Thursday 30 November 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest November 27, 2017

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Rookie MPs �super nervous� about Morneau�s ethical issues, worried Grits look like a �bunch of entitled elitists�

Federal government tries to head off potential layoffs at Irving shipyard
        Feds face new pressure to help hobbled newspaper industry amid more shutdowns
Canadians skeptical of China trade deal as Ottawa set to launch talks
        Liberals won�t appeal court decision that struck $1,000 deposit requirement for federal election candidates

Seven candidates vying for seat in Calgary-Lougheed
        Liberals rebound in polls, Nanos says women giving Grits lead over Conservatives
Wynne inks $1B in business deals for Ontario as China mission starts
        Why Trudeau will be his best advertisement�and worst enemy�in 2018
Go public and perish? Supporting the engaged scholar
        Why Justin Trudeau will eventually join the new Trans-Pacific Partnership
If we�re going to have a rink at Parliament Hill, let�s do it right
        Where�s the love for poor, beleaguered Alberta?
Women, learn your history, or be forced to repeat it
        You can argue it�s �Liberal lite,� but Ontario PC platform offers a pathway to victory

Can Rachel Notley win over Calgary business?
        Gutting net neutrality is a death knell for the resistance

End of NAFTA would trim 0.55 per cent off Canada�s economy, report finds
        Live at a tony address? Postal Code Project puts Canada�s richest neighbourhoods in taxman�s crosshairs
Torstar and Postmedia swap newspapers, close many of the titles
        Former MP to ask International Criminal Court to investigate Canada�s Afghan war conduct
Royal engagement has special resonance for Markle�s former fellow Torontonians
        Former Dion human rights aide pans Ottawa arms-control plans
Who is Patrick Brown and what has he done with the Tory party?
        Canada right to support Caribbean hurricane reconstruction
Election of Donald Trump comes with unanticipated benefits
        BP Canada applies to drill off N.S.

Canada 150 proved to be a big draw for tourism operators coast to coast
        Ontario Progressive Conservative leader defends platform spending
Small Knives Now Permitted On Most Canadian And International Flights
        Creative Canada reunites art and technology for a brighter future
Trade, human rights on the agenda for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau�s China visit
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trudeau announces another plan he expects the provinces to pay for - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Patrick Brown�s fiscally risky, economically dubious plan for Ontario - Barrie McKenna, The Globe and Mail
Politician �guarantees� are all the rage but more marketing flimflam than definitive - Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
        Can the Liberals� infrastructure bank live up to political promises? - Justin Ling, Macleans
From Calgary to Kabul: Former Alberta premier Alison Redford lands job in Afghanistan - Todd Coyne, CBC News
        Words are powerful but LGBTQ2 equality requires more than a Trudeau apology - Brenda Cossman & Daniel Del Gobbo, The Globe and Mail
Ontario allowing water bottling companies to take up to 7.6 M litres a day on expired permits - Allison Jones - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Trudeau wants to include a gender chapter in the new NAFTA - Joanna Smith - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Libs killing business one kilowatt at a time - Kevin Conner, Toronto Sun
        Cutting into Amazon�s dominance, U.S. retailers see victory on Black Friday- Matthew Boyle, Lindsey Rupp - Bloomberg, Toronto Star

How one city�s soda tax disastrously backfired on businesses and poor people- Peter Shawn Taylor, Financial Post
        A B.C. pipeline spill would be inevitable. But who would pay?- Erik Heinrich, Macleans
Should companies have to post salary ranges on job listings?- Maryse Zeidler, CBC News


La fuite est colmat�e sur l'ol�oduc KeystonePlus
        �Tablo�d� : Qu�becor lance une nouvelle plateforme num�rique de reportagesPlus
Attentat terroriste d�jou� en AustraliePlus
        L�galisation du cannabis: vote final aux Communes lundi soirPlus
Huit morts dans un attentat suicide pr�s de BagdadPlus
        Le m�nage commencePlus
La section d'aiguillage a subi un stress importantPlus
        Des amendes de pr�s d'un million de dollars pour quatre contrebandiers de tabacPlus
L'�glise d'Espagne r�prouve la d�claration Plus
        Collision frontale � Saint-Damase: une femme gri�vement bless�ePlus

Canada: Justin Trudeau en Chine pour resserrer les liens commerciauxPlus
        Une centaine de rennes fauch�s par des trains en Norv�gePlus
Deux hommes de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield arr�t� en Ontario avec plus d'une tonne de tabac de contrebandePlus
        Le cerveau de l'attentat � l'a�roport d'Istanbul pourrait avoir �t� tu� en G�orgiePlus
Dix corps retrouv�s sur les c�tes japonaises, en face de la Cor�e du NordPlus
        Fian�ailles du prince Harry et de Meghan MarklePlus
Volcan � Bali: alerte maximale d�cr�t�e Plus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Where Trump�s Support Endures - Michael Kruse, The Week
        Want to Know Why Roy Moore Might Win? Blame the Media. - Matt Latimer, Politico
Flake: GOP backing Moore over Dem �is political tribalism at its worst� - Brett Samuels, The Hill
        John Conyers Steps Aside From Judiciary Post Amid Sex Harassment Inquiry - Yamiche Alcindor and Sheryl Gay Stolberg, New York Times
Franken �embarrassed and ashamed� following sexual harassment allegations - Phil McCausland, NBC News
        How Congress Handed Trump a Historic Victory - Jake Novak, CNBC
Dozens of civilians killed in Syria air strikes- Al Jazeera
        Honduras elections: President Hernandez hoping for second term- BBC News
Zimbabwe activists fear post-Mugabe human rights crackdown- Jason Burke, The Guardian
        Nepal votes in 1st provincial polls amid democracy hopes- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Irish political crisis set for climax against Brexit talks backdrop- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Poet arrested for 'insulting Virgin Mary' on Facebook: reports
        Colombia deports Israeli accused of promoting sex tourism
Canadian mice adapt to warming by mutating, moving north
        Pentagon says reviewing "adjustments" to arms for Syrian Kurds
US new home sales rise to 10-year high
        Germany swings EU vote in favor of weed-killer glyphosate
Merkel's conservatives, SPD gear up for 'serious' coalition talks
        Replacing lymph nodes to ease painful legacy of cancer care
Migrant slavery casts shadow over EU-Africa summit
        Britain, Ireland at odds on border as Brexit deadline nears

Thousands return from Jordan to south Syria as ceasefire holds
        UN rights forum to hold special session on Rohingya: UN sources
Netanyahu averts coalition crisis over Sabbath 'desecration'
        Little prospect of Syria peace progress seen in Geneva talks
Indonesia orders immediate evacuation as highest alert issued for Bali volcano
        Israel races to head off United Nations settlement �blacklist�
Prickly pear cactus a �miracle� crop for dry regions
        Photographer captures human face of endangered species
Turkey support key as U.S. seeks to hold on in Syria
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Canada's local newspapers got a lot of bad news today.
 A deal between Postmedia and Torstar
will see a number of them close soon.

May lead to new local papers rather than centrally controlled.
Hope so - Joe


From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor Cc:
Subject: Re: Trudeau's housing strategy has pros, but how will we pay for it?, Lorne Gunter, November 26, 2017

Shortly after the 2008 financial crisis erupted, when big corporations and institutional lenders were in deep trouble, the federal government offered up to $200 billion in support through the "Extraordinary Financing Framework".  This was possible because Canada wholly owns its central bank which is the monopoly issuer of a fiat Canadian dollar.

Our Bank could operationally also create billions for building or buying the housing that ends homelessness. Since the Bank is a creature of federal legislation, the government can be just as generous to the down-and-out as it has been to distressed financial elites. As long as we have enough spare resources not currently used by the private sector - land, materials, and skilled labour - then we can build or renew the appropriate housing without triggering inflation and without raising taxes.  

Graham Towers, the first Governor of the Bank of Canada, was asked in Committee: "Would you admit that anything physically possible and desirable, can be made financially possible?"  His answer:  "Certainly."

1. Improving Access to Financing and Strengthening Canada's ... 
To soften the impact of the crisis, the first phase of Canada�s Economic Action Plan included measures to provide up to $200 billion to support lending to Canadian households and businesses through the Extraordinary Financing Framework.

2. Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence Respecting the Bank of Canada, 1939.
Some of the most frank evidence on banking practices was given by Graham F. Towers, Governor of the Central Bank of Canada (from 1934 to 1955), before the Canadian Government's Committee on Banking and Commerce, in 1939.

Question:   So far as war is concerned, to defend the integrity of the nation, there will be no difficulty in raising the means of financing, whatever those requirements may be?

Mr. Towers:   The limit of the possibilities depends on men and materials.
Question:   Would you admit that anything physically possible and desirable, can be made financially possible?

Mr. Towers: Certainly. (p. 771)

3.  Alan Greenspan, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, 1997

        "[A] government cannot become insolvent with respect to obligations in its own currency. A fiat money system, like the ones we have today, can produce such claims without limit."


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