Saturday 19 March 2016


Proposed U.S. Beaufort Sea drilling leases infringe on Canada�s sovereignty, says Yukon

Keep �unmuzzled� scientists on tight leash, senior civil servants warn Liberals
        As a senator, Andre Pratte hopes to avoid the �trap� of lying
Morneau focused on the long term as he prepares to sell his first budget
        Peter MacKay remains open to Conservative leadership bid

Murray Sinclair had �concerns� about joining Senate � but has hopes for Red Chamber
        Former PM Joe Clark honoured for international leadership, innovation
Wall says he�ll rebuild Saskatchewan�s rainy day fund if re-elected
        Quebec corruption arrests could be tip of the iceberg
Tom�s Take: The long and winding road of Justin Trudeau
        Four priorities for the federal budget

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Ottawa holds back on describing Islamic State atrocities as genocide - Michelle Zilio, The Globe & Mail
        Stakes are huge as Liberal government moves forward on Canada Infrastructure Bank - Jason Fekete, National Post
Ontario�s minimum wage to jump 15 cents to $11.40 in October - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        The revenge of Mike Duffy - Nicholas K�hler, Macleans
It pays to be in power: Ontario Liberals nearly double other parties� major contributions in 2015 - Ashley Csanady, National Post
        AB NDP scrambling to contain costs in days leading up to provincial budget - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
BC Liberal party need trumps public trust issues - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
        Senate�s political dynamics shift as new appointments put independents in majority - Ian Macleod, Ottawa Citizen
Quebec MPs, Steelworkers back Mulcair ahead of NDP vote - The Canadian Press , CTV News
        Trudeau�s budget won�t balance itself - Editorial, Ottawa Sun

Aboriginal prosperity lies in less government, not more - Ken Coates & Sean Speer, Toronto Sun
        Notley, Nenshi nudge Trudeau with federal budget wants - David Bell, CBC News
Sears Canada to cut up to $127M in expenses this year- The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Canada�s inflation slows to 1.4% in February on lower gas prices- The Canadian Press, Financial Post
Vancouver housing market �vulnerable� to money laundering- Kathy Tomlinson, The Globe & Mail
        From smartphones to tuna cans, tin demand surges despite mining slump- Joe Deaux, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
SEC orders Amazon to put gender pay equity to shareholder vote- Reuters, CBC News

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Istanbul: un attentat fait quatre morts, dont deux Am�ricainsPlus
        Les monuments du monde s'�teignent pour la plan�tePlus
Accord sur les migrants: travail colossal pour la Gr�cePlus
        Deux professeurs ontariens se noient au MexiquePlus
Salah Abdeslam voulait se faire exploser au Stade de FrancePlus
        13 policiers �gyptiens tu�s par l'EI dans le Sina�Plus
Manifestations anti-Trump � New York et dans l'ArizonaPlus
        Des policiers font feu sur un homme � Dolbeau-MistassiniPlus
QS: le mouvement souverainiste doit repenser sa strat�giePlus
        Mort de migrants en d�tention: une autre voix demande une enqu�tePlus

Ils regardent la t�l� pendant 92 heures de suitePlus
        Il ram�ne du bouillon de poulet du Mexique et doit payer 800$ d'amendePlus
Montr�al: les Jeux mondiaux des policiers et pompiers annul�sPlus
        Mort suspecte dans un bar � Montr�alPlus


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As Clinton Sweeps States, One Group Not on Board: White Men - Patrick Healy, New York Times
        Dems Beware: Trump Finds Success Well Outside the Fringe - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Will the Republican Party Break Apart or Evolve? - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
        Clinton Is Following Obama�s Path to the Nomination - Nate Silver, Five Hundred and Thirty Eight
Republican Establishment Is Stale and Out of Ideas - Timothy Stanley, The Telegraph
        UN says Saudi-led airstrikes behind civilian �carnage� in Yemen- France 24
Brussels raid: Paris suspect Abdeslam�s fingerprints found in flat- BBC News
        Islamic State claims five Russian troops killed near Syria�s Palmyra- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
Turkey and EU reach landmark deal on refugees: sources- Al Jazeera
        Pervez Musharraf leaves Pakistan after three-year travel ban lifted- Jon Boone, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Thousands protest in European capitals to support migrants
        Impeachment crisis rattles divided Brazil
Russian warplanes carry out dozens of raids on Syria's Palmyra: activist
        British minister's resignation set to sharpen EU debate
Risk of nuclear war in Europe growing warns Russian ex-minister
        Heavy gunfire in Libya capital as rivals clash: witnesses
Russia says hopes Kerry visit will improve bilateral relations
        Myanmar's ethnic rebels pin hope on new civilian president
Palestinian stabs Israeli soldier in West Bank, is shot dead: police
        Russian spacecraft with US grandpa onboard docks at space station

U.S. oil exports reshaping energy map
        Merkel dodges Draghi call for clarity with bank union swerve
Overall, trade has benefited the U.S. economy
        Refugees turn to smugglers after border crackdown
Shaky EU-Turkey deal faces tough reality checks
        Unity govt aims to save Libya, but can�t get in
A year on, Netanyahu coalition seen weakened
        How would a contested Republican convention work?
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Earthquake early warning system in B.C.
No more anonymous online comments, CBC announces
Fairness of TPP Hearings Questioned by Activists | The Tyee
Post-defeat Harper a polite, peripheral presence on the Hill iPolitics
Sinclair says he will continue work of reconciliation in Senate - APTN National News
 Jeff Rubin: Oil Sands Are 'Hemorrhaging Red Ink,' Doomed to Shutter | The Tyee
Canada rejects the rule of international law and embraces international barbarity
Trudeau Liberals reverse position on controversial IRS information sharing deal iPolitics

Homo sapiens lived in the North Pole 45,000 years ago, before the ice age Source
2012 Clinton Email Reveals Syria War All About Securing Israeli Hegemony - Non-Aligned Media
Russia Remains Neutral Regarding Brexit Despite London�s Claims Embassy
How �ghost corporations� are funding the 2016 election
America's Military Dominance In One Staggering Chart
Latest Leak Confirms TTIP a 'Serious Threat to Democracy as We Know It'
The Venice Commission Against Russia - nsnbc international
What is Zionism and who are the Zionists?
How to Fight Poverty Through Full Employment
Arctic Sea Ice Volume Nears Record Low

Rightward shift in Regional German Elections

Why Germany really lost World War II

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