Thursday 24 March 2016


Canada not at war with ISIL, say Trudeau and Dion following Brussels attacks
        Morneau pins hopes of budget success on GDP growth
Feds taking into account possibility Bombardier may outsource jobs
        How Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet built their first budget
Oil patch woes give federal Liberals cold feet on cutting fossil fuel subsidies

Wildrose�s Jean says uniting conservatives stays on agenda after PC byelection win
        Budget 2016 reveals decision-making preferences of new Liberal government
Is Canada squandering its diplomatic capital with Cuba?
        A budget of Sharpie markers and erasers
Trudeau, I promised not to be Harper: I am keeping my word !
        As Brussels bleeds, Tory M.P. slams Trudeau on anti-terror spending
Federal budget 2016: Who are the Liberals� middle-class winners? Good question
        Justin Trudeau�s ma�ana budget
Trudeau�s government unveils a first chapter ripe with foreshadowing
        Federal budget 2016 is one from the 1970s, to address problems of 1980s

�Red is the new black�: Liberals have no exit plan
        Sunny ways, half measures
The Liberals have a lot of political cover for this budget

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet built their first budget - Robert Fife, The Globe & Mail
        There�s no point in moaning about the Liberal spending binge - Kelly McParland, National Post
Trudeau says Liberals to balance books in coming five years - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star
        25 ways the federal budget affects you - MoneySense, Macleans
PM Trudeau, ministers hit the road to promote maiden budget - Joan Bryden and Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Federal budget 2016: Justin Trudeau defends bigger deficit, First Nations funding - Kristy Nease, CBC News
Ontario will spend $300M to set up trusts for education workers - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
        PCs squeak out byelection win in Calgary - Bill Graveland and Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press, CTV News
How Morneau�s balanced budget pledge changed since the election - Chris Hannay, The Globe & Mail
        Supreme Court�s Thomas Cromwell to retire in September, opening door for first Trudeau appointment - Ian Macleod, Ottawa Citizen

Military left waiting on big-ticket items as Liberals shrink funding in budget - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Federal budget 2016: Liberals decide against reducing small business tax rate - John Shmuel, Financial Post
Highlights of the 2016 federal budget - Toronto Star
        Federal Budget 2016: Liberals project $30B deficit and do not plan a return to surplus by 2019 - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, Ottawa Citizen
The federal budget is a broken pipeline of tax dollars, gushing money to pet Liberal causes - John Ivison, National Post
        How federal budget 2016 aims to help middle-class wallets, and target wealthy Canadians: �A classic soak the rich scheme� - Gary Marr, Financial Post
Public transit, �unsexy� infrastructure gets nod in federal budget - Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star
        Liberals increase financial aid for students, ease debt repayment rules - Simona Chiose, The Globe & Mail
New Canada Child Benefit puts �money in pockets of mom and dad,� but not as progressive as some hoped - Lee Berthiaume, National Post
        Growing government won�t help middle class - Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun

Liberals keep most of their green election promises in 1st budget - Margo McDiarmid, CBC News
        Trudeau takes Ontario Liberalism national - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
Liberals expected to face backlash after budget backs off lifelong pensions for disabled veterans - Lee Berthiaume, Vancouver Province
        Notley applauds federal budget, saying infrastructure and EI changes will help Alberta- Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
Liberals follow through on promise to restore CBC funding in budget - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Laid-off workers say EI changes not enough - Eva Ferguson, Calgary Sun
Independent senators are a threat to our parliamentary system - William Thorsell, The Globe & Mail
        Kraft changed its mac and cheese ingredients and nobody noticed: �We�ve sold well over 50 million boxes�- Martha C. White, The New York Times, Financial Post
Ontario lagging on paid sick days, leaving low-wage workers stranded- Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Toronto Star
        Health Canada reviewing food guide, critics demand drastic changes now- Sophia Harris, CBC News


Louise Arbour et Michel Bastarache nomm�s par les lib�rauxPlus
        Cocktail m�t�o attendu sur le Qu�bec Plu        
Budget f�d�ral: le PQ craint l'ing�rence d'OttawaPlus
        Les �pouses de Trump et Cruz au milieu d'une guerrePlus
Double meurtres � l'h�pital: l'accus� non responsablePlus
        Y�men: un cessez-le-feu pr�vu � partir du 10 avrilPlus
Bruxelles: le Canada n'est pas en guerre, affirme TrudeauPlus
        Verch�res: un homme d�c�de apr�s �tre tomb� � l'eauPlus
Il faut stopper la radicalisation dans les mosqu�esPlus
        Les enseignants de la FAE disent oui � l'entente de principePlus

Un militaire qu�b�cois accus� de contacts sexuelsPlus
        Bruxelles: un missionnaire �chappe � son troisi�me attentatPlus
Crimes sexuels: l'ex-maire Deguire encore absent � la courPlus
        PLQ: �C'est un parti de pourris�, dit Fran�ois LegaultPlus
Caserne de Rosem�re: une injonction demand�e en courPlus
        Apr�s Cuba, Obama en visite en ArgentinePlus
Le registre des armes verra le jour, promet CoiteuxPlus
        Jeb Bush soutient la candidature de Ted Cruz � la pr�sidencePlus
La prison pour quatre Fran�ais partis rejoindre l'EIPlus
        Ha�ti dispose d'un nouveau premier ministrePlus

Une r�sidence d�truite par les flammesPlus
        Clinton et Trump restent en t�te des primairesPlus
Budget f�d�ral: Qu�bec s'attendait � mieux en infrastructurePlus
        Budget Morneau: peu de concret pour Montr�alPlus
L'opposition rejette le premier budget Morneau


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton�s Convenient Evolution on Israel - Eli Lake, Bloomberg
        DNC Chief: This Election Is Not About Hillary Clinton�s Email Troubles - Mark Hensch, The Hill
Donald Trump, the Economic Wrecking Ball - Alan Blinder, Wall Street Journal
        John Kasich�s Utterly Strange, Bizarre Campaign - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
Trump Flawed? On Every Front, Washington Is Worse - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
        Brussels attacks: Police hunt Zaventem bombings suspect- BBC News
Nicolas Sarkozy loses appeal over wiretaps in corruption case- Kim Willsher, The Guardian
        Brussels in mourning after deadly terror attacks- France 24
In Pakistan, 17 Hindus among 20 dead after consuming spurious liquor- The Times of India
        Netanyahu �willing� to discuss two-state solution now- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Obama sees no Middle East peace deal before his presidency ends
        EU, UN say only way to fight 'terrorism' is via Syria transition        
US top court faces 4-4 split in Obamacare contraception case
        Syria sees impasse broken in peace talks as EU urges engagement
Canadian tapped as new UN rights expert on Palestine
        EU border agency has under a third of requested police
Poland PM refuses to take in migrants after Brussels attacks
        Finland, Russia agree to close Arctic border for migrants
Russia says has special forces unit in Syria: newspaper
        Israeli and Turkish Presidents speak in sign of warming ties

German Cabinet OKs prostitution bill requiring condom use
        Lawmakers accuse London Mayor Johnson of exaggerating arguments for Brexit
Russia accuses Ukraine of ignoring peace deal
        Electronic snooping 'small price to pay' against terror: expert
Lavrov urges Europe to drop 'geopolitical games' after Brussels attacks
        U.S. sanctions frustrate Iran deals
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor
Re:  A deficit can be stimulus, but debt can be a burden, CRAIG ALEXANDER,  Mar. 23, 2016

The federal deficit may indeed rise, but this neither burdens future generations nor requires future tax increases. A private sector purchase of a government bond can only be achieved by the transfer of bank reserves out of the banking system. To buy back bonds, government simply returns the bank reserves which show up again as deposits in commercial banks. This  is exactly what central banks do through Quantitative Easing. Central banks are never short of reserves because they create them.

Our government should worry about real-world problems such as reducing inequality and joblessness rather than pseudo-problems like the national debt. Countries with sovereign fiat currencies can always pay down debts in their own monies simply by making bookkeeping entries. What really matters is whether enough is spent now to ensure full employment and a fully-productive economy that leaves substantial legacies for future generations.


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