Tuesday 14 November 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest November 13, 2017.

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Liberal government spends over $555,000 on Canada Post building wrap

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks
        Liberal government�s peacekeeping plan still �a work in progress�: UN official
McKenna takes to Twitter with anti-coal message during American pro-coal event
        Feds ready to deliver on lawsuit ultimatum over stalled Churchill rail repairs

Canada partners with U.S. climate resistance
        Duterte goes out �on a limb� to get Trudeau invited to key security event
Filipinos urge Trudeau to take out Canadian trash still festering in Manila
        No scandal, but a warning for Liberals in Paradise Papers
The myth of Justin Trudeau�s youthful government
        Canadian tax hypocrisy that favours the rich must end
Bill to start unrigging tax haven laws needs Canadians� support
        New family care policies provide more flexibility, but for whom?
The greatest weakness in Western democracies is us
        Protecting those at risk by protecting peacekeepers

Bernie Sanders and the missed opportunity
        Patrick Brown�s clever strategy is withstanding Liberal attacks
It�s time for a royal commission on taxation

Justin Trudeau quiet on human rights while in Philippines
        Canada�s Trudeau Proves Once Again He�s the World�s Most Popular Leader With Philippines Reception
Liberals haven�t rebounded from summer dip in the polls: Forum research
        Liberals delay $2.14 billion they couldn�t spend on infrastructure last year
Greg Clark on why he stepped down suddenly as Alberta Party leader
        Liberals have a �credibility gap,� Bronfman, Morneau obscuring Grits� message to fight for middle class, say pollsters, political observers
What�s really dumb? Trudeau�s carbon pricing plan
        More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issue �warning to humanity�
As Trump dodges questions on human rights, Filipinos ask Trudeau to step into the fray
        Senate swap gives powerful Internal Economy Committee chair to Independents, sets stage for new negotiations next session

Trudeau moving toward legal battle with Quebec over face-covering law
        Bill Morneau gets low ratings in new poll
Shoppers Drug Mart issues job posting for medical marijuana brand manager
        Bill Morneau opens up about his path to the political hot seat
Federal report outlines hopes, skepticism on free trade with China
        American lawyers gather to ponder Trump�s NAFTA options: Can he cancel it alone?
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Liberals delay $2.14 billion they couldn�t spend on infrastructure last year - Jordan Press - The Canadian Press , CTV News
As Trump dodges questions on human rights, Filipinos ask Trudeau to step into the fray - John Paul Tasker,, CBC News
The myth of Justin Trudeau�s youthful government - Catherine McIntyre, Macleans
Philippine President Duterte secures Trudeau invite for key Asia-Pacific security event - Andy Blatchford, The Globe and Mail
Liberals have a �credibility gap,� Bronfman, Morneau obscuring Grits� message to fight for middle class, say pollsters, political observers -
Liberals haven�t rebounded from summer dip in the polls: Forum research - Donovan Vincent, Toronto Star
Ontario knew about mercury contamination near Grassy Narrows in 1990: report - CBC News
Liberal MPs head back to their ridings to rally their constituents - Joanna Smith, The Globe and Mail
Canada, U.K. team up at climate conference in push to eliminate coal power - Mia Rabson - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Hundreds march through streets of Montreal to denounce racism, Quebec�s Bill 62 - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Trudeau�s invite to East Asia Summit proof �Canada�s back,� Freeland says - John Paul Tasker, CBC News
Stepping back but not down: How the Queen is gradually shifting duties to the next generation - Janet Davison, CBC News
If Trudeau�s not careful, he could end up like Coderre - Robert Hiltz, Loonie Politics
Trudeau in Manila to pursue deeper trade, security ties in Asia-Pacific - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Broadening a party�s appeal is tough in polarized times - J.J. McCullough, Loonie Politics
Cancellation leaves buyers of pre-construction condos priced out of market- Tess Kalinowski, Toronto Star
Bombardier in talks to reshuffle C Series deliveries to Delta- Alexander Cornwell, The Globe and Mail
The old GE is dead: $100 billion wipeout heralds reckoning for an American icon- Richard Clough - Bloomberg News, Financial Post
Passengers scramble after WestJet, Air Canada cancel Puerto Rico flights. Who�s to blame?- Sophia Harris, CBC News
Marijuana producers want advertising rules akin to alcohol, not cigarettes- CTV News

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�lections municipales: recomptage judiciaire autoris� � LongueuilPlus
        Le pr�sident polonais condamne les accents nationalistes et x�nophobes de la F�te de l'Ind�pendancePlus
Il tirait de la carabine � plombs sur des passantsPlus
        Hausse des crimes racistes autour de l'�lection de TrumpPlus
Avertissement de smog pour la vall�e du Saint-Laurent, l'Estrie et la BeaucePlus
        Ontario: un pied humain retrouv� sur les berges de la baie GeorgiennePlus
Abus des a�n�s : les comit�s des usagers critiquent la CSQ concernant les cam�ras vid�oPlus
        Fraude fiscale: Des amendes de pr�s de 400 000 $ pour deux Montr�alaisPlus
Avertissement de plus de 15 000 scientifiques face � la d�gradation de la plan�tePlus
        Les �missions de CO2 en hausse apr�s 3 ans de stabilit� Plus

1642 veut lancer sa boisson � l'orange fabriqu�e au Qu�becPlus
        Un enseignant suspendu apr�s le retrait du hijab d'une jeune fillePlus
Attentats du 13 novembre 2015: hommage surprise des Eagles of Death Metal � ParisPlus
        Un militaire nord-cor�en bless� en faisant d�fection au SudPlus
� Manille, Trump affiche sa complicit� avec DutertePlus
        Journ�e d�cisive pour le Venezuela, proche du d�faut de paiementPlus


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Trump Collusion Case Is Not Getting the Clinton Treatment - Andrew McCarthy, National Review
        Mnuchin: House and Senate tax bills have �absolute same objectives� - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
The Moral Cowardice of �If True� - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
        Republicans, Use Your Majority While You Still Can - Tod Lindberg, Weekly Standard
Former U.S. intelligence officials: Trump being �played� by Putin - John Wagner, Washington Post
        Tax Reform Won�t Save the GOP in the Midterms - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
What Virginia�s Election Results Mean for �18 - Dante Chinni, NBC News
        EU planning for collapse of Brexit talks, says Michel Barnier- Jon Henley and Rajeev Syal, The Guardian
Spain�s Rajoy urges return of �democratic and free� Catalonia- France 24
        Trump Russia: US �in peril over president�s stance�- BBC News

Myanmar troops systematically gang-raped Rohingya women: UN envoy- AFP, The Times Of India
        Turkey�s S-400 purchase not a message to NATO: official- Umut Uras, Al Jazeera

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Mexico readying economic response if U.S. exits NAFTA -minister
        Saudi coalition refuses to re-open key Yemen port
Saudi Arabia to host 'expanded' Syrian opposition conference
        EU's Mogherini urges 'no external interference' in Lebanon
Myanmar army denies Rohingya abuses ahead of Tillerson visit
        British Brexit minister offers parliament new vote on any Brexit deal
Israel bars French MPs planning to visit jailed Palestinian leader
        Israel operations will continue in Syria as needed: PM
Russia's Putin: our work with Turkey, Iran is producing results in Syria
        US to defend fossil fuels at UN climate meeting

Iran sticks to key limits of nuclear deal: UN watchdog report
        Non-secessionist solution to Catalan crisis possible, says ex-leader
New UNESCO chief brushes off US pullout
        Iran does not interfere in Lebanon: spokesman
EU readies sanctions on Venezuela, approves arms embargo
        Global CO2 emissions, stable for 3 years, up 2% in 2017: study
Putin manipulating Trump with flattery, ex-CIA chief suggests
        Israel signals free hand in Syria as U.S., Russia expand truce
U.S. outposts key to Daesh rollback in Iraq
        Putting a price on rainforests to combat climate change

Venezuela�s misery could worsen with debt default
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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Why UN Peacekeeping is worth the risks

"While UN peacekeeping is no miracle cure and there are no guarantees of success, when done right and properly mandated and resourced, UN peacekeeping offers the best chance for a society emerging from violent conflict.

Peacekeeping is the front end of a complex, long-term process of helping conflicting parties create the necessary conditions political, socio-economic, security for sustainable peace.
.....only the UN Organization can lead the mission if is to be internationally acceptable. Headed by a civilian in the role of Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG), with all the other components, including the military and police, reporting to him or her, the very structure of the UN peacekeeping mission reflects the centrality of the peace process. This stands in sharp contrast to NATO-led military missions, even where authorized by the UNSC to assist in stabilizing a conflict.
NATO-led stability operations lack the perceived legitimacy and impartiality of UN-led operations precisely because their political and military leaders are seen to represent a very specific set of powerful countries and interests. Not only does this undermine coherence in the international effort; it also constitutes a gift to spoilers on the ground decrying alleged �foreign occupation.�
An integrated mission under the overall authority of the SRSG also allows UN command and control to be decentralized to the operational level. This contrasts with the centralized, top-heavy and opaque command structure operating in NATO."

From: "John Feldsted" <jfeldsted@shaw.ca>
Subject: Organ donation a life-and-death matter

Humans are strange creatures. How many times have we heard arguments in favour of some law or regulation: �If it only saves one life.�? Organ transplant save many lives and could save many more.

Yet, when we consider donating our organs after death, many of us do not complete a form that will allow doctors to harvest our organs and possibly save a life. Apparently over 70% of Canadians support organ donations but only about 20% register.

Failure to create a will can cause serious problems and heartaches for the family left behind. Failure to register for organ donation can cause serious problems for the families desperately awaiting a donor organ to save a loved one. Our failure to act can have serious consequences for others.

We have laws to deal with situations where people die without a will. We need a law to institute presumed consent for organ donations. We are a compassionate people who will reach out to save others. The concept of not helping someone awaiting a life-saving organ transplant seems at odds with our standards and values.  

Those who object to organ donations must be allowed to register and be assured that their organs will not be harvested. We need a simple, universally accessible data base of those who do not wish to donate organs. Children, exempted by their parents, must be able to withdraw from the registry when adults if they so choose. Adults unable to make lawful decisions should be added to the registry.

This is not an insolvable problem. A change to implied consent can save many lives. Implied consent does not mean a universal harvesting of organs. We may not be considered viable donors due to age, illness, blood type and many other factors. Transplants are a complex undertaking but cannot happen at all without donated organs. That is the crux of the issue.

John Feldsted


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