Saturday 3 October 2015



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Harper�s pot is �infinitely worse� than tobacco assertion �misleading� � health experts

Federal Liberals trend up for last two nights of Nanos tracking
        Marijuana �infinitely worse� than tobacco, should be discouraged: Harper
TPP: 11th-hour snags spell potential delay, again, for Asia-Pacific trade deal
        Only NDP will defend Quebec farms, Ontario manufacturing, Mulcair says

Conservatives Dominate �Ten Percenters� Top-Spenders List
        Liberals urge voters to report irregularities to party and Elections Canada
If monster trade deal is reached, Canada will release details, Harper says
        Tories� extreme stand a bid for Jewish vote
Mulcair failed to capture crucial last debate
        With no options left, Mulcair stays path on niqabs during second French debate
Mulcair, the niqab and �a dangerous game�
        Mulcair bets strong defence of unpopular niqab position will turn NDP fortunes
After five debates, some lessons about Justin Trudeau
        Let this not be a Seinfeldian election about nothing

The hard evidence of the NDP�s niqab problem in Quebec
        Conservatives move to revoke citizenship from home-grown Canadian
With decision to oppose TPP, the NDP puts an end to its failed centrist strategy

Duceppe goes after rivals on the niqab in second French debate
        NDP offers Quebec exclusive right to opt out of federally-funded programs
Some key early exchanges from Friday�s French-language debate
        Mulcair portrays himself as Quebec champion in key debate pitch to voters
Harper dances with Bloc�s Duceppe in early part of French debate
        Alberta NDP considering revising balanced-budget law
Ottawa program offering free legal advice for Syrian refugee sponsors expanding nationally
        Mulcair Says Canada NDP Won�t Be Bound by TPP Deal If Elected
Incorrect voter information cards sent out to hundreds of Canadians
        Blogger vows to dig deep on Conservatives� online histories

Don Meredith case suspended by ethics officer while police investigate: sources
        NDP fight to hang on to Dartmouth-Cole Harbour riding
Stephen Harper makes first trip of the campaign to Newfoundland and Labrador
        Trudeau, Mulcair go on the offensive over niqab issue in 2nd French-language debate
Liberal leader promotes deficit plan in French-language debate
        Mulcair tries to shore up NDP�s social democratic position in final debate
Garneau fights to protect Liberal beachhead on Montreal Island
        Tight election battles in Toronto-area suburbs show no party has a lock on immigrant votes
The NDP still isn�t ready, but it turns out Trudeau may be
        Mulcair might have been able to close the door on the Liberals early on. Able or not, he didn�t

Screening for terrorists isn�t fear-mongering
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Premiers hope to �reframe� discussion on on Energy East pipeline - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun

        Alberta PCs, Liberals will likely look for new leaders next spring - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
5 things from Notley�s mission - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
        Equal political representation a challenge in B.C. - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
Volkswagen sales slump in Canada as scandal takes toll: �The last 10 days were pretty disastrous�- Kristine Owram, Financial Post
        Selling beer will be too expensive, Ontario family grocers say- Francine Kopun, Toronto Star


Gilles Duceppe re�oit l'appui enthousiaste de PKPPlus
        Un h�pital de M�decins sans Fronti�res bombard�, 19 mortsPlus
C�te-Nord : les lib�raux choisissent leur candidatePlus
        Marijuana: Harper maintient la ligne durePlus
Partenariat Transpacifique: les n�gociations prolong�esPlus
        Il trouve un squelette de mammouth dans son champPlus
Manifestation: front commun du secteur publicPlus
        Le Parti lib�ral maintient son avancePlus
Lib�raux et NPD veulent contrer la fraude �lectoralePlus
        L'Allemagne comm�more sa R�unificationPlus

Migrants: tentative in�dite de passage vers le Royaume-UniPlus
        Scandale au Vatican: un pr�tre r�v�le son homosexualit�Plus
Quatri�me jour de frappes russes en SyriePlus
        Les s�paratistes prorusses assurent avoir recul�Plus
Dernier d�bat de la campagne �lectorale � TVAPlus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
President Obama�s Syria Debacle - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
        Clinton�s Support Among Blacks Plunges - Philip Bump, Washington Post
Voodoo Never Dies - Paul Krugman, New York Times
        A Clinton Email Scandal Checklist - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Republican Radicals vs. the Speakership - Norm Ornstein, The Atlantic
        War of Amazon, Apple and Other Near-Monopolies- Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
U.S. creates 142,000 jobs in September as hiring slows- CBC News
        Syria conflict: Russia strikes �will fuel extremism�- BBC News
Israel army launches manhunt after couple killed- Al Jazeeral
        Portugal predicted to vote pro-austerity coalition back in- Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian

10 dead in suicide attacks in Maiduguri, NE Nigeria- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
        India pledges to cut emissions by up to a third in 15 years- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Veteran who tried to stop Oregon gunman was shot 5 times
        Russia says strikes weakening Syria 'terror' groups
Aid group phoned NATO, US officials as bombs hit Afghan hospital for nearly an hour
        Demonstrations for and against migrants in northern Finland
Opposition, rebel groups united against U.N. Syria plan
        Vatican fires gay priest on eve of synod
Migrants break into Channel Tunnel, rail services disrupted
        Guns a way of life in US college massacre town
Erdogan urges Putin to change mind over Syria bombing
        Israeli gunfire wounds 10 Palestinians in West Bank

Russia presses Syria strikes in defiance of the West
        Pro-Moscow separatists say begin tank withdrawal in east Ukraine
Canada's Conservative govt brings up Islam before debate
        Obama: Russian strikes recipe for disaster
Putin intends to intensify Syria blitz
        Millions hungry as Ethiopia crisis worsens
Historians still puzzling over East Germany after 25 years
        War of words grips Nobel Peace Prize committee
BP executives visit Iran seeking return after sanctions end
        VW in race to detail refit plan within a week

U.S. job growth stumbles, economy in doubt
        Cruelty and incompetence in Palestine
To grasp why Russia is in Syria, look at domestic politics
        Obama�s inaction all but invited Russian intervention
U.S. and allies short on options
        Cairo University bans teachers from wearing face veil
Taliban hold out in northern Afghan city
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Tories� extreme stand a bid for Jewish vote

"The names were read quickly and without any information establishing the veracity of the charges against the individuals named. . . .
 a list of names from the Liberal campaign -- volunteers, paid staff workers and candidates alike -- who had been identified by the Tories as "enemies" of Israel.
.         .     .
This was not an impetuous act; it was part of a carefully scripted strategy to use Israel as a wedge issue to capture majority support from Canadian Jews."

As a continuing observer of foreign affaire I wonder whether should a wider list be made would it include  as "enemies of Israel"

all believing the level of attacks on Gaza were unjustified and the continual taking of more and more land for settlements unjust?

Brought to mind by composing this list is the politics of Rome as Shakespeare wrote it
"Look, with a spot I damn him."
Julius Caesar  Act 4, Scene 1

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