Thursday 30 November 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest November 28, 2017

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Finance minister Morneau rejects Tory insinuation, threatens legal action

Finance minister�s nasty fight with Opposition over ethics spills out of the House of Commons
        Trudeau apologizes for decades of LGBTQ discrimination by federal agencies
Canada, EU in trade row over fees on aircraft exports
        Wynne says PC Leader Patrick Brown�s hope of finding painless cuts is �nonsense�

Conservatives accused of free speech double standard after Catholic university blocks abortion film
        Ottawa Catholic university ban on abortion film not under province�s authority
�I don�t think anybody owns it�: NDP will not concede election, Notley says
        With their vapid new platform, it�s �Back to Mush� for Ontario PCs
Andrew Scheer should take a leap of faith on free trade with China
        Patrick Brown plays it safe

The academic sky is not falling and free speech is far from dead
        Trudeau quietly strikes the right notes on North Korea
Alberta betting on booming marijuana market
        If Meghan Markle�s race doesn�t matter, why are people being asked to comment on it?
Harry�s gonna marry! Why that matters for all of Canada

Canadian hate crimes growing and more violent for third straight year
        Liberals table bill to expunge gay sex convictions, part of LGBTQ apology
British design first to be submitted in Canadian navy�s warship contest
        With no alternative to Phoenix, gov�t won�t scrap pay system, says Lemay
Finance Minister Bill Morneau silent on stock sell-off before tax changes
        Single mom says she�s battled the CRA for 6 months over child benefit � with no result
Go public and perish? Supporting the engaged scholar
        Where�s the love for poor, beleaguered Alberta?
You can argue it�s �Liberal lite,� but Ontario PC platform offers a pathway to victory
        Green party celebrates �absolutely astounding� win in Prince Edward Island

Liberals 39, Conservatives 31, NDP 17, Green 7: Nanos
        NAFTA�s potential end would hurt, but BMO says it�s a �manageable risk�
Top PMO staff cannot help pick ethics czar due to role in Bahamas trip probe
        Tories attack Morneau with allegations over 2015 sale of Morneau Shepell shares
Wilfrid Laurier professors seek protection amid freedom-of-speech debate
        Michelle Obama and Joe Biden in Toronto for separate speaking engagements
Privatizing Ontario electricity companies would help lower rates: report
        Liberals won�t appeal court decision that struck $1,000 deposit requirement for federal election candidates
$100 million for gay purge victims as PM apologizes for LGBTQ discrimination
        Feds hope to fill Irving�s scheduling gap between patrol ships, warships
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trudeau says his father was an �academic� when it came to apologies - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star
        Feds table bill to expunge �unjust� convictions of LGBTQ Canadians - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
With no alternative to Phoenix, Ottawa won�t scrap pay system, says Lemay - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Secret ballot vote on NDP MP�s bill gets underway - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
Green party�s Hannah Bell wins provincial by-election in P.E.I. - The Globe and Mail
        Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown�s rivals pan his plan - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
RCMP will redact more than 5,000 records collected using questionnaire targeting Muslim asylum seekers - Michelle Shephard, Toronto Star
        Bob Rae says he was unaware of mercury contamination while he was Ontario premier - The Globe and Mail
Feds face new pressure to help hobbled newspaper industry amid more shutdowns - The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Apology to Labrador residential school survivors must be followed by resources, say Inuit - David Cochrane & Lisa Laventure, CBC News

House passes marijuana legislation, bill moves to Senate - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Speaker should reprimand BC NDP over constituency office staffing change - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
Electoral reform resurfaces in British Columbia - Karl B�langer, Loonie Politics
        Brown�s plan to beat Wynne? Be Wynne - Jerry Agar, Toronto Sun
Left-wing firebrand who hopes to lead Mexico embraces NAFTA- CTV News
        Retailers are the first to feel the pinch as Canada�s red-hot economy cools down- Gordon Isfeld, Financial Post
Thinking of buying an extended warranty? Think again- Tara Deschamps, Toronto Star
        Merger madness: Canada�s marijuana industry enters consolidation phase- Peter Armstrong, CBC News


La manifestation controvers�e n'aura pas lieu au m�morial de la PolytechniquePlus
        Justin Trudeau s'excuse au nom du Canada aux minorit�s sexuellesPlus
Meghan Markle entame sa transformation pour devenir princessePlus
        Cr�ation une aire prot�g�e pour le caribou forestierPlus
La lutte contre le trafic de drogue sur le �darknet� exige plus de moyens Plus
        Projet de loi sur la l�galisation du cannabis : le S�nat prendra son temps, dit le s�nateur DagenaisPlus
Un refuge pour les LGBT, une premi�re en RussiePlus
        Le prince Harry et Meghan Markle se marieront en mai Plus
Le d�cor f��rique r�alis� par Melania Trump pour No�lPlus
        Un travailleur dans un �tat critique apr�s une chutePlus

Le dernier message du sous-marin argentin disparuPlus
        11 � terroristes � tu�s dans un raid des forces de s�curit�Plus
Arabie saoudite: sept ex�cutions, 130 depuis le d�but de l'ann�ePlus
        Un �l�phant ex-acteur tue son propri�tairePlus
57 migrants pakistanais retrouv�s encha�n�s dans une cavePlus
        Les centres d'urgence et les h�tels se remplissentPlus
3000 migrants disparus en M�diterran�e depuis janvierPlus
        440 personnes r�clament une place de stationnementPlus
Facebook compte sur l'intelligence artificielle pour lutter contre les suicidesPlus
        Lien rapide entre Qu�bec et Montr�al: le projet de monorail remis sur la tablePlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Roy Moore vows to �take off the gloves� in the final weeks of Senate campaign - Michael Scherer, Washington Post
        What Really Happened With Republican Platform & Russia - Byron York, Washington Examiner
Trump�s Russian Schizophrenia - Susan Glasser, Politico
        Africans Are Being Sold in Libya. Thank Clinton/Obama. - Glenn Reynolds, USA Today
Inside Melania Trump�s Secretive East Wing - Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair
        Michael Flynn�s role in Middle Eastern nuclear project could compound legal issues - Michael Kranish, Washington Post
Report: Sanders taking steps to correct political weaknesses - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
        Romanians protest against weakening of anti-corruption powers- Daniel Boffey, The Guardian
Zimbabwe officially declares Mugabe national holiday- BBC News
        Syria: 80 people killed in just over 24 hours- Al Jazeera

Saudis host first Muslim anti-terror summit � but without Qatar, Iran- France 24
        Indonesia says 40,000 evacuated from Bali volcano, more need to move- Reuters, The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

'We will take care of it,' Trump says after N.Korea test
        Saudis call Iran an enemy to conceal defeat in region, Iranian president says
Scientists discover resilient 'heart' of Great Barrier Reef
        UK targets gangs who use child drug mules with tough anti-slavery laws
Britain, EU agree on Brexit divorce bill: report
        North Korea fires ballistic missile
Over 1,000 US troops to patrol with Aghans in 2018
        Yemen officials: UN ship's cargo unloaded in rebel-held port
German neo-Nazi's Holocaust denial convictions upheld
        Uncowed Qatar to meet milk needs in 2018 amid crisis

Trump 'considering' US embassy Jerusalem move: VP
        WHO fears deadly diphtheria outbreak among Rohingya refugees
Bangladesh to turn island into temporary home for 100,000 Rohingya refugees
        Syrian Kurdish official to US: Don't turn your back on us
Teachers, parents 'shooting themselves in the foot' over wages, fees: Hamadeh
        Syria accepts Russian plan for cease-fire in besieged zone: UN
Irish deputy PM agrees to resign: Government source
        Israeli violations undermine cease-fire efforts: UN
Russian Orthodox Church investigates czar's killing in 1918
        Tough OPEC meeting looms amid spectre of oil deficit

Israeli Knesset begins passing pro-Netanyahu legislation
        Soaring bitcoin keeps central bankers on edge
Who says food is not an art?
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Please consider Zeb's views expressed below

Should you consider this a matter of consequence
share your thoughts - Mine on the matter will follow

From: Zeb Landon
Subject: Does Quebec's Bill 62 perhaps contain a wise principle?

Dear Joe,

We really ought to value individual rights--but may call it licentiousness or arrogance when freedoms are pushed to extremes. We recognize that rights ought to be extensive, yet admit there must be a limit determined by the possibility of harm, or significant risk of harm, to others. The perennial question is always: 'Freedom how far?'

Is it not a sort of 'natural law', or at least human nature, that when two or more individuals enter into close contact or common business they fully expect to see each others faces? Close business or interaction is a 'trust and sharing zone'. It's not normal conduct to cover the face when transacting any kind of business, for the basic reason of not misreading intentions, and for avoiding deceptions, fraud, or malicious intents.

If a bureaucrat or public servant would not require to see the face of a clientele who is seeking a public service, where will it end? Perhaps the bureaucrat will someday wear a mask too?

Would we find it acceptable to be issued a traffic ticket by a masked officer? I think not.

Nor do we approve of the anonymity of the face-masked Black Bloc protestors.

Convenience store and gas station operators and staff don't want to serve customers who conceal the individual features of their faces by hood, glasses, etc. and are hard to distinguish. Staff find ways to discourage this. They have much experience with petty thefts, bad cheques, and periodic hold ups. It would be silly to protect in law the covering of faces during what are normally face-to-face interactions.

Teachers in secondary schools encounter many instances where it is essential that every individual student be recognizable and accountable. Though it may not prevent unauthorized persons from entering schools for drug dealing or intimidation, being identifiable by facial appearance is an important deterrent. It would be cause for concern if a student were noticed whom one could not identify because of a concealed face.

I think everyone (including bus drivers, theater staff, sports facility staff, mall staff, universities, etc.) who are responsible for operating a "venue" of any sort, have the right to the degree of transparency that uncovering the face enables. They should exercise this right for the safety of all others present. It's the wiser course to keep social interaction in our society individually human, not dehumanized and opaque.  Legally protected face-concealment could permit us--and in the end even encourage us--to behave as 'trolls'.

  Z. Landon, Simcoe


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