Wednesday 7 October 2015



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Dumped Tory candidate says homosexuality article �mistranslated�

NDP candidate apologizes for former views on gay marriage, homosexuality
        Law prof claims Tory candidate told him to renounce his heritage over citizenship law concern
NDP candidate criticizes her party�s promise to keep balanced budget
        Documents show Environment Canada knew in 2014 about Montreal raw-sewage plan

First KXL, now TPP: Clinton roasts trade deal, with potential consequences
Trudeau channels his father on minority rights
Fahmy rebuffs invitation to Conservative rally, questions niqab debate
Encounters with authenticity: Mulcair vs. Trudeau
Harper�s culture war appears to have defined Tory campaign
The NDP are losing, and why
You�re not imagining it. Canadian politics is getting dumber.
Mulcair�s TPP strategy born of necessity in waning campaign
Stephen Harper�s trade-deal bet unlikely to pay off
TPP deal puts Trudeau in tight spot as Liberals seek votes from auto workers
As NDP loses steam in Quebec, Mulcair stokes the old trade engine
How the TPP frees Harper and Mulcair to fight on their own terms
Appeasing dairy and chicken farmers blights an otherwise good trade deal

Trade deal gives Notley�s NDP a case of laryngitis
        Jason Kenney, inventor of pointless division
Wrong time to bury the Alberta Advantage
        Harper must show a little charm
Power and Politics for Oct. 07
        Power Play: Reaction to NDP candidate�s comments
Elizabeth May�s daughter listed among Green Party ballot-fillers in Quebec
        Liberal candidate says divisive politics spurred vandals to deface signs
Conservatives announce new parental benefits under employment insurance
        Conservative odds of winning up; NDP�s drop to lowest so far

La Presse endorses Justin Trudeau�s Liberals
        Would Harper serve as Opposition leader? �We�ll cross that bridge when we come to it�
In Halifax, The NDP-Liberal Battle For Change Hits Close To Home
        NDP promises $4.8 billion over eight years for aboriginal education
Liberal comeback in Toronto dampens Mulcair�s hopes for victory
        Liberals Say No Free Vote On Trans-Pacific Partnership
Two way race between Liberals and Conservatives continues, NDP nine points back of front runners
        Justin Trudeau�s rise shows the benefits of being underestimated
Niqab ban for public servants would be considered: Stephen Harper
        Selling light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia not an arms deal, says Harper

Political scientists weigh-in on NDP sliding in polls
        NDP defence policy pledges stable funding, return to No. 1 peacekeeping status
Canada doing more than most � but could do more � for Syrian refugee crisis: report
        Despite election pledges, wait times growing for immigrants
Ontario Premier says Harper is using the niqab debate to �divide� Canadians
        Bureaucracy baffled by Harper�s niqab pledge
Harper stands by promise to consider public service niqab ban
        Harper�s proposed ban on niqab in civil service ricochets through campaign
Elections Canada policy allows women to wear niqabs while voting
        Election 2015: Blue vs. Red; Orange flagging.

Gallup gives up horse race polls while Canadian election consumed by them
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Wynne should go back to her day job instead of stumping for Trudeau - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Pacific rim trade deal still has a long way to go - Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen
Feds defend Northern Gateway approval at court hearing - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Ontario government reaches deal with OPSEU- Rob Ferguson & Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
TPP agreement can be rejected by new government, say experts - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
        Elementary teachers, government talks show signs of progress, Sandals says - Kristin Rushowy & Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
NDP: Alberta school promises �set up for failure�; 101 schools delayed across province - Shawn Logan, Calgary Sun
        Rogers Communications Inc gears up for its biggest week in sports yet, but still eyes the long game- Christina Pellegrini, Financial Post
Here�s how Apple, Nike and others avoided $620 billion in taxes- Robert Schroeder, MarketWatch
        Canadian Oil Sands poised to reject Suncor�s takeover bid for Syncrude stake- Jeff Lewis, The Globe & Mail

IMF downgrades Canadian growth outlook to 1% for 2015- CBC News
        Bombardier shares surge after report of Airbus stake in CSeries- Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

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Harper says �most� cases of murdered aboriginal women are solved.

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Longueuil: 150 millions de litres d'eaux us�es dans le fleuvePlus
        Niqab: Trudeau s'attaque � HarperPlus
Il filmait ses coll�gues de travail dans les toilettesPlus
        Quatre �lections partielles le 9 novembre au Qu�becPlus
A�n�s maltrait�s: les quatre accus�s restent en prisonPlus
        H�pital de Kunduz: Obama pr�sente ses excuses � MSFPlus
Des carcasses et t�tes d'animaux abandonn�es � SaguenayPlus
        Mort d'un bambin: arrestation d'un homme � SherbrookePlus
Harper annonce de nouveaux engagements pour les parentsPlus
        El Faro: nouveaux d�bris retrouv�s, aucune trace de l'�quipagePlus

Pierre-Olivier Lalibert� n'aura pas droit � un nouveau proc�sPlus
        R�fugi�s: changer une politique d'asile �obsol�te�Plus
Eau potable de Montr�al en p�ril: Heurtel se r�tractePlus
        L'arm�e syrienne lance une �vaste offensive� Plus
Indon�sie: 3000 nageoires de requins confisqu�esPlus
        A�n�s maltrait�s � Charlevoix: des t�tes vont roulerPlus
Lac-M�gantic: le CP s'entend avec les cr�anciers de la MMAPlus
        Des pancartes avant le d�clenchement des partiellesPlus
L'avance des conservateurs diminuePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Missing Jimmy Carter - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal
        Can Hillary Beat Bernie in a Gunfight? - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
Dems, Don�t Freak Out About Rubio Yet - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
        Clinton Looks to Reframe Email Troubles in Attack on Republicans - Chris Stirewalt, Fox News
Presidential Tantrums Won�t End Gun Violence - Michael Gerson, Real Clear Politics
        Here�s how Apple, Nike and others avoided $620 billion in taxes- Robert Schroeder, MarketWatch
Kunduz: Afghan MSF hospital strike a mistake, says US- BBC News
        Turkey �cannot endure� Russian violation of airspace, president says- Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian
ISIL claims bombing of coalition base in Yemen�s Aden- Al Jazeera
        Burkina Faso coup general, ex-minister �charged with attacking state security�- France 24
European Union seeks Turkey help to block migrant flows, offers cash- Reuters, The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

White House condemns violence in West Bank, Jerusalem
        California governor signs ambitious climate change bill
Coalition aircraft re-routed at least once to avoid Russians in Syria: US
        Britain seeks U.N. vote on operation against migrant smugglers
Moscow says ready to contact Western-backed Free Syrian Army
        Russian warplanes in Syria destroy US-trained rebels' weapons depots: commander
Russia has ground troop battalion, advanced tanks in Syria: US-NATO envoy
        Palestinian stone throwers wounded by 'undercover Israelis'
US says won't cooperate militarily with Russia in Syria
        Half of Czechs oppose taking in war refugees

DNA research deployed in war on cancer scoops Nobel prize
        Russia backs Syrian forces in major assault on rebels
Greek police smash 'migrant document-forging gang'
        Iraq may request Russian airstrikes on ISIS soon
Poroshenko says 'real truce' has begun in Ukraine
        Palestinian seriously wounded by settler fire
Syria conflict must not spark Russia-NATO crisis
        World economic leaders tackle slow growth, climate change
EU military operation against migrant traffickers begins
        Russia willing to work to avert air accidents over Syria: Pentagon

Iraqi Kurds boost oil sales in drive for financial independence
        In crisis, Europe has to look for new opportunities
Women�s equality passes through a reconsideration of male roles
        Wider U.S. trade deficit fueled by surge in imports from China
Big U.S. firms hold $2.1T overseas to avoid tax
        IMF trims eurozone growth outlook with Greek bailout fears
Israel, Palestinians play down talk of intifada
        Europe-U.S. data transfer deal invalid
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>New Cold War<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>
* In violation of Minsk-2 agreement, Kyiv's foreign minister says no special status for Donbas and no amnesty for self-defense forces
* Rada approves bills permitting foreign mercenaries to serve in Ukrainian army and gain easy citizenship
* New survey of Ukrainians shows high support for end to civil war, low support for political leaders in Kyiv

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