Thursday 30 November 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest November 29, 2017

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Tory leader Scheer calls for Morneau to resign finance post

Canada reopens 2 underground bunkers at military bases as North Korea threat grows
        PM Trudeau strayed too far from historic wrongs in LGBTQ apology: Tory MPs
�Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend� calendar divides opinion
        Alberta�s oilpatch is heating up again

Canada-U.S. meeting on North Korea crisis to present united front: Leslie
        Trudeau names Alberta judge Sheilah Martin to Supreme Court of Canada
Singh supports language exception for Indigenous appointees to top court
        Better debates would bring better elections � so can the Liberals, for once, get reform right?
Did events at Wilfrid Laurier University cause you to roll your eyes? Three tips for creating meaningful debate and dialogue.
        Medical cannabis patients getting short end of the stick in new Canadian cannabis framework
When it comes to harassment in politics, powerful people are writing rules for themselves
        The toxic politics of income tax
The big shifts about to hit the Supreme Court of Canada
        Learning from the past is as important as governments saying sorry

On our 150th, a quiet celebration and a quiet strength
        The royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle will fix racism

3.5% pay rollback off the table, PST revenue down, $300M contingency gone: Sask. fiscal update
        Grits name ex-Liberal B.C. president, $30,000-donor to port authority board
Plan to deal with returning ISIS fighters sparks fiery exchange between Scheer, PM
        $175 million in federal money for working poor goes unclaimed
CSIS secretly capturing phone-identifying data of terrorism suspects: ruling
If Meghan Markle�s race doesn�t matter, why are people being asked to comment on it?
Trudeau urged to delay trade talks until China frees two Canadians
        Alberta�s credit rating cut after confirming $10.3B deficit, $42B debt
Despite Gates funding, Canadian startup nearly bankrupted after NRC ignored rent-leniency pleas
        B.C. attorney general orders ICBC to investigate claims linked to casino money-laundering probe

Canada vows to assist Montreal woman and her children who escaped Islamic State
        Older Canadians forgoing retirement, working through golden years: census
Give Competition Bureau Teeth to Protect the Public Interest, Says Hedy Fry
        Finance minister�s nasty fight with Opposition over ethics spills out of the House of Commons
Finance minister Morneau rejects Tory insinuation, threatens legal action
        Joe Ceci says �recession behind us,� wants unions to agree to wage freeze
As economy improves, Alberta�s NDP government says it�s time to cut spending
        B.C. Testing App That Blocks Phone Use While Driving
PQ MNA apologizes to high school students for using N-word
        Human and animal health are partners in curbing antimicrobial resistance in medicines

Heritage minister accused of doing �nothing� for newspapers after Torstar-Postmedia deal
        Lack of contracts for Davie shipyard an �injustice,� says Quebec premier
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Liberals are in trouble when even the Toronto Star applauds Brown - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Workers to get right to refuse unsafe tasks as Alberta overhauls labour rules - Dean Bennett - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
CSIS�s ask for telecom subscriber info of possible future targets denied - Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Feds pledge to fund Grassy Narrows mercury treatment facility - Kristy Kirkup and Allison Jones - The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail
Sorry has been the hardest word for governments - Evan Dyer, CBC News
        Wynne says Brown needs to be �transparent� on police probe of Tories - Robert Benzie & Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
Plan to deal with returning ISIS fighters sparks fiery exchange between Scheer, PM - Graham Slaughter, CTV News
        B.C. government�s surplus projection shrinks - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
Ottawa not to blame for newspaper closings: Joly - Susan Krashinsky Robertson and Daniel Leblanc, The Globe and Mail
        Feds� LGBTQ adviser says ending gay blood ban will take time - Rachel Aiello, CTV News

Long-term plan for Ontario�s infrastructure maps out projects, buildings, assets - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        No hidden agenda, Brown�s a Red Tory - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Time for Canada-China trade talks as Trudeau trip nears, says Poloz - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        ExxonMobil�s Hebron project off Newfoundland coast produces first oil- Nia Williams, The Globe and Mail
Airbus, Siemens, Rolls-Royce team up to develop hybrid passenger plane- David McHugh - The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        Scotiabank annual profit tops $8B for first time ever- The Canadian Press, CBC News
Rising interest rates amid high household debt biggest risk to Canadian economy: BoC- Jesse Snyder, Financial Post
        Many communities decry the closure of their newspapers- CTV News


Police, smartphone et vie priv�e: cocktail contest� en Am�riquePlus
        La cha�ne russe RT ne pourra pas couvrir le Congr�s � WashingtonPlus
Le Congr�s vote pour former tous ses �lus contre le harc�lementPlus
        �L'effet Meghan Markle� profite � deux marques canadiennesPlus
Un dialogue Washington-Pyongyang toujours possible, mais Kim renoncera difficilement � la bombePlus
        Pas plus de suicide dans l'arm�e que chez les civilsPlus
Sous-marin argentin: les deux tiers de la zone de recherche d�j� sond�sPlus
        Les � super �ruptions � volcaniques plus fr�quentes qu'on ne le pensaitPlus
Esclavage en Libye: r�union en urgence mercredi soir entre France, Niger, Tchad, ONU, UA, UEPlus
        Les conservateurs r�clament la d�mission de MorneauPlus

Rohingyas: le pape ne peut pas r�soudre �des probl�mes impossibles� Plus
        Pr�s d'un million d'enfants travaillent ill�galement au Br�silPlus
Donald Trump relaie des vid�os anti-musulmans sur TwitterPlus   
        Les Qu�b�cois moins scolaris�sPlus
Les travailleurs qu�b�cois plus en plus bilinguesPlus
        Saguenay et Trois-Rivi�res : les villes canadiennes avec le moins de travailleursPlus
Meghan Markle, une princesse engag�e qui va devoir faire profil basPlus
        Arrestation d'un meurtrier en s�rie pr�sum�Plus
Quelle d�fense pour Washington face � une menace nord-cor�enne devenue globale ?Plus
        Malgr� la menace du volcan, l'a�roport rouvrePlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
No, Trump�s �Pocahontas� Insult of Warren Isn�t Racist - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
        The Biggest Tax Scam in History - Paul Krugman, New York Times
5 Big Problems the Senate Republican Tax Bill Creates - Ezra Klein, Vox
        Tillerson defends leadership of State Department - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
Republican Victory May Rest Once Again With McCain, This Time on Taxes - Alan Rappeport, New York Times
        Conyers Case Shows What Dems Really Think About Harassment - Rich Lowry, New York Post
Do Senate Republicans have the votes to pass their tax bill? - Amber Phillips, Washington Post
        Zimbabwe announces amnesty for return of state funds taken abroad- Jason Burke, The Guardian
Frances Fitzgerald resigns to avoid �unwelcome poll�- Al Jazeera
        North Korea fires new ballistic missile, South Korea says- BBC News

Kenya president sworn in after months-long election turmoil- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Egypt security forces kill 11 suspected militants in Sinai shootout- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Britain's May in Saudi Arabia after surprise stop in Iraq
        Venezuela's Maduro to seek 2nd term in 2018: vice president
Russia accuses U.S.-led coalition of trying to partition Syria
        US believes it can defend against N. Korea missiles, for now
Syrian opposition wants Russian pressure for peace within six months
        Nothing agreed yet, says UK government responding to 'Brexit bill' reports
Israel to appoint new envoy to Jordan in bid to heal ties: Source
        Irish PM says progress being made in Brexit border talks
Merkel: End smuggling and slavery for Africans
        Israel bars Swiss diplomats from Gaza after Hamas talks

China warns of retaliation after fresh US trade probe
        Kremlin says new North Korea missile test a provocative act
EU considers new plan to ease disputes over migrants
        Hezbollah fighters to return after war on Daesh: Aoun
Artificial muscles give �superpower� to robots
        Tens of thousands dying from fake drugs trade
Will the thousands of foreign troops in Syria leave?
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "John Feldsted" <>
To: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Ruling over translation contract could cost CRA millions

Here we go again. Now the Canada Revenue Agency is in the stew for a few million dollars thanks to a bungled tendering process.

This is a penalty imposed by the courts. The CRA refused to accept a Canadian International Trade Tribunal decision, appealed to the federal court and lost. Neither the tribunal hearing or the appeal is done without considerable expense. Penalties will be on top of the higher price already being paid for translation services. It is not a matter of �could cost�. It is a matter of how many millions it will cost.

It appears that distrust of the CRA is well-founded. A bilingual management is no protection against ineptitude. A return to hiring based on qualifications and experience is in order.

John Feldsted
innipeg, Manitoba

Ruling over translation contract could cost CRA millions
Trade tribunal, appeal court find 'deep flaws' in tax agency's tendering process

Subject: Canada, U.S. to co-host summit to discuss diplomatic response to North Korea threat

This is an interesting development. US President Trump critics have been nearly hysterical about the President�s actions respecting North Korea and the dangers of the President having the power to initiate a nuclear strike on North Korea.

Now it turns out that the US has been working with Canada and other allies for many weeks to create a summit of foreign ministers to seek a diplomatic solution. The call for an emergency session of the UN Security Council is the usual knee-jerk reaction to any change in global security, but the US is not averse to seeing if something (anything?) will change. The usual response has been to employ trade and fiscal sanctions which have not proven to be effective.

Despite the threats President Trump has made in Tweets and publicly, the US is not currently proposing unilateral action against North Korea. That may change if North Korea engages more threatening actions such as nuclear tests. There will come a point where the threat level requires an admission that diplomacy has failed, and active action is required.    

Despite Freeland�s official statement that a diplomatic solution is �essential and possible� Canada is a neutral co-host and spectator at the proposed summit. All we can offer is verbal support. It is reassuring that the US, led by Trump is not going rogue.

The US media was all over Trump today seeking a reaction to the latest missile launch. Trump responded with �we will handle it� without offering details as to how. The US media is painting the response as onerous. That is consistent with North American media politics. 

Canadian Press seems to be the only wire service to report on the upcoming foreign ministers summit and Global News Canada the only news outlet to cover the story.

We live in interesting times.

John Feldsted

Canada, U.S. to co-host summit to discuss diplomatic response to North Korea threat


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