Thursday 30 November 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest November 22 2017.

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Huh? No hockey sticks or pucks on Parliament Hill�s $5.6-million ice rink that celebrates Canada�s birthday

Hackers only needed a phone number to track this MP�s cellphone
        Liberals propose billions for affordable housing, including individual benefits
The PMO wants you to know it had nothing to do with that dead-eyed Trudeau golem
        Liberals to scrap policy that rejects sick, disabled immigrants

Interviews underway for next RCMP commissioner
        Sask Party leadership hopeful says Indigenous people are anti-abortion
Teaching assistant who was sanctioned questions sincerity of Wilfrid Laurier University�s apology
        Now we know Bill Morneau�s �conflicts� were concocted by union activists
We don�t need to save our university students from mild discomforts
        On the day to end violence against women, let�s hear from a man for once
A Moment Gone
        Gender inequality and trade
NAFTA 2.0 � Is Hope a Sound Negotiating Strategy?
        Andrew Scheer�s dad jeans and awkward hellos are painstakingly deliberate

Canada�s allies are killing their ISIL fighters, while we put our hope in counselling
        Why Trudeau should take a pass on free trade with China
Rules of engagement for NAFTA�s digital chapter

Trump didn�t blow up the climate summit. What did happen in Bonn?
        Only 10 per cent of Haitians crossing illegally getting refugee status, so far
Legal pot could see justice costs climb, not drop, Alberta�s Notley says
        Edmonton Eskimos �need to have conversation� about changing name: Notley
Alberta Party to hold leadership vote, announce winner in February
        Canadian CEOs Urge Trudeau to Back Pacific Rim Trade Pact
NAFTA 2.0 � The negotiators are not playing pinochle
        Wilfrid Laurier graduate student delivers a wake-up call
Phoenix could be a big problem for the Liberals in 2019, say critics, union reps
        Despite ministerial parity, women still underrepresented as senior cabinet, PMO staff

Notley pleas with political foes, allies to support Alberta pipeline projects
        Morneau�s tax proposals still need work despite changes, critics insist
Oil price rises to 2-year high above $58 US on supply slowdown
        Trudeau facing choice of new chief justice from Quebec or dark-horse candidate, sources say
Here�s all the Canadian senators who just awarded themselves a medal meant to honour �unsung heroes�
        Canada lags on patent applications by women
Cities grapple with bylaw and regulation changes as they race to make legal pot deadline
        Ontario premier leads trade mission to China and Vietnam
Andrew Scheer Calls Wilfrid Laurier University Controversy �Egregious�
        Ottawa to offer direct subsidies to low-income tenants

NAFTA: Deadlock on hard issues as round concludes
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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne off to China on trade mission - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Sweeping updates to workplace protections become law - Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Toronto Star
Ontario lost up to $1.2 billion selling clean energy: engineers - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        Here�s where Laurier can stick their apology to Lindsay Shepherd - Christie Blatchford, National Post
Rachel Notley advocates for new pipelines during cross-country tour - Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail
        Government looks to dismiss veterans� lawsuit claiming damage from mefloquine - Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail
Ottawa outlines long-awaited rules for pot sales - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star
        Another lawyer quits MMIWG inquiry as resignations, firings mount - Jorge Barrera, CBC News
Canada�s allies are killing their ISIL fighters, while we put our hope in counselling - John Ivison, National Post
        Morneau�s donation doesn�t erase the original problem - Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun

Kosovo president warns Russian meddling has implications for Canada - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        B.C. to cover $700,000 drug for rare disease on case-by-case basis, health minister says - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Alberta Party stays out of Calgary-Lougheed byelection - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Gov. Inslee hails B.C. vision, less thrilled with Trump - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
RBC added to list of 30 global systemically important banks deemed �too big to fail�- Armina Ligaya - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Net neutrality �could be gone for good� after FCC vote to undo Obama-era rule in December- Reuters, CBC News
Avista is just the first U.S. deal, Hydro One CEO says- Allison McNeely, The Globe and Mail
        Competition Bureau drops civil probe of Loblaw over anti-competitive actions- David Paddon - The Canadian Press, Financial Post
Uber reveals coverup of hack affecting 57M riders worldwide- CTV News


Les taux d'homicides diminuent au Qu�bec � un recordPlus
        Thanksgiving � la plage: records de chaleur dans le sud-ouest des Etats-UnisPlus
La Terre toujours plus pollu�e par la lumi�re artificiellePlus
        Mexique: le nombre de meurtres a d�j� d�pass� le bilan de 2016Plus
Entente de principe entre les employ�s de CPE de la CSQ et le gouvernement du Qu�becPlus
        Un quatri�me site d'injection supervis�e � Montr�alPlus
Le g�rant de la boutique Adidas parle fran�ais pour �accommoder� et �a ne passe pas du toutPlus
        Deux chantiers causent une importante congestion routi�rePlus
Quarante milliards $ pour aider les familles � se logerPlus
        Le bras rep�ch� au Danemark �tait lest�Plus

Le prix de �l'omerta� journalistique � la GRCPlus
        Rappel pour IKEA: des millions de commodes toujours vis�esPlus
Au tour des patients de l'H�pital Notre-Dame de d�m�nager au CHUMPlus
        Val�rie Plante remet en place le registre des invit�sPlus
Trump s'attaque de nouveau � la NFLPlus
        Piratage massif des donn�es des utilisateurs d'UberPlus
L'heure du jugement pour Ratko Mladic Plus
        L'ancien vice-pr�sident Mnangagwa de retour au Zimbabwe mercrediPlus
Formule E: 650 00 0$ pour la pr�sence polici�rePlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Maybe Al Franken Shouldn�t Resign - Michelle Goldberg, New York Times
        The Incredible Shrinking Presidency of Donald Trump - Chris Cillizza, CNN
Mueller investigating Kushner�s communication with foreign leaders: report - Brandon Carter, The Hill
        Trump boosts Moore in Ala. Senate race despite sexual misconduct allegations - Michael Scherer, Washington Post
Why Liberals Are Such Big Hypocrites on Women�s Rights - Roger L. Simon, PJ Media
        Scandals Finally Catch Up With the Clintons - Liz Peek, Fox News
Leave Bill Alone, Women Never Had a Better President - Jamie Stiehm, U.S. News & World Report
        Putin meets Assad ahead of Syria talks with Turkey and Iran- AFP, The Times Of India
Zimbabwe�s President Mugabe has resigned after 37 years in power- France 24
        Suicide bomber kills worshippers at mosque in Mubi- Al Jazeera

Brexit: UK �ready to pay more to the EU�- BBC News
        Saad Hariri returns to Lebanon after surprise resignation- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

France calls UN Security Council meeting over Libya slavery
        Putin urges 'compromise' over Syria at summit with Turkey, Iran
Qatar row moves to WTO litigation phase with no support
        Migrants sold into slavery in Libya tell of 'total hell'
Ex-Bosnian Serb commander Mladic convicted of genocide, gets life in prison
        Turkey expects S-400 defense system from Russia in 2019: minister
Britain facing annual budget in shadow of Brexit
        Syrian opposition to stick to demand Assad go at start of transition: report
U.S. slaps new sanctions on North Korean, Chinese firms
        Germany limbo threatens European reform
Venezuela uses foreign partners to feed refineries: sources

Poverty is also a universal psychosocial problem
        Divided foreign powers, strong Assad: What to expect in Russia-hosted Syria talks
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Canada 'prepared for the worst' amid squabbles over NAFTA, Freeland says
Read on:

We have no reason to be assured that our government is prepared for life without NAFTA.

  • We were assured that the government could handle 50,000 Syrian refugees it was determined to bring to Canada as quickly as possible. Many of those Syrians are still struggling with language, adapting to Canada and seeking employment without ongoing federal assistance and resources.
  • We were assured that the government could manage people illegally entering Canada from the USA to claim asylum and it is now evident that we do not have the manpower or resources to deal with the influx. The asylum seekers are clogging up the system making legitimate immigrants and refugees suffer longer waits.
  • We were assured that the government would fix the Phoenix pay system and now find out that may take many years and well excess of half a billion dollars to repair the problems.
  • We discover that the Canada Revenue Agency is in shambles, does not even answer thousands of telephone requests for information and that the information provided is wrong 30% of the time. This is an Agency renowned for its arrogance and harsh treatment of taxpayers it deems to owe taxes. We have no reason not to suspect that CRA tax assessments are not also wrong 30% of the time.
  • We are facing a new carbon tax commencing January 1st, 2019 and have no idea how this will impact our cost of living. Our government doesn�t know either or it would provide us with information rather than climate change rhetoric.
  • Efforts to �fix the tax system� by demonizing small business and trying to tax employee benefits have made us angry and suspicious.
  • Ignoring lax regulations on offshore investments that results in the loss of many millions in tax revenue tells us that the government is not governing on behalf of or for the benefit of citizens and taxpayers.
We cannot have confidence in or trust a scandal ridden government lurching from one disaster to the next.      

Subject: Liberals demand full implementation of UN Indigenous rights declaration

This is outrageous.

We elect representatives to go to Ottawa and govern on our behalf. They propose and debate Bills that they either amend and pass or reject. The scope of the subjects they can paws law on are set out in our constitution.

Our government has no authority to turn a United Nations declaration into law and insist that other Canadian laws conform to the UN declaration. That is an affront to the sovereignty of Canada and outside of the federal government�s constitutional authority. The United Nations is not elected and is not accountable to anyone. Canadians cannot toss out the UN if it is not happy with its policies.

The United Nations has also passed a Universal Declaration of Human rights. Are we to understand that indigenous people are not included in that �universal declaration�? Canada cannot legislate a Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Human Rights legislation and separate rights for indigenous people. We are one nation and one society.

Quebec has been granted use of the Civil Code in Quebec, but the Civil Code has been rewritten in Canada for Canadians just as British Common Law has been rewritten in Canada, for Canadians.

A copy of Bill C-22, the enabling legislation is attached. The content is highly discriminatory ensuring that our indigenous people will never become part of our mainstream society.

By supporting this MDP Private Member�s Bill, the government has rendered the MMIW inquiry and future recommendations worthless. Proceeding before this inquiry has even reported is not in the best interests of indigenous people.           

The Liberal government�s initiative to adopt foreign policy as law when it is too lethargic and uncaring to rewrite and update the Indian Act and associated legislation is as outrageous as it is repulsive.

Subject: Canada on alert as US announces end to temporary resident status for Haitians
Read on:

We are already receiving Haitians entering from the US illegally. The farce continues. Goodale seems unable to grasp that Haitians wanting to go back to Haiti would do so. Conditions in Haiti may have �improved� but do not match the living standards in the US or Canada.

Temporary residency should have to be renewed each year. Allowing temporary residency for seven years builds an expectancy that the residency will become permanent. People find work, buy homes and cars and can�t take it all with them when they return home.

The Haitians do not qualify as refugees as they were originally fleeing a natural disaster and were offered temporary residency pending rebuilding of their nation of origin.

Canada began winding down its program for temporary residency of Haitians in December 2014 and eventually extended the end date to August 2016. About 3,200 Haitians were slated for deportation and many have been sent home.

Haitians entering Canada from the US have very little hope of staying here. Most have come and will come due to misinformation spread on social media. Haitians on temporary residency in Canada could apply for citizenship which was granted to those who applied and qualified. Those who did not apply or did not qualify are being deported. That program is over. New arrivals do not have the option of applying for citizenship. We are thrust into a messy and expensive situation abetted by our government�s refusal to segregate people entering the country illegally.

We have a humanitarian obligation to provide clothing, food, emergency health care and shelter to illegal aliens, but that should be done in internment camps where they stay until their application can be processed. We have no obligation to welcome them into our society while their applications and appeals are heard. We have the resources; let�s do it properly.

John Feldsted


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