Tuesday 6 October 2015



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Niqab ban for public servants would be considered: Stephen Harper
        Conservative�s dump candidate touting therapies to turn gay youth straight

Stable but Narrowing Conservative Lead as NDP in a Holding Pattern Well Back of Leaders
        Conservative candidate touts therapies to turn gay youth straight
Jason Kenney criticized for tweeting praise for refugee boy�s �unaccented English�
        Danny Williams: Voters �can�t trust� Harper on TPP

Power Play: Williams on Harper�s legacy
        `Orange Crash� Leaves Trudeau the Top Rival to Harper in Canada
Crown seeks increased sentence for Sona over 2011 robocalls case
        Stage is set for �Anybody But Harper� voters to coalesce behind the Liberals
Justin Trudeau�s win-win election
        In Toronto�s fiercely contested urban ridings, the NDP�s only goal is to beat the Liberals
Cultural mosaic vs. �snitch state�: Which Canada is the real Canada?
        Shades of �White Slavery Panic� in Conservatives� targeting of niqab
How Stephen Harper is throwing �a veil� over the women�s issues that really matter
        If Trudeau is the bridge, Harper is the wedge

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi takes on Tory agenda of fear
        The barbaric cultural practice of election pronouncements
Scott Sinclair Five reasons to defend supply management from the TPP

Tories of all persuasions will be happy selling the TPP
        The TPP election ball is in Mulcair�s court
In international trade, it�s not really all about exports
        Will the TPP survive Congress?
Trudeau�s economic claims just not truthful
        Climate change means stormy weather till the end
Vets attacking vets, unprecedented hallmark of 2015 election politics.
        Liberal candidate Tootoo dumps on Montreal Tory for remarks about Nunavut
Trudeau pledges talks with Parliament, premiers on TPP trade deal
        Oil price forecaster declares crude at a �turning point�

Conservative odds of winning up; NDP�s drop to lowest so far
        Conservatives leading nationally while NDP losing ground: poll
Liberals and Conservatives top choices for Canadians, NDP accessible vote drops nine points in four weeks
        Harper government partnered with industry group fighting CRA over KPMG case
Brad Butt talks about deporting NDP leader Thomas Mulcair
        Missing and murdered aboriginal women a criminal justice issue: Harper
IMF report cuts growth outlook for Canada to 1.0 per cent for this year
        Canada not prepared for �demographic bomb,� Mulcair says as he touts health plan
Harper touts TPP as opponents call for more details on compensation
        Stephen Harper cannot be trusted: former Newfoundland and Labrador premier
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In international trade, it�s not really all about exports - Andrew Coyne, National Post
        Zunera Ishaq cleared by court to take citizenship oath wearing niqab - CBC News
TPP deal a clear win for Canada - Burney & Hampson, The Globe & Mail
        Globe Editorial � TPP: Less than hoped for, less than feared. On balance, not a bad deal - Editorial, The Globe & Mail
AB NDP popularity likely to sink again with new budget - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
        In the land of milk and money, dairy farmers breathe a little easier - Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Citizen
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Industry, provincial reaction is mixed - Susana Mas, CBC News
        TPP deal could mark start of the end for supply management in Canada - Eric Atkins, The Globe & Mail
Minister Wilkinson disputes NDP charge that he didn�t lower boom on lobbying in B.C. - Cassidy Olivier, Vancouver Province
        Alberta NDP considering new accountability rules - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Officials claim it�s a win for auto sector - CBC News
        BC NDP�s Horgan must convince voters he is not Mr. No to everything - Michael Smyth, Vancouver Province
Shoal Lake 40 First Nation taking its case to UN - Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Canadian business owners applaud signing of TPP- Iain Marlow, The Globe & Mail

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Propos controvers�: un autre candidat conservateur excluPlus
        D�versement d'eaux us�es: Coderre met au d�fi OttawaPlus
Trudeau se dit pr�t � gagnerPlus
        Fonction publique: Harper songe � interdire le niqabPlus
Maltrait�s de Charlevoix: quatre autres individus arr�t�sPlus
        Lise Thibault lib�r�e en attendant l'appel concernant sa peinePlus
Le journaliste Mohamed Fahmy a quitt� l'�gyptePlus
        Afghanistan: l'h�pital de Kunduz cibl� �par erreur�Plus
Harper annonce des mesures pour le secteur de l'automobilePlus
        Mulcair pr�t pour la conf�rence de Paris sur le climatPlus

Les conservateurs en avance, selon deux sondagesPlus
        Qu�bec assouplit la certification des r�sidences pour a�n�sPlus
Isra�l d�molit des maisons de Palestiniens auteurs d'attaquesPlus
        Syrie: crispation croissante entre Moscou et AnkaraPlus
Une machine � tuer devenue d�lateurPlus


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Stakes Are High in Republican Leadership Fight - Juan Williams, The Hill
        Clinton Promises Executive Action on Guns in Wake of OR Shooting - Lisa Lerer, Real Clear Politics
Trump Exploits Rational Political Ignorance - Ilya Somin, USA Today
        Bernie Sanders, the Populist Prophet - Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker
Ryan Lizza�s Deceptive Edit of Jeb Bush - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
        BP settles Deepwater Horizon oil spill claims for $20B with U.S.- The Associated Press, CBC News
Syria conflict: Turkish jets intercept Russian plane- BBC News
        Pentagon says deadly Kunduz air strike requested by Afghans- France 24
Israeli army shoots dead Palestinian child in West Bank- Al Jazeera
        Isis blows up Arch of Triumph in 2,000-year-old city of Palmyra- Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian
Germany expects 1.5 million asylum seekers this year, report says- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India

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Danes demonstrate for 'decent treatment' of refugees
        Russia says ISIS militants in Syria are moving armor close to mosques
Russia signals willingness on Syria 'deconfliction' with US: Pentagon
        UN chief 'shocked' by charges against ex-General Assembly president
IMF gloomy on world economy as China slows
        Mysterious human skulls found at Afghan presidential palace
Ex-UN General Assembly head among 6 held in bribery scheme
        Germany greets pro-Russian rebels' delay of Ukraine elections
Ukraine rebels to delay elections
        Stung by U.S. criticism on Syria, Russia reminds Washington of 9/11 support

Russia says in principle agrees with U.S. proposals to coordinate Syria flights
        Palestinians' Abbas says does not want escalation with Israel
Russian military officials visit Israel for Syria talks
        Nearly 100 migrants reported dead off Libya: IOM
Afghan officials warn food not getting to embattled Kunduz
        NATO doubts Russia's explanation for Turkish airspace violation
Mass immigration is damaging Britain, says UK interior minister
        No signs of N.Korea preparing rocket launch: Seoul
Japan says can build subs in Australia "from day one"
        U.S. warns against "egregious" restrictions in contested South China Seas

Australia considering other nations for asylum-seekers
        United States, 11 Pacific Rim countries reach trade deal
Israel demolishes attackers' homes in crackdown
        Russia expands aerial campaign to Damascus
Two Palestinian teens killed by Israeli fire
        Pacific countries seal huge free-trade deal
Global dangers may bring the EU closer together
        Clinton will scrape through, because the opposition looks worse
Pope urges church to �move forward� as gay strife clouds synod
        U.S. enforcement of Iran arms embargo slipped during talks

Draft released for likely accord on climate
        Nature thrives in Chernobyl with humans absent
Chile, U.S. create marine conservation parks
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Stand with Bernie against the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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