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Liberals within reach of strong minority: poll

Trudeau and Harper statistically tied as preferred PM, Harper slides for third night
        Liberals gain advantage as election enters holiday weekend
Elections Canada reports higher voter turnout for advance polls this weekend
        Elections Canada translator fired

Politics behind Harper ad that cites mentally ill dad who killed kids: lawyers
        Is Stephen Harper�s jobs record �the worst since Great Depression�?
Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs demands B.C. Tory Bob Zimmer not seek re-election
        Trudeau likely only leader who�ll contest next election
This election will come down to the measure of one man � Stephen Harper
        This government has scraped the barrel in its symbolic pandering
Three ways to cure the disenchanted
        Australian political strategist isn�t the Conservative�s sinister mastermind
Short-pants PMO people shouldn�t be in the refugee business
        Stephen Harper�s Muslim issue comes to a rural riding

It�s clear Harper will win
        The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement: a dead end for jobs
Have Stephen Harper�s Conservatives changed, or have we?

Trudeau won�t commit to emissions targets: Canada doesn�t need �ambitious political numbers�
        Few Syrian refugees in Jordan have been processed to resettle in Canada
Man charged after alleged incident at Calgary campaign event
        The Penultimate weekend before Election Day
Q and A: Stephen Harper on �security versus risk�
        Quiet day on campaign trail as leaders prepare their final push to election day
Get To Know Justin Trudeau In 51 Questions
        Race narrows to Conservative-Liberal contest with NDP in third place; soft voters still cause for volatility
�That�s disgusting,� Trudeau says of report PMO prioritized certain Syrian refugees
        Tory candidate Abdi skips Ottawa West-Nepean debate organized by Muslim Association of Canada

NDP plans media blitz in Quebec as support slips
        Long lineups reported as advance polls open across the country
�Barbaric cultural practices� rhetoric condemned by Nova Scotia academics
        Canadians will vote for their own interests, not for personalities, Harper says
Stephen Harper Braces for Tight Election Amid Economic Malaise
        Conservatives say promises will cost $6.8 billion, but will still have surpluses
NDP pledges to make trade talks more open, ban bulk water exports
        Trudeau�s Economic Plan Trumps Harper�s: Nanos Poll
Veiled attack: Muslim-bashing is an effective campaign tactic
        Conservative, NDP hopes dim as Liberals dare to dream

Harper Conservatives target pocketbook perks as federal election looms
        NDP candidate John Rafferty collides with bear while driving on Ontario road
International group sends team to Ottawa to monitor election, impact of Fair Elections Act
        Hazel McCallion endorses Trudeau and Liberals in federal election
Mulcair seems to extend an olive branch to Trudeau
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canadians unsure over benefits of Pacific trade deal to Canada - Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen
        Several side deals to accompany final TPP pact, federal officials say - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
Hydro One shares to go for between $19 and $21 - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Alberta Premier Notley hints at larger budget deficit: �Pressure has continued on oil prices� - Geoffrey Morgan, Financial Post
Canada�s Terrorism Agency Monitored Protest of Conservative Party Youth Convention - Justin Ling, Vice
        New passport processing system suspended after glitches, security gaps revealed - Kathleen Harris, CBC News
Notley�s talks environment, royalties in Calgary, is greeted with smattering of polite applause - Lauren Krugel, Edmonton Sun
        Marcel Aubut says sorry amid sexual harassment claims - Toronto Star
Bank of Canada says business confidence �tepid� as oil shock lingers- Barrie McKenna, The Globe & Mail
        Labatt buys Mill Street Brewery- David Friend, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

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Rassemblement couru pour Mulcair en Colombie-BritanniquePlus
        Manifestation � Montr�al pour stopper la d�portationPlus
Le ministre Joe Oliver dit que le niqab n'est pas un enjeuPlus
        Voter le visage couvert: la r�ponse �tonne l'initiatricePlus
Un ex-entra�neur de hockey d'Ottawa poursuivi pour 3,1 M$Plus
        L'arm�e syrienne avance gr�ce � l'appui a�rien russePlus
Tchad: 37 morts dans une attaque de Boko HaramPlus
        Des Inuites se voilent pour attirer l'attention de HarperPlus
�lections: t�l�phones interdits dans les lieux de votePlus
        Au moins 95 morts dans l'attentat le plus meurtrier en TurquiePlus

Il tue son p�re parce qu'il n'avait pas le choixPlus
        Le tunnel L.-H.-Lafontaine ferm� vers Montr�alPlus
D�versement: Montr�al r�pond aux exigences d'OttawaPlus
        Manifestation � Berlin contre le libre-�change UE-CanadaPlus
Elizabeth May manifeste contre les ol�oducs � Montr�alPlus
        Al-Qa�da annonce avoir ex�cut� quatre �sorciers�Plus
Isra�l: les violences font deux nouveaux morts palestiniensPlus
        Kim Jong-Un se dit pr�t � affronter les �tats-UnisPlus
Trois vagabonds en lien avec le meurtre d'Audrey CareyPlus
        Frustr� au volant, il raye une MercedesPlus
Deux hommes se poignardent mutuellement Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
House Republicans Start Over - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
        With Ben Carson, the Doctor Is Always Out - Charles Blow, New York Times
Why Clinton Would Be an Effective President - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
        House GOP Chaos: Will It Hurt 2016 Hopefuls? - Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics
Clinton Tempts Liberals to Embrace Cheneyism - Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic
        Apple Inc removes �a few� apps from store on concerns personal data could be compromised- Julia Love, Reuters, Financial Post
Why We Should Just Nationalize Facebook- Jeff Spross, The Week
        How to Counter Putin in Syria- Condoleezza Rice & Robert Gates, Washington Post
UN backs EU military action against migrant smugglers- France 24
        US to abandon training new Syria rebel groups- BBC News

Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes �freedom of expression� fears- Sam Thielman, The Guardian
        Thousands attend West Bank funeral amid rising violence- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Israeli fire kills 2 Palestinian teens in Gaza: medics
        2 Israeli police stabbed in Jerusalem, Palestinian attacker killed
Egypt signs deal for two French warships
        Egypt starts repairing Tutankhamun's botched beard
Russian strikes hit 55 ISIS targets in Syria: military
        Jordan parliament accuses Israel of 'state terrorism'
Russian strikes hit militant command centers in Syria: agencies
        Pakistani PM says he wants to revive Afghan-Taliban talks
Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition says targeted in blasts, toll may rise
        Thousands demonstrate in Germany against EU-US trade deal

Syria army seizes village with Russia air support
        New US-Russia military talks seen on Syria air safety
Israelis kill six Palestinians in Gaza as violence surges
        Wealth funds from Oslo to Riyadh raid coffers to offset oil
U.S. chases Swiss secrets to Singapore, Israel
        Putin has deepened the Arabs� sectarian wars
A prosperous international order needs American guidance
        U.S. to supply arms, gear to vetted rebel chiefs
U.N. Security Council OKs migrant resolution for a year
        Bavaria threatens to take German government to court over refugees

Russia turns to backwater navy for strikes
        Selena Gomez reveals secret lupus chemotherapy
Boko Haram�s child victims learn to smile again
        Republicans in tumult as McCarthy quits race
Ousted Rome mayor warns of mafia return
        Penelope Cruz to direct documentary on leukemia
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2015 Federal Election Link Round-up, Week 10

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The debates are done and we now find ourselves in the penultimate week. A decisive week?


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