchies and tribes"� complete with killing, burning, torturing and enslaving the losers.  Whether you call it "Tribalism"� or "Racism" wouldn't make much difference.  And this would include a lot of murdered, enslaved or missing women.

We would see a population in North America about 2% of what it is today�hunting and fishing do not support dense populations like cities.  Where there was agriculture, the regional population might be as high as 10% of what it is today.

There would be no reading or writing or math or records.  No efficient (scaleable) transmission of learning. There would stories told by the victors�the very thing we're accused of today.  The Church ran Western Europe for 1,000 years because the "scribes"� (left behind) could read and write, and learn from records, and therefore knew more about farming than farmers.  (The church was killed by the printing press)

The birth rate for "Indians"� would be very high, much as it is today but the infant death rate would be many (6x�10x) times higher.  Life expectancy of a
20-year-old, would be about 40-50 years instead of 60-70.

There would be very limited movement beyond the hunting grounds.  There were no horses.  Although tribes had seasonal hunting and fishing patterns, and moved around with the seasons, there would be no routine and substantial travel patterns.

For this reason, each tribe would have characteristic immunities and disease sensitivities.  This is why so many of them died between 1490 and 1700.  They died because they didn't have well developed immunity profiles in comparison with Europeans.

And for this same reason, many of them could not talk with each other.  They had distinct dialects.  The outcome, "war"� was obvious.  We avoid a lot of war by talking.

We would see weapons and fishing tools characteristic of what we call "the stone age."�  There was no tin, no copper and certainly no steel.  Creating tools and weapons was time-consuming.

Given these characteristics, their territories (North America) would have been predictably visited and attacked again and again by more mobile and technologically advanced neighbours (just as tribes came across the Bering Strait 50,000 years ago and moved in on the peoples already there). 

Technologies and economies that support denser populations will always win.

Conclusion:  There was a lot of "unethical" or "immoral"� on both sides.  We're all human.  There was however no "mmorality"� in how things "turned out"  or who won.  It's just blunt force economics.  Horses are faster than run.  Steam engines are faster than horses.  Planes are faster than trains.  Rockets are faster than planes.  And a bicyclist will always lose in collision with a car.   Physics.

It's predictable. 

We're challenged today by the same dynamics.  Morality has nothing to do with it.  Whether we learn and evolve, or choose to fail and complain remains to be seen.  My money's on the latter.  Sadly. 

Air travel was not created by the railways and this has nothing to do with ethics.


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