Tuesday 1 March 2016


Trudeau government to smash debt and deficit records: TD

Energy East controversy not a threat to national unity: Trudeau        Quebec wants injunction against Energy East pipeline over environmental concernsWall voice of conservatism among premiers ahead of climate meeting with Trudeau        Is former PM Stephen Harper still working? How attendance is counted in the House of Commons

Life in Canada’s Communities: Reactions to the Federal Government’s Agenda        Small business owners wait to see if Ottawa comes through on tax pledgeCanadian agency given deadline by U.S. body to clean up food safety        Canada is making suicide a public service. Have we lost our way as a society?Kevin O’Leary doesn’t need to know what he’s talking about. He’s famous.        Idealism currently a driving force in Canadian politics, but cynicism is never far offHow Canada became an international ‘good guy’        Refugee process ‘amateurish and dangerous,’ says expertOpposition hammers B.C. premier’s high-flying ways

Actress Pamela Anderson asks Justin Trudeau to cut federal aid for the seal hunt        Trudeau maintains advantage in wake of deficit announcements in Nanos preferred PM trackingNational security policy under review, says Goodale        Forcing news outlet to turn over source materials ‘dangerous,’ court toldKevin O’Leary calls Maxime Bernier a separatist for suggesting he’s a “tourist” in Quebec        Manitoba cabinet minister decides not to run in April electionTyee’s Air Christy Scoop Takes off        Canada’s GDP grows 0.8 per cent in fourth quarter, 1.2% for full yearNDP miffed at Liberal silence on MP security oversight panel        Sole Scottish Labour MP to visit Canada to learn from new political star Justin Trudeau
Doctors urge Ottawa to provide more clarity on assisted dying law        Liberal minister hints citizenship guide’s trumpeting of War of 1812 victory will be pared downSome $16M raised for Syrian relief to be matched by feds, well short of goal        Trudeau to boost launch of group that aims to speed move to clean economyConsumers eye new options as CRTC-mandated trimmed down TV takes effect        Unemployment, jobs replace health care as top issue for Canadians: Ipsos pollCanada’s social conservative movement primed to have its day on the Hill
        CNN reporting from Cape Breton as Trump-inspired spotlight continuesOpposition Tories decry Liberals’ approach to parliamentary security committee        National carbon price will be test for Liberals at first ministers meeting
Ben Wright picked to attend PM Justin Trudeau’s official welcome to the White House        Jessica Mulroney on pairing up with Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau to bolster Canadian fashionWynne wants feds, provinces to provide First Nations with safe drinking water
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Liberal spending could add $150-billion to national debt, TD economists say - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        Energy East not a threat to national unity: Trudeau - Staff, CTV News
Wynne promises to push First Nations drinking water issue - The Canadian Press , Macleans
        O’Leary brings the Trump formula north - Lawrence Martin, The Globe & Mail
Free tuition will help all the wrong students in Ontario because the high-ability ones are already enrolled -
        Deficits are trending, but to what end? - Mark Sutcliffe, Ottawa Citizen
Senate committee declares war on obesity - The Canadian Press , Macleans
        Alberta announces consultations on physician-assisted death - Mariam Ibrahim, Calgary Herald
Liberal minister hints citizenship guide’s trumpeting of War of 1812 victory will be pared down - National Post
        Oil plunge pushes Sask. deficit to $427M - The Canadian Press , CTV News

Let’s rediscover the values of the political right - Preston Manning, Ottawa Citizen
        How does the NDP begin its climb back to relevance? - Gerald Caplan, The Globe & Mail
Sure, there are (some) catches, but Ontario really is getting free tuition for low-income students. Here’s how -
        Cap-and-trade will be ‘slush fund’ unless tight control, critics warn - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Finance minister De Jong soft-pedals warning on Vancouver real estate - Michael Smyth, Vancouver Province
        It’s Trudeau’s moment to act on climate change - Elizabeth May, Ottawa Citizen
Small business owners wait to see if Ottawa comes through on tax pledge - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        Parti Quebecois hopes to win over Anglophone Quebecers - Staff, CTV News
Opposition hammers B.C. premier’s high-flying ways - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
        Doctors urge Ottawa to provide more clarity on assisted dying law - Laura Stone, The Globe & Mail

Gender pricing means women paying more than men- Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star
        Stalling B.C. LNG projects threaten yearly $7.4-billion GDP boost: report- Brent Jang, The Globe & Mail
Home ownership still affordable ­ just not for detached homes in Vancouver or Toronto- Gary Marr, Financial Post
        Subway to ensure sandwiches measure up after ‘Footlong’ lawsuit- The Associated Press, CTV News
Clean-technology investors call for federal task force- CBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Press Release - Good Doctors vs Bad Laws
Liberals should exercise caution when it comes to deficits
Canadians Still Working To Stop The TPP pressfortruth.caFeds should implement pilot project on guaranteed income
Oil could flow through 98-year-old pipe under St. Clair River www.cbc.caTPP Threatens Indigenous Peoples Rights, Says UN Special Rapporteur
The Human Rights Implications of the Syrian Refugee Crisis www.eventbrite.comNDP miffed at Liberal silence on MP security oversight panel www.torontosun.comLNG Line Eyes New Route Over Aboriginal Concerns redpowermedia.wordpress.com
Canada's Climate Confab: Expect Plenty of Hot Air and Hypocrisy | The Tyee thetyee.ca
The Path to a National Climate and Clean Energy Plan - Boomer Warrior www.boomerwarrior.orgCanadian agency given deadline by U.S. body to clean up food safety www.theglobeandmail.comEnvironment Minister Plays Useful Idiot In Chinese Soft Power Flash Mob! (Feat. Catherine McKenna)
TransCanada Donates $30,000 In Exchange For Silence On Energy East Pipeline redpowermedia.wordpress.com
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Despite lip service, Trudeau government denies release of memos on openness

Ambrose Points Out Trudeau Policy Gap on Bombardier, Pipelines        Paying interest to seniors for late GIS cheques considered by Liberals

Trending: When photo ops go wrong, Kathleen Wynne edition        Justice Binnie’s report on expenses in the hands of the Senate


Première victoires pour Trump et ClintonPlus        Bagotville: des militaires partent pour la RoumaniePlusUn haut gradé du clan Rizzuto abattu à LavalPlus        Ben Laden avait des millions de dollars qu'il destinait au jihadPlusSérie d'alertes à la bombe: les quatre jeunes s'en tirentPlus        Matricule 728 de retour devant le tribunal en maiPlusMigrants: démantèlement d'un camp, Athènes appelle à l'aidePlus        Énergie Est: Québec dépose une injonction contre TransCanadaPlusLes réfugiés sont utilisés comme une arme, selon les États-UnisPlus        Michael Applebaum: des pots-de-vin dans des boîtiers de DVDPlus
Corée du Nord: le vote sur les sanctions reporté à mercrediPlus        Le sénateur Boisvenu dénonce l'échec de la réhabilitationPlusSauvé après avoir été enseveli sous du sel de déglaçagePlus        376 candidats en lice pour le prix Nobel de la PaixPlusInde: en bobettes pour pouvoir entrer dans l'arméePlusVandalisme: policiers et caméras en renfortPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Coburn Backs Rubio, Slams Trump - Chris Casteel, NewsOk
        Republicans Hit New Low on Supreme Court - Juan Williams, The Hill
Of Course Trump Is Better Than Clinton - Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner
        Clinton’s Winning SC Numbers Suggest Sweep in South - Nate Cohn, New York Times
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Steps Down From DNC, Endorses Bernie Sanders - Shawna Thomas, NBC News
        Ireland waits for answers after ‘earthquake’ election- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
Syria ceasefire holds despite accusations of violations- France 24
        Somalia attacks signal escalation of al-Shabaab offensive- Simon Tisdall, The Guardian
EU migrant crisis: Clashes as France clears Calais ‘Jungle’- BBC News
        Macedonia hits refugees with tear gas, stun grenades- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
US says no reports of significant Syria truce breaches in past 24 hours        EU releases $274M in aid for PalestiniansNATO commander says Russia, Syria using migrant crisis as weapon        Volkswagen flaunts supercars at Geneva auto showIsraeli teens charged after racist attack on Arabs        Republican leaders stand firm against Obama's Supreme Court pick: ReidIsrael says Syrian govt used chemical weapons during truce        UN Syria envoy to Reuters: next round of Syria peace talks in Geneva will begin March 9Russia's Putin says global deal to cap oil output is close        Top German court considers bid to outlaw far-right party
Britain floats revised bill for broad surveillance powers        Germany's Merkel says migrant clashes show EU summit 'urgent'Russia wants Syrian border with Turkey closed: Lavrov        US stages 27 strikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria: statementAfghan troops pull out of more posts in volatile south        Syria's Assad says army refrained from responding to truce violationsUK to send troops to Tunisia to help stop ISIS crossing Libyan border        Hopes fade for Suy Kyi deal as Myanmar hastens presidential voteSodaStream lays off all Palestinian workers
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VIEWER’S GUIDE: About silver linings, soft spots, hard math        Before Trump, there was Jesse Ventura – and a big victoryClinton would beat Trump, fall to Rubio or Cruz, poll says        Republicans scrambling to stop Trump from taking party nomSuper Tuesday: 5 things to watch for in the U.S. races        Donald Trump and the Ku Klux Klan: A HistoryDonald Trump blames ‘bad earpiece’ for not disavowing support of former KKK leader David Duke        After Trump wavers on David Duke, ADL publishes candidates’ guide to racistsSanders keeps his Judaism in the background, irking US Jews        Clinton focuses on general, while Sanders sticks to script
A Truce in Syria        Salman Taseer murder: Pakistan hangs Mumtaz QadriIran elections: Reformists make gains in Assembly of Experts        Fukushima disaster: Ex-Tepco executives charged with negligenceUS student Otto Warmbier ‘stole propaganda’ in N Korea
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China confirms 2015 emissions fall as solar, wind break records        India introduces car sales tax to combat pollutionWinter ‘was probably warmest ever in England and Wales’        Oil traders beware: El Niño may distort U.S. shale output pictureDiCaprio’s Oscar speech cringe-worthy for some advocates of climate-change action
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Conflating Terrorism and Insurgency
Proof US Invaded Ukraine not Russia
“Are Political Borders Still Relevant? Iraq, Syria and Lebanon” -
Judge Rules Apple DOES NOT Need To Help FBI countercurrentnews.com
Russia's Economy: Actually Import Substitution IS Happening russia-insider.com
Preparation Items Often Overlooked... - US Crisis Preppers www.uscrisispreppers.comWHAT THE OIL COMPANIES DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!! www.hydroclubusa.comWe’re never winning these wars: America has zero to show for its decades of bloodshed www.salon.comUkraine's Tymoshenko Makes Her Play: Calls for New Elections, Americans Be Damned russia-insider.comTrade Deals Like the TPP Are Murdering American Manufacturing READ MORE
Bees and Other Pollinators Are Facing Extinction, and That's Very Bad News for Us READ MORE
Israel Unleashes an Onslaught on Human Rights NGOs, Artists and Writers Read the Article at The Nation

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Planning for a Sustainable Future:
A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada

http://www.fsds-sfdd.ca/#/enTalking with Canadians about a new approach

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