Monday 5 October 2015



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Expect Conservative and Liberal �knife fight� in final 2 weeks of campaign

NDP continues decline as Tories, Liberals battle for first in new Ipsos poll
        Zunera Ishaq cleared by court to take citizenship oath wearing niqab
Liberals emerging with lead in national election race, Conservatives steady, NDP slide
        Trans-Pacific Partnership rocks election trail, buoys Harper�s campaign mood

Danny Williams says Stephen Harper�s tactics are borderline racist
        Harper and Trudeau tied as preferred Prime Minister, Mulcair slides to distant third
The Tories have done so well on the economy that the other parties fear to change course
        Thomas Mulcair took a bold stand on the niqab. It may ruin him.
In campaign�s final days, everyone�s watching for a slip up
        We had to be at the TPP table, even during an election
Trans-Pacific Partnership a big win for corporate interests
        Can niqab swing vote for Conservatives?
Tories aren�t xenophobic. The niqab ban is just a carefully orchestrated piece of politics
        Stephen Harper�s dog-whistle populist politics

When Stephen Harper refers to �barbaric culture,� he means Islam � an anti-Muslim alarm that�s ugly and effective because it gets votes
        Trudeau challenges Harper�s politics of fear at huge rally

Conservatives, polygamy and cultural relativism
        The campaign�s final make-or-break weeks
Waterloo riding is the ultimate bellwether � and the race is still too close to call in the booming Ontario city
        Pollster says Liberals could win first seats in Alberta since 2006
Power Play: Trudeau outlines full platform
        Trudeau releases full Liberal platform, promises more help for students
An NDP government would support filmmakers, self-employed artists, Mulcair says
        Some highlights of the new 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
12 countries including Canada reach tentative Trans-Pacific trade deal
        10 questions on the new Trans-Pacific Partnership deal: What it does, doesn�t do

Conservatives fire new salvo of ads at Trudeau
        Tom Mulcair challenged over niqab, pipelines on Tout le monde en parle
Minimum $25-million political ad blitz coming, more intense than ever
        Oil Patch Braces for Exploration Chill After Canada�s Election
Muslim convert attacked while wearing niqab in Toronto
        Public opinion polling at �crisis point,� more transparency needed, says head of new organization
Mulcair�s newest challenge? Perceptions
        NDP walking fine line in Quebec over pipeline, niqab issues
PS fighting for respect in election, not sick leave
        Calgary artists write ballads against Stephen Harper

Canada holds off New Zealand TPP offensive for greater dairy access
        TPP Winners: Toyota, Japanese Automakers Could Still Use Mostly Chinese Car Parts While Enjoying Reduced Tariffs
Harper Pitches Pacific Rim Trade Pact to Canadian Voters
        Canadian auto union slams TPP trade deal; calls new content rules �outrageous�
TPP deal could reduce dairy prices outside Quebec, says professor
        Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe expresses disappointment at TPP deal
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Underage girls, booze and other reasons to dump Conservative MP Rick Dykstra
        Brigette DePape, young activists to Storm the Dorm at university campuses to boost youth voter turnout
Exposed: 356 Conservative donors rewarded with high profile appointments under Harper
        Harper scolded by Conservatives over grotesque anti-communism memorial in Ottawa
Harper has no mandate to auction off CBC buildings during an election
        CBC plan to sell off buildings part of Harper�s diabolical privatization agenda
Michael Geist: Why Internet Privacy Should be a Key Election Issue

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Canada Abstention from Trans-Pacific Partnership "Not A Viable Option"
        Justin Trudeau says Liberals will evaluate Trans-Pacific Partnership
Trans-Pacific Partnership could affect vote in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell
        Canada reaches sweeping Trans-Pacific trade deal
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Key points that impact Canada CTV News
        Canada reaches TPP trade deal, will pay out $4.3-billion to farmers The Globe and Mail
Trans-Pacific Partnership: What it could mean for Manitoba Toronto Star
        5 things to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal Toronto Star
Here's what you need to know: The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal broken down CP24 Toronto's Breaking News
        Trans-Pacific Partnership: Industry, provincial reaction is mixed

Highlights: What's in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement?
        Trans-Pacific Partnership: Industry, provincial reaction is mixed
Harper hails Trans-Pacific Partnership, promises $4.3B to protect dairy farmers Toronto Sun
        Trans-Pacific Partnership could devastate industry, Brampton auto-worker warns -
Saskatchewan gives enthusiastic OK to Trans Pacific Partnership agreement - Regina Leader-Post
        Harper hails Trans-Pacific Partnership, promises to protect farmers - Times Colonist
TPP deal will help Albertans, says Jason Kenney 1:20 -
        Manitoba premier cautiously optimistic about Trans-Pacific Partnership -
Trans-Pacific Partnership offers dairy sector good news, bad news and a question mark -
        Trans-Pacific Partnership May Face Tough Sledding In the House - Forbes

Trans-Pacific Partnership advantages for PEI outlined by Ottawa -
        Vancouver Board of Trade eagerly supports Trans-Pacific Partnership - The Province
Trans-Pacific Partnership opens up dairy market -
        TPP or not TPP? What's the Trans-Pacific Partnership and should we support it? - The Guardian
Why the 'Trans-Pacific Partnership' deal matters - CNBC
        How the Trans-Pacific Partnership could drive up the cost of medicine worldwide - Vox
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Officials claim it's a win for auto sector -


Menace d'expulsion d'un CPE: l'histoire de Xavier fait r�agirPlus
        Niqab: la cour rejette la demande du gouvernementPlus
D�versement des eaux us�es: Coderre maintient sa d�cisionPlus
        Jean Chr�tien appuie le candidat lib�ral dans sa circonscriptionPlus
Entente pour le Partenariat transpacifiquePlus
        Le plan d'Hillary Clinton pour durcir les lois sur les armes � feuPlus
Partenariat transpacifique: �Un accord unique�Plus
        La frappe sur Kunduz men�e �� la demande des Afghans�Plus
PTP: l'entente bonne pour le Qu�bec, dit LeitaoPlus
        Syrie: tension entre Moscou et AnkaraPlus

Syndicats: manif devant le bureau du premier ministrePlus
        Synode: le pape Fran�ois appelle � la rigueurPlus


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THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP "TRADE" PACT A bad deal for American workers is close
        FACT SHEET: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Boosts Made in America Exports, Supports ... (press release)
The just-completed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, explained Vox
        Where the Candidates Stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Newsweek
How Trans-Pacific Partnership will affect India's foreign trade - Economic Times
        Officials reach Trans-Pacific Partnership deal; faces tough fight in Congress - Fox News
South Korea Reiterates Interest in Trans-Pacific Partnership Wall Street Journal
        The Trans-Pacific Partnership explained - The Australian Financial Review
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Explained - New York Times

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

New Italian restaurant for the people, by the people
        NATO denounces Russian incursion into Turkish airspace
Pacific countries seal huge free-trade deal
        Global dangers may bring the EU closer together
Washington mustn�t step aside in Syria
        Syria refugees increasingly returning to war zones in homeland
Nobel Literature Prize to be announced Thursday


Available to you is wide information on the TPP
As you read and speak with others note the
the degree what this article relates to us about
the non-trade aspects of TPP are considered -
betcha  that ...well, I`ll wait for your appraisal

Joe Hueglin <>

The TPP is a lot more than just a trade deal
The TPP is usually described as a trade deal, and it certainly will have important provisions related to trade. Negotiators have been considering liberalizing trade in cars and trucks, rice, dairy products, textiles, and a lot more.

But the agreement is also a lot more than a trade deal. It has more than two dozen chapters that cover everything from tariffs to the handling of international investment disputes. The reason these deals have gotten so complex is that people realized that they were a good vehicle for creating binding international agreements.


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