Wednesday 9 March 2016


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Media control in Canada
Pick-and-pay cable affecting TV creators
Canada to Give Residents Unconditional Free Money
No central system for tracking lost weapons, DND says
Veteran locked in intellectual property fight with government
Nicholson calls for national dementia strategy
Stephen Harper joins private club that caters to oil execs
Canada Revenue offered amnesty to wealthy KPMG clients in offshore tax 'sham'
Mission change in Iraq and Syria from bombing to training passes Commons vote
Federal scientists want integrity safeguards to stop 'future attacks' on their work
Critics want public hearings into Canada Revenue amnesty for KPMG offshore tax dodgers
Key architects of Great Bear Rainforest agreement, reflect on its lasting impact
Government of Canada Introduces Legislation to Create a New RCMP Labour Relations Regime -...
From a billion dollars to zero: Canada stands alone in G7 as it empties its coffers of gold
Politicians shouldn't be cowed into keeping mum on Saanich LNG project, says eminent lawyer

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS FOREIGN AFFAIRS & GENERAL INFO<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Scientists Link Autism To These Toxic Chemicals During Fetal Development - Magazine For Healthy
Green Climate Fund: Where Big Banks Profit Again from Crisis They Helped Create
Why Genetically Engineered Trees Harm The Planet and How We Can Stop Them
How EU & NATO exploited Ukraine to serve their own geopolitical goals --
Farmers union head claims TPP will hurt rural America, open US jobs to foreign labor force
Goodbye Coffins These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn You Into A Tree After You Die!
DynCorp Mercenaries to Replace Blackwater in Yemen
Oklahoma Puts Limits on Oil and Gas Wells to Fight Quakes
'Miracle Technology' Isn't Needed to Stop Climate Change
How Russia is Smashing the Turkish Game in Syria
The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases
Schools stop serving pork for religious reasons
�Male Abortion� Is Now Being Considered

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Marc Garneau vows to fix Transport Canada�s financial situation - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        Opposition calls Alberta�s hiring of union negotiator a conflict of interest - Carrie Tait, The Globe & Mail
Jean Charest denies lobbying PMO for Energy East pipeline - Daniel LeBlanc, The Globe & Mail
        Candidates� $5M spending cap in Conservative leadership race draws mixed response - Jason Fekete, National Post
�Justin Fever� has hit Washington, leaving Democrats and Republicans with hearts a-flutter - John Ivison, National Post
        Tough day for the prime minister�s A-minus Team - Mark Bonokoski, Calgary Sun
Davie shipyard drops unsolicited bid on Liberals to build icebreakers - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Voices in the House pay tribute to Mauril B�langer - Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen
Payday loan industry dislikes title of NDP�s �Act to End Predatory Lending� - Mariam Ibrahim & James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Liberal government wants to let Mounties unionize - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star

Ottawa raises alarm over Turkey�s takeover of major newspaper - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Obama and Trudeau: Partners in greenwashing - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Sask. government bought one-way bus tickets to B.C. for two homeless men - Andrea Hill, Vancouver Sun
        Trudeau state dinner features best of spring, with a dash of Canadian whisky - The Canadian Press , CTV News
How Justin Trudeau can win�and lose�in Washington - Evan Solomon, Macleans
        Sophie, not Justin, will spend the evening with Barack: Six things to know about the White House party - Tristin Hopper, National Post
Canadian egg farmers resist push to cage-free housing- Aleksandra Sagan, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Bank of Canada holds key interest rate as it waits on Ottawa�s fiscal boost- Gordon Isfeld, National Post
Blue Origin aims to take passengers on suborbital space flights in 2018- Reuters, CBC News
        Ontario teachers� union pushes for $140-million strike fund- Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail
Imperial Oil to sell 497 Esso gas stations for $2.8 billion- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES FOREIGN AFFAIRS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Only Trump Can Trump Trump - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
        Michigan Victory May Signify a Rust Belt Rebound for Sanders - Annie Karni, Politico
Why Clinton Is Unlikely to Be Indicted - Ruth Marcus, Real Clear Politics
        Why Does the Establishment Hate �Big Tent� Trump? - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Clinton�s Misconduct Is More Egregious Than Petraeus� - Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media
        Rubio Camp �Engaged in Deep Conversations� on Future of Bid - Major Garrett, CBS News
Tunisian forces in deadly clashes with jihadists near Libyan border- France 24
        Refugee crisis: Hungary sends more troops to border- Al Jazeera
Charges filed against Brazil�s Lula- BBC News
        Merkel faces key test of refugee policies in German regional elections- Philip Oltermann, The Guardian
In Israel, Joe Biden criticizes �failure to condemn� Palestinian attacks- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India


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