Friday 2 October 2015



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An Underage Girl Says She Was Offered A Bribe To Deny Drinking With Conservative MP Rick Dykstra
        Watch Live: TVA Leaders� Debate

Harper dances with Bloc�s Duceppe in early part of French debate
        Don Meredith case suspended by ethics officer while police investigate: sources
NDP offers Quebec exclusive right to opt out of federally-funded programs
        Mulcair Says Canada NDP Won�t Be Bound by TPP Deal If Elected
Julian Fantino charged with assault over 1973 arrest
        Kenney fires back at Calgary Mayor Nenshi over niqab ban
Quebec legislature pleads for calm after Muslim woman attacked
        Database names Conservative donors who are political appointees

Shake Hands with the Devil
        TPP: Negotiators close in on auto deal, approaching 12-country trade pact
Conservatives crank up the cultural identity heat before final French debate
        Kenney denies �people like him� comment was ethnic slur against Nenshi
�As far as I can tell, Stephen Harper is winning�
        Dead cats and the niqab
NDP misread voters, squander lead
        An open letter to undecided voters
Niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies panders to intolerance
        Is Stephen Harper a honey badger, or Black Knight?

The passionate pushback in Stephen Harper�s backyard
        In the Glengarry Glen Election, third place means you�re fired
Tonight�s leaders debate � the make or break moment for Tom Mulcair and the NDP
        Google is working to make voters more informed

At Issue | The Campaign Pulse
        How Justin Trudeau could get out from under the C-51 cloud
Yes, let�s have an election on citizenship
        Shake Hands with the Devil
TPP talks land a deal on auto � could a final deal be far behind?
        Next PM needs to be ready for a postpetroleum world
Allowing niqabs is the right thing to do, but spare the lectures about how it�s a �Canadian value�
        Why a Canadian isn�t a Canadian isn�t a Canadian
Niqab backers ignorant about Shariah, Islamism
        Conservatives would not expand law allowing citizenship revocation, Kenney says

Julian Fantino charged with assault over 1973 arrest
        Leger Poll: Liberals, Conservatives in two way race to October 19
Liberals and Tories in a tight race, NDP trend to election low
        Swastikas scrawled on Justin Trudeau�s campaign signs in Montreal
Toronto Tory candidate Joe Daniel questions �so-called� refugees
        Cape Breton Liberal candidate suggests working with the NDP to defeat Harper
NDP to release Toronto-centric mini-platform
        NDP�s Hollett, Liberal�s Freeland tied in University-Rosedale: poll
Database names Conservative donors who are political appointees
        New Brunswick NDP leader argues for intervention in Syria

Civil servant suspended over anti-Harper song retires from Environment Canada
        NDP slide in poll appears to signal end of three-party tie
Scott Gilmore and Pam Palmater discuss why Aboriginal issues are missing from this election
        An Underage Girl Says She Was Offered A Bribe To Deny Drinking With Conservative MP Rick Dykstra
Justin Trudeau: 5 most Googled questions
        Liberals, NDP say Central Nova wants change in Peter MacKay�s absence
Keystone XL: The gap between no and �inevitable�
        NDP candidate Pat Martin asks media to leave election event hosted by kids
Kenney fires back at Calgary Mayor Nenshi over niqab ban
        Albertans want tighter oilsands environmental enforcement: poll

French debate gives leaders last major stage from which to sway Quebecers
        Polls show emerging two-way race amid signs of �orange crash�
NDP losing steam in downtown Toronto, new polls suggest
        Tories Release Harper Music Video To Woo South Asian Voters
Number of future frigate replacements up in the air as Tories tout shipbuilding
        Chr�tien�s support of Russian intervention in Syria draws fire
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
New Brunswick NDP leader argues for intervention in Syria - Michael Petrou, Macleans
        MPP aims to end discrimination against same-sex parents registering births in Ontario - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Provinces split over TPP, with west in favour, east concerned - Josh Dehaas, CTV News
        Notley on niqabs: Rights of minorities shouldn�t be �political football� - Josh Dehaas, CTV News
Pakistani-Canadian imprisoned over plot to decapitate newspaper employees targeted for citizenship revocation - Stewart Bell, National Post
        Ontario�s Liberal government to fund a cycle of IVF for women - Elizabeth Church, The Globe & Mail
Wynne voices concern over Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talk - Richard J. Brennan & Les Whittington, Toronto Star
        Alberta NDP Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson says her government�s minimum wage plan is a �win-win� - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
Chr�tien says the West should support Russia�s intervention in Syria - Ian Bailey, The Globe & Mail
        Jazz Aviation flight attendants ratify 10-year labour agreement- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
McDonald�s Canada to add build-your-own burgers, table service- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post

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Glissement de terrain au Guatemala: au moins 30 mortsPlus
        Drogu�, il d�p�ce un chat pour satisfaire sa faimPlus
Un cyberpr�dateur plaide coupable � 102 chefs d'accusationPlus
        Eaux us�es: des maires m�contents de la d�cision de Montr�alPlus
200 km/h sur l'autoroute: vid�o de l'accidentPlus
        Dernier d�bat de la campagne �lectorale � TVAPlus
La FIQ retourne � la table de n�gociationPlus
        Enfants maltrait�s par un pasteur: une enqu�te ouvertePlus
Syrie: La Russie poursuit ses raids, Obama met en gardePlus
        Oregon: un tueur taciturne lourdement arm�Plus

Joaquin: un cargo avec 33 personnes � bord a disparuPlus
        Une femme agress�e pr�s du pont Scott � Qu�bec Plus
Le directeur g�n�ral d'�quipe Labeaume mis � l'amendePlus
        Appel non fond� dans un c�gep de LongueuilPlus
La veuve, l'orphelin et le p�trole sale Plus
        Plainte contre �ric Duhaime � �lections CanadaPlus
Afghanistan: l'arm�e fait la chasse aux talibansPlus
        Violation de domicile � Terrebonne: quatre suspects arr�t�sPlus
En Croatie, les migrants arrivent vite, l'hiver aussiPlus
        �lections: une lutte � deux se dessinePlus

Terrorisme: deux r�sidents permanents canadiens expuls�sPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Refugees face new diversion as Hungary prepares to seal Croatia border- Reuters, The Times of India
        Netanyahu predicts Arab countries will align with Israel against Iran and Isis- Chris McGreal, The Guardian
Burkina Faso coup leader in police custody- France 24
        Syria conflict: Russia defends air strikes- BBC News
Hadi loyalists claim capture of key Yemen strait- Al Jazeeral
        Secret Service Official Urged Leak to Embarrass Republican Critic - Carol D. Leonnig and Jerry Markon, Washington Post
Clinton Fundraising Drops 41% - Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics
        Trump: Odd Man Out - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Anybody But Clinton? Biden-Warren 2016 - Damon Linker, The Week
        Hillary Aides Knew of Private Email Risks - Tim Mak, The Daily Beast

Upstart Icelandic WOW air to offer deep-discount flights out of Toronto, Montreal- Bertrand Marotte, The Globe & Mail
        SNC-Lavalin to pay $1.5M in African Development Bank corruption case- The Canadian Press, CBC News
What It�s Like to Ride In a Google Car- Matt McFarland,

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama says Iran and Assad make up Mr. Putin's coalition at the moment, the rest of the world makes up ours
        Obama: Russia action in Syria is 'recipe for disaster'
Syria's political opposition says rejects transitional role for Assad
        Merkel says there is no link between Syria and Ukraine crises
Chechen strongman calls on Kremlin to send local troops to Syria
        US, allies demand Russia halt Syria strikes outside ISIS areas
Hungary joins other NATO allies to host command center
        Syria at UN summit as Russian bombing causes tensions
VW probe must not turn in to industry witch hunt
        Putin holds first talks with Western leaders since Syria strikes

Russian planes destroy ISIS headquarter in Syria
        Leaders meet to consolidate Ukraine's fragile peace
Russian airstrikes in Syria to last three to four months
        India unveils green energy targets to meet UN goals
Pentagon weighs protections for US-trained rebels
        Syria at UN summit as Russian bombing causes tensions
Ukraine peace talks in Paris overshadowed by Syria conflict
        Russia, Assad allies prep for ground incursion
srael seethes at Iran �delivery� of missiles to Hezbollah

Syria renders previous assumptions about migration obsolete
        Israel gas bonanza, antitrust headache
Two fronts in Russian war for influence
        U.K. scientists start stem cell trial of potential blindness cure
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